Zombie Apocalypse Anyone?

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Do you like zombie apocalypse stories?

  1. Ew, no! They're awful.

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  2. Heck yeah, they're the best!

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  1. I know how overrated and overused the whole zombie thing is, but I reeeaallly love the whole zombie scene, I don't know why.
    So my question is: Would anyone be interested in a zombie apocalypse type roleplay if i started one? I already have some ideas for it from plotting inside my head, I just wanna know if anyone would be interested.
  2. I would be totally interested ! ;)
    It's been a whole since I did role playing but I don't think I am that bad yet .. So I am In!!^^
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  3. Great! We'll see how many more people will be interested.
  4. I hope they will be few.. ;)
    It's still easy for me now to RP because I don't work to much but in the near future I hope the work doesn't get caught up with me..
    Therefore, I wish to start writing for this future plot. Lol
    I already started to imagine how my character might be .(:
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  5. *Raises hand* I would be.

    I like zombies.
  6. Yay ! * tackles Jess a bit with a huge smile *
    I hope you'll stick with us..^^ I'm glad they are still people in the world that like zombie scenarios ( as I think it's possible one day in real life!)
  7. It's been a while since I joined a Zombie Apocalypse RP...I'm down for this. :3
  8. I would totally be down if you're really going to do this. I joined one and it died shortly after.
  9. Please! I miss zombie Rp's
  10. Exellent! I'm glad a lot of people are interested! I'll put up the Signup and OOC thread in just a bit
  11. Heck yes, due to my employment I'm usually only on during the evening hours on weekdays, but I'll be as active as possible. Just so you know.
  12. Link it here please <3
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  13. Yay ! Finally is happening..; )
    I hope tomorrow to have an OOC thread.. If you need help let me know xD
  14. Alright, I will!
    And I'll probably have the OOC thread up by tonight, I'll at least try
  15. I'll post tomorrow evening as well. Gotta start getting ready for work tomorrow. Have a good night, talk to you all tomorrow!
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