Zico's Search for a Female Partner! [18+][Cas-HiCas]

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  1. Heyo! I'm officially on Spring Break now, which means that I have all the time in the world to participate in my favorite hobby that is RPing! So please, help me knead out the burning knot in my chest that is slowly crushing my innards caused by the anxiety and stress of finals, by partaking in a wonderful journey of story-weaving. :p
    And so, onto the rules and what I'm looking for:

    - Seeking a casual to high casual +18 female partner who's willing to double if necessary.

    - Must be in it for long-term; I have other things to do outside of the forum, so I ask you to be patient if I can't get
    around to a reply. I'll kindly do the same!

    - Minimum of two paragraphs, please!

    - It'd be nice if we can talk outside of the RP as well. Many times I have become distant to an RP because I don't feel a connection to a partner. Sorry, it's just the way I am. :(

    - Someone who's able to take initiative and develop a story with me. I don't bite (too hard) ; pitch in any of your ideas if you have any!

    Now, about me!

    - Usually post about 3-5 paragraphs, with the intro being a bit longer at times. I average three paragraphs though.

    - I'm handsome.

    - My post time varies, but I can usually go for a post or two a day, especially if I have days off from work or school.

    - Very adaptive - I'm here to satisfy not only my cravings, but yours. I'm open-minded to a lot of ideas. :)

    - I consider myself literate, and I also double-check before posting. Just don't yell at me if I do make a mistake. :,(

    OK! With the introductions and small stuff out of the way, here's a presentation of my cravings and a small description of how I want it. As of now, I have a skeleton of a plot for each pairing, and I'm looking for a competent partner to help me fill in the gaps. PM me or message me here ; either way, I'd love to hear from you guys! :) IF you don't like what you see, go ahead and throw in pairings and ideas of your own. :)

    - Rival Gang Member x Rival Gang Member
    [Something cute and lighthearted mixed with darker passion and drama. Think of it as a very mature romantic-comedy of sorts.]

    - Best Friends
    [Slice-Of-Life routine centered around college students. One of the two friends falls for the other through some incident.]

    - Babysitter x Young Guardian of Orphaned Kids
    [Pair of siblings to wealthy family lost their parents ; uncle reluctantly becomes guardian ; hires babysitter/nanny to help.]

    - Con-Artist/Master Thief x Detective
    [Detective captures thief/con-artist ; makes a deal and con-artist becomes consultant/partner ; cracks cases together.]
  2. - Con-Artist/Master Thief x Detective I would very much be interested in this one.

    Though I have a plot idea that you may like that is similar to this.
  3. I would love to take part in rival gang member x rival gang member if you are still on the lookout! :)
Thread Status:
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