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Zizi's Art Shop!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zizikitty, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Huzzah! Welcome to my humble art shop page here on Iwaku. ^_^ While browsing me wee bitty page I'll tell you a bit about my artistic love and what I can (and also willing to) do. I started out drawing animals, mainly my Lion King OC's. From there I blossomed into an anthro artist. That's anthro, not furry. But it wasn't until about two years ago that I really started to draw humans.

    So! That being said if you have a character, human, anthro, furry, animal or other that you'd like drawn lemme know! I can even animate a gif for you! Though that will take a bit more time and more money.

    For a small sample of my work you can check out my Iwaku art page Here

    Or for a much broader idea you can check out my DiviantArt account Here

    Pencil Sketches
    Bust - $8
    Full - $10
    *Extra character - $5
    *Elaborate Armor/character - $2

    Photoshop Color (Plain Background)
    Avatar - $5
    Bust - $12
    Full - $15
    Character Sheet - $20+ (Depending on complexity)
    *Extra character - $5
    *Elaborate Armor/Character - $2

    Price may go up depending on the complexity of a desired background.
    I accept Paypal and money orders.

    KenoAb.jpg Mutabasmile.jpg

    RogueRomance2.jpg Maxwolf.jpg JadeElf.jpg


    AlanaElf.jpg DamesAV.jpg mickymantisAV.jpg DyzzAV.jpg
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  2. Color Busts:
    ZiearBE.jpg Esha&Ark.jpg Shaynegrin.jpg Kezanbloody.jpg

    Color Full:
    AUZiearEsha2.jpg Geeklove.jpg LeoHuman.jpg HumKiara copy.jpg Zevsexy.jpg

    Example of character sheets coming soon...

    If you want to commission me either message me here or send me a PM! Along the process I will be sending progress pictures to make sure it's to your liking. I will send a basic sketch to prove I started working on it but will not finish until I receive payment. I also work a full time job as well as a married life, I promise to get the art work done in the most reasonable amount of time but be patient with me~

    Thanks for looking!!
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