Zell's Search(ing Again): Open~

Is there anything I missed that would be helpful for those searching for a partner to know?

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Just a note: I did go offline for awhile for personal reasons, and due to this, I am only taking in a limited amount of RPs at this time, and I will make it obvious when I am or when I am not looking. This has also changed my schedule, which I will elaborate on. Thank you for understanding and reading.~

Notes For You/About Me:
❦ I enjoy talking with my partners via OOC, whether about details/opinions of the roleplay, or what you did today, though you are not obligated to be my "best friend" if you roleplay with me if you're not interested.
I reply when able, usually at least once a day aside from Sundays and some Saturdays.

❦ I only roleplay in third person (She, her) and in past tense (She wrote) always.

❦ I can write anywhere between 2-7+ paragraphs depending on my mood, enthusiasm for the roleplay, and the current scenario in the RP (usually less for a large amount of dialogue, more for scene or combat description, etc.) I would ask at least 1-2 paragraphs of 3-5+ long sentences from my partner, and I can usually adjust to my partner's length.

❦ I only play female characters/roles.

❦ I only do heterosexual (straight/MxF) pairings.


❦ I don't do furry. (Sorry.)

❦ I like these genres and aspects in my roleplays: Fantasy (High**, Low*, Modern***), Modern/Slice of Life**, Horror/Mystery*, Romance****
To Be Continued...

I Prefer You Tell Me If You:
A.) Don't care for a suggestion I make.
B.) Don't like something about my character.
Don't like where the plot is going.
Don't like where character progression is going.

E.) Lose interest in the RP.
F.) Have writer's block and are having a hard time replying.
G.) Don't feel like RPing at the time.
~A-E: I am completely willing to discuss changes with you to have an RP we can both enjoy, and would even be willing to come up with a completely new RP with you.
~F-G: As I said, I enjoy talking with my partners, and if you would rather know "what's up" than try to reply when you can't or don't feel like it, I'm fine with taking a break for as long as you need.

( Will Edit And Update As Often As Possible. )
* All plots can be edited into a new plot, including taken ones if it's edited enough.
* Some plots will already have an alternate version written under the original in parenthesis(~).
* I will not mark a plot as taken until I get two responses to the in character after its put up.
* There is a possibility for taken plots to reopen, or that I'd be willing to do it more than once, perhaps with some slight editing.

(~*♥=Smut Preferred Plot*~)

That's a costume.. Right?~( Mod Fan )
Katrina was never the most outgoing person, her butterflies being less than social. She have a few friends though, a small group that had sick together throughout their school years and even still remained strong. It was finally their favorite time of year, and more importantly their favorite holiday: Halloween. In honor of it, after trick or treating was finished, in the very late his of the night, they threw a party, just them. Afterwards, some started, whether not feeling like leaving, or too drunk to try walking home let alone drive. Katrina was one of the two who left, the other leaving much earlier. On her walk home, she discovers someone while taking a shortcut (alley, field, etc.) home. She discovers too late that this person is not a guy in a well detailed costume, but a demon.
(Alternatively, he could be a demon disguised as a human in a costume and entices/tricks her/asks for her help)

What Now?~( Loose Fandom: The Devil's A Part-Timer! )
Two demons somehow ended up on earth together rather than the comfort of their own realm. They quickly discover that not only have they taken on the fleshy guise of humans, but that they're now stuck here without their magic, and very little abilities. The two have to learn to live here together and learn to blend in while figuring out how to regain their powers. It doesn't take long before they think of an idea. Why rush home, when they could easily take over and gain rule and control over this realm? But as time goes on, not only do they start to fall for the ways of these humans, but also for each other.

When The Night Comes.~( Modern Fantasy )
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( Alternatively.. )

Are You Crazy?~( Modern/Slice of Life )
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( You, Zell )
( Either )
Demon x Human
Demon x Elf
Monster x Human
Shapeshifter x Human
Supernatural x Different Supernatural
Supernatural x Same Supernatural
Supernatural x Human
New In Town x Lifetime Resident
Thief x M/F Who Catches Thief
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So are you back in business? You disappeared on me for a while


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I am, let me scavenge through my messages for you when I get back on.~
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