Zombie Apocalypse Romance

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  1. // Zombie apocalypse/Romance roleplay. One on One. Ongoing. Message me if you would like to participate.

    *16 year old Kennedy sat in the window of her now abandoned high school. she tried to remember life before the outbreak. her friends and family were gone and she was all alone. honestly, she had no idea why she was still alive. she wasn't any good at fighting and had only managed to outrun them. luckily she had found the school empty of those monsters with one window left open. she climbed in and shut the window, then made her way to the cafeteria where she found a full bin of food bank donations. now she sat in what used to be her favorite class, sure she would soon die here*

  2. I would be interested in taking up this RP with you if you don't have anyone showing interest yet.
  3. There is one person showing interest but we haven't gotten it going yet because the website isn't letting me send messages. I can with you also as soon as I get this figured out.