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  1. Zodiac Children
    The Zodiac have chosen you!

    The twelve Chinese Zodiacs have decided to bestow their powers unto twelve chosen children born in their year. Only twelve may live at once. They try to live their lives as regular children, but are forced to hide their true identities as zodiacs. They act as regular students, trying to blend in as best as possible.
    This is loosely based on Fruits Basket, but hugging does not transform them into their zodiac. However, there will be transformations.
    Your character choices are between one of the zodiacs and human children. This roleplay is mostly focussed on the zodiac children, but if you wish you play as a human, you may. You may also play as both a zodiac child and a human. Your human’s age is completely up to you. As for your zodiac child, I ask they have an age no greater than 18 and no younger than three, according to what Zodiac they are and the year they were born.
    [ http://blogs.transparent.com/chinese/files/2012/01/chinese_zodiac.gif ]. The zodiac children also have powers, please choose them to fit the zodiac and don’t make them overpowered. The transformations can only be perfectly controlled in that zodiac’s year. In the other years, the transformations are more random. If the child is in stress or sick the transformation is more likely. For the dragon, the transformation should not be a mature dragon, or maybe something similar to a dragon. For example, in Fruits Basket a sea horse represents the dragon.

    Co-GM: RedWinter
    The appearance of your zodiac should, at least somewhat, resemble the zodiac.
    To make the age simpler: ( ) means I advise you not to give your characters this age, [ ] means do not be this age. The table shows the age of the zodiac in the year 2011.































    I won’t be picky about the humans. Simply, they are extras there to help out the plot, story, and perhaps the zodiac children.
    Once again, please have the appearance, power(s), and transformation(s) fit the zodiac for the zodiac children and the year be in accordance to the year of the rabbit (2011).

    Zodiac Character Sheet

    Age / year:

    Human Character Sheet
    Age / year:

    [Human characters will not appear in the reserved list]
    Reserved: Rat ( Sashakiki ); Ox - Cow ( Redwinter); Tiger ( Sen ); Dragon ( Regland );
    Snake ( KanjoTheNinjo ); Horse ( Rare Secret ); Rooster ( WhoopDau ); Dog ( Roxshi );
    Pig ( EternalMusic )
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  2. Name: Kris 'Hibine' Winters
    Age / year: 13 / 1998
    Grade: 8th

    Zodiac: Tiger
    • Advanced lightning / thunder elemental skills.
    • Basic air elemental skills - only knows how to make clouds and sit on them, main method of long-distance transportation
    • Enhanced agility and speed.

    Personality: Reckless and suspicious, always geared for action and ready to go. He's so focused on the offence, he never looks behind his back to defend himself. Because he is so suspicious he finds it hard to trust others. When upset, he's blunt and will speak what's on his mind. However, just as he is quick-tempered, he is also sincere, affectionate and generous. He prefers to be alone, a solitary man, but will let special people into his life. He's a secret romantic, playful and passionate to the ones he loves. But he is also inclined to be over possessive when jealous. A tiger's roar mythically represents thunder, and this is why he likes anything with a rhythm (music, fighting, etc). A tiger forgives, but never forgets.

    Past: Born in New York, America. Isolated himself from other normal children because of his nature and normal children were quite scared of him, glaring eyes and white hair and a ferocious personality. He tried his best to fit in, but in the end he has given up on acceptance. His mother accepted him for what he was but his father rejected him, threatening to leave the family if Kris didn't try to 'act' human.

    Other: Doesn't get along with Monkey at all.
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  3. Name: Kasai Ashlin
    Age and year: 10, 2001
    Grade: Forth

    Appearance: Her hair occasionally changes color, but it is either red or green, yellow/green eyes, skin and preferred clothing as images show
    appearance - green hair appearance - red hair
    Zodiac: Snake
    Personality: Easily stressed if her life is not in order. Diligent. Intuitive, but reticent. Can easily become bored with tasks. Saves up to buy the best of the best, yet isn’t very patient with shopping. Doesn’t make friends easily. Hold grudges against anyone who has ever lied to her.
    Power(s): Heat vision / when she’s outwardly furious (which is very rare), her hair turns into snakes.
    Transformation(s): Her main transformation is the corn snake. Though she can transform into other kinds, most are non-venomous or not very venomous. As she gets older and more skilled, she will probably be able to transform into more venomous and larger snakes.
    Cornsnake transformation

    Past: Hiroko was born in late summer, from the stress of being newborn and the heat beginning to wear off, her parents soon saw her transformation and were horrified. Her once loving parents turned into cruel monsters in the blink of an eye. Hiroko was chased away from home with threats of death. As fall approached, she found herself in her zodiac form more and more. Her instincts from her snake zodiac were weak. She was afraid to go into cities because she thought she would change into a snake and the citizens would try to kill her. Fall was coming to an end. From lack of food and sleep, she collapsed in a field just outside a small town. She awoke in her snake form, held by the neck by a ten-year-old boy. The boy took her to his house and after lots of begging to his parents, was able to keep her as a pet.
    Hiroko was always cautious to avoid turning into a human in his presence, but the colder winter got, the less she could control her transformations. It wasn’t long before the boy discovered her human form. He decided it would be best to keep her human form secret from his parents and everyone else since they would want to find her parents or take her to an orphanage.
    The two were best friends, though they considered themselves brother and sister. Hiroko couldn’t attend school, so she asked Mathias to teach her. He did. Eventually, he went off to college and took her with him. Through working and lying a bit to his parents, Mathias was able to send Hiroko to school.
    Hiroko currently lives with Mathias as his sister and pet snake.
    Other: Gets along with the Ox and Rooster. Does not get along with the Tiger, Monkey, or Pig. During the winter, she gets cold a lot easier. She can be found inside with lots of layers on and under a blanket. She usually gets sick if she’s not careful about temperature. She likes fashion, but is picky. She often gets called out at school for having 'dyed' hair.
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  4. Name: Caleb Liban
    Age / year: 15, 1996
    Grade: Male
    Zodiac: Rat
    Power(s): Can squeeze into small places, powerful nose, can see perfectly in darkness
    Personality: Matt is a clever kid who is kinda timid. He is stubborn and won't move from his place if he thinks he's right. He is a neat freak and tends to try and make everything tidy. He tends to be curious on what is going on and will ask questions if he doesn't understand. He hates to be a leader and much more prefers to stay in the back.
    Past: Born in the middle of spring, he was rasied by a family that didn't come from money. His parents accept him for what he is even though they don't like to talk about it. He grew up fairly easily and his parents tried to give him everything he wanted even if they couldn't give a lot.
    Other:Lots of light can give him headaches
    He gets along with the Dragon and Ox but not so much the Sheep, Dog and Snake
  5. Name:Holli Bell

    Age and year: 9 years old; 2002

    Grade: 3rd


    Zodiac: Horse

    Personality: Holli is very free-spirited and open-minded. She is also very intelligent and hard-working so she can pick up new skills with ease. Holli can be argumentative which is really annoying to people around her and she is also very straightforward. Sugar-coating isn't a real thing to her. She is also very stubborn so no means no.

    Past: Holli was born in the winter in Kansas to a family that was composed of a mother, a father, an older brother, and an older sister. Her family owned a farm. They lived off the land. Her family didn't mind that she could transform into a horse. It made it easier to tame the horses. She was pretty good at anything she tried so she was useful to her family. Their reaction to her being part of the zodiac was more happy than sad.

    Power(s): Super Speed but the amount of time she can use it correlates with her stamina.


    Other: She gets along with the sheep, tiger, and dog. She doesn't want anything to do with the rat. Loves going outside.
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