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  1. [​IMG]

    Crystal skies
    but too quiet...
    the sound of blood curdling screams fill your ears...

    One day, when the dead come alive, only few will survive. Will you be one of those? You can travel in groups, or on your own. Just know that the decision is yours.
    -Be nice! Everyone is a friend!
    -You can swear all you like! You don’t have to use *** at all!
    -Have fun!!
    -No being OP or ‘God Mode’ it’s annoying



    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    Now, here's my character!


    Name: Crystal (Cry) BlackWood

    Age: 21

    Reading, Writing, singing, art, creativity.

    Dislikes: Mean people & talking.

    Background Info: Her parents abandoned her as a child. She was put up for adoption, but never was actually adopted. She ended up fine. But now this has happened.

    Personality: She has major trust issues, but when you gain her trust, you find out that she's a kind, gentle, hard working, soft kind of person. She's extremely loyal and would do anything to save the ones she loves.

    Any Extra Info: She's a bit mentally unstable after an accident that happened as a child.
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  3. Yay! I will have my character soon.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Rose McAllister
    Age: 17
    Likes: Music, skate boarding, playing baseball and hokey
    Dislikes: Girly things, zombies
    Background Info: Raised by a foster family, Rose was brought up with several brothers and thus had to toughen up, lest she be picked on a lot. She loved sports since she was little and has excelled in both baseball and hokey. Her foster family was all she has ever known until the outbreak happened…
    Personality: She can be considered a troublemaker for her brash decisions but she is fiercely loyal to her companions she can find in this hell on earth.
    Any Extra Info: Slight anger management issues but uses beating zombies with either a bat or hockey stick to vent so don’t worry.
  6. Accepted~
  7. YES! Hold One let me get my CS ready!

    I'm always a slut for zombie apocalypses!!!
  8. How many are we gonna have in this rp?
  9. Hey uhh, you put a Fur tag on your topic. Is that legit?
  10. Picture:
    Name: Leona
    Age: 20
    Likes: Children, Cats, Roses
    Dislikes: Unappreciative people, Abandonment
    Background Info: Leona grew up in an average family as an only child. However, her parents rarely paid any attention to her and weren't always home. Up until she was twelve, Leona was subject to staying with Nannies and Babysitters, whom were mostly abusive bullies to her, but her parents never believed her. Recently, she got pregnant and now her parents disappeared. When the outbreak came...Everything changed.
    Personality: Leona wants to be different from her parents, so she usually pays attention to people around her, shows that she cares and listens to what they have to say. However, if she feels underappreciated, she will voice it and speak her mind.
    Any Extra Info: She's nearly full term in her pregnancy...
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  12. Accepted
  13. I'm so into this! Gonna have my character soon!
  14. Give me 10 minutes
  15. Name: Matthew

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Likes: Groups, Reading and tea

    Dislikes: Those who harm others for no reason, seekers and seeing anyone he believes he must protect getting hurt.


    Personality: As a ex-Second Lieutenant he can be quite charismatic and a general good guy. Matthew tends to conform to lawful good which has conflicted with some things he was ordered to do in the past. Even with his good nature he does have the flaw of trusting people to easy, so it's hard for him to hurt anyone that is still a person.

    History: (Warning it's very long)

    Matthew was the middle child in his relatively big family of 4, his father was a engineer and his mother was in business, so he was mostly hanging out with his father as he worked from home. He grew up with the smell of grease and oil that constantly blew it's way from his fathers work area. After a while of hanging about watching his father and sometimes older brother work he asked if he could help out, his father was surprised it took him so long to ask and got him helping out teaching him a lot about a car.

    His father new that him and his siblings wouldn't go into engineering so he decided to teach them a thing or two about cars so they could fix their own when they could afford one. Matthew quite enjoyed it and thought for a while he'd do engineering in collage but sending everyone to collage would cost a lot of money.

    Matthew understood this from when he was a teen, it cost too much so he decided to join the army when he was of age. His parents were the most proud but they under stood why he needed to do this. Matthew began training one the next group pf trainees were ready, his training consisted of hard tasks working in teams and shooting ranges. Finally when Matthew finished his training he was straight in the field; quickly becoming a second lieutenant.

    One year later all abroad soldiers were brought home to England to fight a virus that had spread through the country. Matthew joined the front lines that many were killed and turned into what they nicknamed seekers off their skills of hunting down every last person. It was still early days but the virus spread still with no intention, when Matthew's squad was moved back to the city they were given the order to kill everything that moves which included civilians. Matthew was the one who was supposed to give the order to the others but all he did was drop his dog tag on the ground shoot the Lieutenant and leave, staying on his own till he met others for a group.

    Extra info:

    L85A2 rifle with L123A2 UGL (underslung grenade launcher)
    2 clips of 27 rounds ammo for rifle , none for ULG

    Springfield .45 with suppressor
    2 clip of 9 rounds

    Skills: Matthew has retrieved militarily training so has an understanding of a few things but expertise in mid to close weapons
  16. Still planning on this being a thing?
  17. Same question as @VengefulPeanut If this is going to be done I will create a char for it
  18. Hey @Cry.EXE you still among the living?
  19. @Cybermoon @VengefulPeanut and @Thanatos Yes, I'm alive. I've been very busy and this is my first time making a group role-play. I would prefer if you made a chat than doing here. I will be posting updates on my home page.
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