Zera Steaming Blood (Steampunk, Magic, and Vampires)

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  1. Zera

    Home to humans and hope for hundreds of years. Technology has advanced dramatically advanced for the past few years, with the discovery of strange ruins hidden deep underground with blue glyphs carved on the walls, which helped the scientific community and introduced magic too the world of Zera.

    With the new science and magic found, the explores of Zera dug deeper, hoping too find more technological advances, but the deeper they got, the more the explorers would get sick, crazed, and in some cases die. Cutting a halt, the nation made digging past a certain point in the earth illegal, a crime punishable by death.

    For a while there was no problem, and people soon mastered their newly found magical abilities, but their hunger for power grew. Soon criminal organizations began digging deeper, despite the constant loses of workers.

    The biggest crime family, Hearsa, dug the deepest in the race for power, and they emerged into a cave system. Those that dared traveled into the tunnels, never returned.

    Strange electrical storms began forming around deep mines, and soon a new race emerged into the world. Vampires. They came without warning, and with their supernatural strength, speed, and vast knowledge of magic arts, they took out the cities closest too the mines with ease.

    Now the
    survivors must work together too survive against the growing legions of vampires.

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  2. What a cool idea! I like.
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  3. Thanks! I'll make a thread for it once I get 2-3 more people! !
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  4. Interested!
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  5. Lets get one more person!
  6. Ooh this looks interesting. owo I've been wanting something 'steampunky' for awhile now.
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  7. Awesome! I'll get started on it :)
  8. Working on it now, any suggestions?
  9. Still some room for more?
  10. Of course! Still working on the OOC though, should be up today or tomorrow @Caramon Zero
  11. I was starting to worry Fallout
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