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    Do you believe that who you are (intersts, likes and dislikes, attitude, moral fiber ect ect..) can be related to your Zodiac sign? Do you read a horoscope and directly relate to it? Do you think that you are MORE compatible with people based on their signs?


    Are you like me and don't think it really matters at all. I'm a Virgo, but it seems like I can relate to just about every other sign, personally I think it is nonsense.

    What about you>?

    What is your sign>?
  2. This is crazy, and I'm not lying when I say this:

    Fortunes ALWAYS synchronize with me. Zodiacs and signs are true. my personality is half of my chinese zodiac, half of it works with astrology. I'm an Aries (astro) / Sheep (chinese).
    Fortune cookies always seem to work with me.

    I look at horoscopes sometimes, and it scares me.

    When I was in Ohio, in a religion class, we studied it for a week, and everyone was a little scared of me when they found that out. It's ALWAYS been like that.

    My parents have seen it happen so much, they think it's normal for me.


    *Kicks all the creepy signs and fortunes down the stairs*
  3. The thing about the zodiac is that it's MUCH MORE than just what your Sun Sign is! The zodiac is all about where the planets and stars were at the moment of your birth. Aaaaalll of them. So those silly horoscopes you get are very generic and wide-ranged. They don't come close to accurately accessing your personality traits or compatibilities, because they only cover one tiny piece of the bigger picture. There's sun signs, moon signs, ascendants, and more. >:D

    As you can see, I do believe in the zodiac. BUT only as a tool of reflection over your personality. Not as a prediction for the future. I think the planets and how the revolve and pull on each other has an effect on us just the same way they effect each other. However, as a prediction tool I think it's kind of silly. D: It may make us predisposition to react certain ways, but in the end free will always wins out.

    I like Astro.com for complete star charts. >:D Its always been accurate for me.
  4. I agree with Diana, I think it governs more of our personality and less of our future, fortune telling isn't as accurate and tends to be more broad, like tarot cards give you glimpses or insight but doesn't tell you flat out "this will happen."

    Also my zodiac sign really does match my personality, both sun and moon. I'm a Dragon for my chinese and Aquarius/Libra for my astro (aquarius being sun, libra being moon DOUBLE AIR WHOO! At least I think I'm a libra moon, I might be wrong on that one...)

    EDIT: I checked, and yes I am a libra moon with a Sagittarius ascendant)
  5. Predictions based on DEAD STARS.
  6. I'm a Taurus with moon in Virgo and an Earth Sheep according to the 60 year cycle. I have so much bloody earth. Heck viewed by Ayuvedic practitioners I'm obviously a Kapha.
  7. Interesting, I should do more research on this.
  8. Hell no. Zodiacs, horroscopes, and othe rsuch things strike me as dumb, anti-scientific, superstitious stuff that people will believe in based on the most base and thin similarities between what they read and what they perceive themselves as.

    But perhaps if there was a BRODIAC...
  9. My mother makes these by hand, its fascinating in a mathematical sense. Also cusp baby so I'm screwed over when it comes to sun zodiac influence.
  10. I think it's very accurate, but not the BROAD sun sign itself. You need to know everything about your birth. You need to know your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign, and your Rising Sign. It gets more detailed than that, but with those three things, you can form a very frighteningly accurate portrait of your personality. Oh sure, there will be inconsistencies, things that don't match up perfectly, but I'll wager a solid 85% will be accurate without any wavering.

    For me, I'm a Taurus with Moon in Cancer, and Libra Rising. My Chinese Zodiac is a Fire Tiger.
  11. I'm on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces .
    My ascendent is Pisces.
    I dunno about the moon...
    My Chinese sign is the rooster.
  12. My Sun sign is a Taurus, my Moon sign is Gemini, I was born in the Year of the Monkey, and am a Water Monkey, specifically, and my Ascedant is a Gemini as well... (I knew I was a Taurus, but I just looked up the rest now). (As a side note, I'm not entirely sure as to my time of birth, so some of these are subject to change. But I'm almost positive I was born at seven in the morning...)

    Looking at it, I see how I may fit with all these, personality-wise, but I'm not sure if it's these describing me, or if I'm trying to make myself fit in these signs... I can see how they may determine your personality and such, but as for determining the future, unless you have the Gift of Sight, I won't believe it.
  13. I do believe that there's a lot of truth in my case. I'm a Leo and a Dragon. They share generally aggressive traits. Bossy, competitive, and so on.