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Hearing Mai mentioned the last time the two had seen eachother, Jake turns away trying to hide the hurt look in his eyes.
He hides his pain by letting out a half hearted chuckle as he shook his head
"You don't get do that" he says doing his best to keep his emotions in check by ignoring what she was telling him.
"She did us a favor" he says when Mai had blamed her mother for her leaving him.
"We were doomed from the start" he says looking Mai in her eyes. When she suddenly hugs him, his body becomes tense. He opens his mouth like he was about the say something, but no words came out leaving him with a conflicted look. What is she doing?, jake repeats in his head, why would she say somthing like that? Why now?, He wanted to hate her for playing on his emotions at a time like this. She knew better than anyone that Jake was still madly in love with her,
and she made him think she felt the same only to leave him. Jake raises his hand Caressing Mai's cheek while he ignored the alarm. He leans in to kiss her forehead while placing something in her hand. Not saying a word, he leaves Mai holding her father's pocket watch and leaves the room.


He bumps into Tani who had looked as she just had seen a ghost. "J..Jake! There were bodies in.." Tani says frantically runing up to hug him "i know" Jake says trying to calm her down. "Why is your back wet?" He says raising his hand to see blood. " what happened?!" He says turning her around to examine the cut on her back "it was an accident" Tani says pulling away from him but gets pulled back towards him so he could continue to examine the wound. "Come on" he says pulling Tani with him while he picked up ther duffle bag and headed into one of the rooms. "Lift your shirt" he says pulling out some medical supplies. "Its not tha...ow!"
Tani screams as Jake begins to clean her wound "how did this happen?" Jake says making Tani put her head down.
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Raul Valdorado

Location: rooster's room
mention: Iceydaze Iceydaze kyouko Mad Captain Kazu Mad Captain Kazu Ryan

'oh, who would have thought, at first I thought there was going to be a fight. but in the end. it turns out to be something more and dangerous. the chicken doesn't even know how to make a lady scream but oh well' ' this was all in Raul's mind as he takes a small peak by the door of the rooster's room. it was sad that he even bet to have his room in a blood bath but guests they bored him.

As he turns to sit back down the wall for cover a sudden burning smell started illuminating the place, and that's where everything turned upside down for him when he watched as their bed starting to bur. with a smack in the head, he couldn't help but grin. he never even thought lady Dragon can burn the place by just mating a chicken which is just so uncool. now not only he would have to say sorry for that Dog for her attitude but pay for the damages.

with a soothing breath, he walked by and grab a fire extinguisher. fixing his scarf he opens the door and he blows the fire extinguisher on the both of them without stopping but he wasn't content he grabs a bucket full of ice and throw it on the booth of them and once when he felt his mission is done he grabbed both of their heads and slammed it together

"hello Sexers, I cannot believe in a time like this you have the opportunity to have sex and at the same time plan to burn everyone in this building miss Kyouko," he said giving her a bow as he looks down at the chicken like a low life

"and you..." he said "I cannot believe your willing to end up like a fried chicken. on the least of my concern, I will allow it. it would be fun to watch. but knowing this isn't our property" he looks at Kyouko "our building and our clan" he turns back to the chicken "I suggest you guys control your heat and when this is over do what you guys must for all I care but not here. not this room nor this place and not in the time of crisis" he said as he fixed his hair calmly "get dress Kyouko, I won't be playing anymore" he said and walking over as he grabbed her bag and crossing his arms while waiting for kyouko to leave the room first


Jax Sawyer

location: on the road
mention Sariah Scarlet Scarlet

Jax Drove to a gas station to charge up his car. while he did so he looked at Saria and laughed silently as he watched her snore at the back of his seat with drools sliding down her lips. he wonders if he should wake her up but then again, she needed some rest. he turns around and grabs some snacks and drinks by a nearby store. looking over through the beverages. his eyes turned to the beers and strong punches such as Whiskey and tequila

he suddenly thought about Saria, he now understands her situation at why she drinks a lot. but if you take a look at her. it's hard to tell. from her carefree action and always smiling, always party. she sure is making a good work at hiding all her pain away from others naked eyes

he signs curse through the air and he reached for a sweet wine

"Sweet wine, I usually don't drink it since it just tastes like juice, " Saria voice ring in his head

"Alright" he talks to himself as he grabs some beers, tequilas, and whiskeys then proceeded to buy foods and snacks. he walked out of the store with full of bags on his arms. for now, he'd let her drink and she sure needs to save all these drinks because once she finishes this all he won't be give her anymore to drink but water or juice. as he reached his car. he places all the stuff he bought at the back of the car where Sariah is still snoring her way in dreamland. he closes the back door, chuckling as walking at the front seat and started driving

running his car back into the road he curiously wonders why would a Zodiac has the heart to do these wretched things, the humans who kept on dying time by time and people who died were innocent and haven't done anything wrong and yet they die, all because of a selfless Zodiac. he then thinks to himself of who might be The killer Zodiac might be. when a sudden scream reach throughout his ears and almost crashing through a car in front of them "Sariah, what the hell!" he said with a chuckle and he watched her moved at the front seat then commented why the back seat smells like ass

"Sorry, my friend borrowed this car earlier," he said and smiled as he watches her open the window. She told him that they should get out as He gave her a nod "don't worry Saria where out of there. though I do leave a note saying I kidnapped you sooo they might come for rescue " he told her playfully. she then asks him about helping her and told him everything she found out about the Dog's Information. it stated that it started in the Smalltown. and then she turns Serious as she Questioned him if he has seen a dead body before which he chuckled . " yes, I will help you find the bad guy or bad girl" he told him and nodded when she asks him that they neede

" yes, i will help you find the bad guy or bad girl" he told him and nodded when she asks him that they needed to get to the original place of the Disease and if he was prepared to see the Deceased people in the place " I've seen Dead bodies many of times and even in my clan so i wont have to worry about seeing them all" he said before he turned on his phone to give access on roads and location through the small village. seemed that they were only half far from where it started so if they might get there within 2 hours or 3 "I also bought some gloves for us and some plastic bags in case we're going to bring some Evidence with us"

Jax then laughs at her actions the symbolized like a Child who doesn't love long rides because it was too boring for them and as she pushes the horn which made the car in front of them to speed up "Woah calm down kid we will be there" he said to her and taking her hands gently off the steering wheel "well... you see were quite far so you might as well try to sleep instead" he suggested her since she saw her yawning earlier when she mentioned about Drinks. he remember the beers he bought from the store "yes I got some here " he said as he parked the car at the side of the road and reached the back of the car were he grab a bag full of juice, water, beer, tequila, and whiskey" I don't know what you drink so choose yourself, also here" he gave her food "eat that, you can't drink while haven't eaten anything yet, it would be bad for you " he said before he watched her turn on the music and played Slipknot music 'unsainted' "we can get there in an hour if there won't be a traffic" he assured her before he started driving back to the road
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"Your friend is terrible for leaving your car smelling like this" Saria said scoffing. "You left a note saying you kidnapped me?" she said raising an eyebrow before smirking. "Awesome," she said laughing shaking her head. "I doubt they would want to rescue me. I just cause them trouble anyways but whatever. Don't care" she said with a shrug. "I've never seen a dead body before," she said. "I'm sorry you had to see many other dead bodies," she said putting a hand on his looking at him sympathetically. "When my parents burned they never allow me to see what remained of them. They said it was too much for me and it would be better for me to remember them in the way they were before. When they told me that all I thought of was how horrible and smelly they must have been. There bodies probably not even recognizable. She looked away staring at the window. She hadn't even drunk anything yet she was spilling her guts to him. She cleared her throat removing her hand and blushing lightly. "Sorry, stupid of me to bring that up," she said.

Slamming the horn was a lot of fun and she actually smiled more when Jax laughed with her. Most of the time people would get angry at her for being so loud but he actually enjoyed it. She liked that and respected that as well. When he showed her all the drinks and the food he bought for her, she felt pretty happy. "Wow, um thank you," she said looking at the different items. "I mean I need to pay you back for this. I don't have my wallet but you didn't have to do this for me" she said looking up at him. She looked at the drinks and then at the food before putting the drinks in the back of the car and beginning to eat the food he gave her. She was pretty hungry after all. "I think I'll save the drinks for later," she said. "I need to be sharp when we go find clues," she said. "I wouldn't want to be so drunk that I pass out again. Also once we're done I'm sure that I will need a drink after that" she said laughing a bit uncomfortable. She devoured the food pretty quickly feeling quite full but satisfied. "Thank you so much again," she said smiling widely at him