Zeppelin Crisis

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  1. I jotted down in my log. I was required to keep a log. It seemed as a detective you have to perform a lot of mundane tasks. However my investigation over the past few days has been nothing but tedious. There was news of a group of Anti American terrorists plotting to sabotage the Zeppelin trip from Neo New York to London.

    It was heating up, there was a group of five stopped because they had tried to bring on guns. I have also been spending most of my time in the smoking room, criminals liked to smoke and people with fire could cause the whole ship to explode.

    Within my scouting I had discovered a few suspicious individuals. I have identified them as Marcus Jeremia, Shaun Place, and Connor Polk. I was planning soon to get access to their rooms from the security manager or the captain.

    The waitress approached me. "Would you like anything Mister Gallard?" I looked up at her through my glasses

    I took the cigar out of my mouth and took off my top hat. "Please, call me Nemo. A glass of champagne will do my nicely." I turned my green eyes back to log, moving a hand through my slicked back brown hair and began to write again.

    ( Feel free to play anyone on board. There is no limits on what you can be so long as it fits the theme.

    Now the theme is Steampunk Zeppelin trip from Neo New York to London. It's a long journey and a terrorist group is planning to sabotage the trip. [ It would make for a good RP if someone played one of the terrorists. ] There is no general limit on technology as long as it's Steampunk.

    On the technology note. There are no computers as we think of them, there are old binary counting computers but no actual computer computers. No internet, phones are probably like old phones like the ones from 101 Dalmatians.

    The more style your character has the better!

    Disclaimer: Follow the Iwaku Rules!!!

    Hope you have fun and are intrigued by this roleplay! Post below! Just do it :D )
  2. Asia looked over at the man that was busy jotting down notes, all she knew of the man was his last name and if her sources where right this was the man that was trying to stop her well planned sabotage attack.Putting on fake smile she approached the man. "Would you like anything Mister Gallard?" she asked politely asked as she peered down, trying to read his writing "Very well Nemo, champagne it is" she turned and walked away frustrated that she couldn't any other information out of him beside his first name. "You look like you need a stiff drink" Conner, on of her henchman laughed at her as she made her way to the bar "Just get me a dam champagne for Mr Nemo over there, will you" she bite out, she didn't liked to be laughed out."Here you go boss" conner smirked as he placed handed her a champagne, "I think there on to us, becareful, warn the others" she muttered as she headed back to Mr Nemo. "Here you go, sir please enjoy" she smiled sweetly at him "May i ask what you are working on?"
  3. Nemo smiled at her. "Actually I am working on the Manhattan Drilling Project. You know of it? Of course you do." He didn't leave time for her to reply. The Manhattan Drilling Project was a big organization that drilled a large crater into the Earth because of a large anomaly found there. This anomaly is a weird spot on the Earth where it literally makes you see in black and white. The Manhattan Drilling Project has gotten all of the big name scientists to travel there and experiment and try to learn about the anomaly. He quickly flipped to the page where he kept his fake notes for his cover identity. "You see, I am a scientist of sorts. I'm working on Quantum Mechanics and how they effect the mind." Nemo sipped the champagne. "Why do you ask?"
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  4. Asia clenched and unclenched her fist in frustration, dam him, her source never lied or was never wrong. "I know about that, it seems to have sparked something big in the science world" she pretend to give a dam as she kept up her false appearance "I was just wondering, that's all" she laughed as she turned and walked away, serving another customer.

    "Conner, Shaun, Marcus" she greeted her three henchman as the sat all cramped into her small room "Aisa" they greeted her in unison. They slipped into there native tongue, German, as they continued the conversation.
    "I suspect someone is watching us"
    "I agree, i saw someone snooping around my room earlier" Marcus said, voicing his concern.
    "I reckon we just blow this thing up right now" Shaun added in
    "NO, i have spent months planning this and it will go the way i want it to go" she said harshly "A source says that a Nemo Gallard is a detective working on stopping us" she added in
    "I agree with Aisa" Conner muttered
    "Pussy whipped" Marcus laughed.
    "OUT" she shouted to the three man in English.
    she watched as all three man pile out of her room.
  5. Nemo walked out of the diner and into his room. He took off his coat and felt for his revolver in his vest. Once his hand felt the familiar wooden handle he calmed down and sat on the bed. He laid back on the bed after jotting a quick note about the waitresses intrest in his work. He then began to doze off.


    Suzy and Vlad Blue were brother and sister. They had worked on Zeppelins since they were in their teens. They knew every part of a Zeppelin, how to fly one and take care of one. They were engineers with access to most parts of the ships that customers didn't have. Suzy had been told that someone on the ship was planning to destroy the Zeppelin and she in secret had supported the terrorist groups sending anonymous hints. She was writing one now when her brother Vlad came in.

    Suzy hid the note and shared some small talk with her brother before she took the note and walked outside. She walked across the dorms area and then saw three men exit a room hastily. "Hello. Excuse me." She made her way past and was on her way to drop off the note. She had put her previous notes in the same place before and someone took them. She figured it was the terrorist group. She put it up on the top of the telephone booth in the lounge.

    Suzy walked away hoping that they would pick up the note.

    It read as so:

    I want to help. My name is Suzy Blue, I'm an engineer. I have access to most of the ship. How can I be of assistanc

    The note cut off there.
  6. He was chewing on the end of his pipe which was unlit he was laughing a bit as he put the pipe down and took a sip of his whisky which he had ordered earlier, His clothing was that of a Engineer, He had goggles on his head and his eyes were that of a crystal blue. He looked down at the paper and just inspected it reading news and different mishaps around the world. He loved to keep up on the times, He was brought on this ship as an extra Engineer encase something went wrong but he was really using the shop room to help him build some new inventions he found amazing, He had already made one here and it was a glove but under that glove was metal linings which could help do damage in fighting. He seemed to enjoy building but he enjoyed building weapons, Some could associate him with a terrorist but he would never do something like that unless he was forced. He loved zeppelins and how they flew this was actually his first trip on one, He help built one before but it wasn't as grand as this one. His name was Michael Wraith.