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  1. Z O M B I E A P O C A L Y P S E
    A L E R T



    ✭ Organize before the rise
    ✭ They feel no fear, why should you?
    ✭ Use your head; Cut off theirs
    ✭ Blades don't need reloading, but guns do
    ✭ Ideal Protection = Tight clothes, Short hair
    ✭ Get up a staircase then destroy it
    ✭ Get out the car, Get on a bike
    ✭ Keep moving, Keep low, Keep quiet, Keep Alert!
    ✭ No place is safe, Only Safer
    ✭ The Zombie may be gone, But the threat Lives on


    -Information about the role play-

    It's been nearly over a year since the virus took affect, mutilating the human body and turning it in to the walking dead. The U.S military stood in for a good couple of months, but with no back up available from other countries they had to pull their troops back and create a safe haven barricaded with mile high concrete walls. In that time the uninfected who couldn't reach this 'safe haven' have joined in to small groups and made gangs, most gangs are violent and cruel while other gangs focus mainly on finding a cure or helping out survivors. Gangs will often name themselves and are told apart by color, weapons, signs and/or appearance.

    Different gangs are set in different places, for example a gang that deals allot of damage, taking out zombies and rivaling with other gangs alike place themselves in the city, they would most likely wipe out a little shop and declare it their territory. A gang that make it there responsibility to take care of survivors will try and find a place outside the city, making crops and little shacks.. though that calls for allot of gunmen as it is open for allot of zombie attacks and raids by other groups.

    -Blood Hounds-


    They are fairly organised unlike the Insane Saints and quite powerful, being one of the larger groups they are able to clear out small buildings and make their territory wider. They are quite aggressive towards rival gangs and do more threatening then killing; during their time their either raiding gangs, spray painting their symbol all over their territory or clearing out little shops (though they do this rarely since they know how difficult it is).

    Their main focus is the inner city, they have taken over a small double story building that was once used to accommodate tourists; the building is covered in black and red graffiti.

    They are often seen in leather jackets and pants or jeans with boots and graphic tees or singlets. Most dye their hair red when they can and apply a fair amount or black eyeliner (including males) and are always seen wearing some kind of red or black jewelry.

    Favored Weapons:
    They mainly have Aka 47's or shot guns along with other things like fists.

    Red or black.

    A pentagon with and upside down triangle beneath.


    -Insane Saints-

    Unlike the Blood Hounds they are pretty much called the crazy bunch, they mostly scavenge and raid gangs, always moving from one place to another, kidnapping people for fun and later killing them. They are very aggressive and if you see a group of them you best ignore them and be on your merry way, they don't bother to ask questions and don't care about a cure.

    They often move from one place to another, though they never forget to spray paint their symbol when they leave.

    Green mo-hawks or half shaved heads, if not they have long shaggy fairly greasy hair. They often wear checkered pants with studded shoes and plain shirts or sweaters, they are very fond of piercings and do it them selves, so you will probably never find one without a piercing or two; They love wearing bow ties and are fans of face paint.

    Favored weapons:
    Hand guns, base ball bats and chains but that doesn't stop them from grabbing others weapons.


    A round circle with two horns on it and and an upside down cross in the middle of the circle.


    -Crowned Kings-

    You could say they are the phantoms of the night, they favor the blanket of darkness that covers them and stay hidden during the day. They keep to themselves and are often climbing buildings to get to a destination, they would find a cure but don't know where to begin. They are not aggressive and won't approach you if you don't approach them, if you see a crowned king gang member they will more then likely look at you for a moment before moving along, though that doesn't mean they are weak, they have been known to kill quite a few people.

    They are much like the Insane saints, always moving from place to place though rather then packing everything and leaving they leave little bases around the city (preferably somewhere above ground).

    They are seen in all black, black pants, black shirts and/or a black hood with flat shoes like converse or vans. The crowned kings are always seen with their hood up and all wear gas masks.

    Favored weapons:
    They will always have a hunters rifle or a home made bow with arrows.

    Black and white

    A three pointed crown with one small wing on each side.


    -Black bullets-

    They take in survivors and don't have a second thought about giving a helping hand, they are mostly a quiet gang but do bicker amongst themselves. They are not aggressive and almost never attack, though since they are well off they are always getting attacked by apposing gangs or zombies. Finding a cure is an absolute must for them, every day they send their scout out to search and bring back medicines from the city.

    They live on a big field outside the city, they have one crop they managed to grow and have two little shacks.

    When going out they wear masks and casual clothes, though the clothes they wear are often dark and wear combat boots.

    Aka 47's and hand guns.

    They don't have a specific color, they are often remembered by their masks and strange veneers.

    A hand with a star on its palm.
  2. Name:





    Appearance: (Anime and normal images welcome)

    Clothes and piercings: (optional, though clothes are highly recommended)

    Weapons: (Please stick to the weapons your gang tends to use)

  3. So there's no being a loner? Just curious.
  4. If you really want to be one then sure. That means you can't have any protection from other gangs since they will consider You as a outcast.
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  5. Name: Jeff Crowwe

    Age: 19

    Gang: loner (but he's also a sneaky little raider ;) )

    Role: He helps the odd person, more of a supply man than an outcast, he steals and sells at a profit...

    Personality: stoic, kinda nuts sometimes, strong, and can distance himself from the situation at hand, while also can be pretty conversational at times..

    Appearance: (Anime and normal images welcome) ( in a seperate file )

    Clothes and piercings: (optional, though clothes are highly recommended) he usually wears a leather studded black coat, even in summer. also a white undershirt with the sleeves cut/ripped off, White hair(born with it), and long black pants, and black and white high-tops with rainbow laces, A big brown leather backpack with miscellanious resources; toiletries, medicines, bandaids, socks, underwear, 2 caps, and small bits and peices needed in every day life, though he will run out later in the apoc. (all foraged) and one bull nose ring, small.

    Weapons: (Please stick to the weapons your gang tends to use) he sticks with a rare rimfire .22 lightweight rifle, lots of ammo because its easier to carry than regular, bigger bullets, he also has a small revolver, pug-nose, with a quick-reloader in his pocket, he carries a machete as a hand 2 hand weapon

    Extra: fast, resilient, strong lower body, slightly weaker upper-body.. there is a dove that wont leave him alone.

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  6. Name: Lance Fander



    Role: Scavenger

    Personality: Keeps Calm under pressure unless its truly Critical. Enjoys free climbing making him a great Scav. Always has his five senses ready.Tends to "Blow-Up" if someone is acting "Dumb" in his opinion.Really nice when calm or not "Alert."If trapped or hurt will freak out and fight with hands or what ever he still has.

    Appearance: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE...vivor___move_out_by_x_montsegur_x-d420jx0.jpg

    Clothes and piercings: Wears Combat boots,has a rough leather jacket and slightly modified jeans (Small scrap metal kneecaps) Wears a rag/mask
    Finally on top of this he has a duffle bag and a fake diamond ear stud.(Left ear)
    Weapons: A Kel-Tec P-11(9mm Pistol) pistol grip AK short stock. and serrated sharp knive with flint kit on the back

    Extra: Loves nature. Strong legs and upper body and weak lower body.
  7. wanna rp??
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  8. Lets get going! how to start? u start, ok?
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  9. (Alrighty then) Lance was deep in the city looking for supplies he had found Dried meats packeged and other vital needs such as water. Even though we had crops we had many shortages exspecialy water the crops also needed this. Gazing around down at the street he saw a figure and dropped a glow stick to single it.to see if they were human
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  10. "Hi" i whispered, counting to three, then i press the button, and the button, and a swarm of zombies are obliterated by the nitroglycerin that i scrounged and created myself, and i start chuckling.
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