Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. Ryder had fallen asleep with her back perched up against the wall and he shotgun in hand, ready to face anything that came at her when she was sleeping. She never really slept since she was on her own and had no one to look out for her, but she actually slept peacefully.
  2. Wes was out searching for food. He slipped through the empty streets and peered into a few stores searching in vain. He growled and let out a soft sigh as he continued to look around for something. Anything. Anyone.
  3. Ryder woke up as the light gleaned into the nodded windows, she stayed quiet in case there was a 'visitor's around, but once she realized she was alone she grabbed her gun and got up. She made her way into the streets quietly so she would go unseen.
  4. Wes continued on his way. He saw a flash of something up ahead and stopped dead in his tracks. He could have sworn he had seen a... female... A girl... He decided to follow the dark head of hair where it had disappeared, his eyes wide with curiosity. If it was a girl then she was alone he figured. It had been awhile since he had seen a live one.
  5. A young girl, maybe about 10 years of age was wandering around the streets, it had been days, maybe weeks since she had last seen anyone. Her family was nowhere to be found, and the town seemed devoid of life. She spotted a glint of a gun and a woman holding it walking past her on the darkened streets "Mo-mommy?" she called out, wondering if she would even hear her as the voice she had was soft from the lack of water.
  6. Ryder was dressed in flattering fitting jeans, a black tanktop and boots. She always walked swiftly and in a fast manor so it was harder for her to be spotted. She rounded a corner into an ally.
  7. As Wes followed the woman he heard a small voice. His eyes flickered to the face of a child and his jaw dropped. He stared at the girl completely forgetting about the women. "Er... hello." He said to her in his softest voice possible, tucking his knife away.
  8. Ryder had heard the voice behind her, living in a place that was all quiet her hearing had improved. She swung around with the gun pointed at the guy, she hadn't noticed the small girl in the dark "Who the hell are you?" She asked approaching him.
  9. The woman kept going, not seeming to hear her she soon disappeared into the night... The girl kept on walking for who knows how long, but a throaty groan followed by another and another was heard in the distance, a gun was fired, shot after shot rang throughout the night before it fell silent. The groans ceased, replaced by crunching sounds "Mommy...." she whispers, tears rolled down her cheeks, she was alone again. The girl prepared to stumble on-wards but a soft voice behind her, turning around fearfully she looks at the stranger. "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers..." she told him, her voice hoarse now from crying. Another voice interrupts the exchange of words making her jump and turn around, it was another woman this one looked a little more menacing, and she instinctively backed away fearfully.
  10. Wes smiled politely at the younger girl and then held up a hand to the woman with the gun. "Put that down..." He instructed her softly as he kept his eyes on the younger one. "Where is your mother?" He asked her. If she knew where she was he would take here there. This was not a time for a little girl to be out on her own in a place like this.
  11. Ryder hadn't noticed the girl and when she did she put her gun in its holster on her back. She walked over towards the two and knelt down to the little girl, softening to her "Im Ryder sweetheart what's your name?" She asked taking out some water from her bag and offering it to her.
  12. When the strange man asked where her mother was she shrugs, still looking quite nervous. The woman from before leaned over asking her name, and offered her some water which she gratefully accepted and drank before answering. "Co-ra" she spoke, her voice was quiet and shaky now from her shyness rather than hoarse from dehydration, she had never been too comfortable around strangers but they had food, and they actually noticed her...
  13. She smiled sweetly at the young girl "See Cora now we ain't strangers anymore so you can trust me." She said helping the tiny girl to her shaky feet. She placed the bottle back in her bag when she was done "Are you hungry? I bet your tired." She said her motherly instinct kicking in.
  14. She didn't know where her parents wore. Fuck, Wes swore mentally and looked at the two girls next to him. "My name is Wes." He told the both of them and held out a hand for each to shake. "It seems as though we are all alone here?" Wes asked them.
  15. Ryder loomed at the taller man and nodded "Yeah, but not for long. We need to get out of open space, we've been out too long someone or something will find us soon if we dont move." She said grabbing her bag.
  16. Cora looked towards the distance where the gunshots had been fired, the crunching noises had ceased by now, then she looked back at Wes and Ryder, nodding quietly. She understood that it wasn't safe here, her mother had always told her to stay away from the "walking dead".
  17. Wes looked from Ryder to Cora. "I actually lived here before all of this started and my house is still standing. It's safe. Would the two of you like to head that way so we can at least be inside and talk?" He asked as he heard some shuffling that wasn't too far off.
  18. Ryder nodded quickly and grabbed Coras hand "Okay sweetie, we are gonna go to this mans house where it will be safe and from there we will find your mom, but you gotta do something for me." She paused and said "Be brave, if something happens and I tell you to run, you run and dont look back ok?"
  19. Cora nods again, this time it was slower, she remembered her mother had told her the same thing... She had promised to come back to find her when "it was all over" "I-if I run... W-will you come find me again... after?" Cora asks looking at Ryder with a pleading look, her mother still hadn't come back, even after all this time...
  20. Ryder had a terrible feeling in her gut that this poor girls mother wouldn't come back. She pushed it aside and smiled at the girl "Of course I will, i pinky promise." She said holding out her pinky for hers so she knew it was serious.