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  1. Zodiacs and Their Powers (open)

    Plot Idea (open)

    In this Rp there can be many characters but only 12 zodiac characters you can't double up there is one of each.

    The characters all go to a boarding a school soon things start to change, first the night starts to get longer, bodies vanish both dead and alive, even the school and the towns people become the students enemies. Animals freak and ran like wild for an evil as old as time has been unleashed on this world, this evil has army of dead soldiers and living ones. He will stop at no cost until the world is gone. The only thing that stands in his way are the supernatural students of Black thorn academy.

    12 of them have the power to put him away th question is can they get over the petty love triangles, teenage drama and their hatred of each other?

  2. I be in if I could take Scorpio
  3. Sure you could have scorpio
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  4. Can I have Aquarius? Also should the personalities that are usually associated with a certain sign be taken in account for character creation?
  5. If I were to play Gemini, would I be able to play both twins, or does the one Zodiac character per person still apply there?
  6. May I have Leo?
  7. You may all have who you want. @Karakui you may have both so there are no conflicts. @Cresion Breezes yes they should
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  8. I'm quite interested in the role of the Virgo.
  9. I'd like to play as Capricorn
  10. Does anyone want cancer?
  11. So do the characters start out knowing that they have the powers, or do they kind of discover them along the way?
  12. oh capricorn and gemini are gonna hate each other if they're teens
  13. Hmmmm..Why? ←knows basically nothing about half of the zodiac signs
  14. they are practically opposites
  15. I know that Capricorn is the serious type, and I had a Gemini friend who was really loud and jumpy. But we likely won't know until this actually starts :P.
  16. well also capricorns element is earth and the planet saturn while gemini is air and mercury
  17. then Capricorns are probably not going to get along with Aquarius either, air and Uranus.
  18. tauros virgo scorpio and pisces are the one that they hang with and sometimes cancer, it's funny though cause i'm a capricorn and i'm dating a gemini irl
  19. It's not really that accurate, I just see it mostly for fun. But I'm a pretty typical Aquarius though irl, my gemini friend gets on my nerves sometimes, and a few virgos and capricorns I know hates me.
  20. i meant that capricorn hangs with those kind