Zodiac children

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do you genuinely think its a good idea and think it will be a fun and interesting roleplay?

  1. yeah it'd be super fun to try out!

  2. meh... i dont know. Needs alot more work.

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  3. yeah sounds good, just needs some more ideas and plot progression.


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  1. CHARACTER SIGN UPS : https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-zodiac-children-sign-ups.50306/

    hey so i'm just gonna turn this into the OOC thread. If you have any questions or ideas pm me or post here. Also pm if interested in joining. there are 3 spaces left. :)


    okay thanks.

    Hey I made this roleplay on a different site and I bet all you guys would like to hear about it so here goes!

    This is the idea. By the way the children are aged between 16-19. C:
    So every thousand years the stars align and use all their strength to create children.
    These are not just normal children, each zodiac symbol gives that child a special power.
    There are twelve zodiac symbols but two stars merge together to make that child so I will need six people to play these children. Anyway back to the plot:
    The stars give their children to humans who they think will raise the child to fullfil the children's existence.
    These Children must defeat dreaded Monsters and use their mighty powers for good and in the end defeat the Dracataiseach, pronounced dr-ack-ay-tie-shock. If these children survive the monsters and defeat the Dracataiseach they will be peacefully returned to the stars where in one thousand years they will continue the legacy and create more Zodiac children, BUT, if the children are not raised correctly they will use their powers for evil and defeat the Dracataiseach. Sounds good right? Nope. that child will then turn into the next Dracataiseach but even more powerful. YAY. haha.

    Male 1: Zodiac sign is Aries and Taurus. This child has the ability to turn into a bull. This child also has the ability to heal wounds incredibly fast. Not the smartest child but definitely the strongest child and is also very determined. Their weapon is two long extremely strong golden spears .Brute strength is a huge trait for this child.

    Male 2: Zodiac signs are Capricorn and Aquarius. This child has the ability to breath underwater. This child is very practical and what he lacks in physical strength he comes back with amazing intellectual ability. Sometimes muscles won't work so a logical explanation is needed. This child's weapon are the throwing knifes. excellent aim aand accuracy.

    Male 3: Zodiac signs are gemini and pisces. This child can split himself in two, he can make doubles of himself only the original copy can be harmed. The doubles only last ten minutes. This child is really bad at making disisions and is often town between to choices, it could be friends, clothes, or a choice between evil and good. This child's weapon are two cresent moon shaped blades, a very strong strike and great poise. (TAKEN)

    Female 1: zodiac signs are Leo and Saggitarius. This child can grow fangs and razor sharp claws. This child cannot burn. This child is very noble, maybe to noble sometimes. She will always keep her word. Her weapons are wind and fire wheels. She wants to change the world in some way. (TAKEN. This will be my character I will of course add to her and stuff.)

    Femal 2: zodiac signs are Cancer and Scorpio. This child can take control of the minds of any type of arachnid or scorpian, this drains her power quickly though. She is very fiery and sarcastic she gets angry easily. Her instinct is to survive no matter what way. Even if it means killing her siblings to rein supreme. Her weapon is a gungdo.

    Female 3:Zodiac signs are Libra and Virgo. This child can see into the future but it so mixed so you must decode what she sees. She is very laid back and happy, looking for love wherever she goes. She is full of life and culturally educated very well. Her choice of weapons are throwing stars. It is hard for her to kill but she does what she must. (TAKEN)

    [​IMG]This is a gungdo for female 2
    [​IMG]this is the golden spear, male 1 would have two.
    View attachment 49890 These are wind and fire wheels for female 1.
    View attachment 49891 these are crescent moon blades for male 3.
    View attachment 49892 Throwing knifes for male 2.
    View attachment 49893 Throwing stars for female 3. She wouls have 24 of these.
    SOOOO Thats the end. Any questions? Haha
    Just say wgichever charachter you want to be and yeah. You can ofcourse add to your character but stay true to they personality and zodiac sign. You can do some research an yeah! Woooooo.
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  2. Sounds interesting, female 3 sounds like a character I would like to play.
  3. Oh, cool. Will I put female 3 down as taken? :)
  4. @~@ I love zodiac signs. I like male 3.
    It's crazy, I can do that. > :3
  5. Hehehe. Okay sounds great! I will put male 3 down as taken!

    I know aren't zodiac signs super interesting?!

    I think i'll make the actual thread so you guys can make charcters and all that jazz
  6. Woot. :333
  7. What genre would you say this is? fantasy? superhuman?
  8. Fantasy and superhuman. I'd say fantasy more, though.
  9. Yes, if you could note female 3 as taken, I would be glad :)
  10. okay ill do that now. why don't you make a character? just follow the link at the top of this page :3
  11. Thanks!
    I'm on an iPad at the moment so it's a little less easy to write out a character. I'll write one out as soon as I have a laptop to my disposal (later today or some time tomorrow)
  12. Okay got! thanks for joining! :D

    Any suggestions for the ploy? or questions? :3
  13. I would like to have male two? If that's alright.
  14. Yep perfect
  15. Okay! I finally finished my character.
    I'm sorry it took so long, I've been balancing work and school and whatnot.
  16. I'm sorry but I have to remove myself from this role-play. I've taken on to many role-plays at once and unfortunately cannot keep up.
  17. . . . It started? o____o
  18. If male 1 is still available, I'd love to give him a try :P I need to stop playing chicks X'D
  19. I haven't seen the GM in a while
  20. Aww too bad :l
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