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  1. Zodiac Children
    The Zodiac have chosen you!

    The twelve Chinese Zodiac have decided to bestow their powers unto twelve chosen children born in their year. Only twelve may live at once. With power and characteristics befitting a Zodiac child, they are found and set apart from the rest of the world. In a small, out of the way, encampment, do the twelve children live, away from everyone else. There in the village of the zodiac there is all that they will ever need to live normal lives. There are two boarding houses for each sex; boys and girls. A dinner hall where a mean cook lives, though they are not a zodiac themselves. People, very few, have come to teach and care for the children, but they don't always stick around. There is also a small school that the children attend four days a week unless it’s summer break or a holiday. There is a game room full of toys board games video games and more. Bathrooms for each sex as well. A store run by an elderly woman is often stocked with goods for the children to buy with currency allowed to them each week. A headmistress is supposed to run the place, but she only drops by ever so often, so the teachers, which there are only two of, often take on her duties. And all these building surround a large court yard with a fabulous and large fountain in the center which as stone likenesses of all the zodiacs. They are gifted with a huge jungle gym and basket ball court. A flower garden lines the fountain. So here in this heaven like town the twelve zodiac stay, with only other zodiacs to keep them company.

    This is kind of based of fruits basket, but none of the hugging and being transformed into an animal. Though there will be some transformation I'll explain more.

    There will be 12 players, and only one of each zodiac, and also they have to be born in a year specific to that zodiac (such as the snake: 2001, 2013; dragon: 2000, 2012; etc. – since the characters are intended to be children, I ask you not to make them older than 18, but no younger than three [
    http://www.living-chinese-symbols.com/image-files/chinesecalendaranimalsmall3.jpg ] ) I will also take two more for the teachers if you want to take them (I am hoping for one boy and one girl teacher. You know why ;) just for fun), but if no one wants the roles of the teachers then they can be controlled by anyone, but I ask you be sensible. Along with the other non-player characters, like the cook and shopkeeper, they can be controlled by anyone, but keep them in character! Also for whatever zodiac you chose try to make them look kind of like their zodiac, like eye color and hair along with their personality. For powers I'll let you chose but please make them fit the zodiac. And now for transformations: you can only control transformation in your year, for all the other years transforming is rather random, you can't control it well, and when you’re sick or under stress it'll happen more often. And for the year of the dragon, yes you can be a dragon, just try to keep it under control and you can't be a huge dragon, you are just a kid after all.
    Also , every New Year's they throw a amazing huge and awesome party, and who Ever's year it is ,will have a great big celebration. And every ones' birthday is on New Year's Day, that's why the party is so epic. I am hoping for a long role play so that we can cover lots of years. So think long and hard about you character, and plan to stick with it, if you ever want to drop out, you have to stage your death or give your character to someone else. I rather you didn't die, but you never know, and non action taking characters get awkward and annoying. And another thing, each child is given a little jade figurine of their zodiac, and it’s your duty to care for them, DON’T LOOSE IT!!! (You can lose it, might be good for the story) if you lose it you will lose your connection to your zodiac and your transformations will become very unstable, and will also cause your powers to back fire. We are going to start at the year of the rabbit (2011) and we’re all just being brought to the place a week before New Year’s where it will then become the year of the rabbit.
    Co-GM: RedWinter
    Simplified/more information:
    Remember that you will be playing your character through several years, so age them accordingly. Write age as the age they would be in the year of the rat. You may want to start with a young age so you don’t end up being quite old later in the RP. Once again, the maximum starting age is 18, and the minimum starting age is four, or at least old enough to talk.
    For appearance, please make them resemble their animal as far as eye color/hair. For example the rat may have brown, grey, black, white, etc. hair and matching eyes. Snake could have red hair, black, orange, etc. and yellow, amber, black, etc. eyes.
    If you have questions, feel free to ask (this is a mildly confusing intro, sorry).
    To make life simpler: ( )
    means I advise you not to give your characters this age, [ ] means do not be this age. The table shows the age of the zodiac in the year 2011.




































    ENJOY :3 ! (Forum bellow)

    Age and year:
    Personality ( optional, try to fit the zodiac):

    (RESERVED: Ox ( RedWinter ) ✓; Snake ( Me ) ✓; Dog ( Roxshi ) ✓; Rabbit ( Alpha ) ✓; Tiger ( Sen ) ✓; Dragon ( Regland ) ✓; Sheep ( Kigarra ) ✓;
    Monkey ( Jhuton ) ✓; Horse ( RareSecret ) ✓; Rat ( Sashakiki ) ✓; Pig ( Eternal Music ) ✓; Rooster ( WhoopDau ) ✓ )
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  2. Can I reserve the year of the Dog?
  3. 'Course! Looking forward to seeing your character.
  4. Reserving Rabbit
  5. Name: Hiroko Maki
    Age and year: 10, 2001
    Appearance: Dyed green hair (originally dark ginger), yellow/green eyes, kind of like the image
    Zodiac: Snake
    Personality: Easily stressed if her life is not in order. Diligent. Intuitive, but reticent. Can easily become bored with tasks. Saves up to buy the best of the best, yet isn't very patient with shopping. Doesn’t make friends easily. Holds grudges against anyone who has ever lied to her.
    Power(s): Heat vision / when she is mad, her hair turns into snakes (like Medusa)
    Transformation(s): Main: Corn snake. She can turn into several other types of snakes, however, the transformations are either cut short or have some kind of side affect after returning to her human form.
    Other: Gets along with the Ox and Rooster. Does not get along with the Tiger, Monkey, or Pig. During the winter, she gets cold a lot easier. She can be found inside with lots of layers on under a blanket often. She usually gets sick if she is not careful about temperature

    [EDITED ^ :P]

    (sorry for the picture being vocaloid)

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  6. Name: Fea Winter
    Age and year: 14, 1997
    Appearance: (see picture) Eyes are dark brown though… c:
    Zodiac: Ox
    Personality: Stubborn, patient, hardworking, and has a strong sense of responsibility. She cares deeply for the other zodiac, seeing them as close family. She also hates change and likes things to stick to pattern. She will never ask for help, and often refuses it when offered, although she will always offer her own. Also, she can be shy at times and has a hard time expressing herself and opening up.
    Power: Super strength!
    Transformation: She turns into a moo moo (Actually it's an Ox :D)
    Other: Gets along well with the snake, rat, and rooster, but clashes with the dog, dragon, horse and sheep.
    She sometimes doesn't know her own strength.

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  7. this roleplay was made for my characters ; _ ;

    Name: Hibine 'Hibi'
    Age and year: 1998, 13 years old
    Appearance: Attached, but has blue eyes.
    Zodiac: Tiger (White Tiger)
    Personality: Reckless and suspicious, always geared for action and ready to go. He's so focused on the offence, he never looks behind his back to defend himself. Because he is so suspicious he finds it hard to trust others. When upset, he's blunt and will speak what's on his mind. However, just as he is quick-tempered, he is also sincere, affectionate and generous. He prefers to be alone, a solitary man, but will let special people into his life. He's a secret romantic, playful and passionate to the ones he loves. But he is also inclined to be over possessive when jealous. A tiger's roar mythically represents thunder, and this is why he likes anything with a rhythm (music, fighting, etc). A tiger forgives, but never forgets.
    Power(s): Electricity, he can also sit on clouds, and uses them as transportation when he gets lazy. He's quite fast, and prefers to fight ranged.
    Transformation(s): Attached
    Other: Doesn't get along with Monkey, and seems to be interested in the Dragon

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  8. Perfect! Except you wrote "16 years old". I assume you were giving the age for present day? Could you change that to 13 (age in 2011)? Thank-yah :3
  9. Oops. Sorry! Edited xD
  10. Name:
    Drake Stronghold

    Age and year:
    11 and 2000


    (Gold) Dragon

    Drake is a boy who has big pride of himself. For someone who hasn't know him, they'll think of him as an annoying brat who likes to show off. He is so proud with his Zodiac being a Dragon, and is even more proud with the fact that he got chosen by the Dragon as one of the Twelve Zodiac Children. He acts childish and spoiled, but once you know him, he'll be a kind-hearted boy.

    Fire manipulation: he can manipulate fire, though he hasn't mastered it yet.

    Gold Dragon (still can't do this yet)

    Regular dragon (can't sustain this form for long)

    His parents are a Rat and Rabbit. They gave him a gold dragon-shaped necklace as a token. And yes, they're already dead.
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  11. Shanya Zhiyuan

    Age and year:
    8 yrs old; 2003

    Shanya is a soft-spoken girl, often smiling and basking in the company of close friends. When she is frightened she immediately seeks out someone since she feels stronger in groups. She has a rather large appetite and most people comment that her stomach is "like a black hole". She also tends to eat slightly strange things such as paper. She tends to hold back anger or negative feelings, having a bad habit of burstin out of nowhere. She isn't a big fan of change and often keeps away from it, feeling more comfort in repetition
    Using her hair like a shield, it becomes as hard as a thousand of strands of steel wool on the outside but is soft and warm on the inside like a winter sweater.


    -She enjoys being around people chosen by the Snake and Horse, but is wary of the Tiger,Rat, and Dog.
    -She likes listening to Jazz and Classical since it's calming to her.
    -She enjoys high places and prefers sleeping in bunk beds.​
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  12. can I reserve the monkey
  13. Absolutely!
  14. Wonderful. C.S tomorrow, on my phone away from home now
  15. Waa, all these characters look so pretty~
  16. "The beautiful people, the beautiful people!"
  17. I want to reserve the horse!
  18. Why, of course! :P
  19. Name:Matt Liban
    Age and year:15, 1996
    Personality ( optional, try to fit the zodiac): Matt is a clever kid who is kinda timid. He is stubborn and won't move from his place if he thinks he's right. He is a neat freak and tends to try and make everything tidy. He tends to be curious on what is going on and will ask questions if he doesn't understand. He hates to be a leader and much more prefers to stay in the back.
    Power(s):He has a very powerful nose and can basically make his body fit through any small cravats. He can see perfectly in darkness.
    He loves to cook
    Lots of light can give him headaches
    He gets along with the Dragon and Ox but not so much the Sheep, Dog and Snake
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  20. Name: Trevellion Van-Leone
    Age and Year: 7, 2004
    Zodiac: Monkey
    Personality: He is naturally a very peppy and hyper person, but he is most times very calm as he redirects his energy to his into his powers and burns it all out. He is very curious and plays detective all the time and he is also very agile. His favourite past-times are reading and jumping from object to object instead of walking.
    Powers: He is able to generate large amounts of pure energy
    Transformations:(Ultimate Form, unable to acheive)
    Normal(But with black fur and smaller)
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