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  1. I know that I'm not the only person who's done or is planning to do a zodiac-related roleplay, but I just wanted to see how this would fly.

    This is the main concept:

    Said to be descendants of people infused with the magic of the Chinese zodiacs, there are thirteen houses scattered throughout Eastern and Central Asia. They cannot turn into the special animals they represent, but they can control and communicate with said animals. They also share qualities attributed to these animals. Usually, they are at conflict with each other, and make sure to stay very separate from each other, but as usual, when things have been calm too long, things have to be stirred up a bit.

    Representatives of each house have been called to a conference in Beijing, hosted by the Four Pillars of Destiny (whom I will be playing as NPC's). What is the problem? Members of each zodiac have been disappearing and coming back with their memories wiped, their personalities changed, and their powers... gone. A notice has been sent out to all thirteen houses that by the end of the year, every last member of every single one of the houses will meet the same fate. The race is on to find the culprit. The only clue they have to go on is a challenge that came with the message. "I will give you a chance, however, to still win this game. You have this entire year to find me and make your choice. Your first clue can be found at the mountain no one can forget. P.S. Once you decide to begin, beware air travel. I will be watching and the hourglass will be turned the moment you take your first step."

    I'm looking for players who will really be dedicated and write typically a few paragraphs per post, at least one post a week, hopefully more, with a good grasp of English. Intermediate players who stubbornly refuse to give up would be really great. There would only be one character per house and per player.

    The thirteen houses are:
    House of Rat - Based in Korea, they are thought to be shrewd, charming, and ambitious.
    House of Water Buffalo - Based in Vietnam, they are thought to be industrious and patient.
    House of Tiger - Based in Korea, they are thought to be ferocious, just, and graceful.
    House of Rabbit - Based in Japan, they are thought to be cautious, outwardly pure, and swift. (+ associated with luck, fertility, and the moon)
    House of Dragon - Based in China, they are thought to be proud/dignified and passionate/impetuous.
    House of Horse - Based in Mongolia (c'mon, where else?), they are thought to be loyal and powerful. (+ associated with freedom)
    House of Snake - Based in Thailand, they are thought to be wise, mysterious, and a little unscrupulous.
    House of Sheep - Based in Mongolia, they are thought to be innocent and submissive.
    House of Monkey - Based in Japan, they are thought to be curious, playful, and clever.
    House of Rooster - Based in China, they are thought to be reliable, straightforward, and a little egocentric.
    House of Dog - Based in Bulgaria, they are thought to be faithful, honest, sincere, and not good at socializing.
    House of Pig - Based in China, they are thought to be optimistic, generous, and a little gullible. (+ associated with financial luck)
    House of Cat - Based in Vietnam, they are thought to be sensitive, kind, and attentive to detail.

    Horse, Rat, Dog, Cat, Monkey, Dragon, Rooster, Snake, Sheep, and Pig are all free. Only Water Buffalo, Tiger, and Sheep are taken.

    Whatchy'all think?

    (P.S. I'm also using this as an opportunity to advertise for another one of my roleplays, House of the Fallen Star, which I'm also looking for dedicated intermediate players for.)
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  2. If you look at my recent post history you'll see I'm capable of the level. I can normally post once a week, but sometimes more and sometimes less because of real life stuff that comes up. I am in school.

    I would be interested in playing a daughter of House Cat, or a son of House Dog. Preferably the Cat.
  3. If I get enough interest to make it, House of Cat is yours!
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  4. I am definitely interested! I love seeing roleplays that use the Chinese zodiac, and more so that the Cat is also included! I might be a little rusty in the roleplay scene but you can count on me being active!

    Count me in for the Rat, Horse or Rooster!
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  5. If you guys can think of anyone else who might be interested, I'd be super grateful if you helped me advertise as well!
  6. I'll take Rabbit.
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  7. This looks incredibly interesting.

    If we're allowed to play more than one character, can I please take the Sheep, as well as the Rat?
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  8. At the moment, I'm thinking to keep it to one character per person, but this is still just an idea, so things may change. Reservations are noted, but it might be good to pick one you want more, in case I do decide to limit it!
  9. I'd be interested in taking Dog. Or possibly Tiger. Dog would be my main preference though.
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  10. Oh, if it's only one right now then, I'd rather have the Horse!
  11. Okay. In that case, I'd rather have the Rat.
  12. Horse, Rat, Dog, Rabbit, Cat is taken then! And I'll probably be taking a Tiger. That seems like enough for me to at least make it. I'll try putting the roleplay up as soon as I can (though it likely won't be up till Wednesday, cause that's when my finals end), and if no one else expresses interest, I'll probably let those who want to create two characters instead.
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  13. Great. Have fun with finals! (smirk smirk)
  14. What are the posting expectations of this RP in terms of speed and length?

    (I'm interested in Dragon. I've got just the character for it.)
  15. I did mention it above, but it would be great if you could keep speed to once a week, with allowances for life being difficult and all. Length would be a couple short paragraphs per post. It doesn't have to be long, but if you want to write more, you're welcome too. It's much much much more important to me, however, that my players be dedicated, because I'm only planning to have 12 characters and each one of them will count. You should probably also be prepared to play NPC's, because each person will be representing their entire house...
  16. In that case, please count me in as Dragon. :)

    I will ask though, because we're supposed to have powers and able to talk to animals of our kind- does that mean dragons exist or should my char settle for talking to lizards and the like?
  17. oh goodness! that's a very good point. I'm such an idiot. for now, you should probably settle for talking to lizards (but they may or may not come across real dragons eventually kehehe).
  18. Can I reserve House Of Pig... my Chinese zodiac sign^^
  19. If you think you'd really be willing to stick with it, sure!
  20. Yeah... I would be.
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