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  1. I have been a roleplayer for about 8 years, so this is not by any means my first rodeo. (Though I've never been to a rodeo so if it was a rodeo it really would be my first rodeo... Eh, technicalities.)
    Lately, the amount of people looking for a roleplay seems to have decreased drastically. On several of the other sites that I frequented towards the beginning of what I will refer to as my writing career, the population of RP'ers has disappeared.
    I am hoping that here I am able to find a new stream.
    During my time, I have tried to roleplay with many different people. Sometimes it went well and they stopped responding due to schedules. Sometimes they gave me things that made little sense. (Ex. Mandie walked into a bar on a horse in the middle of September with the sand under her feet in the bathtub.)
    Other times I would get this- (actual example) *I blushed, pushing your shoulder* "Your funny" I said. I look at you and winked.
    And then those that have lasted me have been with a single partner. (My best friend, the one who introduced me to roleplaying.) We have, currently, thirty working titles (active), four in hiatus (inactive but still repliable) and a few that never got the chance to live due to the lack of... motivation? Neither of us really felt that it would be a good plot.
    I hope those statistics don't scare you. As many as I have, I am always looking for more. I am good at keeping up with replies and love to have multiple stories (separately but at the same time) working my creative reflexes.

    I am human. I make mistakes. Grammatically (I may miss a few commas here or there), spelling (I hate spelling, but I do my best and I do proofread, and send my replies through a grammar and spelling check before I send them), and sometimes I'll attempt to write a sentence one way while thinking of writing it in another way and they happen to get sort of tangled together.... OR I don't know what I'm doing and tell you my character is Andre (I meant to say that Rose was angry......) so it is not the end of the world if mistakes are made. I do my best to correct errors but it doesn't always work that way.
    (If I really haven't scared you by now, thank you for taking the time to read this!)
    I am Ash and I can't wait to roleplay here!~
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Ash (Diamond?)! Do you have preference about what you're called? Let me know if I can help you out with anything around here. Happy roleplaying!
  3. My username is based off the leader of the Korean pop group Block B. So Zico... But Diamond is fine as well as Ash. I like Ash better personally~
  4. I've not heard of said group. Although, I don't listen to Korean pop often. Feel free to link me some of their songs sometime, though. I asked to figure out which you liked better - so Ash it is from now on. ^^
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