Zero: Curse of the Yellow Moon (Japanese Mystery/Horror RP)

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    I've always loved the Fatal Frame series of games so I wanted to see if I could pull off an RP with a similar theme. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with it since this will be an original story with similar elements to the source material. I'll make sure to explain the stuff I'm gonna reference from Fatal Frame in detail so that nobody would feel lost or confused.

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    "That day... Something horrible happened to us but-- but I can't remember what it is..."

    In August 5, 1990 a mysterious incident occurred in Arato High School. On the night of the school's graduation ceremony, 103 attending students suddenly collapsed and died of unknown causes. What's stranger is that the faces of all the students who perished were contorted in a gruesome manner. Eight other students were found in a forested area near Arato High School but unlike the other students who died, they were merely unconscious but have no recollection of what happened to them or why they were there in the first place. The "Yellow Moon Graduation" incident attracted a lot of media attention and became something of an urban legend. The eight students who survived went their separate ways after the incident but the memories of their time in Arato High School have since faded.

    Four years later the survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation are leading normal lives, however they are constantly plagued by visions and flashbacks of their school days in Arato. As the fifth anniversary of the Yellow Moon Graduation draws near, strange things begin happening to the survivors. The survivors start seeing apparitions of their deceased classmates, hearing disembodied voices beckoning them to return to Arato, and experiencing vivid nightmares about the high school. Perhaps the most disturbing of all these phenomena is that whenever the survivors are photographed, their faces always appear blurred in some way.

    In July 30, 1995 Seichiro Kuze, one of the survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation, was found dead in his apartment. The cause of death is unknown but his hands were covering his face which was contorted in an impossible manner. Shortly after that the remaining survivors each receive a letter.

    Shigeru's Letter (open)

    Seichiro was the first one and I'm sure that one of us will be next. If you're reading this now, I'll be waiting in Arato and I strongly suggest that you come here as soon as possible. Our lives are in grave danger and there's no time to waste. If we're going to survive, then we need to remember what happened that day.

    - Shigeru Asou​



    As stated in the thread's title, this is a Mystery/Horror RP so you must be okay with character deaths. Don't worry though, I won't kill off characters randomly or without the player's consent. Just giving everyone a heads up that it could happen if the plot needs it to advance.


    You play the role of one of the seven survivors of the Yellow Moon Graduation. You can make your character any way you want but here are some essential rules that you must abide to:

    • Your character must have a history with Arato and Arato High School at some point in their life.
    • Character development is an essential skill here. To fulfill the main objective of preventing your character's death, your character must recollect the memories they lost about their time in Arato High School.
    • No superpowers. The only supernatural ability I will allow in the RP is a developed sixth sense.
    • No god modding.
    • Anime pictures are encouraged but not mandatory. If it's not your thing, I won't bug you about it.



    Ghosts will be the primary adversaries for our characters. Only some characters will be given a means to repel these malevolent spirits while others will have to rely on their wits to survive an encounter with them.


    The minimum activity requirement is at least 2 posts a week.

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  2. I for one am in interests, I've haven't spoiled myself by watching a playthrough of the game. (cause when it comes to certain thing I prefer being jumpscared while actually playing.) And I'm sort of a sucker for these types of things.
  3. Welcome and thank you for showing interest in the RP!

    Yeah, nothing beats playing a blind run and getting scared out of your gourd. Not to worry though, this will be an original story so having played or watched a playthrough of Fatal Frame is unnecessary.
  4. Yeah, sort of figured that. The way I type may make things originally seem too light hearted, So when I do drab things it often seems out of place so I was just considering getting the vibe as all, before things seemed almost "Persona" like in structure.
    Still though, I'm guessing there needs to be more interested players afore the play is confirmed to actually start.
  5. Ah, I understand. Hmm well if that's the case, I guess watching a couple of playthrough vids will give you a feel of the game. I recommend Fatal Frame 4 since I will be drawing the most inspiration from that game.

    As for other players, another forum member has PMed me so that makes 3 of us. Hope we get more members!
  6. This looks awesome... As soon as I get good enough internet, I'm gonna illegally download the hell out of those games too.
  7. You should! I think Fatal Frame 1-3 is available in the PSN if you have a PS4 or PS3.

    Oh and thank you for showing interest in the RP!
  8. Damn, I only have a PS2.. Though after the stuff I saw today, I'm getting a PS4 sometime next year.
  9. Hmm... Well Fatal Frame 1-3 was originally released for the PS2 but finding a copy of those games in good condition might prove to be a bit troublesome.
  10. i got it purely for the BIOS code so I could use emulators :D
  11. Oh! That would make thinga easier for you then. XD

    I'll be posting the character profile skeleton in a short while so we can get started on our characters.
  12. *Cue enthusiastic cheering*
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  14. I would be interested in plotting with you! I'm also a big fan of the fatal frame franchise. ^ -^

    But instead of being a main character [if other spots do not fill up quickly enough] I would be interested in being an evil/good entity(s) in which in entangled within their stories. Depending on which way you wish to go with this. :o
  15. Ooh! You want to play as a spirit, eh? Hmm well I'll PM you what I have so far and see what we can come up with.
  16. Okay!!
  17. You're not allowed to bump unless an entire 24 hours has passed. That was like half a bump. A bu.
  18. Oh crud! Sorry I overlooked that.
  19. Well just make sure it doesnt happen again... *narrows eyes
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