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A Zombie Apocalypse Romance

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Name} "Uh... Mason..."
Yes, his name is Mason DeGraw. It's nothing special, really.

Gender} "Well then... I'm a guy."
He's a guy. :3

Crush} "I don't really have one exactly..."
Mason has dated many, and you never really know if he has one of not, being so quiet and shy.

Age} "Thats easy. I'm 22."
Mason is 22 years young. :)

Personality} "Oh... Um... If you don't mind me asking... Can we change the subject?"
Mason has MPD. Multiple Personality Disorder. This means he has more than one personality.
The first one is the real Mason, and the one you want to meet. He is quiet, and normally says very few words, but, when he does talk, each word this thought through. Mason can be a bit shy a first, and may even avoid eye contact with people he has met for the first time, but after a few words, he can warm up to you pretty quickly. He is very generous, and will help out his friends, no matter what their problems. Due to this, he neglects his own problems, and hides them very well, so his friends assume he is just a nice guy who wants to help out, and they don't think he has many issues. One little weakness he has, though, are puppy-dog eyes. If anyone asks for something from him, they just need to give him the saddest puppy eyes they can think if and he'll melt like butter.
His other half I'll keep quite short, because it's not very hard. The other personality is just.... A criminal. This Mason just wants to hurt people and their lives. This is very often the real Masons friends and loved ones. The reason this other half exists is because his mother used to beat him. This made Mason feel completely helpless, and he was depressed most of his young life, until his father divorced with her and lost custody of Mason and his siblings. Now, he soon started fantasizing about teaching mother a lesson and beating her back. He never told his father about this, but one day he found himself getting irritated at a teacher. And before he knew it, without his control, he had the teacher pinned down. He had been choaking her and he stood up, horrified at what he has just done. And so he discovered his evil, jerk-face side.

Body-type} "I don't like talking about that either..."
Mason really has some muscle. His other personality works out, and does so much running around and beating up, that Mason is just all kinds of muscle. He doesn't look too out of proportion, though, because he's trying his best to get rid of the muscles because he finds them annoying girl magnets and memory magnets.

Skin} "Normal I guess?"
Mason has just... Normal "white kid" skin. Not tan, but no super pale.

Clothes} "I'm not like... A fashionista or anything."
Mason wears jeans and a hoodie almost everyday, no matter how hot or cold. The hoodie hides the scars that run around his wrists so he won't get dirty looks.

Hair} "Short and blonde."

Eyes} "Brown."
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