Zoids, per chance?

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    I'm pretty sure no one has heard of this show but eh, might as well toss this up anyways.
    I am a huge fan of all the series but I DON'T want to follow storyline specifically related to them. Basically no canon characters.
    I just think it would be cool to have the mechanical animals instead of tanks and what not in a normal fight setting.
    I'd like to focus mainly on the character development but definitely have some good fights mixed in.
    Can be a war type setting or something like a city built around an area where some people do fights for money.
    Can be scandals surrounding matches, drugs, heck, I don't care! Pick anything you want :P

    I also don't mind which type of animal you chose as long as you can find a picture of it (yes, it has to have existed in one of the five seasons or have been drawn, there's plenty to choose from, believe me) Can pick color, add stuff on in text, just need a picture for general idea.

    Don't mind how you pilot it, if it has a mind of its own, just no god modding! It can also change armor if it did in the show, how you chose to do this is your choice but probably running back to an area that puts it on is easiest.

    If you chose to shoot a gun your opponent gets to decide whether it hits or not but they can't dodge everything!

    So, if you have ANY idea of what I'm talking about and wanna give an RP a try toss me a message or PM :P

    Must be guyxguy, sorry, tired of female chari's. They can be side chari's but not the main one.
    Be willing to at least start with several paragraphs. Posts never less then five sentences! NO ONE LINERS!
  2. interested
  3. Okay, have you seen the show or read the manga?
    If not I can give you an general summary to go off of, just let me know.
  4. I haven't. read the maga andwere animals?