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  1. Professor Kiyonaga Nagata rested his hands on the railing of the balcony that overlooked the entrance to Gemu Game Headquarters. A large white and green bus was pulling up the long, tree lined gravel drive, smoothly pulling up in front of the Beta Tester House.
    Nervousness knotting in his stomach, Kiyonagata swallowed dryly. The last beta testers had arrived. Within a year Ziradia Online, his magnum opus, his masterpiece, would launch. He had been developing the game privately for over a year before he pitched it to the Gemu Board of Directors, and since then it had consumed his every waking moment and sleeping thought. He knew every line of code, every piece of concept art, every scrap of lore.
    A shadow passed over the man's face, and he quickly shook the encroaching thoughts away. Nothing would stop him from releasing this to the public, he would fix that bug himself soon.
    As for the beta testers...
    He could see them all filing down from the bus, retrieving their luggage. These would be the only beta testers he would be interacting with personally. What would they think? Would they like it? Would they enjoy his game?
    Pushing down his doubts, Kiyonaga turned to head down to the House for his first meeting with the Beta Testers.
    The bus driver slowly pulled up to the Beta Tester House, pulled the bus to a stop, and engaged the parking break. Popping the doors open, he made his way down the few steps and to the side of the bus, popping open the luggage compartment and beginning to retrieve the suitcases of his passengers. As he did so, he looked up at the large, inviting manor that was to be the home of the young adults he had been driving for the past few hours.
    The house was a stylish modern blend of sharp edges and clean lines, with little hints of classic Japanese architecture evident in the few statues in the garden and on the tiled roof.
    He stood beside the luggage, all unloaded now, and waited for the Betas to retrieve them. As he did so he pulled a crumpled sheet of paper out of his pocket and read it aloud as they gathered around.
    "After you retrieve your luggage, please find your way to the gathering room (it's a large room with a piano) to meet with Professor Nagata, who will be overseeing your stay here. It is there you will receive your rooming assignments and more information."
    He cleared his throat, a bit uncomfortable, and nodded, shoving the paper back into the depths of his battered jacket.​
    OOC Information: This thread is the IC Roleplay thread for Ziradia Online. Signups are currently closed. Please do not post here if you are not one of the eleven people in the RP.
    1. Intermediate+ writing level please. Of course leniency is granted, everyone has off days, but I'd like at least basic spelling and grammar, as well as description, not just dialogue.
    2. Minimum paragraph (5+ sentences) per reply. I understand while having a conversation it's harder to write long replies, but I'd like the RP to be fairly literate. One paragraph is the minimum, I'd prefer 2+.
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    6. Finally: If I think someone is messing up the roleplay for others, simply not following the rules, or just not holding up the standard, I reserve the right to replace them.
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  2. Drake would sigh lightly as the man finished his little speech looking over the manor and the surrounding area. "Seems we they were being serious when they said we wont be going far from the gaming house after all." Taking in the view from the bus he couldn't even see anything of the back half of the manor or the hot springs or gardens. "Oh well, just give me my duffel bags, I'm getting tired of standing around waiting" His demeanor would seem almost demanding but quite nervous and shifted as he try's to bring his focus back onto the man handing out their luggage. As the man starts handing the luggage back Drake would start reading names off and setting up small areas for each persons luggage until he could gather his own. Once he had gathered all his bag without even another word he would walk off to the manor quickly. Soon after he would fid his way into the gathering rom and take a far seat as to not be the focus of the room. he would lean back in his seat putting both headphones in until the meeting and just evaluating the area around him. Soon his eyes became fixated on the piano and he bit his lip as he begrudgingly and remained seated. "No, maybe once the other testers are all out in about, but I won't be the one to make a scene this early, after all we have three months to get to know, or hate each other." His fixation shifting from the piano and now setting on the door everyone was soon to be walking through as to address the people he would now be not only living, but working with as well.
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  3. typha.var02demo.png

    Sayu peered out the window from her seat as the bus pulled into the Gemu estate. Slightly unimpressed with the sight, Sayu yawned and shifted her gaze away from the complex as she began stretching her limbs. As the bus came to a stop, she raised her arms up and slightly over the seat behind her to get one last stretch , ignoring the possibility of hitting a person who might’ve been sitting behind her, plus it’s not like she had long arms anyways it would have never been able to reach. She stood up from her seat and exited the bus, staring up at the large building in front of them again. The way father had described the place sound a lot more grand than how it looks now, she thought to herself then walked over to where the bus driver began unloading the luggage. She waited patiently, and thought about it possibly looking nicer on inside of the complex, plus there better be a five star hot spring and shopping mall like her father has promised.

    When the bus driver finished unloading the luggage, along with some help from some boy who was also on the bus, Sayu flashed them a sweet smile and bowed lightly “Thank you for your help” she said then made her way over to her luggage. They better have handled these with care, I have some important things in here, she thought to herself and pulled up the bar from her only pretty big suitcase. This isn’t even half the stuff I planned on bringing, daddy said that he’ll have the rest delivered to my room, she reassured herself and listened as the bus driver read their instructions.
    Sayu played around with a strand of her hair impatiently, wanting to get inside the building already. When he finished his speech she immediately started up towards the entrance of the estate, dragging her suitcase behind her. Eventually she reached the gathering room and instantly plopped down on the nearest seat, feeling her body began tiring already. She knew she didn’t have the strongest body, but she’d think that she would be able to at least drag a bag with her.​
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  4. Nikki was barely keeping her excitement at a steady simmer, with the threat of it overflowing at any minute. She was a fidgety mess on the bus as she bounced in her seat, spoke to everyone around her, pressed her face to the window, and then repeated the cycle. Two thick strands of loose pink hair escaped her Quagsire knit cap and artistically framed her face. Her smile was brighter than her hair and her green eyes, like beautiful windows, revealed her barely contained enthusiasm.

    ”There it is,” she said to the entire bus, when Gemm Headquarters first came into sight.

    She was as giddy as she had ever been, when the bus finally stopped in front of the House and it took all of her self-restraint to keep from pushing past the people in front of her in order to get off the bus first. As it was, she disembarked in the first third of the group. Outside, she stepped out of the way of those behind her and then spun slowly around and took in the great panoramic view. In the upcoming months, it was likely that she would spend 14-16 hours a day in the game and that this moment was probably one of the few times she’d truly appreciate her surroundings.

    Finally, she turned her attention to the House. The letter had said “luxurious” and she felt that it was adequately descriptive. She didn’t really care for the sulfur smell in the air, likely from the natural hot springs, but then, she recalled her time as a professional MOBA player, specifically her time on Team Serenity when she lived for a summer with four guys in a two bedroom apartment. She had to admit that she preferred the smell of sulfur than week-old pizza boxes and men who didn’t bathe regularly.

    That was probably the underlying reason the team fell apart, she thought fondly.

    She slipped her Elf Chronicles backpack over her right shoulder and then collected the pair of Team Serenity duffels, glanced at the young men who were nearby, and then decided that her petite frame likely had more upper body strength than the lot of them, and hefted her gear up the path to the house.

    Inside, she dropped her bags, and pack, unceremoniously to the right of the door, out of the main path and thoroughfare, and began her inquisitive exploration.

    Wide green eyes gave the first room a thorough inspection. She noted the piano with indifference, she didn’t know how to play; gauged the comfy-ness of the sofa; considered the amount of static electricity the carpet might generate; and made a subconscious note about the off-white color of the walls; all before she noticed the most interesting fixture of the room. She did nothing to hide her appreciative look as green eyes fell upon the tall, thick-shouldered man who had helped the driver unload just a few minutes earlier. Now where was this tall drink of water when I needed help with my bags? she thought. Her bright smile instantly formed upon her lips and she gave him an enthusiastic wave, before her legs carried her to where he sat.

    ”Hey,” she said as she approached. ”I’m Nikki,” she informed and in the next breath, without allowing him to reply. ”Can you believe this place? I would’ve been happy with a super-fast connection, bedroom and well-stocked kitchenette. I wonder if this is what it feels like to win the lottery,” she said and her smile grew warmer.

    Finally, she reached out her hand toward him, in the classic Western greeting. ”Don’t know about you, but I’m not patient enough to wait for the guided tour.” She gave him a playful grin, ”come explore with me?” she asked and her right eyebrow rose slightly.

    Notes: Tag = @Lightdread, open to all.
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  5. So this is Japan. Ever since Ann left the airplane she has been in a trance. Taking in all the sights, fields, mountains, ocean, everything was different. Finally the bus came, cutting her first steps into the country short. Stuffing her stuff into the bus, she was careful to make sure her two oversize backpacks laid on top of the suitcases. Entering the bus she did not say anything instead quickly bowing to the driver and taking the seat in the way back. She kept her head down to avoid counting the people. After entering her seat, she begin snapping pictures of everything. Dad would love to see these. Finally the bus left.

    After a while, the bus arrived at the compound where they would be staying. It was huge, 2 maybe 3 times bigger then Ann's home. She snapped a picture of it then got off the bus. The bus driver gave a speech which clearly was not rehearsed. It is almost like some bad horror movie. She grabbed her stuff out the bus why giggling at the silly idea. He probably was some bum who needed a job. She glanced at the bus driver one last time before walking to the compound with her head lowered. If anything, the only thing that worried her was his Professor Nagata. What kind of man was he?

    Upon entering the compound Ann was shocked. It was spacious, unlike the rooms shown on the internet. Of course those were normal people but still, it was a little nerve racking. She entered the gathering room whistling. There was a piano and three other people. There was a guy, probably around her age, speaking to a older woman, possibly and American, with an Elf Chronicle backpack and girl who looked a little tired. Ann wondered if the older woman was a somebody in the RPG but seeing how the woman was already speaking to the guy, Ann dismissed the thought for later.

    She turned to the woman sitting in the chair, looking for anything that would explain why she was tired, but she only saw one suitcase. How heavy could that be? Ann her self was sweating a little from all of her stuff, but she also was lugging 4 bags. She did not see another good place to sit down, so she walked over next to the exhausted girl and placed her stuff down. Then she gently sat down next to her.

    Was she weak, or maybe the bag is filled with a lot of heavy gear. Maybe she was just tired from being up all night. Maybe she was just pretending to get some guys attention. No matter what the reason was, there was only one way to find out. She opened her mouth but it took a minute for the words to come out. Though she studied Japanese, this would be her first time using it in a real life conversation. Finally her voice made it out her throat though it was still quiet, "He..llo. Are you... ok?"
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  6. Drake would look up slowly and remove a single headphone as his greyish blue eyes met with hers rolling the hood from his head allowing his mid length black hair to fall down onto his face as he almost instantly brushed it to the side.

    "I'm sorry but I couldn't hear you over my music." After letting her go over her greeting again he would give a small smile and would shake her hand making sure to give a firm grip.

    "My name's Drake, but I'll pass on the exploration, I'm more interested in getting this meeting over and done with sooner rather than later." He would sigh and lean back a bit.

    "All these formalities for a beta test, they must be expecting some big returns on investment, after all this place and all the extra work they are putting into it must cost a ton of money" He would slowly look her up and down as he finally pulled the other headphone from his ear, admiring her hair and body. After a moment he would almost grin and move to the side a bit.

    "We may not be able to go explore the house, but I don't think they will mind if we get to know each other a bit before the game really starts. After all, we will all be playing together for together at first anyway, but I'm sure the veterans will show through rather quickly after the first few sessions, as in most MMO's." He would now be grinning and almost seem to be laughing as he finished speaking. "After all I don't think many people here will know who I am until the game starts, best to try to make some friends first I guess."

    "So Nikki" he would smile and look her in the eyes as he waits to see if she will sit with him or not "How did you find yourself in a beta like this, I honestly was assuming it would be me and 9 other sweaty guys piled in a house for three months" His eyes looking to the other two across the room for a moment then back to her. "Seems my predictions were rather off, since I seem to be the only guy to have made it inside thus far."

    He would rest back into the chair softly waiting for both her choice of seat, and her response.
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  7. It had been the grandest site Aoi had seen in his life. Trees were perfectly aligned alongside the road, the gravel road giving everything else a more vibrant color. The Beta Tester house itself was two stories high, and unlike most buildings, its balconies were real. The beta tester grinned as the bus finally came to a halt, and shaking uncontrollably, he stumbled down the vehicle's many steps to grab his modestly sized suitcase. Aoi almost began making his way into the great complex until he was cut off.
    "After you retrieve your luggage, please find your way to the gathering room (it's a large room with a piano) to meet with Professor Nagata, who will be overseeing your stay here. It is there you will receive your rooming assignments and more information." Well that was sudden, he thought to himself before continuing, but at least I know where I'm going. Everyone else trying to make small talk was just wasting time, or at least he thought so.
    When he finally opened the doors to the compound, he was locked in shock. A chandelier hung from the center of the domed ceiling, and palm trees dotted the corners of the room. Windows with the perfect view of everything else in the resort were build into the back of the room. He would have kept on staring--until a piano caught his attention. This was where he was supposed to be, and luckily for him, comfy-looking couches could be seen near the small palm trees.

    Aoi took a seat far away from anyone else. No one would talk to him here.
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  8. As the bus creaked as the department opened outside, Leo's eyes snapped open, only to see most of the people had already gotten off, standing up and rubbing the drool off his face; he grasped his goggles, which had fallen off and onto the floor, and slipped them onto his head, hurriedly smoothing his clothes and sighing. Taking a deep, calming breath, he tried to relax, but his anxiety crept up and he gave up, heading to the doors, he stepped down the stairs, carefully, as to not fall and make a fool in front of anybody, when he stepped onto the ground; he was taken off balance at the beauty of the house in front of him, it looked rich and fancy, nothing like Leo has ever seen, he was not poor, but he was never rich, and this house was extravagant, he could tell that. As the bus driver called to him, "Hey, kid with the goggles, come here, everyone's heading in" After helping Leo get his duffle bag over his shoulder and his two suitcases, both carried in his hands, they were heavy but he didn't want to reveal it as he shuffled towards the stairs, he strained his muscles getting up the stairs and through the large doors, setting them down for a moment and taking a break, he could hear low voices talking, hoping it was the right way, the young man grasped his suitcases, though they were heavy to Leo, they didn't weigh much.

    Entering through the doors, there were other young adults in the room, as well as the piano he was suppose to find which made Leo let out a breath that he didn't know he had been holding in, he carried the bags with a grimace to the emptier couch and set them on the floor beside him, panting slightly as he set his duffle bag beside him on the couch. Anxiety passed through him for a brief moment as he opened the bag and pulled out his Nintendo, flipping it on, once making sure the volume was off, and starting up the game he was playing, trying not to focus on the voices beside him, two people were talking with each other and suddenly, Leo felt like he was being watched, his breathing picking up slightly as he tried to cancel it out, he doubted anyone was staring at him but the anxiety of the thought was unbearable, maybe he should have taken his goggles off? He didn't want people to think he was weird. His mother had urged him to make friends here, but he wasn't sure, he wasn't himself in person and he always messed up his chances to make friends, he frowned as he missed a really good spot in Tetris, he tried to focus more on it, but he flashed back and forth with his attention, squirming in his seat.
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  9. Soon after she had arrived inside the gathering room, two other girls entered the room. One of them, with pink hair, is the same girl who was bouncing around the bus and chatting with everyone. She still seemed to be in an enthusiastic mood as she wandered around the room and started a conversation with the guy from before. Sayu blinked, slightly embarrassed about not having realized he or the giant piano was in the room before. Idiot, I’m either completely unobservant or that walk tired me out a lot more than I think, she thought and sighed, feeling slightly irritated with herself. Maybe she should’ve taken up her father’s offer to have to transport here privately, but she knew that the others would probably question why she wasn’t picked up by the bus. She shook the thought out of her head then turned to face the other girl who had decided to take a seat next to me.

    Sayu smiled at the girl’s question, then pulled herself to sit up straight and properly on the sofa “Yes, yes, I’m fine” she said then waved a hand in front of her to pass it off as nothing “Don’t worry about it, I’m totally ready to get started with the day!” she added, followed by a small laugh and brought both her arms up into an L shape and flexed her invisible muscles. Though really, what she was really looking forward to was the shopping mall and a nice relaxing time in the hot springs.

    “How about you? Psyched to try out the game already?” she asked the girl and looked up at her eyes “Wow! You have such pretty eyes!” She leaned in closer to get a better look, blue eyes, how nice. She stopped herself and quickly retreated back to her place “Sorry! I’m being rude” she apologized to the girl and rubbed the back of her head out of guilt “I didn’t even introduce myself, I’m Sayu, it’s nice to meet you” she said, purposely leaving out her last name just in case, then slightly bowed her head. Just then, she managed to overhear the girl with the pink hair mention something about ditching the meeting and exploring the estate some more. Sayu had to bite down on her tongue to prevent herself from blurting she wanted to join and instead drew her attention to the two boys who entered the room. The shorter boy who’d enter and took a seat farther away from the others. So cute! Can this little boy really be one of the beta testers too? She thought to herself then rested her eyes at the other guy with goggles. She studied him carefully for a bit, not too sure how to feel about the goggles since she’s never seen a look like this before, but she kind of liked it, it suits him well.​
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  10. Aoi looked up as another person walked through the doors of the grand room. Someone's late. He looked oddly normal, except for the fact that on his head were... goggles? What was this, welding school? The adult sat down near two other people and flipped open... a 3DS. Aoi scooted a bit closer to the edge of his seat, examining the game system and trying to hear if any sound came from it. There was nothing, forcing the tester to keep on wondering. But he wanted to find out what game could possibly entertain anyone over thirteen years old... but he knew he'd get locked in a conversation. And really, he didn't need people marveling at his height... but something as low as Nintendo...?
    Flustered, Aoi put on a fake, modest smile, stood up, and walked over to the guy with the goggles. "Not to be nosy," he started without any sign of shyness, "But what game are you playing?" This wouldn't be the first time Aoi's spoken to someone, and it turns out that he was still good at having normal conversations without stuttering. The skill he's had in school was still with the beta tester.

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  11. Leonardo nearly jumped out of his skin as a voice spoke to his side, looking up, he glanced both ways before realizing that he must have been speaking to him and he flushed a bit, "Oh... Um..." He stared that at the Nintendo as if he couldn't remember, "Uh, Tetris, it... was the last game in... I brought a few others..." He mumbled, he cleared his throat and repeated, "Tetris" In case the other hadn't heard him, he squirmed in his seat, he could hear his mother talking in his head, 'Leonardo, make friends, please, for me' He made a bit a face before sighing, pausing the game and setting it on his lap, he turned towards the shorter guy, though he opened his mouth, his voice faltered and he didn't know what to say, he stared at him, trying to figure out what to say, but his mind blanked, desperate for something to talk about, he swallowed nervously and blurted out, "Uh... You're, um, pretty short" Was the only thing he could think to say and immediately he smacked himself mentally, that's how to make friends, this was going to go fucking swell.

    He didn't know what else to say so he kept his face as blank as possible, though his hands were making the Nintendo's screen go back and forth, he felt his anxiety rising up higher and he bite his lip, he didn't want to make a scene, he honestly just wanted to go home at this point, he did have his anxiety medication in his duffle bag but he didn't want to take them here, feeling self conscious, he didn't know what else to do, he turned back to his game, playing in silence, his hair covered his face as he hunched over the Nintendo, he was a bit red as he focused on the game in silence.
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  12. ”You’re joking, right? They’re going to make billions off this, even if it’s only half as good as they promise. It’s likely going to be the top MMO for the next five years, at the very least,” she shared her opinion as if it was fact.

    She furrowed her brow and gave Drake a disappointed look. She turned her body, as so she wasn’t cutting off the other two people in the room from the conversation. Her attention, however, was currently completely occupied by the “too-cool-for-school” dude in the chair. Her disappointment quickly faded and she perched upon the armrest of his chair without a second thought. The “subtle” challenge wasn’t lost on her and it caused the corners of her mouth to arch upward in a knowing and mischievous smile.

    She shrugged nonchalantly, ”it makes sense that they’d want a wider demographic to test their game, besides its 2090, and women have been kicking men’s asses, in video games, for nearly seventy-five years,” She grinned and shared a victorious look at the other females in the room and then shifted her attention to the two younger males who entered.

    She turned her attention away from Drake and directed it to the rest of the room, ”I’m Nikki, by the way,” and accompanied it with a friendly wave. Her gaze rested on the girl who called herself Sayu – it was a wonderfully unique name – and did her best to make eye contact, and acknowledge the other woman in as friendly a way as she could.

    She took in the awkwardness of the two boys with the retro-gaming system. She had an obvious love for the ancient games, as evidenced by her tattoo choices, which were currently covered by her blue blouse, and tight jeans.

    She looked around the room, gauged each of the other individuals, and then glanced at the door. Had there been any cars outside? She couldn’t remember.

    ”You know, she began, directed at no one in particular, ”this place isn’t that big… and I’m sure, if someone hollered, we’d be able to hear it and have enough time to get back here before this all-important meeting began. I mean, if it was really important, they’d have met us at the door or the bus would’ve taken us straight to the offices.” She arched a brow and glanced around as she dropped the imaginary gauntlet.

    Note: Going to wait to post again until everyone else has posted.
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  13. Aoi felt as though he had just been smacked across the face. He was infuriated to the point of coming close to strangling this anorexic prick. The tester felt himself about to move but halted. The smile from before was still stuck on his face, but now he just stared at the other. After a minute of silence, he brought his hand up to his own face, stuck his finger out, and slowly slid it down his cheek as though it was a tear, but a red mark was left behind, hinting at how hard he actually pressed down. "My feels. So how many points do you have so far?"
    It may have come out slightly different from what he was thinking.
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  14. Leonardo noted the tone difference and furrowed his eyebrows together, but he didn't look up, "I, uh, just started..." He mumbled, not looking up as his fingers flew across the controls, his arms were starting to ache from picking up his suitcases, he had only had his dufflebag, and was ready to go, the second his mother saw this, she had freaked out. Over dramatic Leo had thought at the time but he appreciated her helping him like that, it was 3 months after all, and he was going to miss his mother, and his computer. Though his laptop was in his duffle bag, it wasn't very fast, compared to his computer, they probably gave you computers or something, he wasn't exactly sure how the game would work, but he assumed it was on computers. He made a pained expression as he rolled his right shoulder, it was starting to really ache, it cracked loudly, making him flush a bit as he paused the game, closing it and slipping it back into his duffle bag and glancing at Aoi, "You got... Something-" He paused as he stared at the red mark, realizing he must have done that to himself.

    A quick look of concern pass over his face before he blinked, trying to figure out why- Oh. "I'm sorry for calling... You, uh, short... I didn't know that, um, you were sensitive... About, you know, your height" He spoke with little emotion in his voice, but he was trying to be a sincere as possible though it didn't really seem like it, it sounded more uncaring and insensitive than Leo had planned but he didn't take them back as he used his one hand to rub his shoulder with a grimace, he hoped it wouldn't act up to much, his back was fine at the moment, but his shoulder pulsed with pain, he would have to figure out how to carry those bags better, he decided mentally as he zipped his duffle bag up and adjusted his goggles without thinking, trying to think of what to say next.
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  15. As the bus finally arrived at the destination, Azrael didn't moved neither stood up from his seat until most of the other beta testers left the bus. He looked to his right and gazed the entrance of the luxorious place that will be his home from the rest of this month. Even that he felt nervous because he will be around total strangers people, he was preety excited deep on his insides. Been chosen as a beta tester was definitely an honor and something that happens once in a lifetime. Letting go a slight sigh, he looked around and stod up after noticing most of the people were outside and a man was picking the luggage. He widden his eyes and quickly rushed to the door and picked the cage where Saphira, his owl pet, was , flapping her wings while hooting with panic.

    Azrael glared at her and hushed her, placing his right index finger on his lips. He brought her here because he couldn't find anyone that could take care of her for a month and didn't knew if pets were allowed here. "I should ask the person in charge of this home, I guess", he thought as he looked up at the enormous house. He loved the style and the way the structure was build, making his smile brightly. "You see this, Saphira? It's the same style our apartement has", he began to talk with his owl. Saphira hooted while folding her wings and Azrael chuckled, nodding. "Of course I already noticed it's more fancy looking that our place, you silly..." Tired of gazing at the magestic house, Azrael slowly walked inside of it and looked his surroundings. He spotted a fancy piano on a corner and his eyes sparkled with amaizement. He loved music and he thought that the piano was the best of all the instruments. He felt the urge to play some keys, but also guessed it would be rude and would probably break the "Don't touch anything" rule. Another guy was near the instrument, so he just looked away and kept his distance.

    "I know I won't be able to avoid them for too long, but I just do it until it last", he thought as he looked down at Saphira on her cgae. He smiled and lifted it, tapping the object with his right index finger lightly. Saphira hooted and scooted closer to his finger, gently rubbing her head on it. Azrael chuckled and lighty scratched the back of her head, exactly on the spot where she loved to be petted and scratched. As long as he had Saphira, Azrael thought he didn't need anyone else. He also knew he would probably share a room with someone, but wished and hoped he could get a room just for him, not minding if it's a small one.
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  16. RILUKA Gin
    It was warm today. Warmer then usual. It was cloudless and somehow the sky felt emptier than usual. Gin looked out of the window with a certain bored expression. It wasn't the first time he had to beta test for games. Being one of the most reputated gamer's in Tokyo as well as a prodigy when it came to programming and digital art, it usually placed great pressure on those ambitious adults, but not in Gin's case. He just seemed neutral and indifferent.

    The bus finally came to a stop and his eyebrows ticked noticing how so many were all excited.

    He simply thought as he stood up and re-adjusted his silver earphones. He was jamming to anime soudtracks, which at this precise moment was Bleach first opening, Asterisk by Orange Range.

    He noticed one guy with dark raven hair and broad shoulders. Honestly, he looked like a juke that ended up in the Gym 24/7. Worst of, he was talking to himself for some reason. It was very strange and Gin was frowning every once in a while when he observed him. This slight and very short observation gave him the creeps a bit.

    What a Weirdo....

    He told himself as he continued walking only to take his luggage from the weirdo of the bus. He sighed as he shook his head and he glanced at the girl that bowed right next to him. She flashed that sweet and innocent smile, oh but Gin did not believe one second it was honest.

    He couldn't help but laugh at the flagrant fake smile she just gave the boy. That girl looked like one hell of a rich girl, and a spoiled one to add up. He saw how she just played with those hair - which looked very soft and he couldn't help but actually check out her looks cause she was cute. Nonetheless, a diva for sure.

    He eventually followed behind her sneaking a small glance down, not that she would notice since he was very subtile. Tired by how slow she was, he eventually countered her with his duffel nike bag in hand and his military hiking bag that pretty much contained everything he needed. It actually was the first time he actually had to sleep in campus to beta test a game, so he prefered being ready and even brought his laptop for his personal use.

    Finally entering the room and leaving the cute girl behind without really offering her to carry her bag because of her 'delicate' hands. Diva's annoyed him. But they were always so cute, so Gin couldn't help but look at them.

    That's when he finally entered the room and was actually slightly impressed by how nicely decorated. Surely, they had a lot of budget or expected this game to be amazing because this was pretty grandiose for just beta testers.

    Who exactly made this game? He must be known, yet I haven't yet heard of his name... This whole thing is quite odd.

    It pertubed him a bit not being able to identify him and then he spotted an American of all things entering. Oh god, he really did not like them. Gin was one nationalistic man and American's wasn't his cup of tea. Especially in the gaming industry. They always thought they were better and the center of the earth. Once, he even encoutered one who dared say that American video games were better and lets just say Gin made sure his computer was short lived with a few tricks up his sleeve.

    He immediately looked away getting already flared as he fulmigated with annoyance that they needed an American to proof this game. Lets just say that just a day prior to now, he had a small 'misunderstanding' with an american.

    Deciding to refrain his observation any further without ending up becoming the judgemental prick he could be, he figured he would focus in the game at hand. Afterall, he never really bothered socializing with other beta testers. They would distract you, and eventually want to keep contact just because you are Maelstorm, the mysterious not so mysterious MMORPG gamer.

    So rather then bother with any of them, he simply sat on the edge towards the door. He already assumed what would be said and he just continued listening to the music of his favorite animes. He crossed his leg and fixed his glasses with his index before sighing as he looked at two individuals that seemed to be picking a fight in front of him for some kind of issue... which he ended up eavesdropping by pausing his song but all the while remaining silent.

    Summary: Gin observed almost everyone and assessed them giving him a general first impression. Obviously, he isnt fazed too much by all of this. Though, he is still kind of enjoying the campus.

    Mentions: Drake, Sayu, Leonardo, Ann and Aoi.
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  17. Drake would almost laugh at Nikki as she perched on the arm of the chair he was sitting in, soon after reaching up and just pulling her hair lightly as he sat forward getting a bit closer to her. "There may be more women in gaming these days, but it's the competitive scene that still rarely see's the likes of a good looking lady like yourself Nikki."

    Now dawning his attention onto the crowd. "The name is Drake, Although for the sake of things, I think I'll keep my IG to myself, I want to see if we can all figure who is who in game based off the personalities we see here first." He smiles and waves then leans back into the chair looking back at Nikki almost as if challenging her a bit.

    "You think you could take me in a one on one match? I'm sure they will want the game to have some PvP testing done, we could always make it more fun by putting something on the table as a bet as well." He would smile almost in an ominous way looking her over now perched next to him. "If nothing else I'm sure we could find it rather entertaining to play around for a bit, but let's get this meeting over before we take off, after than we can go ~Adventure~ all you like, I'm sure it will be plenty of fun."

    Drake now laughing lightly would look back at the new people joining the room, sizing them up each evaluating them on their physical attributes, wondering if they all had the same mind set or if they would all end up splitting into small groups not long into these three months.

    "Did you all get a good look at the rooms, It seems we will be sharing with two people per room" He looked over at Nikki and smiled as if implying something rather mischievous.
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  18. Kiyonaga made his way swiftly though the currently-empty halls of the house, his knee-length white coat flapping a little. As he reached the door leading into the main room he paused, breathing slightly laboured.
    "Oh dear....I haven't eaten yet today, have I?" he sighed, making a mental note to do so at a later time, and ran a hand through his thick black hair, mussing it up nervously.
    Once his breathing had returned to normal he opened the door, black eyes taking in each of the young adults there so far, counting them as well as putting a name to each face he had previously only seen in files.
    "One, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight...two haven't come in yet, alright...Deep breath Kiyo, they aren't enemies~"
    He gave a bright smile, clapping his hands together.
    "Beta testers! Welcome to Gemu Headquarters, your home for the next three months. I am Professor Kiyonaga Nagata, and I have just a few brief words, I'm sure you're all tired and would like to settle into your rooms, which is why I'll try to be quick once the last three have joined us."
    He gave a small bow and moved to lean against the wall, pulling out what looked like a plain rectangle of glass. As he tapped the surface, holographic circles popped into view, and he navigated easily though them.
    He wasn't really doing anything, just sliding through the menus, opening and closing various programs, but honestly it was just something for his hands to do as he quietly observed the others. Some weren't much younger than him.
    "It should be interesting to see how they all get along, both in and out of the game..."
    He realized that his hands, fingers still flying across the screen, were shaking slightly, and he let out another sigh.
    "Perhaps I should leave the office more often, this is getting out of control..."
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  19. Yuuki hadn't once pried his eyes away from the game screen. Even when the bus came to pick him up, he was solely focused on the game in front of him; allowing the bus driver the pleasure of carrying his bags to the back and letting himself board. He doesn't even know what his companions look like. Though it doesn't really matter. He won't be doing any real life talking with them. He's sure the organziers have some chat room set up for them on site. He came to beta test, not to make friends.

    The six minutes where he was forced to wait out on the front porch and the three minutes where he disembarked when they arrived were the most hellish moments of his life. The smoldering summer heat, the gross sticky sweat running down his skin, the anxious loading times to wait through; it was all so inconvenient, uncomfortable. His hat provided meager protection from the heat and the sweat was dripping down to his glasses. How could anyone live like this? Outside? Ugh...

    He continued mashing away at the buttons even as he got off, stumbling off in some vague direction to get his bag that contained nothing more than a few clothes and his laptop. The words of the bus driver were completely lost on him as he stumbled his way into the building, completely unaware of how everyone else was starring at it in awe. Weren't these people gamers? Why would they impressed by such a thing if there were even more grand pieces of architecture in the games they played? Is probably what Yuuki would think if he saw the commotion.

    His attention was instead focused on something much more important. The riveting scene that was unfolding right in front of him. The MC, Rin, would finally realize his feelings for his longtime childhood friend, Akira. He was blasting through the flashback dialogue. Rin promising how he would always stay by Akira's side, and Akira gleefully agreeing with her child-like innocence. After this, Rin would rush over to Akira's house. It was exciting, all so very exciting!

    At least it was, until reality has to break him away from the spell. Because, as he found out, he had no idea where he was or where to go.


    Sighing to himself, he paused his game and finally took in his surroundings for the first time. It was a fancy place by 3D standards. A mix of modern and traditional Japanese architecture that was becoming rarer these days. From this impression, he'd expect very high quality facilities. Maybe the computers here are more powerful than his own, which meant there was no need for him to lug around the laptop he had in his bag.

    With such a place, it'd be impossible to guess where he needed to go. The amount of doors that lead out of this room was enough to deter him from free roaming. There were probably restricted rooms as well and he did not want to stumbling into those so carelessly.

    Which meant the best course of action was to stay here and call for help.

    He shouted into the empty room. Well, more like croaked. He hadn't spoken much the past few months. His voice still echoed around the room.

    No one. Oh well. Back to Spring Loves it is!
  20. (@B l u E s Ann is an America too, don't forget!)
    Ann smile as the girl flexed her biceps. The girl seemed to be fun but it was only one interaction. Then the girl asked how she felt about the new game. Ann looked up and thought about her blog. This was probably the 50thish time she was asked this question, yet her answer has not change. However before she could respond the girl leaned into her face and started staring into her eyes.

    “Wow! You have such pretty eyes!”

    Ann's face went completely red and she started trembling. Then she covered her face with her hands, "Th...They are... not... that pretty..." Her quiet voice became a little louder. Finally apologized and introduced her self. Ann lowered her hands from her face and attempted to face Sayu. However the thought of the complement made her to quickly look down. She cuffed her hands together and took a deep breath. "No, no, it's ok..." immediately Ann covered her mouth, realizing that she was speaking English not Japanese. This time, she spoke Japanese while bowing, "Sorry, sorry, I am not use to speaking the language and sorry for my rudeness and not introducing myself first." Ann looked at Sayu, trying not to make eye contact at first. She did not want to show her eyes but she had nothing, within reason, to cover them up with. Her face was still red but she managed to speak. "I..I am Ann, and it is nice to meet you too, Sayu"

    After introducing herself, Ann felt a little more conformable around Sayu. Just enough to calm down from her complement about her eyes and be able to focus on her environment again. Now there was a lot more people in the room. There was two guys talking, one of them playing a handheld. There was a guy who was talking to his luggage. Though Ann has her gentle smile on, that was the furthest from what she thought about the site. Note to self, stay away from him. There was yet another guy who was sitting in a corner all by his self. He looked as if he had an attitude or something stuck up his butt. Probably was a stalker or something. The two from earlier seemed to be really clicking however Ann would not know because she was not really listening. Then this older Japanese man appeared out of the blue. It was not any Japanese man but the one and only Professor Kiyonaga and he had a few words to day!

    "Beta testers! Welcome to Gemu Headquarters, your home for the next three months. I am Professor Kiyonaga Nagata, and I have just a few brief words, I'm sure you're all tired and would like to settle into your rooms, which is why I'll try to be quick once the last three have joined us."

    Anyone could tell he was still nervous. Normally that is a bad sign in a horror flick. Ann chuckled though she did not say what was on her mind. She did not want to be viewed as crazy. Crazy skilled maybe, but not plain crazy. Then she turned to the guy who was talking to his things. Yep, Crazy. Turning back to Sayu, Ann remembered the original question. "I can't wait to post on my blog about the game!" she pulled out her phone and started tapping away, telling her followers that she was safe in Japan.

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