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Zizi's Muses: Drawings and Writings (Comments welc

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  1. ((Comments welcome!! So here lies the things that make my mind tick. I am fore warning the readers, some of the content is mature. Meaning there is blood and or violence. I will tag anything before hand if I feel it's got strong language and or bloody scenes. Art work wont have the tags seeing as I rarely draw violent and or bloody acts. Love to write them though lol.

    Anyways feel free to comment! And if during the reading you see an interesting character and might like to role play with them you can totally hit me up!!

    So before I got back into role playing I was doing questionnaires and memes. Number replacement memes are my favorites. This was one that revolved around a reality tv show style. It flowed like a story and I found it absolutely hilarious. I stayed as true in character as I could. If your interested in doing it I'll post the link to the creator.))


    Reality TV Show Writing Meme!

    - Choose 6 OC's.
    - Put your OC's names in list of numbers and answer the questions with your OC's names instead of the number.
    - Once an OC is evicted, you must choose the next consecutive number to fill in the question.

    1. Welcome to the House! Introduce the OC's and what their luxury item would be.

    [1] Tazren – Steam punk style cowboy. He is the older brother to Alana and has her cut throat attitude. He’s also a power earth mage with a short temper. He never leaves home without his pet asralie Oscar, a magical cat fox. His luxury item would be cigarettes.

    [2] Leiliana – Gypsy/Bard water mage with a love of adventure. She is cheery, friendly, and fearless to a fault. She adores learning new things. Her luxury item would be her violin.

    [3] Leo – A friendly, albeit nervous coffee shop owner. He’s a bit on the feminine side though he claims his heterosexuality. His luxury item would be hot tea.

    [4] Marco – A serious faced young homicide detective. He is used to being heckled and always tries to carry himself strong, though it doesn’t take much to see his lack in confidence. His luxury item would be TV.

    [5] Kiara – Voluptuous temptress whom is cunning as much as she is ditzy. Extremely manipulative she will attempt to bed just about anyone. Her luxury item would be her makeup.

    [6] Micha – Affectionate and mothering, most know her as Spots. She’s quite the arcane and earth mage. She is adventurous and sometimes naïve. Her luxury item would be her books.

    2. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 with 2 double beds, 1 with 2 single beds and 1 with only 2 mattresses on the floor. Who pairs up with whom, is there an argument over who should get the better room, and how is this resolved?

    The six people entered the house and eyed the rooms. Tazren noticed right away the way Kiara was eyeing him. He remembered how she was before he left. She was trash and sneered at her. “Aye be takin the lesser room. Bed be like jus’ like my ship n’ways.” He huffed walking into the room with the mattresses on the floor. “Eh Michaaaa~ Room wit me aye? Be like ol’ times yes? Jus like de magi academy but… better yes?” Leiliana chirps grabbing Micha’s hand. Micha smiles and nods. “Okay! Umm lets take the room with the single beds.” The old friends giggle. Leo gets a panicked look on his face. “I’m sleeping with Tazren!” He screams looking at Kiara with fear. Tazren pokes his head out looking none too amused. “Beg yer parden?” He said with a scowl. Leo flushes and stammers. “No what I meant was… Urgh I’m not sleeping in the er same room as er Kiara...” He stammered as he inches towards Micha and Leiliana. Kiara huffs. “Urgh please Leo. I have standards. You’re not my type. I like my men more manly… muscular… perhaps green eyed.” She purrs eyes Marco and Tazren, who both have green eyes. Tazren sneers at her and Marco rubs his neck nervously blushing. “Let the cop sleep wit the hoe. Maybe he’ll arrest her for prostitution.” Tazren sneers as he walks back into the room. Kiara gasps obviously appauled by his comment. She begins to say something but Leiliana stops her. “Eh if dere be an argument aye sleep in her room. So ‘ow bout de pretty boys sleep in de same room… That’s you Marco. Go on now. An Leo sleep wit Micha, sine de friends n’way. An I sleep wit Kiara… cause… I want de big bed n’ways. Better yes?” Leo sighs in relief walking into the smaller room. Marco shrugs. He didn’t really care where he’d slept. Tazren stops him at the entrance. “Aye jus’ wanna make somthin’ very clear, boy. I don’t take to kindly to cops.” Marco pauses and shifts his weight to a more defensive stand.” How bout I tell you the same thing I told Dameyen. I’m a homicide detective. I’ll ignore the rest of it.” Leiliana frowns as she realizes Tazren and Marco may not get along. Micha takes the tense moment to speak up. “Well how about Marco sleeps in a room with me and Leo with Tazren… Does that work for everyone?” All look around at each other and slowly nod. Leo frowns as he did not want to sleep on the floor but he decides to keep quiet. Kiara frowns also as she had hoped to be roomed with Marco.

    3. Now they've decided where they're sleeping, they make their way to the living room but find that it is empty expect for a few large and heavy boxes which hold the furniture which [1] and [4] have been told to put together within a time limit, how well do they do?

    Kiara walks out and scoffs at the empty room. “Oh my god we have no furniture! What the hell?” Tazren rolls his eyes and walks to the boxes. “We gotta buid it ya dumb hoe.” He sneers as he rubs his chin. Kiara gasps and stomps her feet. “You’re a dick Tazren!” She yells as she storms away. Marco walks out looking mildly confused. He watches Tazren for a moment. He’s used to people talking down to him and always needs to prove himself. Trying to get Tazren to accept who he is was just another day. “So um…” He clears his throat. “We’ve got 30 minutes to get this together.” Tazren narrows his eyes on Marco. He could do this alone. “I… can do it in 20. How ‘bout you wonder over there.” Tazren begins to open the box and Marco sighs rubbing his neck. “You really don’t like cops do you?” He says standing tall, crossing his arms. Tazren whips around to face him. “No boy I don’t like cops. I don’ fancy them none too much. Especially when there too friendly wit my sis.” Tazren growled. Marco didn’t know this was his ex-girlfriend’s brother. He threw his arms up shaking his head. Micha bounced between them, grabbing Marco’s hand. “Marco’s a nice guy Taz. He’s the nicest guy my daughter Leah has ever dated. You should give him a chance.” She says in a scolding voice to Tazren. He respected Micha too much to retort. Instead he waved her away and went back to building the furniture. “Wanna play some checkers Marco?” Micha chirped at him. Marco gave her a half hearted smile and nodded. Leaving Tazren to build it alone. He does in fact get the work done in 20 minutes.

    4. The furniture's together, now for dinner and a rest! [2] and [5] are designated for cooking first. What do they cook? Do they work well together? Does their cooking go down well?

    Leiliana sings to herself as she sets up for dinner. Kiara walks in, her high heels clicking. She brushes her long red hair back. “So like… what are we doing again?” Leiliana turns and raises her eye brows at Kiara’s skimpy outfit. “We not be seducin’ the food love. But aye be tinkin’ some ol’ fashion salade lyonnasie. It’s light and-“ She keeps talking as Kiara just stares at her utterly confused. Leiliana stops for a moment seeing her confusion. “Eh it’s a salad love? Leafies? Eggs? Bits ah bacon in et?” Kiara again pauses but then laughs and nods as she finally understands. Leiliana rolls her eyes at her stupidity but never the less they create a tasty salad. Leo adores the salad and knows just what it is. However Tazren pokes at it curiously, not sure why he was forced to eat a salad in the first place. Marco scarf’s it down as if he had not eating in days. This was his usual method of eating. Micha enjoyed it despite picking through her salad eating the tastiest parts first before eating the rest.

    5. A few days pass and a relationship is growing between [3] and [6], is it a good one or is it a bad one? What measures are made to make their relationship blossom, or stop them from attacking each other on sight?

    Micha sits curled up on a cushion on the floor reading a book about elven history. Leo timidly sits next to her. He’s had a crush on her for the longest time, and even dated her before she married her husband Ziear. He’d never really moved on until recently but being around her alone without her husband was a bit overwhelming as it brought all his old feelings back to the surface. They had always been friends even though his hide his affections for her. “Hi Micha! Whacha reading?” He said. Micha looked at him with a sweet smile, which was enough to make Leo flush. “Oh it’s elven history! I’d let you read it but… it’s written in elvish… Want me to read it to you?” She chirped. Leo nodded and sat tensely next to her. She began reading a snip it from the book. She was still naïve to Leo’s true feelings.

    6. A week has passed and it's time for an eviction! Someone hasn't put in their penny's worth and needs to be gotten rid of. Choose one OC, and have them say their weepy, or exuberant, goodbyes.

    “Well I’ll be. Bye hoe. Get the f*** out.” Tazren chuckled as Kiara dragged her bags sadly. “Aye be a house fulla smart ones eh? Now we got to see if’n we can get de boys to play nice.” Leiliana didn’t spare a look towards Kiara’s way. She didn’t really like her in the first place. “Bye. Stop by the clinic on your way out.” Leo snickered as she got to the door. This was very much unlike him but he too really didn’t like Kiara. Marco simply frowned. He secretly didn’t mind the eye candy but she did make it a habit of walking in on his showers. Besides he found Leiliana to be much more intelligent and adorable. Micha was the only one to offer a sympathetic frown her way. She was polite even if she didn’t care for Kiara either. “You know what? You guys can just go to hell!” Kiara pouted as she slammed the door behind her.

    7. There's a siren in the middle of the night! [1] has tried to escape with [3] as accomplice, however they are both caught, who blames whom, and what is their punishment? Do the other house-mates suffer for it?

    Tazren can’t take it anymore. He’d thought they had gotten rid of Kiara but she was shortly after brought back. Being confined in the house with her and the cop was simply no longer acceptable. After everyone had fallen asleep and started to pry the window open. Leo, who was an insomniac, rolls over curious to what he was doing. “What are you doing?” He whispered. Tazren turned and eyed Leo for a moment before he crawled over to Leo. All of his movements were causal except when he grabbed Leo by the shirt. Leo yelped but his mouth was quickly covered. “You listen an you listen good boy… I can’t take that f***ing cop or that f***ing whore a minute longer, ya hear? Since ya dun chose this room wit me you gonna help he get out. Shut up an keep a look out.” He released Leo and went back to the window. Leo stopped from urinating himself and sat up watching the door. Once Tazren had the window open he turned to Leo and motioned him to follow. Leo did so obediently crawling after Tazren. The two jumped out the window. As they crept around suddenly Tazren smacked his hand against Leo’s chest to stop him from walking in front of the guard. Leo screamed hysterically over the unexpected action and fainted. There cover was blown. Once Leo woke up they were both forced to repaint the house the next day. The whole time the security guards had to watch Tazren to make sure he didn’t harm Leo for their failed attempt.

    8. The next task appointed for them arrives in the form of a letter and a pack of bendy wires. They pick up the letter and read that housemates [2] and [4] must make a cube using the fewest number of wires possible within 30 minutes of time.
    Do they manage it?

    Leiliana and Marco sit at the table and stare at the package. He cleared his throat reading the letter. “So… we have so many wires… only so much time… well I guess we’d… better… ah okay… how… how the hell did you do that?” He stammered as Leiliana had completed to task very easily. She began to ramble logic at him and he waves his hand at her. “Never mind… I’m gonna watch foot ball or something.” He looks at his watch. She had completed it in five minutes.

    9. That evening, they find alcohol in the refrigerator and a karaoke machine in the living room. However, it is incredibly hard to set up and it's instructions are in Japanese. [5] and [6] are bullied into getting it sorted. How do they get on?

    Micha frowns as she looks over the instructions. Kiara was already fast on the alcohol and was quickly becoming tipsy and no help. Marco and Tazren were apparently giving each other the evil eye and refused to set it up. Leo was not the type to set anything mechanical up but she goes to Leo anyways because he speaks fluent Japanese and thankfully gets it set up easily.

    10. Eviction time! Eviction this time is based upon house-mates behavior and performance in the last week, and sadly, [1] and [3]'s escape attempt has not impressed the higher hand.
    [1] or [3] must go, choose, and have them say goodbye.

    Tazren tried to act out and get himself evicted but pity befell upon Leo and he was evicted. Which highly irritated Tazren. Leo frowns but is in some way happy about leaving. Micha and Leiliana coo over him and give him a tearful good bye. Marco tries to be manly in his goodbye. He is convinced Leo is gay and thus does not want to be overly friendly with him. Kiara started to say something snotty but Micha and Leiliana weren’t having any of it. Tazren just glared and ignore him.

    11. Confessions Time! Having been together for two weeks, how do the house-mates feel about the others? How do they feel about the evictions? Let's listen to them now.

    Tazren: Aye say wut the hell is the point of evictin’ someone an’ brinin’ em back? Ain’t none too much bout that makin sense. Aye never pay much mind to Leo but god damn that boy is a pussy. An what the hell they bring that god damn whore Kiara back for? Ain’t none of us likein’ her. Stupid bastards. Shoulda give the boot to that damn cop. I don’t like cops… Aye ain’t never met one I did like… I don’ mind lil Micha and Leiliana none too much. Micha a’ways been a sweet woman… I do say Miss Leiliana is right nice to look at… She got a good head on her shoulder’s to eh.

    Leiliana: I kenne say been too bad stayin’ here yes? Aye do miss bein’ wit my Micha. Like a sister she is. And my boss Leo. So nice to see ‘em in a different light. Hims a’ways too serious eh? Poor ting need some hugs. But that Marco guy es nice too yes? He’s none too bright but em a nice guy. I think he fancies me… Oh dear if he does. An that Kiara? Oh by Lady Destiny she’s just… not good. Her trying to sleep wit all de mens. She just dumb as a nymph yes? Oh an who can forget about Mr. A’gry Face. Dat man need a big case o’ happy voodoo. Tazren so grouchy! All the time!

    Leo: Why did you make me come back? I would have been happy if that hoe Kiara left and I didn’t have to sleep in the same room as that homicidal redneck! I mean I know I opted to stay in the same room but it’s weird around Marco… When I deliver pastries to his station the other officers tell me he’s got a crush on me! I can’t be in the same room alone! I’m not gay! But at least I have Leiliana and Micha here to talk to… Then again being here with Micha alone without Ziear… I donno I think this was all a really bad idea.

    Marco: So wow. Tazren. That guy has some serious issues. I wouldn’t doubt if he’s committed some of my unsolved murder cases. And I seriously had no clue he was Rebecca’s brother until the first day… Then again Rebecca isn’t even my ex’s real name… So Leo is an alright guy… I stop by his coffee shop for coffee. I know the guy has a crush on me but… he can make one hellava pizza… It’s really nice to be able to talk to er ah Leiliana outside of the coffee shop… She’s… nice… and… anyways… Bit awkward having my ex-girl friend Leah’s mom here. Micha was always nice to me… Her and her husband both have been. I guess if I had to choose in laws I’d choose them… But that chick Kiara… she’s… nice… and… stuff.. but… she keeps coming on to me.. I know I shouldn’t be picky but… No one seems to like her… People always have good reason when it comes to stuff like that.

    Kiara: Like oh my god… the only nice person is Micha. I don’t get it. Just because I slept around with my ex-husband. That’s none of their business… But hey how about that hunk Marco huh? Rrrrowwww Mmm that is a sexy man… That boy don’t know it but he is soo mine.

    Micha: This is fun! I haven’t spent time with my friend Leo in so long! And I love being around Leiliana. She is my best friend after all. But you know being around Marco makes me wonder why Leah didn’t like him. He’s such a nice guy… He’s such a cutie! OH! They’d have the cutest kids! Tazren has changed quite a bit from what I remember him as… He used to be worse with his temper. But he’s not so bad I guess… But I could do without Kiara here… It’s not in me to be rude to someone but what she did to Dames was just mean…

    12. [1] and [4] have become very close, and [6] is jealous and decides to confront [4] about it, what happens?

    Marco looks straight faced at Tazren, hiding his poker cards close to him. Tazren eyes him carfully before making a bet. Marco chuckles and lays his cards down. His hand has defeated Tazren, but instead of cursing at the cop he chuckles. The two seem to be getting long quite well these past few days. Micha smiles at them, happy they are finally getting along but this means she is spending less time trying to convince Marco to ask her daughter out again. She walks over and pokes Marco. “Are you done? You said you’d help me bake cookies.” She playfully pouts. Marco smiles at her rubbing his neck. “One more round Mrs. Mcoy.” He states politely. Micha folds her arms across her chest. “I told you to just call me Micha. Or Spots… Besides when did you two start getting along?” Tazren and Marco eye each other as Tazren shuffles the deck. “For a cop… He ain’t half bad…” He grumbles. Marco just shrugs at Micha.

    13. Their next task is to simply tidy the house, however, they have to do it blindfold, [5] cheats and [2] does nothing, such disobedience so late in the game earns them a time-out and their luxury item is taken away, how do they cope?

    Kiara complains obnoxiously as everyone bumbles around trying to clean the house. She thinks a moment and takes off the blind fold. She figures no one is watching but she sees Leiliana hiding behind the side of the couch, away from being walked on. “Hey! She’s not doing anything!” Leiliana jumps and hits her head on the table trying to act like she was doing something. “And you cheated.” Stated the TV host. The next day Kiara refuses to come out of her room because her make-up has been taken away. Leiliana pouts but is able to do slightly better without her violin.

    14. Due to the cheating in the previous task, the electricity in the building is cut, and the living room is locked off from them. [4] suggests a game of hide-and-seek, does anyone get injured in the dark? Does anyone take this moment to be naughty with another housemate?

    Marco grumbles from the heat. Being raised and living in the mountains the heat does not suit him. Tazren and Kiara continue to argue as Micha, Leiliana, and Leo hide in their own corner. “Who wants to play hide and seek?” Marco says mostly joking. Leiliana and Micha both chirp at the same time.”Oh that sounds like fun!” Marco pauses. “I was… joking… but… Ok…” Both ladies chirped again at the same time. “Not it!” They said as they burst into a giggling mess. “I ain’t it neither.” Stated Tazren. Kiara rolled her eyes. “Not it.” She purred as naughty thoughts ran through her head. Marco quickly caught on. “Not it… That leaves you Leo.” He smirked to himself. Leo frowned in the darkness. As Leo started counting everyone ran off in different directions to hide. The thump and stifled giggles told Leo that Leiliana and Micha had ran over each other in the mad dash for a hiding spot. Leo then crawls in the dark looking for people. Marco had just made himself rather comfy under Kiara’s bed as he heard someone come in. “Mind if I share a hiding spot with you?” Kiara purred. “Shh! How did you know I wa-“ He said as he felt her hand over his mouth. She shushed him and giggled seductively. It didn’t take Leo long to find Leiliana and Micha as they could not stop giggling. The three of them went off looking for everyone else when they heard the sound of passion from Kiara and Leiliana’s room. “Oh my…” Leiliana whispered as the three decided to not go in the room. Not much longer they simply followed the cigarette smoke to Tazren. Later Kiara and Marco came out from their hiding spots. Kiara looking rather satisfied and Marco looking quiet sheepish.
    15. The living room is open to them again and inside is a television, an XBOX and four Guitar Hero guitars, a not stuck on the television let's them know that it is a play-off between [3] and [6].
    Who wins, and did they realize the loser would be evicted?!

    Leo smiles as he awkwardly holds the guitar. He looks at Micha. “Are you ready to be beaten by a girl?” She giggles. He laughs and flushes. “You wish. You’re going Down Spots.” He boasted playfully. Neither of them was very good at games but they gave it their best. Micha ended up winning by just a few points. She laughs happily but hugged Leo in good sport. As the host told Leo the looser was to be evicted he huffed angrily. Tazren scoffed as Leo started packing his bags yet again. “See you in a few boy.” Tazren called out after him.

    16. With only three house-mates left, tension starts to rise, [1] becomes super-competitive and starts taking over any tasks given to them. [1] accepts a task before even hearing it, and it's challenging them to sit in a bath of maggots for half an hour.
    How does [1] react and do they complete the task?

    Tazren pauses for a moment thinking about this. “Fer an hour?” He pauses again. Rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Can aye wear pants? Or swimmin’ bottoms?”

    17. Another Confession. Poor [2] is starting to suffer from cabin fever and is sure the others are out to get them. Let's listen to their ranting.

    Leiliana: Aye aye aye donno if aye can take it… Aye kenne get out… kenne do what aye want… aye ‘ave to be stuck with Mr Angry Face and that harlot… URGH Aye kenne take more o’dis. Can aye get evicted please?

    18. The house-mates realise they are quite quickly running out of food, and find three unlabelled tins in a cupboard, with blindfolds next to them and a letter explaining that two tins are sliced peaches, one is dog-food, they must each choose a tin with their blindfolds on.
    Who gets the dog-food, and evicted?

    Tazren, Leiliana, and Marco somehow end up the last remaining people. The three of them look at the cans, the blind folds, and each other respectfully. They eye them before putting on the blind folds. They each choose a can and opened it. Leiliana takes a tentative bite but then starts humming and dancing. “Oi I love peaches!” Marco is next to take a bite and is pleasantly surprised to find his too, is peaches. Both take off their blinds folds and watch Tazren take a bite of his dog food. He pauses as he moves the food around in his mouth. “Sadly… dis ain’t so bad. Not as good as peaches tho.” He forces a smile, happy that he no longer has to play around in this house.

    19. The final task denotes the winner of the entire game, the final two house-mates are given an envelope, inside is the instructions of their last task, they simply are.
    Does this shock them? Do they choose themselves as the winner or the other? Do they give their own victory up, or are they selfish?

    Leiliana and Marco stare at each other for a moment. Leiliana tilts her head and stands looking adorable. “Who ya gonna choose Marco?” She sweetly purrs. Marco blushes and rubs his neck. “I uh… I guess it doesn’t matter if I win… I guess… I’ll choose you?” He smiles awkwardly and Leiliana smiles and hugs him. “Kay aye choose myself. Jura nice guy Marco!” She chirps as she jumps up and lands a kiss on his cheek. He blushes even more.
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  2. A WHILE ago I was drawing adoptables from an anthro race I created. Since I was fumbling through my files I found them and was like 'hey what the heck, I'll post these.' :3 Since this site seems to have a few more anthro role players than my last site.

    AriAdopt.jpg AsBrittbaby.jpg SakaiAsralie.jpg

    Heres a full pic of my avatar. Not much different I know. :/


    And a random pic of my lovely gay vampire Shayne. Doing what he does best. Hit on people.

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  3. ((This was the result of a writing exercise where I had to explain something that was stolen. Was tons of fun writing because I adore my paladin Elf Zevryyn. And his interactions with Alana is absolutely priceless. This is also how their rocky relationship started. :/ ))

    “You must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room.” The deep charming voice came from behind her. The lady elf scowled and her emerald green eyes narrowed. Her sunny blonde hair whirled around her delicate face as she turned to face the owner of the voice. Had he not just said the cheesiest pick up line, she might have actually opted to talk to him.

    A handsome sturdy male elf flashed her a charming grin, crisp cool blue eyes looked into her own. His hair was a silver-white, straight and longer then her own. His physique was that of a warrior or fighter, with strong facial features that only enhanced his charm. Very handsome in his own right but Alana could not look past that horrendous line. She scoffed and rolled her eyes up at the male elf. If only he knew she really was a thief. “Can I help you?” She retorted in a soft voice that held a bit of venom.

    The male elf seemed unphased and in fact sat on the bar stool next to her. “Yes. If you tell me your name I’ll look past the crime.” He said with a grin as he waggled his brows. This was seriously the lamest thing Alana had ever experienced. And from an elf no less! “How ‘bout I slap the shit out of you and you move onto some dumb farm girl.” She sneered as she eyed him with a hint of distain. The man simply laughed, which only irritated her more. “Slapping a paladin of the Divine Blades is a crime in its self m’lady.” He replied softly as his eyes wandered over her face and hair.

    Her face gave no expression at first, as if judging his meaning before she scoffed and gave a musical chuckle. “A paladin? Surely a paladin doesn’t need bad pick up lines to bed a woman.” She said narrowing her eyes on him. This situation was dangerous now, if he found she was a wanted criminal she’d have a serious fight on her hands. Then again… If she played this right… She could royally embarrass a righteous paladin of the Divine Blades. She acted as though she was brushing dirt from her hands as she eyed his waist, and spied her target. His coin pouch on his belt. It looked heavy. If she pulled this pick pocket off she’d make out with a generous amount of coin.

    He laughed never the less, waving at the bar tender to bring him a drink. “My witty line got your attention didn’t it? That’s all I wanted. Well and your name.” He purred as he took a drink of the beer given to him. Alana brought her eyes back up to the paladin, leaning back on the bar making herself look more seductive. Though she still held an expression of distain. “Make up a name. You still have yet to give me yours.” Her ploy worked and the paladin stepped a bit closer, obviously fighting his eyes to not wander over her body. “Sir Zevryyn Duskriver… Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged.”

    Alana surprised herself as a laugh jumped out of her. She didn’t mean to laugh but was this elf serious? “You have the most ridiculous method of talking to women Sir Zevryyn.” She said chasing away the smile and laugh. “And you’ll not get my name.” She said turning closer to him to drink her own beer. The paladin stuck out his lip as he leaned closer, trying to give her a puppy eyed look. “Why? All I want is your name.” He pouted. Alana allowed the smile to tug at her lips at him. She curled herself closer to him, allowing her captivating green eyes to call his attention. “Because you’re a stranger. I don’t talk to strangers.” Just a little closer, she needed to keep his attention on her eyes and not her hands.

    Zevryyn laughed and shrugged. “I’m not a stranger! I told you my name… And I’m an honorable elf. I would do nothing to harm you.” He cooed as he drew yet closer to her. She laughed musically again as she used her hands to gently push him away at his waist. Silently, motionlessly she took off the coin pouch at his belt and curled her hand behind her as she slid away. The paladin was not at all wise of the theft. “Not all elves are honorable.” She said in a sweet voice that lulled the paladin into a false sense of security. He playfully pouted as he was pushed away but it didn’t deter him for long. “Good night Sir Zevryyn.” She said in a soft seductive tone as she started to walk away.

    Zevryyn sighed and reached for her to stay. “M’lady, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just standing before such beauty I must know her name.” He said taking a step away from the bar. She coyly walked to the door and paused before pushing it open. “You had it right before.” She replied with a coy smile, holding up his pouch on coins for him to see. “Thief.” She purred as the paladin gasped and looked to find his money gone. “You stole my coin!” He bellowed. She simply laughed. “Not all elves are honorable!” She said as she darted out the door, with the paladin now in furious hot pursuit.

    Mah boy, Zevryyn Duskriver. Paladin of the Divine Blades.

    Alana~ Madam, Leader of the Decorus Licentia Bandits (or pirates, depends on the story)

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  4. ((MEMES. Holy tennis shoes Batman I love them. They make me think and really get deep into the characters. I try to write each meme like a little story and try to stay as true to character as I can. This was the most challenging and most hilarious meme I have done. So much fun yet so much wtf and mind breaking.

    This meme will include bloody scenes and violence, so ya. That's your heads up. To make this less daunting I shall employ 'spoiler' tags though they are not necessary. I don't want people to see a wall of text and just click back because they don't want to read it. Because you should. Yea its that amusing.

    Also if someone could please explain why the spoilers split when it's more than a paragraph and help me fix that I would love that person forever.))


    I will do this meme in character as much as I can BUT it will be stretched since some of the characters will never be in these situations.

    Twelve Characters I Love
    1. Zack – A barbarian and usually angry.
    2. Leiliana – Happy little water mage
    3. Micha (Spots) – happy loving earth mage albeit a bit naïve
    4. Esha – feline druid/shifter
    5.Leo – feminine coffee shop owner albeit always nervous
    6. Tazren – Angry techno cowboy (Steam punk I guess would be a better term)
    7. Kezan – psychopathic lycan/druid (werewolf)
    8. Kiara – slutty vampryss
    9. Sahari – elegant gay homicide detective
    10. Alana – deadly space pirate
    11.Marco – romance troubled homicide detective
    12. Sheba – loud mouthed Latino

    1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about one another?
    -Kiara is sleeping with Kezan and Esha. This is actually something Kiara would do because she is a hoe…

    Show Spoiler
    Kiara had finally gotten away from Kezan and his possessiveness and she scheduled a girl’s night out with Esha. The night goes on and Esha gets tipsy, just what Kiara wanted. She convinces Esha to come home with her which in her drunken stupor Esha follows. Once alone Kiara wastes no time getting things hot and heavy. However Kezan is not stupid and in his distorted mind knew Kiara was up to no good. He never left town, instead he followed her throughout the night. Watching from a distance like a predator silently watching his prey. Some men would find the thought of their girlfriend with another woman erotic. Not Kezan. This treachery will be punished with blood. He’d teach them both manners.
    Show Spoiler

    He enters the house quietly and kicks the bed room door opened and both women jump and scream. Kiara tries to cover herself. “Keza baby it’s not what it looks like!” She jumps out of bed and tries to put on clothing. “Oh no dolly. This doesn’t look right at all… Such a perplexing conundrum this is. You should be bleeding… and crying… As I am such a gentlemen I shall rectify this situation for you.” He grabs Kiara by the arm and back hands her with his fist, breaking her nose. She bleeds and sobs in fear. “That’s better. Don’t. Move.” He points to Kiara as he turns to Esha.

    He crawls on the bed towards Esha, whom slowly moves away. “Sure you wanna do this? I bite back.” She growls deeply but Kezan just laughs taking off his shirt and starts to unbutton his pants. He can hear her heart beat faster as she realizes he means to take it from her. He grabs her ankle and yanks her under him but he had no idea who he was trying to rape. Esha erupted changing instantly to her feline form sinking her long sabers into his shoulder. The force as which she hit him flew them both back into the dresser at the end of the bed. Kiara screamed and moved before they both fell on her. Kezan was stunned for a moment. A moment which Esha took full advantage of. Slamming him to the ground and smashing him repeatedly against the dresser until Kezan himself changed into his wolf form. It was an all out brawl from then on. Kiara manages to find enough clothing and she runs out the house, taking her car and driving off.

    What seems like hours go by and the house falls silent. Esha limps slightly as she collects her clothing, spitting on Kezan as she walks over his gasping form. She’s broken him, hopefully beyond repair. She used his shirt to mend her wounded leg and grabbed her cell phone to call her brother for a ride home.

    2. [2] and [5] are saying their vows when the doors are thrown open and [11] marches in demanding that the ceremony stop because [11] is in love with [5] and cannot let them marry [2]. Does [5] go back to [11] or stay with [2]?

    -Leiliana and Leo are saying their vows when Marco bursts in confessing his love for Leo. This would not happen but let’s laugh at this shit anyways.

    Show Spoiler
    Tazren stands at the alter watching Leo nervously fidget with his coat as Leiliana walked down the aisle. He shook his head. “S’damn waste. Fine lady marrien’ yer skinny ass.” He scoffs. Leo scowls at him but he turns back to Leiliana smiling, pale as a ghost. As it was too late to find another person to marry them, Leo had to put up with Tazren’s smart comments. After a comical but some what romantic speech Tazren comes to the ending of his words. “An’ ifen any think these two not be married, say so now so w’can get to the fuckin’ cake.”
    Show Spoiler

    Suddenly the doors bust open and Detective Marco Malone busts in, his tie loosened and his badge swings as he catches his breath. He’d obviously rushed to get to the church on time. “YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED!” He screams. Sheba busts into tears. “Ay So romantic! Mida me’s a hottie Lei Lei!” Leiliana just stares at Marco as he runs up the aisle. “Eh I denne know he liked me…” She turns to Leo whom now is blushing. She tilts her head at him. Instead of running up to the red haired bride, Marco runs to the blue haired groom.

    Marco’s pale green eyes look deep in the slate blue eyes of Leo as he regains control of his breathing. “Ever since that day you made me that pizza Leo I… I have been fighting this feeling… You were always… there for me. When no one… no one else was… I… I love you Leo… I just need you to…know…” He rubbed his neck nervously as Leo’s pale face turned a deep shade of red. Without warning Marco pulled Leo in for a deep passionate kiss. Leiliana gasped and dropped the bouquet. As Marco pulled away from the kiss Leo stood only a moment before he fainted in Marco’s arms. Once Leo wakes up it takes him a while to confess to Marco that he didn’t feel the same and that he felt that he was not gay. Tearful, Marco left that day and Leiliana and Leo’s marriage was finalized. Marco went back to his home with a bottle of whiskey and cried himself to sleep for the next few months.

    3. [7]has a phobia that involves [1]. What is the phobia?

    -Kezan fears something about Zack. WONDER WHAT THAT COULD BE?

    Show Spoiler
    Kezan tosses in his sleep. In his dream he’s in a heated fight with Zack. His deep red skin glistens with Kezan’s blood and his green eyes seem to cut through his very soul. No matter how fast he ran, Zack’s massive 7 ft 300lbs frame was agile enough to keep up. Kezan stopped abruptly as he came to a dead end in an alley way. He turns to see Zack at his heels and a glint of light from Zack’s great sword and the sound of metal scrapping the brick wall behind him. The world turned and rolled away as Kezan’s still conscious head rolled from it’s body. He watched his body slump and fall to the ground. Kezan woke up abruptly holding his neck. He always feared loosing his head around Zack… literally.

    4. [9] and [12] are having a movie marathon night. What movie does [9] pick and what movie does [12] pick? Is [12] happy with [9]'s pick and vice versa?

    -Sahari and Sheba are having movie night… Lol.

    Show Spoiler
    Sheba plops down next to Sahari. “MIDA! What are we watching?” Sahari slowly nods at her but he smiles never the less. “I thought this rendition of Romeo and Juliet was an excellent take on the original. Some of Shakespeare’s original lines are in the movie.” She just stares at him for a while. “What?” Sahari shakes his head but smiles. “It has Leonardo DiCaprio in it…” She laughs and nods. “Ah mi he’s hot ya? He was in that one movie about stuff ya know? I think it was called Conception or som’ting.” Sahari twitches slightly and he leans back hitting play on the movie.

    5. [10] is in an unhappy relationship with [4] and realizes that he/she should be with [2] instead.

    -Alana is dating Esha and realizes she would be happier with Leiliana. Esha honey, are you a lesbian? Cause seriously…

    Show Spoiler
    It’s ladies night at Alana’s club and she’s invited Esha and Leiliana. The women have a great time dancing and gently sipping their cosmos. The more time Alana spends with Leiliana the more she feels fondly for her. She’s spunky, self respecting and incredibly smart. Alana usually preferred blondes to red heads but her personality was so charming. It’s not that Esha was unfaithful it’s just they had nothing in common. When it came to anything technical, Esha was always dumbfounded. Leiliana might not have known what it was but her thirst for knowledge always kept Alana busy when they were together. She looked away knowing that cheating was the wrong thing to do. She’d have to let Esha down easy and chase Leiliana once she was single.

    6. [3] is pregnant with [9] baby. How does [5] react?

    -Micha is pregnant with Sahari’s baby and Leo finds out. Can I just say THIS would NEVER happen. Micha is eternally faithful… And Sahari is gay.

    Show Spoiler
    Leo sweeps his shop as his friend Micha walks in. He looks up to smile her way and start a chipper conversation but her expression gave him pause. She’d been crying and looked very nervous. “You okay Micha?” She weakly smiled and tried to nod but she stopped wiping a tear away. “Can I talk to you?” Her voice trembled. He quickly nodded and coaxed her in the back and brought her in his office. He sat across his best friend and held her hands. Trying to brace himself. Micha tried to talk but she burst into tears, holding her head in her hands. Leo wrapped his arms around her and held her as she cried. He held her tight until she stopped crying and calmed down.
    Show Spoiler

    “I’m pregnant Leo…” She finally choked out. Dumbfounded Leo pulled away from the hug looking at her but she averted his eyes. “Why are you crying? You and Ziear have been wanting a baby!” Micha bit her lip and sniffled. “It’s not Ziear’s baby…” She said before she dissolved into tears. Leo’s slate blue eyes widened as he hugged her. He remembered her telling him of a fight her and Ziear had. How she ended up in Detective Sahari Davies company with far too much wine to drink. That regretfully passionate night apparently led to the creation of another life. “Oh my…” He gasped finally. “I… I’m so sorry Micha… I… I don’t know what to tell you…” He simply consoles her for the moment being.

    7. Does [3] handle commitments well?

    Show Spoiler
    Micha hummed softly to herself as she flipped through a bridal magazine. She was quivering with excitement thinking of the colors she’d use for her wedding ceremony to her husband Ziear. She cut out colors and places them in a scrap book next to the different wedding dresses she desired.

    8. If [12] suffered from a mental disorder what would that disorder be?

    -I’d like to state that though Sheba is obsessed with Dameyen, she is NOT like this haha. This is an extreme.-

    Show Spoiler
    Sheba sang a bridal song as she walked in her house. She happily walked into her room and to her walk in closest in which she merrily flung the doors open. Walking in she turned to a secret desk which had a very old picture of Dameyen and her together in an elegant frame. Plastered all over the wall and desk were pictures of Dameyen. She even had photo’s of him with his ex-wife Alana on there wedding day. However every photo of Alana was replaced with a photo of Sheba’s head. Many of the photo’s were of Dameyen and replaced with Sheba’s face.
    Show Spoiler

    Between two candles was a jewelry box. Sheba softly opened it to reveal it was full of pieces Dameyen’s hair. She pulled out a tiny sandwich baggie from her pocket and pulled out some toe nail clippings. “Ah mi more of my Dameyen. He’ll marry me one day! I know he will!” She tenderly places the clippings in the jewelry box.

    9. [1] sees [4] with [8] and knows that [8] is involved with [6]. Does [1] tell [6] that [8] is cheating or does [6] deserve to find out on his own?

    -Zack sees Esha with Kiara. He knows Kiara is with Taz. Again with the lesbian Esha.

    Show Spoiler
    Zack sits in the corner of a dark bar with a bottle of vodka. Despite his massive seven foot frame his is adequately hidden from view, just the way he liked it. His ears perked to a familiar feminine laugh. His deep green eyes surveyed the room only for a moment before he caught sight of her. A sneer formed on his thin lips, which in Zack terminology was a smile. He could see her curvy body even from the distance he was sitting. Her wild spunky shoulder length sandy blonde hair swayed as she danced on the floor. She was shorter then Zack’s usual preference but her feral personality and curvy hips made him look past that. He sat back to get a better look but promptly froze from upon seeing her dance partner. Luscious hour glass body with long flowing red hair and green eyes that could bring any man under her sway. Kiara had broken his heart more times than scars that appeared on his deep red skin.
    Show Spoiler

    Zack took a shot of vodka without even a wince and slammed the glass down so hard that it shattered in his hand. He shook the glass from his hand and walked to the dance floor towards them. Esha turns to see Zack, by her standards that was everything she ever wanted in a man. She puts her hands on her hips smiling at him but her smile fades as she sees the seriousness on his face. “You okay Zack?” She purrs. Kiara gasps and stammers smiling at Zack. “Hey Zackie-poo. Fancy seein’ you here?” She says in her most charming tone but Zack is not fooled. He walks past Esha and pushes Kiara with his bloody hand. What was a gentle push to him almost sent Kiara tripping over her red stiletto heels. “You go home. Boyfriend Tazren waiting for you.” He growls deeply baring his teeth at her.

    Kiara gasps in horror as the blood stains her pretty red dress. “Oh my god Zack what the hell!” Esha pauses listening to Kiara cry about her dress. She frowns at Kiara and simply walks away. Dejectedly Kiara returns home to see all of her belongings out by the curb, and the locks changed. Apparently Zack did know how to use a phone and knew how to get a hold of Tazren.

    10. [11] is set up by [10], on a blind date with [7]. Does the date go smoothly, and has [11] decided that he/she wants to kill [10] before the date has ended?

    -Marco is set up by Alana(Rebecca to Marco) on a blind date with Kezan. Yay!! This actually happens in my story. :3 Except the blind date bit.

    Show Spoiler
    “I’ve been thinking about us and I realize you want something more. Something I can’t give you. That I won’t give you. A blind date should make it up to you. Be at the address below at nine p.m. sharp.
    Show Spoiler


    Marco read over the letter at least a dozen times. A blind date? But would she be anything like Rebecca, or whatever her real name was. Would she be a vampire like her? Another pirate? Marco wanted so much to settle down, but he couldn’t keep chasing vampires and pirates hoping they’d calm down and become a homicide detective’s wife. Still a blind date was a nice gesture. It took Marco a while to find suitable attire. Longer then it should have. He was nervous but time in this war torn city taught him one thing. Always carry a gun. Under his white button up shirt hid his police issued energy hand gun.

    His shoddy car grumbled and sputtered to a stop as he came to the park where Rebecca said his date would be. He started to pace around the park, watching the hover cars pass over head, winding through the tall sky scrapers. But something was wrong. The experienced detective could feel it. His hair stood on end and he unbuttoned his shirt for easy access to his gun. Suddenly there, behind him was a deadly animalistic growl that brought out a primal fear in the mortal.

    Marco tried to pull his gun but fear had him frozen. His eyes looked over to the tall man circling him like a wolf circles a fear stricken deer. His amber eyes like head lights burning him in place. “That’s a bit unfair for doll face to set us up on a blind date.” He bared his fangs at Marco as he sniffed the air around him. “The venom I have prepared is for her… not you…”

    “I should arrest you just for being creepy.” Marco choked out, somehow able to summon some deep hidden courage. But Kezan just laughed. “I’d just plead insanity… Where is she?” He growled again stepping dangerously closer. Macro had dealt with vampires before but he had no idea how to deal with a werewolf. The detectives heart hammered in his chest, causing the mad wolf to lick his lips. His heart beat called to the beast but he couldn’t waste a bite on him. He only had one bite. The bite that held his wolves bane venom. A venom produced by werewolves that infected those bitten, turning them into werewolves themselves. But this bite was enhanced, meant to hopefully turn a vampire into a werewolf. Or so Kezan hoped.

    “Who?” Macro asked cautiously as he eyed Kezan. Suddenly the crazed man seemed to smell or sense something and he ducked right as a shot rang out in the air. The bullet whizzed past Marco’s head and he drew his gun and aimed for the man. But his arms faltered as before his eyes the crazy mad man shifted into a huge tawny wolf. A snarl ripped from his throat as his claws scraped the ground while he turned. Rebecca emerged from the darkness and the werewolf bolted after her. He leapt for her, fangs bared and jaw open wide but she ducked and rolled out of his way. He leapt for her again but she was able to grab his fur and keep his snapping jaws a bay. A primal battle between vampire and werewolf was taking place before the mortal human’s eyes. Marco could only watch as the woman he cared so deeply for fought hard against the huge werewolf. Even though she did nothing but break his heart.

    Suddenly the wolf pinned her and his gaping jaws swung for her shoulder, yellow drool dripping from his mouth. Without thinking he took aim and shot. The shot from the energy weapon didn’t kill the wolf. Oh no. It just pissed him off. The vampryess kicked him off and the three of them fought. Suddenly Kezan aimed a well placed bite for Alana, leaping in the air after her. Seeing the danger Marco bellowed as he shoved her out of the way. “NO! REBECCA!” Alana hit the ground and swung her head up in time to see Kezan’s jaw slam down on the detectives shoulder, pinning him to the ground.

    Kezan howled in rage as his bite was wasted on a mere mortal human. He aimed to finish him. Punishment for making him miss his mark. He violently shook Marco, tearing his flesh from his shoulder. Marco’s shots did nothing to the wolf and as he thought it was all to end, a small army of Alana’s space pirate band showed up. Unable to fighting agile flying ships Kezan fled. Bloody, bruised and near death Marco looked up to his Rebecca. She scoffed and shook her head. Her men rushed to aid him, stopping the bleeding and started to save his life. “That was incredibly stupid of you.” She replied in a callous cold voice just before he passed out. This was the worst blind date ever for Marco.

    11. [2] and [3] have been dating for a year. Where does [2] choose to pop the question?

    Show Spoiler
    Leiliana sits under a tree on a warm summer after noon. Micha sits next to her sorting the wild herbs they’d found that day. Leiliana leans over and snuggles her head on Micha whom lays her own head on Leiliana’s. “Mi-Mi ifen we was lesbians, would’ya marry me?” She said as if this conversation was normal. Micha burst into laughter dropping her flowers and covering her mouth. “Lei-Lei you’re so silly!” She laughs and Leiliana laughs with her. “Aye marry you Mi-Mi. We be happeh lesbians yes.” She says with matter of fact tone.

    12. [9] wants to end their relationship with [5]. How does [9] choose to do so? Heartbroken [5] has a one night stand with [3].

    -Sahari breaks up with Leo. Leo then has a one night stand with Micha. What the hell? Micha! Stop being a slut omg… Btw she’s never a slut. Also this is going with the thought that Shayne didn’t kill Sahari for hitting on Leo. Whom is his crush.

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Leo walks out of his shop, wondering when he’d see or hear from Sahari again. But days came and went. Since Marco was in the hospital he’d not heard from his boyfriend. Finally the day came, a letter.

    “Dear Leo,
    I hate for it to end this way but I’ve been transferred so to speak. More of a promotion but I’m working on top secret projects now. This has been on my mind for some time. I don’t think I can deal with the strange life that surrounds you… Mainly you being a familiar to the vampire coven that you belong to. I mean… Vampires? I’m still having a hard time understanding their existence. When this transfer opened up to me, I took it. I’m sorry it has to end this way but I wish you the best.
    Sincerely Sahari”

    Confused Leo read it over again and again before he dissolved into tears. Sahari was the first man he’d been with since he came out of the closet, so the news was devastating to him. Crying his eyes out he took the day off and called his best friend, the earth mage Micha. She came to try and console him, but to her astonishment Leo had already been hitting his sake hard. The two friends sat together for a while, drinking the sake before Leo’s old feelings for Micha resurfaced.

    She was his first love, even though he let her go. She probably never knew he loved her as he kept it secret and she was quiet naïve. It started with cuddling then him admitting his feelings for her. Feelings he’d kept hidden all this time. Then the kiss that lead Micha to commit adultery against her husband Ziear.

    13. [11] and [12] married. How does [12] handle [11] death?

    -Marco and Sheba become married but Marco dies.

    “MIDA! My sexy papi la policía is gone! I tell him not to go out in that war!” She cried hysterically throwing herself on the couch. The next few days were spent drinking and doing copious amounts of drugs to deal with it. In the long run she never really recovers seeing as she’s not honestly dealing with his death at all. Just avoiding it.

    14. If there was one thing [7] could change about their life what would it be?

    -What would Kezan change about his life?

    Show Spoiler
    It was that day, yes that day. If he hadn’t allowed it, hadn’t allowed her to be alone. To be with her phone. Oh her phone. His number. His death would end it. She wouldn’t run to Dameyen if he were dead. She wouldn’t call his brother Ziear if he never left her with a phone. No the phone should have to go. She should stay with him. Raise his son. Cook his food. But she doesn’t cook it right. A smack here and there should make her cook it right but that night. The night he hit her with the pan. Gave her a scar. Not was beautiful anymore with a busted face but she remembered. Medium rare. His steaks. But the phone. No if she was never able to call for help, Ziear would have never taken her away. He wouldn’t have allowed her to have a phone.

    15. If [5] could say anything to [10] what would they say?

    -Leo what do you have to say to Alana? Lets pretend he actually has the guts to say it to her face.

    Show Spoiler
    Leo fidgets with things in his shop. Sweeping clean floors, wiping spotless counter tops, dusting shiny equipment. He has a lot on his mind, all of it Alana. Marco had been coming to his shop for quite some time. All the while complaining about his lousy girlfriend Rebecca only to find out Rebecca and Alana were one in the same person. Once long ago before she was a vampire and before he became a vampire familiar they were together. We’d wanted to marry her but Alana shattered his heart. Just like she shattered her ex-husband Dameyen’s heart. Just like she shattered Marco’s heart.
    Show Spoiler

    He was fuming, as much as a feminine coffee shop owner could. The day suddenly took an interesting turn as the door to the shop opened. Leo scolded at the wave of lush sunny blonde hair that bounced around a delicate face. Her emerald green eyes locked curiously with his slate blue eyes. “You look so frumpy Leo. Give me a frappicino. Please.” Alana said as she walked to the counter. Leo frowned deeply, clenching his thin hands into fists. “No.” He stated plainly.

    The vampryess slid her eyes to Leo, narrowing them a bit. For the first time in a long time she was thrown off. “You have something to say to me Leo? If you do… Just say it.” She said in a cold voice. Leo puffed out his chest and stood his ground. An act Alana did not anticipate. “Yea I do. You’re a selfish bitch. A selfish heart breaking bitch.” His voice squeaked in anger.

    Alana stood straight, as Leo was a lover. Not a fighter. For him to just come out and say what was on his mind was completely off the wall. But Leo wasn’t done. “You think it’s okay to just just… Stab people in the heart! It’s not okay! The people you break have feelings and you treat them nothing more than just… Stupid objects! You’re a heartless callous bitch!” He said stomping his foot.

    Bewildered green eyes just stared a moment before a musical chuckle came from Alana. “Bravo Leo. I think you just grew a pair… Or a back bone. Frappicino. Now.” She replied in a tone that suggested she wasn’t even phased by Leo’s words.

    16. A drunken [8] comes home and finds [1] in bed with [11]. How does [8] react?

    -Drunk Kiara comes home to find Zack in bed Marco. Damnit… Now I remember why I stopped writing this meme… :C Two of my most macho masculine men in bed together… Like… I don’t even know where to start with this… My mind is just… broken… Like why the fuck would her exlover Zack and homicide detective Macro be in her house? Like what the fuck…

    Show Spoiler
    Kiara staggered home, her stiletto heels wavering dangerously, threatening to topple her over. The smell of alcohol on her breath and the heavily hallucinogenic drugged man the vampryess fed from made the vampryess’ movements that much slower. On her mind as always was sex. This time her mind lingered on her exlover Zack. He caught on to her cheating heartless ways and wouldn’t take her back but that didn’t stop her from trying. But also was the deliciously handsome homicide detective that had become a good friend of her clan leader, Ziear. Also incidentally the elder and much more powerful vampyress Alana’s man on the side. Making him off limits unless she had a death wish.
    Show Spoiler

    But that didn’t stop her from dreaming. She finally gained entry into her home and staggered inside. Colors and images burst from all over her apartment, caused by the drugged blood. She opened the door to her bed room and in her drug induced mind she saw both men, Marco and Zack in her bed. Waiting for her.

    She purred in pleasant surprise, clasping her hands around her vibrant red hair. “Ohmigosh! Are you boys waiting for me?” She slurred and both men lustily nodded. Kiara wasted no more time wondering how or why. There were two very hot naked men in her bed. Too bad none of it was real and it was all drug induced.

    -THERE. I FIX. They weren’t really in bed together. Kiara is just a horny slut and imagined it. >_>

    17. Is a sweet love scene between [6] and [9] possible?

    -Could Taz love Sahari?

    Show Spoiler
    Sahari is the first to shamelessly admit his attraction to men. He wasn’t brash or obnoxious like Shayne but he was always willing to admit to a man he was handsome. However the rash, rude and downright violent red neck gimp was not his type. Tazren was of course only a complete dick to men. Mostly. Sometimes he even came off as a dick to women he was trying to woo.
    Show Spoiler

    The lanky detective narrowed his eyes on the rugged space cowboy. “You know. Feel free to stop glaring at me. You’re not my type.” He chided as he slid his glare away from Tazren. The rugged man glared at the other, letting the cigarette hang in his lips before he spoke. “I jus’ makin’ sure boy. I don’t fuckin’ swing that way… An aye break ya if ya got any homo thoughts on yer mind.” He grumbled at Sahari. He just scoffed and sipped his tea. “I’m going to ignore for now the obvious threat you just made towards a police officer.” He retorted with a frown.

    18. [7] and [4] are bitter rivals. What made them rivals?

    -Kezan and Esha are rivals. Lol I’ll give you a bit from the actual story.

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    It was summer but the city was cold. Nothing but towers, concrete and smog from the over abundant hover cars permeated the air. What flora there was happened to be fake. Life like machines designed to pull carbon dioxide from the air and spit back out oxygen. A druid like Esha felt completely alone. It was a strange night that led her to a chance meeting with another druid. And he seemed just as delighted to meet her. The chances of meeting another druid in this futuristic city seemed improbable. But there he was, a wolf druid. But all was not well.

    Esha could see he was a trained warrior as well, and one with a nasty streak. But still she dealt with it. Because being with him made her feel like she wasn’t alone. But he was becoming quite possessive, along with his roughness was moving from the bed room to everyday occurrence. And not in a good way. Esha sighed as she looked back at her own reflection in the mirror, taking a moment to brush her sandy blonde hair from her orange eyes. She’d spent the night with Kezan, a pleasurable night but she needed to get home and off to her job. She walked to the door way. Suddenly she stopped and looked at Kezan curiously. He blocked her from exiting, a charming wolfish grin on his bearded face. “Call off sugar doll. Spend the day with me.” He said sensually. Esha just gave half a smile.

    “I think you’ve had enough for one night. And going to work means I get to be with my brothers.” She said trying to push past him. He caught her hip and pulled her close, his lips nipping her neck. She chuckled softly, albeit slightly annoyed she pushed him away. “No. Call off. I want more.” He said in a sensual dark tone. His fingers digging painfully into her side. He startled her with his brazen attitude and she growled softly in an animalistic way. Baring her teeth at him. “I said no.” She shoved him off her and started to walk away.

    Suddenly her arm was forcefully grabbed and she was slammed against the wall, made to face Kezan. A yelp escaped her as she stared wide eyed at him. Burning amber flooded the wolf druid’s eyes as he snarled. “You don’t tell me no, sugar doll.” She hissed at him and snapped her teeth at him in a warning. But to her surprise his fist cocked back with lightening fast speed and cracked against her face. “Don’t bite me! Your going to give it to me. Or-“ But he didn’t finish. Oh no he picked the wrong female to try and force himself on. Born a hunter, trained as a warrior he was little match for Esha. A cougar like scream escaped her throat as she instantly shifted into a great tawny panther. Her long sabers sinking into his shoulder. He howled in pain and shifted himself into a great tawny wolf.

    He was no match for her combat prowess and speed. Her fish hook like claws locking her into her prey as she taught him a lesson. Slamming the wolf into the walls, bathing them in his blood. The apartment was trashed when she was finished with him. His whimpering form twitching on the ground. She shifted back, touching her bleeding nose was she walked from the building.

    19. Is a happily ever after possible for [1] and [12]?

    -Could Zack fall for Sheba? BWAHAHAHA

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    A strong massive hand rubbed the barbarian’s boxy head. His green eyes cutting into the tiny Spanish woman blabbing away in the kitchen. All he wanted was a damn beer. Had she not been his friend’s cousin, he would have shoved her in the fridge and shut the door. “Mida! That was good steak you brought to everyone the other day. Mucho bueno. Hey where’d you get it?” He opened his mouth to bark a one word answer but he couldn’t even get that out before the bronze skinned woman rambled on. The barbarian was loosing his patience, which he already had very little of. “So like mida. You date people? Cuz you a scarey muchacho. You got dis thing goin’ on. Like mida, ya never smile. And… I know. You just need a nice señora. Listen! I help you okay? Hey?! Whachu- Zack!” He’d had enough of this annoying woman. He grabbed her by her shirt and shoved her in the large walk in pantry. “You talk too much.” He growled as he shut the door. She screamed Spanish profanity at him. All of which he ignored. A smug sneer upon his face, he collected the one thing he came into the kitchen for. An ice cold beer.

    20. [4] undergoes a gender-swap. Who would he/she sleep with first? [6] or [5]?

    -Esha gets a sex change. Btw OOC that would make her Dameyen… Her brother. Anyways does she sleep with Tazren or Leo first. And wtf… Neither are gay… Well Leo is still on trial for that…

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    By a horrible twist of fate, Esha was cursed. Changed into a man. Loosing all of her womanly figure but none of her desires. Her usual choices were out of the question. Zack nor and strange cowboy Tazren would never sleep with what now looked like Dameyen’s twin. Her only choice was to try and lure the poor Leo from his closet.
    Show Spoiler

    Esha walked into the coffee shop, a frown in his once feminine face. Plopping down at the counter. Leo frowned but did a double take. “Oh! Esha! I thought you were Dameyen… You guys look so much alike since… ah… er your mishap.” Esha gave half a smile, rolling his eyes. “I’ve been getting that a lot.” Leo blinked and stared and moment. “You even sound like him… except… not the stoner drawl.” The two talked more and Leo seemed to cope with the idea of Esha being a man. At least he stopped fainting.

    Orange eyes lifted from the cup of hot chocolate to the lanky paler man. Taking notice how he was having trouble with opening a bottle. Well Leo was quite attracted to Esha as a woman, perhaps a man? He stood up and walked to the much taller Leo. “Let me get that…” Esha cooed in a flirty tone as he stepped much closer to Leo then he needed to. The lanky shop owner blushed greatly and stammered as he handed the bottle over to the druid. “I’m the same you know…” Esha said with a flirty charming grin. “I’m the same sexy Esha.”

    “You have… a… er…” Leo’s cheeks reddened as his slate blue eyes darted down to Esha’s pants. He tried to back away but Esha only stepped closer. “Yea about that. How do you guys deal with that? It’s annoying… Can you show me how to deal with it?” He said in a suggestive tone. Leo stammered and his cheeks grew even redder. Yet at the same time he became incredibly pale. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could say something he started to weave. Esha gasped and caught Leo as he fainted, thankfully before hitting the floor. He sighed with a frown and took Leo to the stairs to recover. Apparently Esha was going to have to slow his roll if he wanted in Leo’s pants.

    21. If [7] had to be stuck on an island with [2] or [3] which would [7] choose? Why?

    -Would Kezan rather be stuck on an island with Leiliana or Micha?

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    The tawny wolf slammed into the small airplane wall, clearly trying to sneak on the plane and push his brother out was not working. The vampire thrust his whole body into a punch into the lycan’s muzzle with a loud crack. He howl in rage and retaliated quickly and bit down on his brother. Suddenly shards of ice hit is side like a wall of spikes. The lycan yelped and let go, snapping a dangerous amber eye to the autumn haired water mage. Leiliana swirled her hands again and started to power up another spell, aimed for the intruder. The bite he’d given his vampire brother healed before his eyes. But how? A lycan bite on a vampire did not heal right away. Amber eyes snapped to the other mage in the plane. Standing far from the brawl was the dark skinned earth mage. His brother’s mate. His wife. Micha.
    Show Spoiler

    Another fist came flying at him and the wolf jerked away before the hit connected. The wind from the open door whirled around the cabin, kicking up dust and dirt. He’d opened it in a failed attempt to throw his brother out. Amber widened with surprise. The gods favored him this day as both mages stood at the door. But he could only take one with him as he went down. Suddenly the wolf shifted into his human form and shoved the vampire away, grabbing all the parachutes but one and tossed them at the women. Both dodged with a gasp as they all fell hopelessly out the plane. Leiliana flung her hands out and more ice shard impaled the lycan. He screamed in pain and shot his vicious amber eyes at her. Kicking the vampire away he threw the parachute on his back. “Discedere tempus, dear brother. I am in blood. Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more. Returning were as tedious as go o’er.” He said as the vampire recovered and he snapped the parachute on.

    There was only one mage in his mind that he’d be taking. The only one that could heal his wounds. The only one they’d stop everything to come back for. With lightening speed he bolted for the door, both woman went two different ways trying to avoid him. But the lycans strong arms caught his prey. Micha let out a winded yelp as she and Kezan fell towards the earth. The vampire brother screamed in horror saying only her name, rushing to the door. Leiliana gasped in horror screaming her best friends name as she took looked out. But the plane was going too fast to see them in the clouds.

    “Uarrrgh! Let me go!” Micha screamed as she punched Kezan. He merely laughed and held her tighter. The little mage could only cling to the bastard for dear life, she knew if she let go is was her death. His arm moved and they jerked harshly as the chute came out. It was all too clever, and Kezan couldn’t stop laughing. “Let you go? Very well.” He moved his hands and as he expected, she shrieked and clung to him. It fueled his laughter more as he resumed his embrace upon her. Leaning his bearded face closer to her he sniffed her animalisically before licking her cheek. She cowered from him, trying to get as far from him as possible. “Just heal me. And we’ll get along quite well…” He said looking down at the island that started to appear closer. His smug expression waned however as he looked at Micha’s chocolate hues. She was glaring with a new found courage and defiance. “Hmm. You’ve been with him a long time… You have to be entertaining in bed to keep a man that long.” He enjoyed her shudder as his arms moved over her body.

    “Enjoy this while it lasts… I’m not as helpless as you think.” She replied curtly to him. Oh how the wolf enjoyed a challenge. “The more you scream and struggle, the harder I’m going to give it to you.” He said with a smug smile as he sensually nipped her arm. But as they drew near he swore the forest… Came alive. It was moving as if following him. He came close to a tree and suddenly Micha said something. “Come to my aide…” She said in a commanding tone. He jerked his head back at her. Amber eyes shocked as the tree below grew, it’s limbs snatching him when close enough. Damn earth mage bitch. He assumed she was just a weak healer. But she commanded all the flora as the other mage commanded water. He snarled viciously as his mouth lunged for her throat intended to make her stop. But he hit the tree with a thud and another branch wrapped around his mouth. More branches worked to prey her free. No. He’d not let her escape. He could hear her hit the ground with a winded yelp. Now he wasted no more time playing with the plants. With a horrible howl he shifted yet again into his wolf form. Easily snapping the branches that held him. He tumbled to the ground, landing on his side. Amber eyes narrowed on the mage as she stood by a gnarled tree.

    A growl seethed from his throat as she knelt to the ground and sank her hands into the soil at the roots of a tree. A tawny paw took a step forward as the tree groaned to life. “Here. Have a treant.” She said sassily as the trees roots split off into legs and the branches came down into arms. It groaned loudly as it slammed it’s balled fist branches on the ground. Clearly, Kezan should have grabbed the water mage.

    22. [1] and [2] are romantically involved when [2]'s original love, [11] returns from the dead. How does [1] handle the person's return?

    -Zack and Leiliana are in a relationship when Leiliana’s true love Marco returns.

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    “… I no understand you…” The huge red skinned barbarian said to his autumn haired woman. “Wut? How ken ya not be unda standin’ me. Aye kenne be talkin’ more normal den dis…” She rambled on as she twisted her hair watching him grill the venison steaks. A night of too much wine led her to a pleasant discovery. For all his gruff and barbaric ways, Zack wasn’t actually a bad guy. But bright green eyes looked into the distant forest. A strange magic took her true love away. Magic that should have killed him. Never had she met a man more awkwardly charming as Marco Malone. But he was gone. And Zack was nice… And a good cook.
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    The venison was delicious as always but the next day Zack woke early to go to work. A bounty hunter forced the barbarian to be gone regularly. She mumbled a good bye and faintly remembered the kiss on her cheek as he left. She woke later to an empty house, her ever present loneness crept it’s way into her heart as she bathed and readied herself to visit her friend. Her walk to her friends home was quiet and uneventful she pushed open the door to hear her best friend’s voice. “I’m yes but… you need to know something before-Oh! Leiliana? Um…” Micha rushed to her feet and walked to her life long friend. “Mi-Mi who are you-“ Her voice stopped abruptly and her hands fell to her sides. Bruised and scared, it was her love. He pushed his chocolate hair from his jade green eyes as he slowly stood to his feet. His lip twitching to a adoring smile. “Leiliana… I… Er… Hi…” He said awkwardly.

    Tears flooded her bright green eyes as she cupped her hands to her mouth. “He didn’t die in that spell blast… he was teleported… Leiliana…” Micha’s voice dropped off as she watched the two. Tears even threatened to from Marco’s eyes. His hands started to reach for Leiliana’s. “The only thing that kept me going was… you…” His voice dropped with despair as his eyes spied the engagement ring on her finger. His voice shuddered as his eyes shot back up to her. His body frozen. But where the man stood still Leiliana quickly closed the gap.

    Her frail arms looped around the taller man’s neck, her voice whimpering from happiness. “Oh Marco!” She cried as she pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Any words said between one another were smothered by their lips. His hands wrapping around her to hold her tight. That split second there was only one choice in Leiliana’s head. But telling her fiancé Zack when he returned home was another matter entirely.

    23. [9] is forced to choose who will live between [3] and [6]. Which one does [9] choose to live?

    -Would Sahari choose to live with Micha or Tazren?

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    The blonde sauve detective tapped the coffee shop table as he thought about his options. His apartment building was in the zone deemed unsafe to live until the ongoing civil war moved further away. This was an inconvenience really more then anything else. How was a homicide detective supposed to unwind in this war torn city? And so shortly after he moved here. Hell he’d not even unpack most of his belongings yet even though he’d been here a few months. He sighed and looked to the shop owner. He had a undeniable crush on the man though he was sure he was still in the closet.
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    Never the less he still needed a place to lay his head between shifts. Tazren or Micha? Cop hating, arrogant, alcoholic? Or the divinely sweet, mothering, baking master… And conveniently the shop owner’s best friend. A sly smile formed on Sahari’s small round face as he picked up his phone and dialed the phone. “Ello my darling Micha… Oh quite right! It’s wonderful to hear you too. Listen dove, I have a favor to ask you…”

    24. [7] falls in love with [8]. When [7] gets the opportunity to be with [8] he/she is happy... until he/she finds out that [8] is only using him/her to get close to [2].

    -Kezan falls in love with Kiara. Then he finds that she was only using him to get close to Leiliana.

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    She was beautiful, seductive and seemingly loyal. Just as vicious and blood thirsty as he, a true woman that held the mad lycans heart. But she always wanted to spend time with the other female. The one he was using to get knowledge of his ancestors. Leiliana, as daft as she might have acted, was a brilliant scholar and quiet knowledgeable with her history. It didn’t take Kezan long to realize Kiara was using him to become closer to Leiliana. It was the last thing she’d ever do.

    In his rage he could see only black. No sound, only the color black. It was such a beautiful color. Luscious, cool, thick and delicious. A vampires blood was not like most blood. It was black and cold like a corpse. But thick with a taste like no other. Kezan sat with his gut extended, black blood covered his body. Amber eyes still burning as he slowly and sensually licked his fingers. One by one. The last taste of the undead whore he’d taste. She was dead now. Her body reduced to bits and pieces. Ripped locks of her red hair snagged in his fingers. She was unrecognizable now. But oh was she delicious.
  5. I may come up with tons of new characters and new stories, plot lines and dramas. But certain characters of mine will always have my heart. Enter Dameyen Shayne Mbyen:


    Since I come from anthro roots, I have been making human counter parts or human versions of my main characters. This is one of my first characters and I have to say my personal favorite. Took longer than you'd think to come up with a good skin color for him. >.< But I am pleased. It's a very small pic in real life. Maybe two inches tall? Nothing more than a scribble but I likes it.

    And my recent Dames (his nick name) kick has prompted me to try and make an animated gif of him as a lion cub.


    Hot damn this stoner makes a cute ass cub. <3 Anyways I'll post the progress as I go.

    P.S. If you can't tell I draw MUCH BETTER animals than humans. :3
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  6. Progress so far. :3 Now I need to draw the blinking eyes and swaying tail.

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  7. OMG I FINISHED IT. :3 I am seriously proud of this. You guys have no idea. I knew nothing about animating in Adobe Image Ready before today. But now I have an adorable Dameyen to hang out in my signature.

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  8. Just a short, albeit amusing, story I just started writing. I never really finished it but I plan to write more to it. I never planned a plot for it nor an ending. One of those 'lemme see what happens if I just write' type of deals. This so far has my vampires Alana Moroue and Zane Mutaba. Ah the wonderful banter they have. :3 ))

    Pit of Vipers...

    A sea of people clustered around the performance hall. Elegance was the dress code as everyone was dress in fine suits, flashy dresses and faux animal furs. Older men with their trophy wives attached to their arms stood alongside of glaring portly wealthy women. Envious of the form they once possessed. Some didn’t seem to notice the tiny battles going on and simply clamored boisterously to gain attention to themselves. Men dressed in suits costing more than cars and shoes so shiny once could possibly be blinded if the light hit them just right. Competing for the shiny shoes were the various gems and jewels worn by the glamorous women. Suddenly the crowd spoke more softly as a slender woman walked between them.

    Soft pale skin seemed to glow softly in the city night. Almost unearthly in nature. Her almond shaped emerald green eyes gave mere glances at those around her. Her slender face turning slightly when someone didn’t move out of her way as quickly as she would have liked. Gold ear rings dangled gently as she walked and matched her gold chocker around her neck. The powder white halter dress hugged her with a neck line that plummeted modestly allowing for a vibrant tattoo show on her left breast. A red rose with a six shooter pistol. The dress had a modest slit up the side allowing her long athletic leg to escape the confines of her dress with every step. She gently tossed her head allowing her long sunny blonde hair to sway from her eyes. It was tied back just enough to keep it from her eyes. She pulled a white shall around her shoulders to shield herself from the cold. Her powder white heels clicked the pavement but hushed as she walked onto the red carpet.

    She didn’t care to sit and enjoy idle banter with the other guests. Instead she continued her way to the door man. Her soft pink lipstick shined lightly as she smiled at the door man and she reached in her matching white clutch purse and pulled out her ticket. “Thank you… Enjoy Maestro Jade’s performance, Mrs. Alana Moroue.” He nods to Alana as he tears half the ticket and gives one half to her. Walking past him the doors to the auditorium are opened for her by two more door men and she gazes a moment at the hall. A large hall by most standards, all chairs nestled close to allow for the maximum amount of people methodically broken up by walk ways. She turns abruptly to the right walking to the stairs to the mezzanine, showing the door man there that she has access to her own seat. She makes her way to her own private booth and sits down making herself comfortable as a waiter comes to offer her wine.

    Alana waits quietly listening to the murmur of the crowd as everyone finally makes their way to their seats. She crosses her legs as she waits and her dress slips revealing a white garter and a small energy pistol nestled between her thighs. Gently without caution she pulls the dress down to hide her weapon again. It doesn’t take much longer and the lights dim and the crowd became silent. Another well dressed man comes on stage and spoke to the crowd. Alana sipped her wine as she tuned out the man and surveyed the crowd. She stopped abruptly and narrowed her eyes upon a very well dress man on the upper gallery. Unearthly paleness similar to her own, this man seemed to try and evade the light. His long silky black hair was combed back making him look far more elegant. His suit was dusty black and was very reminiscing of the 1800’s. His under shirt was frilly and flowing adding his graceful movements.

    “I should have known you’d show up here Mutaba… Good to know I’m not the only vampire here.” Alana sneered watching the figure mingle with the women. She found it strange that he looks so much like Ziear, a friend if you will of hers. Mutaba had been a thorn in the clan’s side ever since he’d been released from his spiritual prison. She nestles herself in the chair hoping Mutaba will fail to spy her as her eyes wander back to the stage now that the man is gone. A soft round of applause echoes thought the performance hall as even Mutaba stops flirting with women long enough to greet the man they all came to see.

    A scruffy dressed asralie walks on stage, hardly worthy to look at in this hall brimming with elegance and grace but he was the one they came to see never the less. The word ‘he’ is used loosely with Jade as many mistake him for a girl. Asralies as a race were fairly new to Earth and Reborg in general but everyone seemed to welcome them with open arms. With the ears of a rabbit and the tail of a lion they came in just as many colors as family pets such as dogs and cats. Jade’s name was deceptive as he didn’t have a scrap of green on him unless he wore it. His fur was a dark taupe and grey muzzle. His straight silver hair covered his right eye slightly only showing his sky blue left eye. A tight black cardigan sweater exposed just his shoulders but covered his arms down to his hands. His black cargo pants better matched his bright teal converse shoes. His unique style is one of the many things Alana found intriguing about him, along with his amazing performance while he played the violin. Another signature of Jade was he never smiled. You were lucky to receive a chuckle. Forget ever seeing him smile.

    Jade bowed to the sold out hall and gently pulled out his black violin. Such a mysterious object it reflected no light, and even seemed to pull the light from the room. As though a darkness surrounded the musical instrument. “Before we begin I wish to thank you all for coming. I promise a performance worthy of the price you paid.” He had an unusually deep voice for someone looking so feminine. Gracefully he pulled the bow across the strings and the insidious black violin made a heavenly sound. Alana smiled closing her eyes and allow the music the lull her.

    Not long into the performance Alana felt a presence behind her, disrupting the relaxing moment. She turned her head, tossing her sunny blonde from her face. She scoffed and scowled as Mutaba’s handsome face appeared behind her privacy curtain. His brown eyes sparkled mischievously at her. “What a pleasant surprise. I thought that was your radiant beauty I saw from afar.” His deep voice was charming and he grinned deviously as he entered, closing the curtain behind him. “Go away Mutaba. The noise from your mouth is ruining the music.” She sneered. Her voice, though seething is annoyance was soft and gentle. Mutaba simply chuckled and sat beside her leaning towards her grinning as charmingly as he could. Alana’s green eyes cut over to him and she leans away. “Oh ‘Lana love. Such words pierce my wicked heart like a wooden steak… Might I add how enchanting you look this evening?”

    Mutaba is a handsome vampire by many standards. Tall, about six foot three with a muscular build which resulted in his suits being custom tailored for him. Strong facial features with rounded cheeks that helped bring out his charming grin on his clean shaven face. His strong well manicured hands were adorned with platinum rings lined with turquoise. His long black hair resembled a wave of silk flowing from his head. Around his neck he wore an ancient choker made of leather and brass crescent moon charm. The very same charm his soul was trapped inside for hundreds of years. But that was another story for another time.

    Alana narrowed her eyes upon him and had he not been more powerful than her, she would have tossed him from the booth. “Get out of my booth.” She sneers pulling her shall around herself looking back at Jade. On the stage the asralie seemed to dance and sway with the music as if the sound had control of his body. His body jolted and pulsed with the sound of the dark violin. His face contorted as if under some type of inner battle.
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  9. ((I'm breaking up 'Pit of Vipers' because I actually wrote quite a bit. I didn't want a wall of text. :3 More lulz from Alana and Mutaba.))

    “You’re booth looked so empty Lovely ‘Lana. I couldn’t help but offer my services to keep you company.” Mutaba's deep voice coos at Alana as he makes no motion to leave but rather does the opposite. He folds his hands in his lap and stretches his legs out crossing them. The crowd gasped softly as Jade fell to one knee with a jolt. The violin wined sharply but he kept playing and he entered into a crescendo. “You have no services I could ever want. If you don’t shut up and leave I’m going to shoot you.” She didn’t look at him instead focusing on Jade’s performance. Her body tenses as Mutaba chuckles. She thought about all the horrible ways she could make him bleed and the thought crossed her mind to toss him over the balcony.

    “My Lovely ‘Lana there are many… services… I could offer you. When my soul was intertwined with Ziear’s, he’d never allow me to take over during your… rendezvous’. I can guarantee my services would be better than his.” He leans towards her grinning suggestively. Alana grumbles and with lighting fast reflexes pulls the energy pistol from her garter as if it was second nature to her. She aims it straight for his throat, cutting her green eyes deep into his eyes. “Mutaba… So help me. I will shoot you. Get. Out.” Her voice hitting him with the power only a vampiric clan leader could wield and as cold as ice. Any lesser man would cower at this point. Not Mutaba however. Without even flinching he grins and chuckles, giving her a cocky head tilt. “We both know that won’t do anything to me.” He says licking his lips. Alana tilts her head grinning deceptively at Mutaba. “Yes but I’ll take satisfaction in knowing it’s gonna hurt like hell.”

    Mutaba laughed tilting his head away for a moment. “You are such a viper Lovely Lana. Like a white rose adorned with insidious thorns. A man has to know just the way to touch you with ou-“ He didn’t get to finish his sentence as Alana timed her shot just right with the loud whine of the violin. Blood splattered out of Mutaba’s knee from the initial shot but sizzled as the energy weapon cauterized the wound. Mutaba let out a sharp yelp of pain, jolting forward and clasped his knee for a moment before moving his hands away to watch it instantly heal. However the blood stains and gaping hole were still present in his highly expensive pants.

    “You harlot! You shot me! Look at my pants!” He gasped for words as the vampires eyes bled red with rage. No one in the performance hall was wise to the incident. Alana sat calmly, her hands in her lap looking beautifully innocent as she gave Mutaba a blank stare. She could only hold back the grin for so long before it crept across her face. “The look on your face is priceless Mutaba.” She purred sliding the gun back in her lacy white garter. “Leave. Before I make another hole in your ridiculous suit.” Mutaba stood up abruptly stomping his feet. “You just ruined my pants! That’s just cruel! I don’t even stoop that low!” His silky black hair slid out of place as he raged at her. Balling strong hands into fists. Alana’s smug expression didn’t help at all. She calmly sipped her red wine, chuckling at Mutaba’s childish acts. Just as she sipped Mutaba moved silently and gracefully to tip the bottom of her glass and spill the entire contents of red wine all over her powder white dress. She shuddered and abruptly stood up, helplessly watching the stain set in.

    “You asshole!” She screamed throwing her fist fast and hard at Mutaba’s face. He quickly dodged leaning back and sliding behind the chair. “Revenge is bitter sweet.” He chuckled motioning to the streak of red down her dress. His eyes returning to their brown color. Alana grabbed the glass and threw it at Mutaba, whom gasped and ducked just at the right time to miss the glass. A loud shatter hit the wall behind him as parts of the crowd looked their way. “You’re paying for this mess Mutaba! I can’t believe you just did that!” She snarled drawing closer to him. Mutaba backed away scoffing. He could easily defeat Alana but he’d rather not fight. “I can’t believe you shot me! All I did was pour wine on you. But nooo you shot me.” He crosses his hands on his chest standing by the pulled curtains of the private balcony. “You’re so childish Mutaba! I told you to leave me alone or I’d shoot you. You didn’t leave so I shot you. Get out of my booth NOW!” She hissed pointing at the curtains.

    “And you have anger issues. When was the last time you’d been laid? Maybe you just need a good old fashioned humping.” He grins charmingly to her winking. Alana howled in rage as she chased Mutaba from her booth pulling her pistol again. Her vampiric eyes now crimson with anger. However their argument did not go un-noticed. Three security guards bumped into Mutaba. He turns to them and changes his attitude. “Good evening gentle men.” He says eloquently bowing slightly. The three formidable looking men looked at Mutaba and then at the hole in his pants. Alana came tearing around the corner and stopped quickly hiding the gun behind her. “I want this man thrown out! He has been harassing me and now he’s ruined my dress!” She stomped up to the guards, forcing her red eyes to change back to green to avoid alarming the guards of their strange color. Mutaba scoffs and turns to her appalled. “I am not harassing you! And I would not have done that had you not shot me.”

    One of the men gasped and looked at Mutaba. “Do you need medical attention?!” He exclaimed but Mutaba replied with a soft chuckle. “Oh dear boy, I am not harmed… But she ruined my pants. They probably cost more than your pay.” Mutaba crosses his arms staring at Alana. There was a pause before the head security guard spoke gruffly. “We’re going to have to ask both of you to leave. You’ll get a full refund.” He motions towards the exit.

    Alana and Mutaba both gasp. Then began speaking over one another protesting. “I did nothing wrong! She shot me!” Mutaba hollered. “I would not have shot you had you not been harassing me!” Alana shouted turning away from them slyly slipping the gun back into her garter before storming off to retrieve her clutch purse. As soon as she had it she began to smack Mutaba repeatedly with it. One of the security guards grabbed Alana by her arms, restraining her.

    With lightning fast reflexes she moved gracefully to slam him against the wall, holding her purse like a weapon. “Don’t touch me again.” She warned the guard. The other two guards placed their hands on the guns. “Ma’am take your hands off him.” One of them said as she released him. The other called for police back up over his radio. “We need police back up at the Davinci Performance Hall. We have a domestic dispute between a couple.” Mutaba chuckled. “Domestic dispute? See even the security guard think you should give into me. Can we be in the same cell? Tis a certain fantasy I’ve always wanted to fulfill.” He chuckles willingly going with the guards. Alana however was not amused at all. She growled angrily. “Urgh! We’re not a couple god damnit! I’d never sleep with slime like you!” She screamed as the guards ushered her towards the exit.

    Mutaba chuckles seductively. “Ah haha technically you did. I just don’t remember it.” He said smugly slinking behind a guard. Alana howled in rage and landed a wicked fast punch to his nose. Mutaba jumped back in surprise as he held his now bleeding nose as two of the guards grabbed Alana restraining her. “… Tu shay…” Mutaba said eyeing her now. It wasn’t often that someone could land an unsuspecting hit on him. Alana resisted the urge to throw both men on the ground. She knew it would only make her situation worse.
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  10. So I totally spent my morning in photoshop. <3 That's what I call an awesome morning. Though... I still need to eat... do the dishes... and take a shower... I MADE PRETTY THINGS!


    My excitable water/ice mage Leiliana. <3 I miss playing her, she so hilarious. I need to find a role play for her.


    ZACK OMG. Very old character but still one of my faves. This is a VERY rough sketch of him. I more or less just wanted to have a visual of what he'd look like. He's my hack n' slash barbarian warrior. :3
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  11. ((Just kinda felt like writing today. Feeling a bit down and... Guess I just needed to write. Que emo Dameyen. And some rock music that just inspired me to write. Now just because I like the song 'Falling in the Black' by the christian band Skillet does not mean I'm religious. I just hear music and say 'hey! I like that.' Anyways enjoy.))


    "Tonight I'm so alone
    This sorrow takes a hold
    Don't leave me here so cold
    (Never want to be so cold)"

    The coffee liqueur and the creamer now simply sat on the counter. No longer did Dameyen care to mix them with the vodka. Instead he found his pain to be chased away quicker if he simply favored the bottle instead. One hand held the bottle between his legs as he sat slumped over his seat on the edge of the couch. His free hand gripped the mess of dyed green hair as silent tears came from his orange honey colored eyes. The white tank top he wore was a little dirty, as were the bagged well worn ripped jeans he had on. His house felt unusually empty and this was not his choice. His eyes glanced over the photos of his year old daughter and his oldest son. Both of whom were asleep in their respective rooms.

    But even with his children, he felt an impenetrable darkness surrounding him. A sense of being so alone, his heart and mind slipping through the cracks of his rocky marriage. Even with the alcohol in his system he shivered as he fought back tears. His hand left his hair to pick up his phone, quickly locating the photos in its gallery. He easily found a picture that sent chills, pain, and confusion through his body. She was the reason for his being and his pain.

    "Your touch used to be so kind
    Your touch used to give me life"

    Sunny blonde hair that made him think of the sun, green eyes that reminded him of a cool lagoon and with a scent that reminded him of the ocean and strawberries. A woman that was both elegant and sexy, upstanding dignity and devious mistress, incredibly smart and ridiculously silly. The perfect wave of beauty and brains all rolled up into one perfect yet unbearable woman. Though Dameyen argued with Alana more than any rational couple would, they always came back to one another. For only her touch could bring life to him when he was broken and down. And yet it was her that usually crippled him so.

    She was once a different woman. Difficult yes but much more tender. Dameyen could always see that cold edge she had and it was that side that allured him. But something in the resent years left her changed. The death of their middle child seemed to propel whatever changes she was going through. She was gone so much now. Away from town and he had no idea where she was gone. Never did the thought creep into his mind that Alana was unfaithful. He knew her that much to know she loved him deeply. All the times they broke up only to get back together. She did love him.

    But she wasn’t coming back this time. Dameyen choked on tears as a shuddering breath left him. He brought the bottle to his trembling lips to drink a large swig. The vodka burned on its way down but he barely noticed now. “Don’t leave me alone...” He sobbed.

    "Falling in the black
    Slipping through the cracks
    Falling to the depths can I ever go back
    Dreaming of the way it used to be
    Can you hear me?"

    Dameyen may have put up the front to be a real man but truth was he needed someone to give him strength. He found that perfect storm within Alana, whom at the time they met needed him just as much. It was hard for him to accept that she was a much stronger woman now. And didn’t need the strength of someone else. She didn’t need Dameyen. She made that clear to him. It was a strange feeling to him. Knowing he healed her to be strong, healer her so she could stand on her own. But now he stood alone. He brought the bottle to his lips once more only to find the bottle empty. “I've waited all this time... I've wasted so much time...” He said as he thought over the years fighting to keep the marriage alive. To keep their love strong. Three children. Time spent chasing her, changing for her, trying to make it work.

    In the end she was the one to let everything go. Rage filled within Dameyen. Not thinking clearly he realized the vodka left him too. And suddenly everything started to spiral out of control. Everywhere he looked, she was there. The family photos on the wall. The objects she’d given him. The furniture they bought together.

    "Falling in the black
    Slipping through the cracks"

    “Don't leave me here like this!” He bellowed as he stood up and tossed the empty bottle into the photo of them on their wedding day. The crash from the breaking glass shattered the silence, knocking the photo off the wall. His hands gripped his hair as in his drunken stupor he fell into a deep abyss. He opened his eyes as he looked down to see his phone. The picture of Alana’s sultry smile filling him with such pain and rage that he shot down and snatched it up. Slamming the phone into the wall into more pictures of them, not even the durable case protected it. It shattered, knocking more frames from the wall. In his painful rage he took out his wrath on the entertainment center, where many odds and ends reminded him of her. The tears in his eyes made it hard for him to see at all. Glass cut his hands but he didn’t seem to notice as he wrecked his living room.

    "Falling inside, falling inside the black"
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  12. Donno if it was the music... Or... Just the desire to do art. But I started working on a piece that I've been working on for... oh... two fucking years. Yea. When I started it some drama happened in my life and I got really depressed. Anyways obviously much better now but the muse to do art work has seriously been lacking.

    I give you (from right to left) Lostpaw the feline druid (shifter) in her feline form. Laiu the blind huntress and her ever faithful, happy go lucky husky dog Baku. Who is about to get everyone wet. :C Not finished obviously but I think it's coming along.

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  13. Dyzztroll.jpg

    Yup. I'm still alive. Still dealing with this kidney stone issue. :cry: But anyways I'm feeling a little better... and on a serious World of Warcraft kick... Even though I no longer play. Go figure. But! I'm settling on short stories and art work.

    This is Dyzz, a balance troll druid who falls for a troll mage named Dameyen. I'll be posting the story soon enough but for now I'm pleased with simply this pic. Took me a few hours and it's the first real art work I've done in oh... MONTHS.

    And yes. I did just make a troll look sexy. >_>
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  14. Damestroll.jpg

    A while ago I started on this kick, if my characters were of the WoW universe... What race and class would they be?

    Dameyen would actually be a human mage. But! My short story explains why he's a troll. :bsmile: I actually drew this a few months ago but I just now got around to coloring it. Mainly because I wasn't overly fond of the pic to begin with. I tried tracing this on tracing paper rather than doing the line art with my tablet. :/ Not pleased with the results. This took less time but I think it looks crappier.
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  15. ZiearBE.jpg

    Kinda been messing around with this most of the day. On and off. :D I meant to write a bit more of the fanfic/short story but... I have it in my head that I must draw the characters that appear in the story. O_O My character Ziear as a Death Knight, a former paladin. <3
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  16. ((Yay!! This is the first part of the short story that I have been working on. Might make it into a role play. I donno yet. Expect more to come~ ))

    Never Trust a Goblin

    The tenuous pact between the Horde and Alliance had all but dwindled away. The rare few that held no malice were few and far between. The war in Northrend left both sides weakened and even more aggressive towards one another. The Lich King may have been defeated but no one seemed to tell Garrosh nor Varian that the war between the sides should be over. The great Cataclysm that rocked the world and changed the very landscape only further fueled the boiling tension from both sides. Despite the war there was the fair amount of goblin trade princes willing to play both side and make out with a healthy bit of gold. Their neutral places a haven for those who still held ties to those of the opposing faction.

    Glasses clinked as the squatty goblins shuffled around the inn. A throbbing pain woke Dameyen from his foggy sleep. He wasn’t sure where he was. Only he was in a bed, with a splitting head ache. He groaned painfully, keeping his eyes closed he reached his hand up to rub his head. A smooth familiar chuckle echoed eerily next to him. His orange eyes bleakly opened to the Sindorei sitting beside him. His skin was in good condition for being dead, his long sandy brown hair tied back from his face. A charming grin across his strong featured masculine face. He leaned his arm over the chair, swinging a leg over his knee. A smug look plastered on his face as he looked at his lifelong friend.

    Dameyen grumbled again. “Ziear… you got that smug look on your face. Damn goblin gave me a bad potion huh?” The death knight laughed again shaking his head, his elegant ears swaying softly. “Dames. How many times I gotta tell ya? Never trust a goblin.” He said reaching over to ruffle his friends head. Dameyen weakly batted his cold hand away, keeping his eyes closed. “What ever man. Did the potion dye my hair green?” It was his goal, to have green hair. Bright green hair. Was his favorite color after all. But the laugh that came from the elf was… disconcerting. “Yea man. It’s green.”

    Damestroll.jpg ZiearBE.jpg

    “We still in Booty Bay?” He said turning to look at his friend again. Ziear sighed before smugly shaking his head. “Nope. Ratchet.” Dameyen eyed him a long moment. “That’s fantastic. A human mage running around the Barrens. Fabulous.” He said dryly. But that only pulled out another chuckle from Ziear. “Actually I think they’ll leave you be. You look like ya fit in bro.” He said sitting forward, reaching a hand out to help Dameyen sit up. Perplexed by what he meant Dameyen took his friend’s hand, and became horrified.

    His once tan skin was now a pale blue green, covered with a very fine layer of fur. And where five fingers should be, there was only three. “What the- Where’s the rest of my fingers!?” He shouted as he bolted up to look at his hands. He was no longer human. And at this point asking Ziear what was going on was useless because he was doubled over laughing. “Stop laughing you undead creep! What the hell am I?” He looked down at his feet, which only had two toes. His hands shot to his face as he bolted to a mirror, what he saw he was not quite prepared for.

    Oh yes his hair was green. Just the color he wanted. But it was not a human mage looking back, but a troll. Small tusks protruded from his mouth and he held a lanky frame and long ears. “By the light! I’m a damn troll! Ziear stop laughing! Fuck you man this isn’t funny!” He was fuming. He’d kill that damn goblin. Arcane barrage right to the face. “Stop laughing you stupid blood elf!” But it was no use. Ziear was slumped over in his chair, dying of laughter. Dameyen clenched his fists as he stared at Ziear. Suddenly the mage shot out his hands and Ziear’s laughter changed into bleating. The undead sheep fell off the chair and stumbled onto the floor. Ziear narrowed his eyes and glared at Dameyen, bleating angrily at him. “Nah man. Screw you. Stay like that.” The irritable mage walked out of the Inn and looking around a moment.

    He was almost out when he suddenly the pounding of small undead sheep hooves charged towards him. Dameyen was too preoccupied with inspecting his horrific predicament to just out of the way in time. He turned in time to see his friend ram his head into the side of his leg. Despite being a small but undead sheep, Ziear was still able to put enough force into his charge to knock over the mage. Flailing lanky arms and legs tumbled into the air as Dameyen fell over with a yelp. Dameyen landed on his rear in a rather amusing albeit painful way. The sheep bleated with satisfaction as he flicked his tail. “Ow! What the hell man?” Dameyen exclaimed as if he were the first victim in this friendly tussle. Mist surrounded the undead sheep and with a quick puff Ziear returned to his original undead blood elf self. “I hate it when you sheep me.” He retorted with a smirk.

    “… Shut you up though.” He said again taking his friend’s hand when offered. There was a silence between the friends as Dameyen took a deep breath and sighed. “I need to see Micha. Maybe her alchemy can fix this.” He looked to Ziear, knowing the night elven woman was Ziear’s wife from when his kind were still members of the Alliance. Though now on opposing sides, Ziear and Micha still made it a point to live together. Ziear just smiled. “She’s in Stormwind right now.” Dameyen nodded and held his hands together mumbling softly as he summoned a portal to the human kingdom. Just before he walked through Ziear grabbed him. “Whoa what are you doing? You roll up in there, you’ll get killed Dames… There not going to believe you took a bad potion. You look like a troll.” There was honest worry in the man’s eyes now. Something that he lacked when teasing his friend.

    Dameyen looked again at his blue three fingered hands, realizing he almost made a fatal mistake. “Damnit man… Then what am I supposed to do?” He said turning to Ziear. His friend shrugged and shook his head. “Well I told you not to trust the damn goblin.” He chided, crossing his strong arms across his chest. Dameyen sighed deeply, running his fingers through his green hair, looking again back at his friend. Suddenly wondering why he was brought to Ratchet in the first place. “You know that green bastard is in Booty Bay…” but Ziear shook his head. “You owe me. He hopped the boat here. He was headed to Orgrimmar. Most likely to sell his potions.” There was a pause. He wanted to pursue the prick but he was in the enemies capital city. The city of the Orcs. It was no place for a human mage of the Kirin Tor. He opened his mouth to speak. Even going through the hand motions like he was speaking but he was lost for words. His blue skin became paler as he eyed his friend. “Orgrimmar. Right.”

    Ziear uncrossed his hands shrugging at his friend. A beckoning smile on his charming dead face. “You always said you liked Orcish Grog. And… You look like a troll. There not gonna know.” He said in a care free tone. Dameyen turned to his friend as his portal to Stormwind closed. “Can’t they smell fear or something?” Ziear just gave a snort of amusement. Looping an arm around his friend and tugging him outside the Inn. “No. You’re such a idiot. C’mon.” The elf placed his fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly. Dameyen cringed at the unearthly whinny that startled the air. Quick trotting hooves signaled the arrival of Titan. But Dameyen always liked to remember the steed as he was. The brilliant white sturdy horse that carried his paladin friend. But just as his undead master, Titan was no longer living. His bony hooves came to a stop before the elf, his fur looking sickly and wet. His eyes glowing the same ethereal blue as his master. The bridal clinking softly as he shook his head. Ziear grabbed the saddle and pulled himself on his undead steed.

    Dameyen looked around, looking for his Mekgineer's Chopper. But instead he only saw a gangly green hawkstrider standing by the water troughs tilting its head curiously at him. Paying the giant bird no further mind he looked back at Ziear. “Dude. Where’s my Mekgineer's Chopper?” Ziear sighed as Titan pawed the ground. “One. You used magic so that it only responds to you. Second, rolling up in Orgrimmar with an Alliance chopper would be a bit obvious. Sea Biscuit is your new best friend.” He said pointing behind Dameyen. He turned, trying to spot what he was talking about. But only received an elated squawk from the hawkstrider. He did a double take and looked back at Ziear. That smug smile on his face again. “What the giant chicken?”

    Ziear nodded and Dameyen dropped his hands to his side looking up at the sky. “Why man? You couldn’t get me a… a wolf? Or… a Mechano-hog? Dude would’a even settled for a kodo.” He moaned as he looked at Ziear. “Want some cheese with your wine? Shut it and get on the hawkstrider. You need a steed and the goblins were selling him cheap.” He sat up and Titan responded, jerking his head up ready to ride. Dameyen grumbled as he walked to the bird. “Though you just said not to trust goblins.” He groaned as he eyed the tall bird. Hawkstriders hailed from Ouel’Thalas with their Sin’dorei masters. Despite their supposed intelligence and loyalty towards their owners, hawkstriders looked more like fancy tallstrider. A flightless long legged bird with a long elegant neck. But hawkstriders sported a vicious predatory beak. Sea Biscuit has vibrant blue and green plumage and was fitted with a gold colored saddle. As far as steeds went, this beast was horribly gaudy to Dameyen. It bobbed happily, squawking and tilting its head at him.

    “I swear by the light… You peck my eye out I’m gonna arcane blast your ass.” He said cautiously climbing on the birds back. He steered the bird towards Ziear. “Well if he does it’s all good. You’re a troll. It’ll just grow back!” Ziear said with a chuckle. Dameyen was not amused. “Laugh it up elf boy.” He said with a sneer. Dameyen didn’t know much about trolls but he did know they had regenerative abilities. He’d heard stories of eyes, ears and limbs growing back. But that didn’t mean he wanted to test this idea. The more Dameyen thought about it the more he started to silently worry. He didn’t know much about trolls. Certainly not enough to pass as one. How was he supposed to explain his lack of troll accent? His ignorance to their customs? He had to find that goblin. Fast.

    The death knight gently held his hand in the air, a cold air surrounding both Titan and Sea Biscuit. The hawkstrider squawked in alarm, lifting his feet. “The goblin flight master has no wyverns to spare at the moment. We’ll have to travel this way. And it’s quicker up the river then to go across the Barrens.” Dameyen mumbled a ‘what ever’ and followed his friend to the bay. Once hoof and clawed foot touched the water it frozen instantly, giving them the ability to walk on water. Ziear gently nudged his steed and the undead horse rocketed across the water. Dameyen quickly urged his bird to follow. He had to hand it to the bird, at least it was fast. Easily keeping up with the death charger.

    As they traveled down the bay and through the river, many things started to run through Dameyen’s mind. This journey to Booty Bay was only supposed to take a short while, a few weeks at the most. He was supposed to be due back in Dalaran in just the next day. He worried for his three kids, knowing all too well their estranged sin’dorei mother would not be there with them if they needed it. Taking care of the two younger ones lied completely on his teenage son. Dameyen frowned deeply as he worried about his children but at the moment there was nothing he could do. Sea Biscuit bobbed obnoxiously as he ran down the river.

    Dameyen’s eyes moved between each of the banks of the South Fury River, the red banks of Durortar and the tawny sands of the Northern Barrens. Each looked just as bleak as the other, desolate and unforgiving. Each ready and willing to choke the life from anyone not experienced enough to traverse its landscape. Durortar looked as though the land itself would kill you. Oppressive heat and this river possibly the only water source for miles. A low whoop caused the mage to jerk his head towards the other bank. And there was just one of the reasons that the Barrens would kill you. A hyena bobbed its head as they ran by, snarling or panting. Its tail flared up as they went by, trotting after them for only a short moment before loosing interest. Barrens wild life or the deadly wastes of Durortar, Dameyen wasn’t sure which was worse.

    The sun began to fade behind the mountains in the north as they came upon a tall tower surrounded by small huts. Fear sparked his heart to thunder in his chest like a panicked herd of zhevra. As a human he always stayed well away from any Horde out post, but now it seemed as though he meant to stay at one. Dameyen hissed Ziear’s name, trying in vain to get his friends attention. But either the undead elf didn’t hear him or he was ignoring him. He slowed his steed to a trot clasping a fist to his chest in a very orcish manner. “Throm-ka! May you have room for two more in your huts? Still a long ride to Orgrimmar and I feel like I died already from the journey today.” Ziear said with a cheeky grin as his horse came to a stop on the bank.

    Dameyen scoffed and rolled his eyes. “You with the undead jokes.” He drawled. But the orc guard thought it was hilarious, bursting into raucous laughter throwing their heads back as they did so. They were more terrifying here in their home lands than in Dalaran. At least in the floating mage city they dressed more warmly, less primal and barbaric. They had a resemblance of humanity at least. The various guards were various shades of green skin, each with huge tusks jutting from their lower jaw. The mail armor they wore did little to hide the battle scars on their huge bulky muscular bodies. Dameyen had visions of one of them roaring a battle cry and swinging an axe for his head. “You died from something else, friend. Come. There is plenty of room.” One particularly gruff orc said as he waved them in. With that Ziear dismounted on the shore and Dameyen followed suit. But the elf waited a moment before walking forward, taking a moment to whisper to Dameyen.

    “I know your probably freaking out a little but this is just for a little while longer. You have to act the troll part.” He said patting Titan on his neck. The undead horse snorted and bobbed his head gently as Dameyen walked with Ziear. “Freaking out? Yea that’s an understatement.” He said nervously as he tried to appear friendly. Tugging on the reins of his own avian steed. “Can I just say I’m terrible with accents.” Ziear nodded and seemed completely cool about the situation. “You’re an Armani troll raised by Sin’dorei.” He replied in his usual cool demeanor with a slight nonchalant shrug as he handed the reins over to a slightly smaller orc. The dumb founded and simple minded look on his face suggested to the mage that this was a peon. A breed of orc, if you will, that was much less intelligent than proper orcs but just as strong. Dameyen had once read that they would listen to any command from their leader, even if it meant throwing self preservation out the window. “Take both our steeds to the stalls please.” Ziear said as the peon grabbed up the reins of Sea Biscuit as well. He grinned happily at both men. “Dabu!” He replied enthusiastically as he lumbered off towards the stables.

    As the night pressed on Dameyen remained as quiet as possible. Every time he opened his mouth to speak would make it more obvious he was a human, not a troll. But despite his fear the guards at the outpost, although gruff, were surprisingly welcoming. Sharing their food and grog with Dameyen and Ziear. It was odd, truly to watch his friend in this environment. Watching the former paladin laugh and enjoy orc company. Regaling them with his tales of combat in Northrend. Dameyen grew up with Ziear. Walked the streets of Lordaeron with him in a city once filled with humans and elves alike. Chatting with Alliance guards and even aiding the Knights of the Silver Hand as a paladin. He was fully and completely Alliance. But it was clear when the corrupted human King Arthas decimated his home city it left such a bitter taste in the elf’s mouth that he chose to switch sides. And why not after all, he died trying to protect his city. He had every reason to distrust the Alliance.

    As Dameyen looked up at the stars he imagined he was back in home territory. Looking at the twilight above him it was easy to forget his surroundings. Only the boisterous laugh of the orcs brought reality back home. That he was indeed with the enemy. A sigh left his lips as he looked at them. Were they really so different? Dameyen shook his head as he walked to the hut. It was a large primitive structure made of clay and mud but held all the coziness of a cottage. Fire in the middle and the walls lined with hammocks, chests and tables dotted the deep room. Dameyen climbed into the first empty top net. Opting to sleep high away from the ground to avoid anything crawling on him. Not long after he laid down, Ziear and another guard lazily walked into the room. Each going to a hammock to sleep, Ziear thankfully chose the hammock under his friend. Opting to give him comfort in his proximity.

    It took some time for Dameyen to fall sleep but even when he did it was only lightly. He swore he kept hearing things, shuffling, movement out side. But every time he looked either at the door or at his friend there was nothing. Soon images started to flitter through his mind, making him wonder if it was reality or a dream. He was suddenly in a jungle. Towering trees covered the sky making everything a sea of impenetrable green around him. His heart thundered in his chest was something big moved through the brush, frozen in fear he only stared. “Don’chu be ‘fraid my child.” A deep male voice cooed from the darkness. “Ya not born of me, but ya be my child.” Dameyen narrowed his eyes at the long razor toothed snout that grinned through the foliage. It was a raptor, a huge one at that. But unlike any he’d seen before. Its massive green head was adorned with spikes and brightly colored feathers. Jewelry of beads, shells and bones hung from his neck and arms. The creatures face was painted eerily similar to a troll shaman or witch doctor. His brilliant gold eyes shining with a strange knowing as they looked deep into Dameyen. “Who… Who are you?” Dameyen stammered as he looked on curiously albeit with a little fear. The raptor just chuckled darkly and seemed to grin even more. “Look for a zulfi wit hair white as dey cloud. She show ya dey wey.” Dameyen tilted his head in confusion, eyes widening as the great raptors head sank back into the depths of the green foliage. “Wait! What do you mean!? What does ‘zulfi’ mean?” He said jerking towards the great beast but he was suddenly gone. “No. Now ya wake. Cause dere be fire…”

    The smell of fire burning away grass stung the mages nose. Smoke choked his lungs and jolted him away. Insidious swine screams and yipping wolves filled his ears as he rolls in his hammock. Coughing deeply, choking he tried to open his eyes but smoke clogged his vision.” Ziear! Wake up!” He choked. Ziear stirred with alarm as he too began to choke. “Fire? Fire! Kagh! Fire!” He yelled out as he woke the other orcs.
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  17. ((WARNING!! Scenes to come have blood and slight gore. There was your warning. >_> Yay for battle scenes and part two of my story. Question... Would this be considered a fanfic even tho it features none of the canon characters? I'm not sure how that sort of thing works since I don't usually write fanfiction... Enjoy~ ))

    Into the Fire

    Chaos over took the hut as everyone within jumped from their hammocks and tried to rush outside. Dameyen was closest to the door and the first out. He stumbled and staggered his way through the smoke, trying to follow the floor as much as possible. The hut was engulfed in flames. His heart thundered in his chest as a barrage of sounds created more chaos around him. The roof caved in, sending the crackling angry fire in on the remaining occupants, including Ziear. The hellish screams of swine and the howls of wolves echoed in the trolls ears as he barely made it out side. Dameyen had only time to jerk his head before a piercing sharp pain slammed into his right shoulder. He screamed out in pain, twirling around and falling to his feet from the impact. Jerking his head down he was then made aware of the arrow now lodged in his body. His eyes shot up to see the attacker.

    It was a creature, or race that he’d only read about. Quillboar. A race of humanoid hog men with attitude as nasty as any wild boar. Their hog faces were long with several razor sharp tusks jutting from their lower jaw. A wild mess of course brown hair rose up from their necks, lighter than that was their light brown fur. They were as stout and sturdy as a dwarf with the vicious attitude of an orc. The one that shot Dameyen held a bow in its three fingers, but this was not just one quillboar. No this was an ambush party, all dressed in leather and mail armors. All with the goal of taking out Far Watch Post and reclaiming this area for their own. Dameyen jerked his head again as a scream of pain rang in his ears, louder than the others. The quillboar kept prairie wolves as hunting companions, one of which had an orc peon pinned to the ground. Screams filled his ears from behind as the fire started to burn those still trapped in the hut. Dameyen had all the skills to defend himself but had never been in the fire of combat like this. He was frozen in fear.

    Suddenly a vicious battle cry ran out, but not that of an orc. Dameyen looked behind him as a figure burst from the burning hut. Shoving a burning beam off of his body, his black armor gleamed in to fire light making the sin’dorei look far more menacing. The calm ethereal blue that normally pulsed in his eyes now burned with a furocity as if he were possessed by something, his face ridged and fierce. Dameyen almost didn’t recognize Ziear as he looked this way. “Put the fires out Dameyen!” Ziear’s voice boomed as he walked forward out of the blaze. A hellish scream made him jerk his head back to see a quillboar charging towards him. This one was in heavier armor with a huge axe that he wielded in two hands, aiming for the fallen mage.

    Things seemed to move in slow motion as a spectral clawed hand shot past Dameyen. He followed it as it reached seemingly into the quillboars heart and jerk him past Dameyen, jerking the beast off his feet and right into Ziear’s awaiting great sword. With a single mighty swing and a vicious battle cry Ziear’s sword cleaved the pig man in half. Crimson blood splattered the death knights face, an act which didn’t even phase him. Wide eyed the mage stared as the blood also splashed him, causing him to jerk with disgust and fear. A hand grabbed his foot as the top half of the warrior quillboar squealed his last breath, trying to crawl away before blood loss took his life. Dameyen frantically kicked it off and stood to his feet as he looked up to see a man he nearly didn’t recognize. There was no compassion, no remorse. Only a stone cold glare upon the undead blood elf’s face as his eyes slowly moved from the dying quillboar to his friend. “Put the fire out. I’ll deal with them.” His voice so cold Dameyen was surprised it didn’t put out the flames. This was the first time Dameyen was seeing his friend in his true element. As an undead warrior.

    Though wounded he nodded quickly and held up his hands as best as he could recanting a spell as he did so. His right arm trembled from the pain but a cloud started to form over the hut. Thunder rolled from it as it grew, tiny snowflakes started to drift from the clouds. Soon it took over the entire hut, the winds from the storm causing the fire to erratically dance and the mages hair to tussle. Sheets of snow and ice rained down from the storm clouds, choking out the fire and bringing much needed relief to the orcs trapped within. Many of them roared angrily and thrust the debris from them. Grabbing up their axes and swords they raged into battle with the quillboar as they tried to overtake the hut. Dameyen had saved them but now he needed to save himself as a warrior boar barreled towards him.

    With the storm still going and snowing out the fire he jerked towards the screaming battle cry. He gasped as he held his wounded arm close to him, thrusting his left into the air as he moved out of the way. More blue ice swirled from his hand and shot to the ground around him, moving instantly to freeze the attacker in his place. Shocked and annoyed he stopped and looked at it in a moment of slight confusion. Dameyen ran away and slung his hand out, sending a large ball of violet purple arcane energy towards the frozen warrior. The bolt knocked the pig man out of the frozen ground, making his stagger before he found his footing. But he was far from dead. Once again he barreled for the mage and once again Ziear came to his rescue.

    Ziear stood behind the quillboar that charged Dameyen. He was surrounded by a group of four as he looked over to Dameyen. His great black sword swung once again severing one boar in two. Before the warrior fell to the ground his hand shot out yet again as deadly wave of slushed ice shot from his hand, its vicious cold freezing all three quillboar from the outside in, killing them instantly. He swung his sword towards the boar charging Dameyen, the mage seeing only a flash of a sickly green spectral ball and the sound of a dull whoosh before it hit his attacker. Just before the boar reached him, he jerked to a sudden stop squealing in pain as the death knight’s magic hit him in the back. Like acid or a flesh eating virus his chest dissolved from the inside out, leaving a gaping hole as the warrior pig man fell to his knees.

    Dameyen stammered and staggered in horror as this played out before him. “The barn Dameyen!” Ziear said as a quillboar swung his axe at the undead elf. The blow barely made the elf move; instead he looked back as if a child had tried to push him. His annoyed scowl was the last thing the warrior saw before Ziear swung his sword to the side and severing the pig men’s head. Dameyen slammed his eyes shut and shook his head, holding his arm as he ran for the barn. Staggering past his friend and the other fighting orcs he finally opened eyes to see the barn engulfed in flames. All around him were the sounds of combat. Blades and metal clashing, the sickening sound of fleshing being pierced and the painful screams that followed. The orcs however seemed to be grinning as they roared viciously against the squealing screams of the quillboar. Dameyen dodged as much of the rain of blood around him but to some extent it was no use.

    Reaching the barn Dameyen cast the same spell, sending a much needed blizzard onto the angry flames. The panicked howls of the orc worgs tore at his heart as he put all his effort into putting out the fire. His right shoulder searing in pain as his arm trembled as a result of the arrow. He vaguely remembered asking Ziear when he was living how he didn’t notice he’d been cut during combat. Ziear’s reply was ‘In the heat of the moment you won’t notice the pain. It’s only after it’s said and done that you see your own blood.’ What a pile of bull that was. Dameyen felt every ounce of the pain, every twitch and movement intensifying the horrible feeling. He could even feel the hot wet blood sticking to his cloth tunic as the wound bled. But somehow something deeper within him started to stir, something that gave him the strength to go on. To finish the spell and save a few lives.

    The spell was completed and doing its job of putting out the fire when a bolt a sizzling green hit Dameyen. Being knocked to his feet the mage hit the ground as the nature magic burned his skin. He managed to fall on his left side, sparing him further pain from the arrow embedded in him. Jolting his head up as he looked up to see a quillboar in tribal robes. Its thick three fingered hands swirling as it began casting another spell. “No! I don’t think so!” The mage said forcefully as he shot his left hand out and got to his feet. A puff of mist surrounded the quillboars mouth for a fleeting moment before its spell was interrupted. Unable to cast another spell right away the attacker grabbed up its staff and charged for Dameyen. But by this time Dameyen was already charging another spell. His hands circled one another as he mumbled incantations, his left hand shot out and a barrage of arcane magic flowed from his hands, beating the quillboar as it tried to charge forward, its body jerking every time a beam hit it. Staggering to its feet it still tried to come at Dameyen. It’s slowed paced allowed him to cast another blast of arcane magic into the creature. Once the violet spectral ball hit its target the attacker jerked violently, squealing one last time before it hit the ground dead.

    It was a small victory but enough of one that Dameyen smiled and gave a slight cheer. “Yea! Don’t mess with this mage!” He cheered cradling his wounded arm. But suddenly a panicked yell sounded beside him. It was a peon who was flailing his green arms in the air. “Fire! Fire! Me can’t help worgs!” The troll looked up to see some of the barn still on fire, with worgs still inside. “C’mon! Help me untie them!” He said grabbing the peon’s arm and tugging him towards the crumbled building. “Okay.” Was the simple minded reply he gave as he followed Dameyen. The two worked feverishly to untie the steeds in the stalls. Dameyen walked to the first worg and grabbed the rope of the trashing beast. It wasn’t until he really looked in its yellow eyes that fear found its way back into his heart. Worgs were like super sized wolves the size of horses, only they had thick muscled massive bodies with a pair of bottom canines at least a foot long protruding from their lower jaw. It was known orcs revered wolves for their cunning and ferocity. So it only made sense that they took worgs as their steeds. “Oh by the light, don’t eat me please? I’m trying to help.” He said as he yanked the rope free.

    To his surprise the beast calmed down, standing still until it was free. But as soon as the rope dropped it bolted from the stall with a howl, making straight for the first quillboar it saw. The poor pig man had no chance as the worg’s massive jaw snapped around its portly body. Dameyen jerked his head away as the huge canine began to shake its victim violently. Another worg passed him as the peon helped one free. The echoing ethereal whinnying drew his attention next to a stall with a fallen beam. “Dead horse no get out!” The peon exclaimed with panic and fear. Dameyen gasped as he ran to the stall with the fallen Titan, who trashed violently trying to free himself from the beam. Apparently the steed was as hard to kill as its owner. “Help me get this off him!” Dameyen commanded as they both grabbed the beam. Though it was useless for Dameyen to try to lift anything with his wounded shoulder. He was thankful to have the strong peon at his side whom easily lifted the chunk of wood off the undead horse. Titan scrambled to his feet and trotted out of the barn with nothing more than smelly burned fur and hair.

    Dameyen rushed to the next worg as the peon ran to the hawkstrider. “No bird. Battle dat way!” He yelled. Dameyen turned in time to see his idiot bird squawking and running the opposite direction. He growled in annoyance but he didn’t have time to worry about that, the worgs needed him more. The stalls next to Titans were not as lucky as the horse. Under the beam the troll could see two worgs, one of which clearly didn’t make it. He winced at the crushed body and the crimson liquid that stained the floor around it. His head lowered for a fleeting moment before he looked up. The peon had released the last worg, which barreled past him to join in the combat. “That’s the last one! Let’s get out of…” He started to say before a soft shrill whimper caught his ears. He paused and looked a bit deeper, trying to see in the stalls through the snow and smoke. He moved again to the stalls with the beam of wood crushing them. Clutching his shoulder he leaned down, whistling as a human would to his pet dog. A painful yowl came from the rubble causing his eyes to open wide. One more was alive and he would be damned if he were to let it die. “Hey! There’s one more! Come help me!” He yelled at the peon whom replied with a ‘dabu’ and helped him tug away broken planks of wood.

    Yellow eyes met Dameyen’s as he pulled the wood away, pleading yellow eyes from a brown and grey worg. It howled anxiously as the two worked feverishly to get it free. “Hang on man!” He said as if the worg could understand him. “Get under the beam and push up! I’ll pull him out.” Dameyen commanded as the peon obeyed, though that was a tall belief considering Dameyen wasn’t strong to begin with. But as the peon got under the beam and lifted it the mage grabbed the scruff on the beast’s neck and pulled with all he had. Yelling in pain as the arrow seemed to tear his muscles. The worg clawed frantically with its front paws to help the mage pull it free. Dameyen fell back on his rear as his body gave out, panting deeply as he the worg toppled in his lap. The beam crashed down again as the peon let it free. He cheered happily as the worg panted deeply, its paw and head across the mages entire lower body. Dameyen sat crumbled over its head as he looked it over, a smile tugging at his lips as the worgs thick brown tail flopped on the ground as it wagged appreciatively.

    Dameyen chuckled as for a moment he forgot a huge worg lay in his lap, instead to him it was just a big dog wagging its tail and licking his leg in appreciation. He scratched its head with a smile. “You’re welcome.” He replied as he looked up at the peon whose simple expression was formed in a smile. A portion of the roof behind them came crashing down, prompting a yell of panic from the idiot peon and both Dameyen and the worg to haul themselves to their feet. Respectively staggering and limping their way out. Once they exited it was a grizzly scene before Dameyen. Nothing but dead quillboar littered the ground with the occasional orc. He held his shoulder as he winced at the carnage, fallen pig men with deep gashes from axes and swords. Though there were far more that looked rotten and or cut cleanly in half. Dameyen assumed those were a result of Ziear. This night belonged to the Horde, and rallying victory cries of lok’tar from the survivors proved that. He was in shock show at the volume of death. His heart tugged again as the limping worg moved to one of the few fallen orcs on the battle field. Its mournful howl jerking his heart in such a way that it made him choke. Was this what real battle was like? If so, he quickly decided he didn’t like it.

    So consumed by the horrible scene that he didn’t respond to the peon when he spoke. “We save worgs! Lok’tar! Hey, you have arrow in shoulder. I help!” He exclaimed excitedly as he moved in front of the mage. Dameyen only had a moment to process the peon in front of him before his green hand reached up and ripped the arrow from its wound. Perhaps this was a normal orc thing to do, rip sharp objects from their bodies and continue as if nothing ever happened but for Dameyen the pain was incredible. He screamed in agony and staggered backwards, clasping the throbbing wound. Despite his grip blood squelched through the white cloth and through his fingers. His eyes wide as tears filled them and he gasped for breath. The peon held the arrow like a torch with a deep simple grin on his face. “I help!” He repeated exuberantly. “Yea…You… Ow… Son of an ogre man! You can’t just rip arrows out like that!” He chided as he finally found his voice to speak as he held his painful shoulder.

    The distinctive laugh of Ziear sounded behind the happy peon. “I help.” He said as if he’d just done the most amazing thing ever. Ziear patted the peon on the shoulder. “Yes very good. You helped him. Go help the others.” He nodded behind him. The peon dropped the arrow and happily replied with a ‘dabu’ before moving away. Ziear patted his friend gently as he helped him back to the hut. “For never being in battle… You did good Dames. You did good.” Dameyen looked up and started to smile before he noticed Ziear face was covered in blood. He grimaced at the grizzly sight and frowned. “You got a lil’ somethin’ right here…” He said pointing to his own face. Ziear’s face became slightly serious and almost curious as he moved a gauntly covered hand to wipe away the blood. Though the blood that covered his hand now smeared the blood even more upon his pale face. Ziear paused and raised his brows as if silently asking ‘did I get it?’ Dameyen just stared before shaking his head and closing his eyes. “Y-yea sure. You got it man.” He lied as he was led to the other group of wounded warriors. Ziear nodded in satisfaction as he helped Dameyen sit down.

    This night moved by more hazily after that as the wounded were bandaged and the dead quillboar piled and burned. Though mush to the mages surprise there was a small funeral service provided for those orcs that fell in combat. Their bodies put on wooden pyres and burned in a ritualistic way. It was fascinating to see the orcs in this new light. Far from being the savage aggressive green monsters, they showed surprising compassion and honor for their dead. Dameyen’s eyes narrowed upon the worg he’d saved, howling mournfully beside one of the pyres. The leaders of the Alliance had always said the entirety of the Horde races were heartless blood thirsty savages. But this moment in time said something much different. When everything was said and done no one got much sleep for the rest of the night. Fearing another attack guards were patrolling every hour or so, though Dameyen seriously doubted any were left to defend against. For the time being the mage forgot all about the cryptic dream he’d had.
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  18. DamesNekoDad.jpg

    A proud father...

    I randomly had the urge to draw a neko. (For those oblivious its a human with cat ears, eyes, and tail most often drawn in anime style.) I actually just was drawing someone random then somehow it turned into Dameyen my main character. O-o His expression warranted him to be looking at something... which then ended up being his daughter and youngest boy as a young little ones. So I give you a Neko dad and his kittens~

    Eventually I'll color it.
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  19. ShayneHum.jpg

    So hot out the box; can we pick up the pace
    Turn it up, heat it up I need to be entertained
    Push the limit, are you with it baby don't be afraid
    I'ma hurt you real good baby
    Let's go, it's my show baby do what I say
    Don't trip off the glitz that I'm gonna display
    I told 'ya I'ma hold you down until you're amazed
    Give it to 'ya 'til you're screaming my name

    Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

    I was going through my art folder and found this one 1/2 done. Shayne is such a bad boy I love him to death. (No pun intended because he's a vampire.) Had to finish it. :D
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  20. doodle1.jpg

    I'm shocked, I had to resize this from 1680x1680. :/

    Anyways I'm feeling down, a little beaten, alone and physically sore. Just needed to do some vent drawing... And I drew my cats. :3 The white one at the top and the black and white one. The others are random since I only have two.
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