Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

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  1. Okay! So, how this game works is this:

    Look immediately to your left. The first item you lay eyes on, is your WEAPON in the fight to survive the zombie apocalypse! What is it?


    Immediately to my left is a full bottle of Powerade! Surely, I will not grow thirsty during my zombie-battles!


    The only rule is, you must actually POSSESS the item! Don't just name random things! OKAY GO!
  2. A game boy advance SP Charger, it can trip, choke and be flung at zombies, perfect for making traps and distracting zombies with noise!
  3. I'm stuck between the Hello Kitty bed-sheet or the crystal 3-D puzzle.
  4. I shall pulverize the zombie's endoskeletons with my mighty windowed door!
  5. Bottle of whiskey.

    Get drunk and use the bottle for a Molotov or two? Hell yes.

    Zombies are so much more enjoyable when they're on fire.
  6. For me it would either be an empty cup, two CD's, a bottle of Pepsi or a bag of candy. So much choice, so little time to stop the zombies from nomming on my brain.
    ...Yes, my desk is cluttered.
  7. Does it count if it's a glass terrarium with a scaley friend? I mean she's a bit testy -- she'd either defend me or just fall asleep on her heat rock. It's a 50/50 chance.
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  8. A very small TV.

    Good, I can entertain them while they eat me. Dinner and a show.
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  9. A 50 cal bullet. Such a shame there is no gunpowder in it, and I have no gun with which to shoot it.

    Either that, or I'm left with a feather, or two five dollar bills. I'll stick with the bullet. Useless, but at least cool. And potentially pokey. Or trade-able.
  10. OK, a cup of coffee. Need that. Must have fuel to fight. What else is there, ah! Two cups of water, I shall use one of them, keep one as back up. Now then whats left. Ok, cellphone. Need that to call for help or video my death and post it on youtube... I'd find away. What else is there. Oh the remote to the dvd player.. ok Ill throw that. And, well thats it. All that is left is quilted placemats for I sit at the ktichen table and um.. yeah. Dont worry I can flip them over and hide blood stains. :)
  11. My accoustic guitar!

    Not sure if I'll be playing dirges at funerals (Ironically, the only slow song I know is 'Still Alive') or serenading some badass battles, but I suppose I'm in charge of morale!
  12. Go FLCL/L4D2 and beat them in the face with it. :P

    I have a cell phone. If there's still service in the zombie apocalypse, I guess I'm the mission coordinator?

    Oh, and if I could look right we'd get ironic with it. There's a stack of 7 board/card games and 2 anime over there, one of which is... Munchkin Zombies. We could play a card game about eating brains in the zombie apocalypse while trying to avoid having our brains eaten during the zombie apocalypse.
  13. A floor lamp. I could cut off the bottom and the top and just have a long metal stick to bash zombies heads in.
  14. Snowmobile helmet.

    Try to eat my brains now, stupid zombies.

    Just. Try. It.
  16. Headphones.... I shall wrap the cord around their necks and tie them all up. (Yeah its that long. I trip all the time.)
  17. a bunch of clothes, an office chair, and two hockey sticks. Alright, so I've got a melee weapon. Not sure what to do with the hockey sticks...Use them with the clothes to make a tent? =D
  18. A computer and a pen... I shall make dem zombies play on ze computer whilst I clobber zem with ze pen!
  19. Either a baseball bat, a walking stick, a DIFFERENT walking stick, or a pillow.

    I'll take the bat, thank you. PLAY BALL!
  20. A whole lot of LEGOS... I shall scatter them throught the house. No one will dare enter.