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  1. Okay, so in the other thread found in this category, "Random Facts About Yourself", I mentioned that I usually guess people's zodiacs when I first meet them.

    As a response to that, a few people asked me to guess theirs. I was able to get them, but it may take more than one try, especially because I would not know you on a personal level.

    So, this thread is me guessing your zodiac!
    This will require:

    • Allowing me to guess more than once.
    • A few facts about yourself. The more detailed, the better.
    Ready? Go.
  2. This could be fun. :)

    I'm very shy, introverted, and empathetic. I love making other people happy, occasionally to my own detriment. I get lost in the clouds a lot. I rarely get angry; just sad. I love animals, and get along with them more than most people. I'm creative, and see details in things other people might not catch.

    WHAT AM I?
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  3. You sound like a Pisces! Avid daydreams who tend to "get lost in the clouds a lot". They are usually shy and introverted, but when they speak, they definitely have a lot worth listening to! They are better with animals than people, but they wish to see others happy and that may cloud their judgment, thus getting more depressed than angry (unlike their counterpart, Aries). They're so creative! Very creative! Many Pisces go into filming, writing, art, etc. They generally have a spiritual or psychic side that they let on, which would explain their natural intuition, perceptive and empathy!

    ...How good is that guess?
  4. Oh, sounds like fun.

    - I love talking but have a hard time communicating with others.
    - I am very child-like and naive. I think I always will be.
    - I have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long, and I'm always changing directions.
    - Going along with the above, I love discussing new ideas but have a hard time putting forth the effort to get them started.
    - I love color -- bright rainbow colors.
  5. Hmm. I'm actually having a difficult time deciding yours, but I'm leaning towards Libra or Virgo! Virgos and Libras both share a nature that makes it difficult for them to stay in one place for long, which would explain the lack of focus and change in direction. Both tend to be child-like at times, but Libras especially show naivety. Virgos love to debate! They love new ideas, but sometimes they have difficult getting them into motion. Libras are colorful and creative, therefore, they love colors.

    So, if possible, are you a Virgo-Libra cusp?
  6. Aight, I'll have a go.

    I am terrible at meeting new people, making and keeping friends. Often times I find myself alone, though rarely do I ever feel lonely. I have mediocre talent over a wide range of artistic mediums, from digital drawings to singing. My emotions are ferocious in their intensity, and change at the drop of a hat, but I do my best not to let others see just how much I am affected by my surroundings. I'll freely admit that I'm manipulative, subtly steering people to my will, but my intentions are never malicious.
  7. From what it sounds like, you might be an Aries. They tend to have the most intense emotions on the scale and can go from angry to lovable in the snap of a second. They tend to be extremely well-balanced in a variety of fields, whether it be art, writing or musically related. They do have a difficulty at making friends due to a shyness that most Aries suffers from. That and their emotions decides whether or not they can keep friends. They aren't very manipulative as far as I know, so it's possible for you to be a Gemini or Cancer, who are two of the more manipulative sides. On the loner side? I'd say that makes me lean a bit more towards Capricorn. I'd say you'd definitely be Aries or Gemini, from the way you described yourself, though.
  8. No, but that would be cool to be a cusp baby. Let's see. I'll tell you what various people have told me, and see if that helps. Maybe I'm a bad judge of my own character...

    - I am very inquisitive
    - I've never been called boring.
    - I can be like night and day sometimes -- very "mercurial".
    - I lose track of time easily. I often show up late to events.
    - I have a knack for games. Sports or board games.

    Does that help?
  9. My other guess would be Gemini-Taurus. They've also been told to have been "naive" and have the tendency to act child-like at times. They have a hard time sitting still, they love questions, and they're extremely talented in certain fields, but have a difficulty sharing that talent. A lot of Gemini are good at socializing, so it's possible for you to be a Taurus-Gemini cusp (May 15th - 22nd), which would also explain your love and knack for games. Gemini love asking questions and Taurus have the tendency to lose track of time!

    So...Gemini-Taurus is my other guess?
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  10. Wow, yep! :) May 22nd.
  11. Oh wow. You're the direct cut-off date for a cusp!

  12. Nope. I'm actually none of the ones listed here. Does it make me a horrible person that I'm actually kinda… delighted you didn't guess on the first try? …And now I feel guilty about it. Sorry ^^;;

    Umm what else to add…

    I might be called an animal lover, but really, this only extends to cats. I don't like to feel responsible for taking care of something, be it animal or people, so independent cats are perfect. If I don't know you, don't trust you, I will not be comfortable giving you any sort of physical contact. That being said, once that trust is established, I am so flippin' clingy and cuddly. I can't keep a secret to save my life, but I've been told I'm a talented liar.

    …Having said that, I feel the need to clarify that everything I've said about myself is 100% true .___.
  13. So I am a cusp child! Because it's so close, would that I mean I hold more Gemini traits than Taurus?
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  14. I hate guessing Pisces, but I'm one and I always feel like I classify people as Pisces. But I know Pisces are AVID cat lovers. They hate being touched and they can't keep secrets! Not most Pisces are talented liars, but we're very and I mean very manipulative. Like our counterpart, Aries, we swing back and forth constantly from emotions and this explains why we always butt heads with Aries. We are loners and generally, our intentions are never malicious.

    My next guess would be a Pisces.
  15. Half and half. Since you're after the cut-off day, May 21st, then yes, you'd have more Gemini than you would for Taurus.
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  16. That guess would be right! ^_^ Born March 1st.
  17. Full on Pisces! I'm Aquarius-Pisces, so it's a bit difficult to tell who is exactly a Pisces for me sometimes. x.x
  18. @Cynder
    Nope, not a Pisces, though both my parents are haha. I broke the tradition. I'm actually pretty far away from Pisces!
  19. Far away. Hm..

    Gonna guess Libra? They're also creative, empathetic and they're generally more perspective than Pisces. Libras are shy and introverted, similar to Pisces, but not as bad as say a Pisces, Cancer or Aries. As for animals, Libras are known for having many pets! One Libra I knew had three cats, two dogs and a ferret. He would always look for new ones, too!
  20. Yes, Libra is right! October 19th. :3 I only have two kitties right now, but once I'm in a better space I would love to have more. I plan on having a good menagerie at some point. Including chickens.
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