Zodiac Beasts and the Star Dragons: Awakening of the Cat

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  1. -----{-}-----​

    "Hello." said the narrator rather sheepishly. "So, I'm going to be your narrator for the journey ahead, and I hope you'll bear with me." said the narrator again, redundancy no doubt a middle name.

    "I-I'm not sure how to go about this, but..." he regained his sheepish stature of voice, and his words are as hard to make out as ever. "...You're already dead." he revealed to the reader, rather fantastically.

    "W-Wait! I didn't mean it to be a good thing..." he vehemently denied, his lying tongue flapping about like a rabid-infested snake. "Stop that! Stop that already!" he shouted at empty air like the fool he was. And then, as the last voice of reason left outside the shadows of the stars, he did as what any other narrator would do; cry.

    "...I'm not! I'm not-- I'm not going to cry, so just shut it already!" claimed the narrator in a cringe-inducing demonstration of his repertoire of words. Truly, he is a worthy under-study to--


    "Ah, he's gone..." said the narrator with relief. "Thank you, kind dragon."

    "NOT AT ALL. NOW PLEASE, DO GO ON. IN THE MEANTIME, I SHALL RETURN TO MY SLUMBER." the dragon replied, as it disappeared after the bodiless voice. The narrator was not concerned, as the dragon could see in his sleep.

    "Well, t-there you have it... I'm really sorry for what has just happened. And, for..." he was at a loss of what to say regarding the readers' deaths. "It's the truest thing I can tell you." affirmed the narrator. "But no need to despair, because an end..." he began to turn the page. "...Is a seed to a new beginning."


    "...Now, where to begin...?" wondered the narrator. "I suppose we should retrace the steps leading to here..." he turned towards the readers.

    "And I believe, without doubt, that this is where it all began - "


    "N-No, no. Please don't laugh. This is entirely serious." said the narrator, looking sad as he was sure some of them were in stitches at the moment. "Have you, perchance... heard of this peculiar thing known as Schrödinger's cat?" the narrator chimed. "I'm no expert on this particular field, certainly. And we could debate it for the entirety of our time left, sure. But not all the explanations in this world and the next can change the fact that the above occurrence had been the one to bring about your ends."

    "You see." the narrator turned solemn. "The cat indeed became aware."

    "And as it became aware, it took hold of all the realm that lies under story - everything, in fact. Because the cat was made into the symbol for paradox, and the cycle of the worlds is a paradox in itself, it thus became the lord of all worlds and all stories. That's the gist of it, at least... For now, I should tell you that after being aware, the cat became much frightened at the vast measure of enlightenment it was experiencing, that it began to shed some of its hair. And that is where we stand, in the awakening of the cat..."


    The trees grow a length of the whole pillar that holds the sky in place, within this hallowed forest. Very ancient and insurmountably high, some even carry entire ecosystems inside their bodies. At the very top, occasional holes litter the canopy layer, where light is allowed entry, so that it may illuminate the forest better for its denizens, as well as the rare outsider...

    "That's you, by the way." the narrator points at the readers. "...I'm sorry, should I have gone about it some other way?" he looked at the readers with a puzzled expression. "...On a more important note, I won't be able to get in much word after this point, I'm afraid. But don't be scared. I need to warn you, to be careful. The cat is reading this, you see. But it cannot completely alter anything absolutely as of yet." explained the narrator alliteratively.

    "It is still afraid, and its throne is not absolute. From now on, the fate of all stories lies in your hands... I'm confident you'll be able to succeed, to return the world to the way it should always be. I will be with you along the entire way." he assured the readers. Slowly, but surely, his presence loses weight, until he is but a ghost. "...For now, farewell..." and as his voice fades into the surrounding area, the light falls onto a clearing within this hallowed forest.

    In the middle of the clearing, a group of travelers, not bound to a single world of origin, rests awkwardly, as if brought into the hallowed forest under unfavorable circumstances. They would awaken perhaps, but they would not know where they currently reside or why they were there, in particular at least. They would only remember the words of the sheepish narrator. But they would not need to worry, for answers await.


    For upon an altar of thorns and deadwood at the back, stands a large, imposing creature. The sounds of its breaths break the silence of the forest, and the other living things that have shied away from its domain. It never moves.

    However, the creature is beckoning the travelers. "...Come, those wayward. I know why you are here..." speaks the creature in a raspy, gnarled voice. Momentarily, its two eyes shine a hellfire red as the creature eyes the travelers before it. Who will answer it?

    "...Come, those seeking. I know where you must go..."
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  2. [​IMG]
    "...Come, those wayward. I know why you are here..."

    A Direct Command. Zonya’s chassis shuddered violently as words flashed up in her mind.


    She snapped up straight as her eyes opened, pupils darting this way and that as she took in her surroundings. The camera on her head swivelled to life and cast a square of bright blue as it scanned the area.

    Nothing was on fire.

    There was a lot of green stuff.

    Analysing green stuff %... trees. Grass. Foliage. Vegetation. Organic green stuff.

    Organic. Organic. Organic. Organic.

    Zonya would have been confused if she knew how. She had not learnt how to be confused. Zonya was not confused. Not yet.

    Zonya filtered through her programming. She had only been online twice, the first time very briefly. There was a lot of fire. This was not like the first time. Perhaps Zonya could fulfil her initiatives this time around.

    Zonya looked up at the lifeform that had issued the Direct Command. She stood up with a small mechanical whirr, standing straighter then an arrow and with perfect balance.

    “Command has been recognised and understood. Commencing action.”

    She walked forward.

    “Command has been fulfilled.” Zonya should of turned off. She didn't. Zonya stared into nothing.
  3. http://katrinaiceheart.deviantart.com/art/new-style-487285642

    Cecilia slept, curled in the fetal position on a gigantic mossy rock not too far from Zonya' s activation spot. She heard a voice. An unfamiliar one, but oddly soothing.

    "...Come, those seeking. I know where you must go..." She heard it say.

    "Go somewhere? Do I have to?" Cecilia mumbled incoherently. Then she laughed to herself, humming a line from some song that went "I do not know what I seek yet, I seek it alone!"
    She slowly picked her head up, rubbing her eyes free of sleep. Her vision blurred in and out before adjusting to the dimness of the forest.
    A huge creature sat in the direction she was facing. In front of it stood a person who looked like a cyborg to her. Her appearance didn't phase Cecilia. If anything, it was average. The other living thing she saw however worried her. The horned creatures she remembered weren't all that friendly. She couldn't pinpoint any instance though. Her thoughts probably were fuzzy.

    She lowered herself from her rock. She dropped a few feet, and being startled by the impact, she fell over. She stood back up, rubbing her lower back. She approached the red eyed thing with caution, and stood beside the other person who had approached.
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  4. Ace heard a strange voice while he was sharpening his katana. "Come those seeking. I know were you must go" the voice said. Ace thought for a while then said what the heck, as long as their is something to kill then I'm fine with that. Then he slid down a hill to end up next to two hot babes.[​IMG]
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  5. Zonya turned to look at the girl who was doing a thing with her vocal box that Zonya didn’t quite understand. There were lots of things she didn’t understand yet. It wasn’t quite words. She wasn’t trying to communicate.

    Zonya was fascinated.

    She mimicked the sound of the humming until she could copy the tune perfectly – well, at least the few lines the girl had hummed. Abruptly, Zonya stopped.

    “What is the purpose of these strange vocalisations?” Zonya asked, unmoving, unblinking, looking as far from natural as one could get. Just then, a man slipped in front of her line of vision between them. She looked down at his strange…weapon? Scanning…% Object recognised: Katana.

    She briefly rifled through the information she had on the object. That couldn't be right. Was there something wrong with her scanners? Scanning…% Object recognised: Katana. Was she faulty? No, Zonya was brand new, state-of-the-art technology. There had only been one of her ever made.

    “This ancient weaponry is obsolete.” Zonya stated matter of factly with a whir and a tilt of her head. “Please explain the application of such an item.”
  6. Hmm? Ohh you mean my katana, well my use for it is........... KILLLING THE WEAK.
    The weak as in the poor and defenceless. Soooooooooooooo......... Are we all here because of the same voice?
  7. Eyes the colour of swirling storms fluttered open, aimed at the washed out skies above. No matter how blurry her vision right now, she would know without seeing; this was not home. No, of that she could sense, this was not her forests, this place did not sing for her.

    This place did not sing the songs she taught them.


    A moment of panic shot through her entire being as she rolled over onto her side and waited for her eyes to adjust to this alien light. Where was her sworn protector? Where was she?

    Into a kneeling position now did the Forest Queen roll. With both pale and slender hands did she smooth out her white gown and snowy soft white hair before calling out: "Duplo. Duplo Kikka, Where are you, child....? Your queen needs you. Your queen requires you presence--"

    The forest Queen's bubbling brook voice caught in her throat when a slender hand rested upon her shoulder. She had called her 'child' but the strength and calm of which the hand gripped her fine clothed shoulder, the woman in the mask was definitely not a child, regardless of her slight build.


    Both hands grasped her Queens hands and gently yet assertively she brought her the snowy haired female to her feet. Both females stared at each other fondly as they stood, the queen towering over her servant, yet still the queen held a polite and loving smile that those of her forest would know as the 'thousand year smile.' If you found ever yourself in the grace of such a grand smile you would be rest assured that the Forest Queen would love you forevermore. For that's what she was. She was love eternal; she was home.

    She was Brigadine Nos'halliwyn Aulaveritay deMoxie. She was their Mother.

    But Mother found herself cursed. And Mother found her forest cursed. Poisoned with dark and corruption. Mother, the Forest Queen's children had turned against her. They infected her. They were draining her of love. Her Love. And so there was no choice. She had to become mortal for only mortal things could withstand corruption in the Forest of the Majestic Brigadine.

    And so here she stood now. A mortal. A slight and frail woman with only her bunny-masked loyal servant to protect her.

    Duplo Kikka broke away from her Queen and danced away, hands sweeping out, body twirling and swirling, daintily leaping and pirouetting in time to music ethereal only the bunny-masked 'child' could hear. But this dance was not to entertainment. It was her voice; the dancing voice that only those of the Queens forest may know.

    "Yes, dear, I know we are vulnerable," the bubbling brook voice of the Queen softened yet laughed gently all the same, "but these others you say you will slay if they so much as look at your Queen funny, these others dear, do you not see? In their eyes, child... They are just as lost as we, Du, my dear. We are just as lost as the day our forest fell to darkness."

    Gently yet firmly, Brigadine grasped both wrists of the dark gowned maiden before she could conjure up her wicked blade; and oh such wickedness and bloody justice did Duplo's blade thirst.

    "Come dear..." She nodded and smiled, stormy bleu-gray eyes swirling and smoothly calming her shorter companion, "come then, and see what politeness and respect brings us then... Yes..?"

    A pause. That was not good. But after a tense heartbeat later, Duplo nodded her bunny-masked head.

    Brigadine smiled, a bright and infectious sight glinting a bright reflection in the eyes of her calmed yet still tense companion. The Forest Queen briefly embraced Duplo then nodded in return.

    Then with a flourish of her white gown, such a flourish fitting for a two-thousand year old queen, she turned to face the others. To her left she nodded then to her right before snapping her chin up, nose upturned with the just-right pose of haughtiness and self-importance, yet without disrespect and arrogant abandon.

    "Hail and Hearts of the Ground to you, young Maiden, woman of Construct Metal, fair young Warrior, and one and all. My name is Lady Brigadine Nos'halliwyn Aulaveritay deMoxie, protector and heiress to the Forest of the Fountain Eternal. My children call me Mother Bree, strangers call me; The Forest Queen. And my enemies call me the Wicked White Witch. Know that I am all those names. I am.

    This is my personal beloved hand-maiden and protector, Duplo Kikka. Do be forewarned that she is imprinted to live, die and kill for me. She looks very slight, but do know she truly is vengeance beneath a bunny-mask. She loves me very much and is loyal to me first and foremost as am I to her. Please greet them, dear...."

    A graceful back flip followed by a sweeping arm and respectful bow did she offer the others.

    "Lovely, my dear..." Said the Forest Queen before turning her visage to the imposing being before them, "...and so we heed your call. And so I stand before you to ask aid. I humbly ask help to cleanse and redeem our home soil and growth. Our forest is doomed. I respectfully ask for answers. How will I help my children? How will I return to my immortal being once more? How do I stop such contagion in my Forest of the Fountain Eternal?"
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  8. Don't know don't care. Who cares if your some goodie toosho queen? Obviously not me. So how bout you take your little servant and go some were else because I don't know the answer to your question.
  9. Cecilia responded to Zonya' s question. "I was just remembering a song. Though I forget where I heard it. I was reminded of it because the voice said something about seeking." She was a little confused by the question, but reminded herself to be a more little open minded. But when the boy with the katana spoke, she cringed. This was the voice of a person absorbed with violence. The type of person she had come to hate. They were very meddlesome and picked fights with people like her, who were patient with most people. But she just wanted to go up and punch him. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

    "I'm pretty sure the voice summoned us all. Yes."

    The forsst queen approached, and just by her presence, Cecilia felt like she was royal, and it would be respectful to bow. She did so and waited until she had stopped introducing herself and her servant before she would talk. But then Ace spoke. She walked over, stood stiff, and smacked the back of his head. HARD.
    "You shouldn't do that to royalty, idiot. If you didn't hear, Duplo can kick your butt on command." She told him. She turned to the queen.
    "Anyway, your majesty, i think what he means to say is that we have no clue how to solve the problem. I would ask the horned beast here. He seems wise enough." Though she still didn't trust him.
  10. I don't care! Didn't I make my self clear?! So shove off!!! I hate royalty because they think their soooooo special but their not. That's why I killed my father! Just then Ace finally realized what he said just know. "Oh dear" he whispered
  11. Cecilia was unphased by the "killing his own father" bomb. She sort of expected it. She knew these people as rebels. Some rebels had reasons, others just wanted earthly possessions. Like people actually wanting free from corruption versus looters.
    "Actually, It's not the fact that they are royalty, it's just that you don't have respect for anyone. even if they can defeat you with one blow. You're just as bad and egotistical. So calm down and hear her out. Shapen up and become honorable," she took a quick step back and simultaneously pulled a knife from her boot. She grabbed him and held the blade up to his neck, "or you may end up dead." She had no intention of killing him, just scaring him crapless.
  12. Heeheee........haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!,!,!,!!! Then kill me if you have the guts. I don't have a purpose in this world. You don't know me and I don't know you that's how it is. Everything was taken from me, so I take everything from my enemies. And my enemy is the exsictince of the universe!
  13. 'Mein gott, this dude is insane... But he may be useful.' Cecilia thought. The idea of no purpose was foreign to her. Everyone had a reason and time in her mind. Her world had layers and color. His must be flat with only grays blacks and reds.

    "What if I give you a purpose, hmm?" She said, a smirk coming across her face. "Do you want death or no? This isn't a question of "I will fight to die if I have to". Is death what you actually want? Or are you curious on what can actually happen? If you had, say, some sort of responsibility. Would you follow through? If I gave you something rather than take, would you protect it?" She asked, not expecting much of anything. This person wasn't sane.
  14. Such a vile brute.

    Mother asked for civility and respect... And look what happened. Mother loved all her children and of course this simpleton, this male of the blade disrespected the one thing, the one being that stood in the way of utter annihilation of their very beings and lives.

    No such thing will happen. And no more words from its mouth. Murder. It was a nasty thing but Duplo was meant for such a nasty thing. And what more deserving of murder than a nasty simpleton brute. All the Mother ever knew was love. All she ever gave was love.

    No. No more from such a cancerous git.

    Duplo held both hands in front of her as if holding two unseen items mid-air. The blade she was about to draw was made of promises, vows, all to protect her Mother, her queen--

    "Duplo.... My dear, dear Duplo... Hold your wrath... For this is not our home, not our soil..." The Forest Queen whispered into the upright bunny ear of her companion, "watch, child... The Maiden... The power of her words matches her will..."

    Brigadine returned the bow towards the lovely lass then stood before the Warrior...but of course the bunny mask wearing protector stood a her Mother's shoulder, ready to defend or strike if need be.

    "Please, young warrior..." Said the Forest Queen gently, silvery eyes shifting between blues and Grey's softly and swirling, "I believe you mistake me for some kind of mortal 'royalty,' dear... I am not royalty... That is just what outsiders call me, dear Warrior... I am not merely that. They call me "Queen." They call me "Witch". But my children... The ones who live in our forest... They call me "Mother..."

    "Perhaps you have misread my intents. I do not seek a Warriors aid. I seek not War. I seek Wisdom. You do not care for my home. You do not care at all... I pity you. Kindness has not kissed your cheeks. But alas... We are what we are and we seek what we seek.

    Perhaps you find what you need, perhaps not. But I wish you well in your journeys... If only to settle your unrested, tortured mind..."

    A polite bow she gave the young warrior then she turned to the lovely young Maiden.

    "And you, child...?? What is your name? And do you know your calling here?"
  15. What?! Are you crazy?! A purpose?! For me?! You got to be joking. Right, right?! Fine I will take the offer
  16. Cecilia sheathed her blade back into her boot, then reached to the back of her neck. She unhooked her necklace carefully not to break the fragile chain. The bead that adorned it was red, and in the shape of a flamboyant bird's head. She walked in front of Ace then reached to the soil in front of him. She grabbed a handful of it, then placed the bird bead on top of it. She closed her hands together, then breathed into it, as if heating them up. A slight hum resonated in response, and when Cecilia opened her hands, a rusty red egg sat in her palm. It was a decent size and was speckled yellow. The chain was still attached. She placed it in Ace's Palm.

    "You protect this. Do good deeds to others and it will be okay and cared for. No matter what it will hatch. If you do not care for it, then it will hatch then become a monster, willing to eat you. If you do care for it, then it will do your bidding. Depending on what happens, it may hatch to become a Phoenix, Dragon, or something else epically awesome. I expect a change by the end of this time." She said, removing her hands. The egg glowed slightly, and it was warm. Then it calmed down.

    Then she turned to the queen. "My name is Cecilia and..." Her voice faltered slightly. "I don't know what I want. I... can't remember. Maybe I'm after my memory. That must be it. I mean, I have morals and know stuff, and I have vague remembrances of my past." She shook her head. "I guess so"
  17. A small laugh came from one direction of the clearing, where the backs of the others had been turned towards. Stepping back into the clearing after an unsuccessful attempt to survey the edges of the group's little oasis at the moment, a blonde man dressed in ragged adventurer's garment hailed the rest of the people whom he shared this one circumstance with, paying a glance towards the horned thing overseeing them as he closed distance with the group. The man kept wearing his smile as he slipped one hand into his satchel to remove an old-fashioned pipe. His hand jitters, but it is unnoticeable to the average, unconcerned person due to attempts at hiding it.


    "...Well, you people certainly are awfully carefree at the idea that everything outside of what we see now has... well, disappeared entirely, apparently. Beginning with our deaths, even. To say nothing of what we are at the moment." he seemed to ominously say to the five as he stopped short of where the girl named Cecilia stood. He saw that she was talking to the rather unstable man at the moment, and refrained from intruding on their conversation for the time being. Just then, however, he noticed that the one at the very front perhaps wasn't very human at all, despite her shape. Pieces of machinery were attached to various points on her body, and clearly she was something extraordinary to be standing so close to the black thing. For a second, he thought the sight of her made his hand stop shaking.

    "...I suppose there really isn't any shortage of wonders here, in this... forest." the oddly-dressed youth hesitated to finish, as if uncertain they were even in an actual forest. Going back on the rest of the 'seeking', he lit his pipe with the remainder of his matches and eyed the figures of the one called 'Mother', as well as her guard. The thought of asking the proclaimed Forest Queen dressed entirely in white to reaffirm their location occurred to him, seeing as she seems to be one of the fairy-breed, which while rare where he came from, definitely did exist. However, before he could speak, the voice of the dragon filled the floor of the forest again. The sound of its voice nearly caused the young man to drop his pipe.


    "...Come forward. To the roots of the thorn." echoed the creature again. "Do not be afraid." its eyes slowly peered down at the first to have heeded its call, the machine-girl. "Do not be troubled. Here and now, there is only a simple tale to be told, and to be never heard..." it told the group, seeing that some still clung to their homes and the haunts of the past, things which were no more in all likelihood. Looking upon the one veiled by white light, it remained silent as it contemplated her love for her realm. At the end of all this, there may just be recompense, but not in the near future as he could see.

    "Everything begins with a single question. And from I, upon thee and all those who will come after, one remains to be answered. Come closer, so that you might become aware to what you now need..." the creature's voice boomed low. They were there now, sewn to this world at the bottom of the basin, not as the products of their origins, but rather as themselves in every and all respects. Not fate nor precept, but mere chance. And they would have nothing else but each other if the cycle of the world was to be brought back again.

    At least, that was the hope of the fallen star dragon.
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  18. Processing...%

    Zonya stared blankly at him. She blinked.

    "This item is inefficient to fulfill that purpose." she replied simply.


    "Do not understand," she played a recording of his voice "KILLLING THE WEAK. The weak as in the poor and defenceless." the recording ended with a whirr, "Input is in contradictory to secondary initiative. Input has not been assimilated. Further input is needed to justify the assimilation of chosen human behaviour into ZONYA'S systems."

    She turned her head towards the girl who had been humming. "Song: to utter words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice; vocalize melodically."

    Input recognised. Processing...%

    "Behaviour is compatible with primary initiative. Please provide more input on the concept of 'song'." Zonya tilted her head, "Why do you sing?"

    A third and forth woman joined the ranks. The third woman, a regal type, looked more akin in colouration to the type of people Zonya had seen on the spaceport, but there was something otherworldy about her that Zonya could not explain. At the mention of the word 'mother', Zonya's head turned towards her and her scanner flashed to life in a blaze of blue.

    Scanning...% "Confirmed: Healthy genetic material detected in 'Lady Brigadine Nos'halliwyn Aulaveritay deMoxie'. Analysis needed: Genetic material does not match any on file. Adjusting priority to protect Lady Brigadine Nos'halliwyn Aulaveritay deMoxie under secondary intiative until analysis can be initialised and completed."


    A second man joined the party. Zonya swivvelled on the spot to face him. Her sensors picked up the shake in his hand, but that was not what interested her - the foreign object he pulled out his bag and his strange attire were far more interesting.

    Scanning...% She replied to him as she worked. "human has provided confirmation: As suspected, Port Alpha has been destroyed before Project Paradise could be fully initialised." Her chasis shuddered unnaturally and she hunched foreward. There had been an awful lot of fire. There had been an awful lot of explosions. There had been an awful lot of screaming.

    "Seeking confirmation: is Creator destroyed?"

    This was when the low voice of the strange creature rippled through the forest. Zonya stood right before the beast's bright red eyes without fear. Zonya had not been online long enough to learn the concept of fear.

    She listened to the star dragon's words.

    "Awaiting input." she replied.​
  19. Cecilia waved to the young man who approached and jumped with everyone else when the booming voice just about made their eardrums fall out. watched Zonya' s reaction to everything with mild wonder. She must not have seen much of the world beforehand.
    "Well, uhm... I think the reason I sing... would be to. Express emotion. I know an item like that may be a bit hard for you to understand, but it's something I run on, or get energy from. It helps me confirm that I'm alive." She shrugged. "It also helps people remember things. There is a song to help remember the alphabet, millions of songs that document songs, songs that tell religious stories, and some songs that are meant to feel emotion."
    She was unsure if she was getting to Zonya. She didn't seem to get the concept that something could have purpose.
    "Anyway, let's move closer to the Dragon and hope it doesn't bite our heads off!" She said jokingly, taking a few steps forward.
  20. The ears of the bunny-mask wearing female turned in the direction of the new comers footsteps. Once again Duplo held her arms in front of her, readying to conjure and lash out her mystic blade in one sweeping murderous motion.

    But the male proved to be rather harmless; it did smoke pipe like Mister Buloobins once did. But still Duplo's lithe yet tense form walked in step with the new strange male, a dancers slinking step, interposing herself between this newcomer and Mother as she went.

    Then the Metal creature spoke then mid-leap she winked out of existence and reappeared infront of her Mother, mystic blade drawn now. The weapon thrummed and buzzed, wicked red, thirsting for liquid of the same colour.

    But she was too late. The Metal woman had cast its blue hued magic upon her Forest Queen... but it was not to late to slice the offending thing in twain--

    "Duplo... dear. Easy now, child. It means no harm. In fact..." A pale slender hand held to her mouth as her bubbling voice let out a girlish giggle, "oh, Du, I think it means to protect me just as you do...! How precious, Duplo! Simply, precious...!

    What is your name, dear Precious Metal? And for what it is worth... What type of creature make are you, hmmmm...?"

    Duplo did not agree. It was not "Precious Metal..." But she sheathed her weapon into non-existence once more all the same. This thing... This metal thing would never win over Mother's love away from Duplo. No. She would die before that ever happened.

    There was a war. Many of her friends and families died. The invaders were made of metal too. Larger and more ferocious than this little being here, yes, but dire were the times and so Duplo and her kind were born. They were creatures made of war and murder in the Forest of the Fountain Eternal. Duplo fought the Metal Giants and eliminated all that stood against her Queen, her Mother. Metal, smoking, smelly, clanking things were not Duplo's friends. Never ever.

    But for now... As Mother wished... they were allies. For now.

    The bunny-mask dipped down in a respectful bow towards the Metal Suck-up.

    Then Mother's attention turned towards the lovely Maiden... or Weaver, as they were called in the Forest. Duplo was a Weaver of sorts, and instantly she appreciated the way this one, the Cecilia used her powers. The lovely Maiden sought to teach the simpleton brute a lesson. But not just any lesson; it was one of life and considerable kindness. This was a life lesson to turn a brute into a hero.

    To this Duplo and Lady Brigadine nodded in unified approval. Soft snowy white hair draped over a finely muscled shoulder as the Forest Queen gently rested her head upon her lovely companions shoulder. "She should have lived in our Forest... Such wisdom for a young thing, am I right, Du...?"

    Brigadine kissed the ear of her loyal servant before sliding her arm around Duplos arm. A brilliant smile she shone over at Cecilia before walking arm and arm with Duplo, onwards, towards the mad looking, enormous dark scaled creature. "Loverly. I should hope you may sing for all of us in full, sometime soon, yes? And I should hope you find your lost thoughts soon too, dear Miss Cecilia... But till that day... Onward. Shall we then....?"

    A nod she cast to each present, then the voice of the behemoth echoed out. Such words weighted with a tone she did not wish to hear. In that moment, Lady Brigadine's heart sank like forsaken lovers cast into the unforgiving abyss..

    It took no magic to understand the underlying tone of the grand dragon. She had lived long enough and interacted with enough dragons to understand.

    There was no going back. There was no home.

    A slight sideways glance she gave Duplo and hugged the girls arm quite lovingly and fondly. Duplo leaned into an embrace with her Mother; The bunny mask wearing female was oblivious to the fact tha their time in the forest-- their Forest of the Fountain Eternal-- their time there was at an end. It was over.

    If an immortal Mother should weep for her children, lost one and all, what storms and floods should emerge...

    But no. She was mortal now. And she was at the beck and call of this giant commanding beast. So be it.

    If there was no going back. If there was no home.

    Then for all reasons these were gathered here... If nothing else... At least let there be hope.

    Give them that at least.

    Swirling stormy grey eyes fell beneath long dark lashed lids as she rested her head once more upon her stolid and loyal comapnanions shoulder. A sigh escaped her full rosy lips and she tried to calm her heart whilst waiting for the next words of the presiding Dragon.
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