Zeronium Bane

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    3 faction fighting for power. 3 faction fighting for the crystal called Zeronium. Will the world be reduced to nothingness? Or will peace will bloom after the war ended?

    Zeronium Bane is a Modern Fantasy RP sets in a parallel Earth, where magic and human goes hand by hand. Witches weren't burned, werewolves weren't hunted, elves didn't avoid human, and other mythical beings coexist with human. However, as time goes, human nature started to show it's worse side, greed.

    When a new element was introduced, named Zeronium, the whole world undergoes revolution, and now everything uses Zeronium as it's source of power, since it's hundred times more effective than fossil fuels. Everyone was happy and prosperous with the discovery of Zeronium. But what would happen if Zeronium ran out?

    It's war. Now it's the year 2015, and the war is at a stalemate.

    Your character can be in one of the 3 existing faction, or unaffiliated. Check out the Info page regarding the in-depth detail of the role and stuffs!

    Zeronium Bane Info Page
  2. This sounds really cool. Should I message you a character sheet or post it on this thread or..?
  3. Go to the Info thread. This one, and post the character sheet there. I already included the character form there.
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