INTEREST CHECK Zombie Apocalypse or Mars Colonies?

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  1. [NOTE: The reason for the thread title is that I was originally going to ask about a scifi RP as well, but decided on the Zombie one. I had a browser crash and thought I lost all my work, but later remembered the autosave post thing. I hadn't noticed it changed the thread name and desc. back as well.]

    I'm fairly certain we are all familiar with the zombie apocalypse. The dead rise and eat brains, a group of survivors fight them off and struggles to make it through each day, so on and so forth. My idea here was to start a number of years into the apocalypse with three main groups; The Nomads, The Colony, and The New-World-Empire-Thingy. A fair number of people would be needed to make this one work well for all three groups.

    The Nomads are a wandering band of survivors who choose to travel light and steer clear of the horde. They live off the land and never stay in one place for too long, traveling between large groups of survivors to trade, and sometimes steal, supplies and goods. The first Nomad groups were originally bandits that raided supplies from other survivors shortly after the outbreak and, instead of collapsing due to infighting, united as a family.

    The Colony is a larger settlement of survivors who have reclaimed and fortified a sizable portion of their area. While by no means safe from harm, they have a competent system of guards and fortifications to keep zombies out. Scavenging supplies would not be an option anymore, as they have exhausted whatever was just lying around after the apocalypse, so they must have become as self-sufficient as possible. Nomad caravans offer occasional chances at new supplies and sometimes luxury goods, but many colonists are naturally suspicious of outsiders and others believe the Nomads to be no more than thieves.

    The New World Empire is a very large group that aims to completely retake large areas for human usage, ruled by a large corporation whose CEO was genre-savvy enough to stock up on as many supplies as possible. These supplies include various foods, farming equipment, utilities, military hardware, and private military personnel. They have successfully retaken the city in which they were based as well as the surrounding areas, and have science personnel researching the disease in hopes of finding a cure. While they seem to have honorable goals, there is some question as to the true objective of their corporate rulers.

    This is my first RP here and I'd like some feedback and ideas on how to set this up. Right now I'm thinking I'll see how many people are interested (hence the interest check) and work out how to divide them into the three groups.
  2. I'm very interested. Sign me up. I'm fine with being in any of the three groups if this does happen.

    Also, if you ever plan out a Sci-fi, hit me up.
  3. Im interested, count me in :P
  4. Looks pretty cool! I'd like to join in!
  5. I am intrigued and interested, especially in being part of the Colony or NWE.