Zombie Apocalypse Time

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  1. All right, so it doesn't necessarily have to be zombies.
    If some mass event occurred and you, along with several other survivors, are struggling to survive post-event, what role would you take on in the group?
    How do you think you would change as a person?
    Would you want to be saddled with post-apocalypse you?
  2. Ha ha ha, erm, let's start with this: I can shoot; I have my gun license and registration, but I'm a huge wimp. I have to watch horror movies with someone in the room (and I will be using them as a human shield through the whole movie) or I completely freak; I'm talking furniture fort and barricaded doors, so my role would have to be non-interactive with the big baddies like a cook or something. My group would have to survive on Mac n' Cheese.

    Would I change? More than likely. Cook better or get fed to hungry zombies. And no, I'd get my group eaten.
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  3. I would play the guy that tripped and everyone left behind to get eaten.
  4. I'm the one that resorts to cannibalism unnecessarily and out of jealousy towards the zombies.
  5. I have nothing to fear, @October Knight will kill everything that comes near me. Probably head for the closest mountain. Not sure what role that makes me, but thats what would happen.

    I would change for sure, having to adapt to eating less and surviving by entirely different means than what I am used to. I am positive I would survive the apocalypse and have many mis happened adventures.
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  6. Realistically (lol), I wouldn't be in any sort of "group" unless that "group" consisted of my brothers Kyle & Chad, Kyle's wife Amber, their two boys, Chad's son, my sister, and any extremely close friends of ours, like Andrew (Amber's brother), Josh, TC, Matty B., etc.

    Other than that, I would be a lone wolf. Trusting no one other than myself. After all, the only person who gives a fuck whether you live or die (when it comes down to it), is YOU.

    As a person, I would change almost completely. The trivial bullshit we too often care about in our day-to-day lives would wash away. I think any survivor would become numb to almost anything but survival and the upkeep of one's own sanity. I would become cold, calculating, callus. I would lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, kill, do whatever it takes to ensure my own ass.

    I would, in fact, NOT like to be saddled with post-apocalyptic me. I simply couldn't be trusted. It would only be a matter of time before I kill myself to ensure my survival/safety.

    In a zombie apocalypse, the only way I don't kill you, is if you save my ass, or you're an attractive, trustworthy female. Other than that, I'll kill you before you know there's even a threat present.
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  7. 1. Acquire creepy mask.
    2. Acquire blunt object.
    3. Remove trousers.
    4. Chase hapless victims around waving blunt object with no trousers on.

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  8. Personally I'd get a wagon and horses from a local farm- stock up on food, guns, ammunition, etc and attempt to make a living by going Spice and Wolf (travelling merchantry) or going Sebastion Monroe in Mexico (Revolution NBC Season 2) he basically goes to work in Mexico and as he's on a wagon to head to the farm- while on the way he clubs the driver with his AK-47 and tells the other passengers "Go! Live the Mexican dream!" and high-tails it off the farm with a wagon and horses)
  9. Unless I had a brute to protect me, I'll die pretty early on. >:[ I am not physically strong and I don't seem to have a will to fight and protect myself. At least I didn't the last times I needed to. I get scared and then, dead Diana. >>

    If I manage to survive, I am going to be able to cook anything, be a great forager, grow things, etc. O_O I might not be able to hunt/kill/carve up the critters, but I can sure cook them. I know how to recognize edible plants, how to get water, make a good shelter, etc. Basic survival skills I have.

    I am also great for morale because of my never give up ever hopeful attitude, and my ability to distract people with stories! 8D
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  10. I fancy myself a Sniper, although I've never shot a gun before. That said, I'd make a good Scout - give me a machete, a shotgun, and a hunting rifle and I'll get you what you need. I run with a load so often that a bag full of canned food wouldn't stop me from getting away from anyone. I'd resort to the shotgun in the case that my stamina ran out (I'm asthmatic, so, uh), but I'd rather choke than let some walker get too close to me.

    The funny thing is, I talk so much that I'd have to get chosen as Scout just so I'd shut up about it, but I can be very quiet if I want to.
  11. I just want to bake cupcakes for the zombies and be friends with them. And eventually gain command of them. >:]
  12. It's been discussed before that in the event of an apocalyptic event, I'm kind of the safe zone. Leader in the end, even if I don't particularly care for the position. As a person, changing, I might be a bit more serious, but other than that, change is what you make of it. A person can either let it break them, or take it in stride. I've already dealt with enough to know how to take it in stride, so I'm alright there. I wouldn't want to be in a group with myself, but that's mostly because I can barely tolerate being me, being around me would end very badly.
  13. Normally, I would not be one to actually partake in violence, but I think I would be the silent, shy but can shoot someone's ass down in a second. I value my life so I'd want to fight for it, be it against scavengers, zombies or mutations lol. I would probably become more careful about trusting people and would carry everything I own with me in case I needed to run at a moments notice. I'd probably smack myself a few times because I know I'm a bit snippy when things get tough, but for me I wouldn't care, it would be one more person to help if an attack happened middle of the night.
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  14. That's what I'm talkin' about. Straight the fuck up. A situation like a Zombie Apocalypse separates the wheat from the chaff; the weak from the strong.
  15. My role in a zombie apocalypse setting would probably either be that guy who follows along, but gives good advice to the leader and others. I don't want the position of leader, as it's too much responsibility but I would take it if others decided I should. If there's someone in the group with ego issues, I'd let them have it and just try to help them along as best I can. I would trust the people in my group, because it'd mostly be made of people I've known for a long time. Other people, I'd react to with suspicion but wouldn't take hostile action unless provoked. If they draw on us though, they get gunned down without mercy. Every person you lose from your group is a piece of your fighting capability lost, and they'd be hard to replace. I'd hope that thought would keep rival groups from getting violent.

    I honestly don't think I would change much. I am myself, and I've been through some pretty tough times to get where I am now. I'm very stubborn when it comes to who I am. Sure, post-apocalypse me would be fine. I doubt I'd turn into some monster.
  16. Oh goodness. Zombie apocalypses are so trite and overexposed. I just wish that entire genre would vanish. All it does is bring out everybody's power fantasies about what they 'would do' in the face of danger. Too bad for them what they would do and what they think they would do turn into pretty different things when shit hits the fan.

    That being said, I'd try to secure as much water as possible and wait it out. Zombies are just shambling corpses, and corpses have to decompose eventually. If the outbreak happened during the summer I'd give it at least a couple of weeks. Any other time of the year, maybe a month to be on the safe side. My papa's a hunter and a gun nut and we're both licensed to carry so weapons aren't a problem, though I have a feeling I'd be using them more on those taking advantage of the chaos than the undead.
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  17. A friend of mine is running a paper-and-pencil zombie apocalypse setting using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules (but without the elder gods and mythos). He's outright said that the zombies are only going to be the main concern early on. Once they decompose past a certain point and have been thinned out by the survivors, other people are going to be the main issue. People who are merely distrustful and people who have shed their morality amidst the chaos.
  18. I've actually made a hobby of survivalism and all that. I have both knowledge and skills, as well as experience to at least survive initially. I suppose if I took a role it would be a leader since I would lead my family. I've long since prepared for the idea of everything going belly up and having to make very tough decisions. I've also mentally taken notes of areas and specific locations to aid me in my survival in conjunction with my own resources.

    Ultimately I feel that the only way to know what I would do and what will happen to me is if it actually happens. Maybe I witness something that breaks my resolve and I die early. Maybe it strengthens it and I save many. Could happen with anyone, I think.

  19. I appreciate your speaking on my behalf, really, I do. Good to know you've got my back.

    However, you don't know me. I'll hazard to guess you don't know 80-90% of the people who posted in this thread. I can't speak for anyone else, nor would I degrade my intellect to try, but as for myself, I can speak freely. I have survival training. I'm a country boy. I'm resourceful as hell. I grew up in the streets. Dirt-poor, no stability or love at home. I was a hood rat, a little hooligan.

    I've got experience with many different types of weapons, and no, I wouldn't (and haven't) hesitate to use it, if "shit hit the fan".

    I'm self-aware enough to speculate what I would do if "shit hit the fan". Clearly you're not-so-much, and I'm sorry for that, I truly am. That, however, does not give you the right to hate on other people for their contribution to this purely hypothetical scenario (given to us for the purpose of entertainment and community [user] growth. (not for people to hate on each other because they know they wouldn't have the substance to hack it in said hypothetical scenario)

    Just felt like someone should address that.
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  20. I'd use my fellow group members as bait and human shields. I'm gonna live damn it!
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