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We human are no stranger to magic. We see them in movies, novels, comics, animation, even music. History itself told us about their witch hunt, the time where a lot of might-be innocent was burned on a stake. That hunt still goes on, even today. But does magic in itself exist? Does witchcraft happens? Does mythical creature ever makes appearance for real?

In a world where human does not fear magic, those stuffs of imagination became reality. Werewolves goes shopping for meat in local supermarket, flying trash bags around the neighbourhood courtesy of local housewives, kids sending playful spells to other kids on the park, vampires dominating the night skies, things like that. In this parallel world, human never fears the magic. They embraced it as their nature, and decided to live along with them. This created a harmony in the world, and the world itself advances through time with this harmony close.

Even though there's a harmony, war still happens. Humans still fought with each other, nations fought with each other, and the power hungry dictator fought for more power. In short, this world, isn't so different from the world we're currently in, except with several, say, tweaks, in the history. When the war happened, the magic was used everywhere. Mages takes the field, mythical creature helped the fight, those sort of things. But such medieval method of using magic and close range combat is already outdated. While the magic and the mythical beast conquered the battlefield, they're still far inferior than the technology known as firearms. Mages can't stop cannon, werewolves can't survive silver bullet through their heart, vampires can't stand the floodlights, dragons was easily shredded by the machine gun. While they do contribute by battling effectively in the battlefield, the addition of magic does not affect the war THAT greatly. It's all about who shot first, after all.

Then the war ended, and peace rolls in the world once again. While there's numerous conflict throughout the land post-war, the conflict is easily manageable, due to the indifferent magic user.

It was a peaceful world, if it's not for a single elements of nature.

2010, the world was shaken by a discovery by a group of scientist researching near the coast of Japan, near Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The group found crystal as big as an elephant, forming throughout the reef of Japan. The crystal is highly volatile and sensitive, such as most scientist who came contact with it starts growing crystals on their body, before finally dying after hours of agonizing pain. Further research stated that this crystal was formed due to the fallout of the nuclear warhead. The radiation made several kind of plankton and coral bonded together and formed the crystal. Strangely, the radiation only affected those specific plankton and coral, and not the other kind plankton or coral, or marine living beings. The crystal, however, can grow parasitically on other living being, if they came in contact with the crystal physically, as shown from those corpses of scientist and marine animals.

The crystal itself wasn't the thing that caused the uproar. The uses does.

Further research revealed that those crystal, now called Zeronium by the scientist, is much, much, much more effective than fossil fuel, for a gram of Zeronium can do the same thing as a 100 liters of fossil fuel. The processing method is also different however, but processing a Zeronium is much easier than processing fossil fuels.

This caused an outbreak of technology. Everyday object now uses Zeronium, generator now uses Zeronium as their main source of energy, fuels is completely replaced by Zeronium, basically everything that uses fossil fuels and electricity, now uses Zeronium instead, or electricity based on Zeronium.

The Zeronium itself does not benefits only the technology. The mages and the mythical beast also benefits from the Zeronium, as the crystal boosted their magical power, and strengthen their power. Like human however, direct contact with the crystal also causes the crystal grew on their body. Unlike human, the magic user benefits from continuous exposure to the crystal.

But like fossil fuel, the Zeronium has their limits. On the year 2013, record said that there's only approximately 1 kg of Zeronium left in the coast of Japan, not counting the crystal from the corpses. Addicted to the power that it brought, the world leader started doing something, inhumane, secretly.

Some launches a nuke to a certain deserted island, some forces their prisoner to touch the crystal, started researching how to 'breed' the parasitic crystal, basically anything they can think of to bring back Zeronium.

Until one day, a group called Vindictus declared that they will be doing everything they can to continually provide Zeronium to the world, in any cost. This caused an uproar everywhere, calling them inhumane and such, but as time goes, the group grows, bigger, stronger, until they finally became an empire, the Vindictus Empire, one that already big enough to already assumed both South and North America as their territory. Even though their methods are inhumane, they have a point: Zeronium is needed. Most people can't go back to their previous life of using fossil fuel, which is why the empire grows bigger steadily day by day.

Aroused by the growing Empire, another group rises up to fight the empire. Well not exactly fight, more like standing up to. This group, called Twilight, consist of mostly mages, who thought that the Zeronium shouldn't be mined, and only used bits by bits, while letting it forms another. This principle, however, limits their living choices, as most stuffs today runs on Zeronium. This caused them to revert back to less modern lifestyle. This doesn't makes them weaker than the Vindictus though, since by tapping the Zeronium as a magic source, they're able to conjure much stronger spells and magic, while keeping the Zeronium intact. The Zeronium still ran out of course. Once the magic power ran out, the zeronium crumbles to dust and disappear into thin air. This one based themselves on Europe and half of Asia continent, namely China.

With the growing power of Vindictus and Twilight, another group rises up, calls themselves Peace. This group, unlike the other two, did not care about the Zeronium and it's power, the only thing they cared about, is nature. The war and technology has caused a great toll on nature, and they intend to bring everything back to where everyone still cared about nature. Their methods? Bring nature's wrath to them. This bunch has developed a way to use the Zeronium power to manipulate the nature itself. As such, most of their weapons and structures consist of living plants and weaponized nature elements. Imagine a golem made solely from roots, dragons from rocks, those kind of things. They based themselves in Africa and the Arctic.

And now is the year of 2015, when the war of the 3 faction came to a stalemate.

There's actually 4 faction for your character to join. So not joining a faction is actually prohibited.

The faction focuses on technology and human invention. They're led by the Emperor V. Works on a strict rules made by the Emperor, and is pretty similar to any military focused nation. The continent under their rules have those dystopian feel with high-tech everywhere, but also surveillance everywhere. Despite this, most people living under their rules is still kinda happy, since most of their Zeronium-reliant stuffs still works wonder everyday.

The faction that focuses on magic and it's derivatives. They're led by a group called the Council. Every decision regarding major events is decided by the people in the Council. More reliant on their magic and magic source. Most of them lives in the existing architecture, but some of them lives in the Citadel, a floating magic city powered by an extremely volatile giant Zeronium that changes itself every second. This is the main source of their magic, for the Zeronium keeps on renewing the energy, albeit the slow restore rate.

The faction that focuses on harnessing nature. Like Twilight, they're led by a group of people called the Circle. Their power relies on their Geomancers and Alchemist, bending the nature to their wills. Their power source lies on the Zeronium radiation. They're able to control the radiation to a certain degree to make stuffs like the boulder dragon and root golem, which is by fusing a dragon and a boulder, and an orc with a tree, just like how the plankton fused with the coral. The thing is, the power they wield is unstable, and without proper care, could do more harm than good. They live in a tree house, and their utilities energy source is nature. Their way is the most primitive, but the most powerful, if handled right. For the one in Arctic, they basically controls the ice there.

Not in any faction listed above. Could be a wanderer, refugees, or anything basically, as long as they are not affiliated with the factions.


South America and North America Continent: Vindictus
Europe Continent, Russia and China: Twilight
Africa Continent and Antarctica: Peace
The rest Asia Continent and Australia: Unaffiliated/Neutral

Human can't wield magic. If a human can wield one, they're called mages. Wielding magic needs a certain level of 'affinity'. This affinity is decided from birth, and can't be changed in any way.

- There's actually cases of people that survives Zeronium corruption. It is very rare, and most of the time when they survived, they're killed right away. The Zeronium corruption is indicated by the crystal-like skin on their body. Sometime it's a group of small crystals, or on worst case, a big one. The reason behind this rare occurrence is that, sometimes, when the crystal latches on to the skin, their parasitic nature stopped. Either because it can't drain the host's energy, or because it just stopped being a parasite. The host that have afflicted the corruption has heightened magic affinity, making some human able to cast several spells, albeit simple one. Other than that, the host also benefits from the diamond-hard skin at their disposals, able to block even an anti-tank sniper rifle, provided it landed on the crystal. Other than that, there's not much benefits. While the crystal isn't parasitic, the assimilation period still hurts like hell. It's stated that it's even hurts more than childbirth times 10, so most people actually died from the pain alone.

- Zeronium corruption survivor has higher life expectancy and slower aging, reaching up to 500 years. Nobody knows this yet, since the Zeronium has just been discovered roughly 5 years ago, and the rate of one surviving a corruption is 1 in a 1.000.000

- Most living being can only do a single type of magic. People who can wield fire magic can't wield earth magic, etc etc. This is due to the person's magic affinity. Each person have different affinity, as well as different element affinity. So for example, people with fire element affinity will be able to wield fire magic, but won't be able to wield any other kind of magic.​
[tab=Rules]*No limit of character, just make sure all of them, i repeat, ALL OF THEM are active
*If you want your character to become a couple with another person's character, please discuss it with them here, or PM, just don't just pairs it.
*Cursing and swearing is allowed, but please keep it to minimum.
*Please, by all mean, use english. It's fine if you got the grammar wrong, as long as it's understandable.
*Fighting is allowed, but no killing other character unless discussed first.
*In the RP, if your character is having a conversation with another, please wait until they post. If they are offline, you can edit earlier dialogue into something that can have your character do something else. Monologue is fine, but get too far with it.
*No god-modding, meta-gaming, and power-gaming, play fair here
*If you going to post your 'Act' please make it as long as possible. I don't want to see like; "X eats lunch" then post. Try to make a whole story involving your character and the current situation.
*Don't stray from the current plot, and if you have idea on how the story advances, post here
*Rules is not final, it could be added, deleted, or changed.
*Time-skip is not allowed until i acknowledge it[/tab][/tabs]
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Application Form:

(Elves, human, gnomes, vampire, etc, etc.) (Any mythical beings is fine, unless it's deity)
General Appearance:
(Paragraphs or Picture)(Picture preferred)(Mix is allowed)
Detailed Appearance: (some details that the pic misses)
Magic Type:
(any elements, with limitation of course)
Short-Bio: (Not a must, but it's better to have one)​
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Accepted Characters
Name/Nickname: Emily "Raven" Steele
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon: Katana for short range, 3 sets of knives, Suppressed Sniper Rifle for long range
Personality: Generally cold and calculating, but that's only the outside. Inside, she's just another girl who wants peace and got back to where the most worrying things for her is her homework. She's not too trusting to others, but when she actually trusted someone, she's a girl who struggles to express her emotion properly. Despite the exterior, she's pretty caring and shy inside.
General Appearance:

Detailed Appearance:
Half of her left body is covered in crystal-like skin. Barely visible when clothed, but the one on her neck and face stuck out like a sore thumb.
Faction: Previously Vindictus, but now unaffiliated.
Magic Type:
Ice magic
Short-Bio: Emily Steele, or Corporal Steele, was one of the higher up in the Vindictus army. She led a squad for recon mission, assassination, and support mission. Her sniping ability was one of the best in the army, earning her honor and glory in from every mission. However, deep inside, she never agreed on Vindictus's principle. She believes that everyone should get along together, creating peace on earth. This belief led her to spare most of her targets. Until one day, she had enough with all the Vindictus plot, and decided to rebel. Unfortunately, no one backed her up, therefore she was alone in her rebellion against the whole empire. She was captured, and was sentenced to death at the year 2012 by the worst possible method: Zeronium corruption.

The corruption didn't kill her however, since a week after her execution, she woke up in a pile of corpse, outside the wall of the Empire, with the crystal growing on her left arm to part of her left face. Bewildered, Emily decided to run away from that place, aimlessly. Of course, she was already starving, so it wasn't long till she collapses on the ground, out cold, a day later.

Another week passes, and this time, she woke up somewhere unfamiliar to her. Unlike the usual futuristic city of Vindictus, she woke up in a small hut, with a man which she never met before. The man introduces himself as Raven. As it turns out, he was also one of the survivor of the Zeronium corruption. Long story short, Raven started training Emily on surviving with the corruption. As it turns out, Emily gained the Ice affinity, while Raven gained the Shadow affinity.

Sometimes passes, and Emily was able to make use of her weak magic affinity. However, as a corrupted, she and Raven was shunned everywhere, making them a nomad without any home. At one time however, Emily was tracked by the empire, and was hunted. The two was cornered by the hunter sent, but Raven decided to sacrifices himself so that Emily could escape. This event started the downfall inside Emily. Once a cheery happy-go-lucky girl that likes to talk and do girly stuff on holiday, now a dark cold woman who swore vengeance on the Empire. On some point after this, Emily decided to take on the name 'Raven', while also covers most of her face most of the time with scarf.

After a few years wandering and hunting the Empires soldier, Emily stumbled upon what she believed to be Raven's hometown. The town itself was already razed and raided, but the houses still intact. It was here that she found Raven's dream of world peace. After a nerve wracking moment, and hours of crying, Emily decided that she would continue Raven's legacy.

It's 2015 now, and now Emily's wandering in the Twilight's territory, trying to find more corruption survivor.
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