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Zombie Apocalypse! Iwaku style!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Smo, May 25, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It’s a Zombie Apocalypse! The last person you RP’d with is the person you will survive with, the last weapon you used in a video game is your weapon of choice (if you don’t play games, you use the item on your left), and you have a lifetime supply of the last thing you ate.

    How fucked are you?
  2. Well I get to run around the zombie wasteland with you @Smo, so I got zero complaints with that! My weapon is a gigantic battle axe, and I have a life-time supply of chicken stir-fry and white rice.

    I have the courage of a retail worker staring down a Black Friday stampede, the survival instinct of a cockroach fleeing from the kitchen light, and the knowledge of a thousand high school students all taking AP courses.

    Yeah, I got this. /sunglasses
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  3. I'm unfortunately stuck with @Seiji.
    My weapon is a ...book? Unless you count Carbuncle, which is a summoned creature...
    And I have a life-time supply of buffalo chicken bites.

    I'm screwed. Unless zombies like chicken.
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  4. I'm running around surviving with @Alicia Jewel, using spiked claws and super speed as my weapons, and a lifetime's supply of… Mac and Cheese with Garlic toast and Chocolate milkshakes.

    Well… I was doing well until food came up :/
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  5. I would be stuck with @Shinjitsu No Uta
    My weapon would be an M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle (Mass Effect)
    Life Time Supply of Mint Ice Cream Cake....

    Well. Running away all the time will burn the calories away :P
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  6. I'd be paired with the lovely Ace of Mana! She's never OOM. :D
    Weapon would beeeee... Hm, the last game I played was Age of Mythology with Hades as my God. So, I guess I'd be armed with a crossbow because I make a shitload of Gastraphetes once I get to the Mythic age.
    Last food I ate was nachos. Delicious, cheesy nachos.

    :I Hrrrm. I'd say I'd be pretty screwed. I can't back up my homie if I'm taking a shit all the time. lolol
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  7. It was a group RP... so everyone in Grumpy's Crossed game lol.

    Last game I played was Age of Mythologies, but I didn't focus on one type of troop. To my left is a Condor combat machete and a Dead-On Tools demolition hammer. Coincidentally, these are the two weapons I would use in a zombie apocalypse so that's comforting.

    Last thing I ate was a chicken alfredo pasta from my work. All dat cheese'll be terrible on my gut. May as well go bottomless and poo while I slaughter.
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  8. I am surviving this onslaught with @Vay

    I defend myself with a keyblade

    On a lifetime supply of sausage egg and cheese croissants, hash browns, iced caramel coffee, and 59 cent tacos.

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  9. Well, my last post was in a group RP so I'd be surviving with @Kura and @Midian and I know they know how to survive zombies =D

    The last game I played was Fire Emblem, and I think my last move was with a bishop so . . . Does that mean I get fire magic and a healing staff?

    With a lifetime supply of turkey and cheese sandwiches.

    If I'm going to be taken out by Zombies at least i'll go out with style!
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  10. Well, I'd be going through the apocolypse with @Kura, who has badass medical skills, and @Falcon, who I know is a badass too, so I'm good there. I think the last video game I played was actually was Left 4 Dead, so a pistol and a machine gun are good... And we had bbq ribs, lacy cornbread, coleslaw, and fried squash with sweet tea last, so...

    Let's do this.
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  11. @Smo and I will be bandit-ing you and stealing your lifetime supply of food.
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  12. Don't make me start a part 2 of this that'll be like, "The last so-so is the person you raid from", etc. XD;
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  13. I'm with Urdnot Grunt

    my weapon of choice is a sword(Final Fantasy X)

    unfortunately my food supply is nasty cold chicken nuggets brought to you by Wendy's....
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  14. got a Carpenters Hatchet hammer, and its been so bloody long i cant remember who i'm survivin' with.

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  15. @Soulhallow and a shortsword

    Badass mode - engaged
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  16. I'd be running around the zombie apocalypse with The Metal Maiden. Do we only get the weapon, or can we get associated accessories as well? The answer to that question would drastically alter how I'd do. If I only get the weapon, I'd be dead in a matter of seconds. I'd have Keening from Morrowind, which would deal me a "mortal wound" every second until I died. If I got to have Wraithguard with it, I'd be absurdly overpowered and would steamroll everything.
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