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  1. The spirits that inhabit this world are called Clout. They become one with a baby the second they are born and bestow powers/abilities to them. Clouts are the results of the first Clout Spirit splitting itself after creating this world. Some say it was a god even though there has to be something stronger to have created it. Generations have passed and most people in the world have a clout spirit except 0.01% of them. Some even have two clout spirits and there are so many different kinds of powers like all the different people in this world.

    The time has come for a revolution to occur. One baby boy has been bestowed the one clout spirit that had been hidden and unaccepting to anyone until now. This clout gives the person the power to copy and reflect everything by twice the power it was before. The future seers have revealed to the world that this baby needs to be protected because of this. But one person has a different idea and has begun to develope a plot to steal the baby away. In the city of Livis the baby boy is kept in a mansion with many powerful men and women who have devoted themselves to keeping the baby from evil.

    Jarese is the one who wants to capture the baby and train him to be evil and of course take over the world like all villians, but his power of creation makes it hard for anyone to defy him. He lives as the ruler of the Southpole Kingdom, which is completely different than Earth's southpole, the land is plentiful and allows this kingdom to be one of the strongest in Zellanis.

    Evlon is the ruler of the Northpole Kingdom, which is similar to the Southpole except for that all the people are of the middle class or higher. No one is poor and Evlon rules the way the people like the most in any Kingdom. Evlon has the powers to control minds and earth. The baby boy is unnamed and lives in the northpole with the mom, dad and big brother. The future seers say that when the boy is old enough he will be able to name himself.

    (OOC: So now is the time to join in, you can either be a part of the protectors or be part of the capturers. You are allowed any general power, like flying, that isn't reflecting powers like that of the special newborn and only two general powers at the most. I will be the brother, Kly, and will be the main protector of the baby. And don't Godmode bacause there is no way to overpower the creator of the thread lol. You may create a character sheet if you like but you aren't required to.)
  2. Being part of the Protectors wasn't something Morganna had chosen. The duty was thrust unto her. Born to two parents who had no power they feared they would birth a child without a Clout spirit. When Morganna was born they waited for bated breath for her to show something. Years went by without anything shown. They felt they had passed down their inadequacy.

    When she was 12 they committed suicide, because they hated the thought of being the minorities of the world. Morganna sealed herself away from the world, which didn't matter because her family was so disliked and hidden away. It was only when someone tried to break into the house, thinking it was empty that they saw the fury of Morganna's power. Hatred boiled in her heart causing her power to flare out. Flames licked around the room charring the innocent boy as he writhed in pain. Her powers were sadistic in nature. Being able to manipulate fire and cause imagined pain.

    Now that she was in the Southpole, however it was illegal for her to cause the pain with her powers. She was now limited to the mundane power of manipulating power. She couldn't even create it. She had to just be around it. Despite her criminal past she was asked to become a protector. If she refused she was to be sent to a remote part of the world to die; the choice was fairly easy.

    She was feared among the protectors, but not for good reason. Despite the nature of her powers she was just depressed and moody, not harmful in any way. Even now she stayed in her room except when she was needed, reading a book. Her white lace blouse tucked into her black shorts was part of her signature look. The lace hung delicately over her petite body while the shorts exposed her abnormally long legs. Her deep red hair and hazel eyes shimmered in lights along with her spiderbite lip piercings and septum piercing. She was scary looking to say the least, but the title was unwarranted.

    All she wanted was to be left alone.
  3. Luke Harbinger was part of a nation between the north and south pole. His family is of nobility and secretly dealt with the Southpole kingdom, at a young age he had found out about the dealings and had become a part of them ever since. With his power to transform into any creature on this planet (which I think there would be mythical like creatures?) he was able to perform stealth missions and provide strength beyond most people. He swore his loyalty to Jarese when he turned 18 and has no interest in doing anything than what he is ordered. Before the baby was born a future seer had told the nation that protectors needed to be assembled so that no one could take the baby.

    Since Jarese wants the baby Luke was automatically called on to join a force that would work on stealing the baby away. Luke was looking forward to transforming into creatures that would destroy anyone who got in his way. As part of the plan he was stationed in the Northpole nation undercover as someone who just moved there. He awaits more orders and lives a "normal" life until it is time to move.

    (I hope you don't mind any of this, especially the short length)
  4. Kly took off the covers and sat up in his bed for a while. He never liked waking up at dawn but it had to be done. 'This is one regulation that the protectors had to follow not the brother of the baby.' He thought to himself. However since he was going to be so close and protect the baby as well he had to join the protectors. Kly finally stood up, walked to the bathroom and telekinetically made his bed. He had two clout spirits, one that gave him telekinesis and one that gave him control over light. He rather enjoyed having telekinesis, it made everyday things so simple and heavy jobs normal. Kly and his family were moved to the mansion only a few months after the baby was born. They had quickly learned the place and how to they were to behave in it and had now lived in it for some months.

    Once he was ready he went out of his room and down to his brother's room. His parents were already in there and his mom greeted him, "Hi dear, your brother turns one today." She said with a smile. The dad was standing and holding the baby boy and rocking him back and forth. The mom talked again, "He does just what the future seers said he would. I produced a fireball and he made one that was twice as large. And your father blew a gust of wind and the baby blew it back even stronger."

    Kly looked at his baby brother with affection and pride, "I hope all this protector stuff isn't needed at all. That way I can sleep in for once." He yawned and sat down in a chair near the door. He really meant that he hoped that no one would try to steal his brother. The future seers had said that no one would but it is a possibility that someone was blocking the the real future from being seen. Either way Kly had to stay alert for anything.
  5. Morganna was upset again at the chores that were given to her. These protectors had so many rules and regulations that she would have to do or be forced to be exiled. She looked up at the baby's room as she was washing the other protector's clothes. Up there happy with the damn baby, while I'm getting blisters. She was exploited because of her situation. I thought we were supposed to be the good guys, but look at how much of the washing and cleaning and dirty shit I have to do.

    She twirled the ring from her parents around her finger. She missed them terribly despite all of the tortures they put her through. It was nothing compared to here. She adjusted the piercing in her septum, still looking up at the room. What she would give to be up there nurturing the baby.
  6. (Thats ok, hope it all works out.)

    Kly was too tired to sit and watch over his little brother so he decided to get up, "I'm going to check on things in the mansion." His parents were too absorbed in the baby and barely uttered an "ok" back to him and he shook his head smiling from their sillyness.

    He walked down the hallways greet\ting the various men and women who were up and about doing nothing in particular but keeping watch. Eventually he found the big washroom that Morganna was in and he wondered why she was one of the only people in here. He decided to help her out since he could and also talk to her, "Hello there, I don't think I've met you yet. You couldn't be a servant since we only have protectors in this mansion."

    Using his power he picked up dirty clothes and started washing them in the many wash tubs. He made sure he washed as throughouly as anyone else would. It seemed unfair that one person had to wash all the dirty clothes in this mansion.
  7. Morganna blew her hair out of her face to get a better look at the person who just walked in. She smirked at him, "You must be new or not well informed if you don't know who I am here." She scrubbed a shirt harder against a washboard. I thought they had machines for this kind of work. "I'm Morganna, everyone's little servant and a protector for some damn baby." She yelped as her finger caught something and cut her. Sticking the finger in her mouth she swore silently. "I have to obey the others or risk being sent out to some swamp." She got up to get a bandage for her hand; she kept them handy since she had cut herself several times already. "What about you? What's your story?" Cocking her head to one side she examined him. ​Why does he look so familiar?
  8. He laughed at her first comment, "I try to separated myself from the protectors as much as possible." Even hearing her name didn't ring a bell but that was to be expected from Kly. When she insulted his brother, however, he dropped all the clothes he had with his powers with audible splashes. "I see why you are here alone....that baby is my little brother and the difference between a world full of good or evil." He had an odd mix of anger and pity for her so he didn't know how to wear his face so he just kept it neutral.

    He wondered why the protectors would put someone like this among there ranks. There wasn't much stopping her from just thinning one day that she could just turn around and steal the baby without suspicion. The thought of that irritated him more and he walked over to a window and lifted one hand. His hand glowed and then outside you could see a small ball of light that got bigger and brighter. He stopped it once his anger subsided and then turned to look at Morganna.


    Jarese had grown tired of waiting from only a year. He did need to capture the baby to make sure it grew up knowing who was "friend" and "foe." His spies were already stationed in the Northpole Kingdom and relaying information on the mansion the baby was protected in. The only thing not accomplished was infiltrating the mansion itself with a spy. "Those darn mind readers can pick out any form if memory hiding technique my mind controllers can create." Jarese had said to his right hand servant some months ago. He was not worried however, he was confident that his spies could launch a surprise attack or even a stealth mission into the mansion at night.

    It was finally time for his plans to move forward, "That baby boy will soon be mine! Muahahaha!!!!" And with that he pressed a button that sent a signal to the bracelet communicators each spy wore. The braceleyes vibrated softly and the spies each activated them and were given the order to group up and attack when they felt was the most opportune time. They planned the meeting for tonight and would decide what to do from there.
  9. "So you're the baby's brother." She smiled with no joy. "I have to protect your brother, but I couldn't even protect mine. Do you know the burden that is?" She dropped all of the clothes she had been working on as well. Her face grew hot as she remembered her parents. "Your family is so lucky. Look around you. Around every corner is someone willing to die for your brother. You live in a goddamn mansion. My family, however, were abandoned because they lacked 'powers'." With a snarl she lifted a ball of fire in the air from a candle watching it before extinguishing it by clenching her hand into a fist.

    Just as the rage came, it dissipated. "Look, I'm sorry for what I've said. It's hard being here with no friends. I'm the servant of this place." She gathered her waistlength red hair into a ponytail, her bangs still fell into her face though. "If you don't mind, I need to get back to my work. Drop off any clothes you need washed. Or if you need someone to clean your room you can find me in my own. Hell, I'm even passed around like a damn prostitute half the time so feel free for that too." Her chin hit her chest as she let her head fall. Clutching the side of the washtub, she breathed heavily. "Just one more thing...don't think I'll do anything to your brother. I'd rather not be alone again." With that she grabbed more clothes, her hands shaking from the cramps they were experiencing.
  10. He listened with concern, anyone as hurt she was didn't deserve solitude. It wasn't right for anyone to be alone like this for that matter. He was glad to know her power was fire control. He heard it was quite difficult to do and he even tried once with his telekinesis and failed. He was also glad when she apologized he was glad to know she was just lonely not a potential traitor. He knew she was a good person and decided to help her again by picking up all the clothes he had earlier and even the ones she had.

    "I'll do this for you, if you can go relax. I'm grateful you apologized and I understand you come from a bitter past. There isn't much of a comparison, I can't think of not having powers but we didn't have it easy like this until a year ago. We lived in the middle nations, being a bit nomadic since we had to move so much. The middle nations are not very prosperous except a few here and there. Once my brother was born we were contacted immediately by Evlon and escorted here. It was a big change from what we were used to. Not to sound lazy or anything but it was hard learning the rules and regulations of being here." He hoped all this would come off as being friendly and she might know he was there for her. He was easily able to wash while talking and once he was finally done washing he hung up the clothes to dry.
  11. She looked him once over with her eyes, still in a defensive pose. After a while she shrugged and started to stack the clothes baskets. Another protector then walked in with a smirk on his face, "Hey, Morganna. You and I haven't 'consulted' in a while. Are you avoiding me?" He raised his eyebrows at the last sentence. He didn't notice Kly in the room since Morganna was never with others. "Not now, Adriel. I'm kind of doing your clothing." She lifted the sleeves on her shirt, revealing rope burns that were just starting to heal.

    Adriel's face distorted in hatred. "You know you have to do what I say." He stormed off as Morganna collapsed to the floor. She had forgotten Kly as well, since she never had anyone with her. She quickly regained her composer and looked startled when she saw him. "I..I...I'm sorry you had to see that." She hung her head down, pissed that he had to see that. She toed the ground with her bare foot. "I..I think I'm going to go now." She turned to leave.
  12. Kly was surprised a highly trained and talented protector did not notice another person in the room, what if he was a spy or something? But what surprised him even more was that he acted so vulgarly towards Morganna. He reached out to stop her from leaving, "Wait! What were those burn marks on your arms? And why did he treat you like that? I know you said you were passed around but....this isn't right. I'm going to make sure Evlon hears about this so he can fix it."

    He stormed out without her reply and rushed to the top floor where Evlon stayed. He had only gone around the mansion once and it would have been impossible to find the room he was looking for if he hadn't have written down directions. He pulled out the piece of paper and followed what was written down, "up the stairs.....down the left hall....up the second stair case....." It might be weird that he read them out loud but it was to help him remember. When he finally got to the big double doors the guards stopped him, "You aren't allowed in here."

    "I am the brother of the baby boy who is protected here, let me through!" he was still upset from what happened and had no time for this. The guards raised their hands and flared thier powers, one had wind as a power and the other had electricity. "Even you are not allowed." That pushed Kly over the edge and he blinded them both and before they could fire at him he picked them up and threw them in opposite directions. He opened the doors and rushed in.

    "Evlon! I need to talk to you!" But he wasn't there, no one was. "What were the guards doing.....where is everyone." No one knew, not even the guards. Evlon and some selected few had gone off to a secret location to discuss what they should do in the case of an emergency they couldn't handle. Kly decided to go back to Morganna but walked slowly to think on what he should do when he can finally talk to Evlon.

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  13. (Don't worry! I'm a super super SUPER patient RP'er. Long posts and short posts are inevitable xD Life goes on.)

    Morganna ran after Kly. Dammit, where did he go!? Her treatment was well known in the mansion, but she didn't want it to seem like she was complaining. She had to withstand whatever anyone threw at her. After a while she got lost in her twisting and turning in the halls. If only he knew what she had done...what she was capable of doing he would not care as much.

    The boy she had burned...She had nightmares about him almost nightly. The horrible, disfigured skin of his gave chills down people's spine. Unintelligible muttering was all the boy could muster anymore because his mind had been broken in pieces. Morganna wasn't one of the most powerful with a clout spirit, but because her powers laid dormant for so long the boy had felt the full effect of them.

    She hugged her knees to herself as she sat in a stairwell. The memories haunted her.
  14. (I'm glad to hear that or should I say read that haha. So true that life goes on now matter what we do lol.)

    Kly could not find Morganna in the mansion, it was that luck of looking everywhere but one place to find someone or something. It had gotten to be sometime afternoon and the day seemed to be going much too slowly. He decided to go check on his brother and see what his parents were up to. They were not in the room so he checked the bathroom down the hall. They weren't there either and he was beginning to worry. The last place for him to look was his parents room and he did. "Mom, dad? You guys in here?" He asked sticking his head into their room but not looking for fear of "parent business." No answer, now he was panicked, they would have had someone contact him if they were going anywhere at all He ran around the mansion asking if anyone had seen his family but know one knew. He spent the rest of the day searching the mansion and then the city.
  15. Morganna snapped up when she heard that the King and baby along with his family had gone somewhere. She took out a lighter from her pocket and flicked a quick flame. She captured it, making it into a bigger flame. Her eyes took a while to adjust to the sudden light. "Kly!?," she called out his name. She knew he wouldn't take this news well. Running out of the castle, she ran out of the mansion looking for any trace of him. Her hands stretched out more releasing a bigger flame. The flame threw shadows everywhere, giving everything an eerie feeling.
  16. It had become twilight outside and Kly was having doubts on whether his faimly was safe or not. How was it that no one could find them, not future seers nor clout finders, could they have been abducted already. It was also possible they just went into hiding with the king to prevent any harm coming to the protectors. It was a nice thought that put his mind at ease for the moment. He decided to go back to the mansion and as he got closer he saw the flickering shadows thrown by a flame. Not many people use flames to light their way anymore so who could this be? He approached the shadows and found Morganna holding the flame, "Hey what are you doing out here? Enjoying the fresh air?" he said with a slight smile, he did not expect her to be out of the mansion because of her status but he didn't care.


    The 20 spies of Jarese had decided to make their move a bit earlier but before they were able to kidnap the baby their mind reader had told them they were all gone. Thanks to an amplifier the mind reader was able to pick up the thoughts of everyone in the mansion and most of the people in the capital. Since there was no way to find the baby the 20 spies decided to attack the mansion directly and kill as many protectors as they could. As soon as Kly had stopped talking loud explosions could be heard from the direction of the mansion followed by screams and yells. The spies had successfully pulled off a surprise attack which the protectors didn't think possible and scrambled to fight back.
  17. In another part of the town, a young man was walking and looking around. His appearence was rather strange and cause many people to take a good long look at him. The probally never saw someone wearing a black hoddie with an orange 'X' pattern on the back, blue jeans that looked pretty worn, and a pair of black running shoes. After all, he needed to keep up the appearence of "human". Their thoughts were interupted when an explosion occured elsewhere. The young man looked for the source while everyone else went to find saftey. In all reality, he should be doing the same but, with curoisity getting the better, he ran in the direction of the explosions.

    'I hope I woun't have to use our abilities anytime soon....' 'Yeah, right. Sooner or later, your gonna be forced to.' 'Damm your logic! But we need to focus.' The mental conversation was cut short as he was in a mad dash to figure out what was going on here. If needed, he could use stealth skills to get around troublesome crowds and at the extreme: someone that wanted to fight.

    (Sorry if its short. Just trying to find out where my charry fits in this. Despite his apperance, he's not accutally human. If you want more info, i'll give it to ya.)
  18. (OOC: It's ok because I usually try not to put very long posts anyway, I'm thinking I should make an OOC thread now just in case more people join haha)

    Kly took off towards the mansion and yelled back to Morganna, "Come on we have to investigate!!" He ran as fast as he could and finally made it to the mansion. The sight was horrible. Half the mansion had been destroyed and dead bodies lay everywhere. You could see flashes of people using powers and even some people flying in the sky. You could tell who the spies were for they now wore clothes with the Southpole insignia all over them. Kly picked up the closest spy to him and brought him close, "What are you doing?! Why have you attacked us?!

    The spy answered by first trying to spit at Kly but he stopped it and sent it back to his face, "Jarese wants the baby, so we are going to take him! Ahahahaha!!!" With that Kly threw the man as far and high as he could and ran into the mansion to try and find some protectors.
  19. As he was nearing the castle, he saw a group of people either keeping guard or something. At this point, he couldn't hesiatate anymore. If one could see his fingers, they could see a tiny ammout of electricity around them. "Out of my way!" He punched the air.....and sent out a powerful shock wave, sending that group different directions. As he ran by them, there was one that didn't get caught up in the shock wave. As he turned around, he was intantly punched in the gut and lifted up sent flying.

    Not wasting any time, the offender somehow made that guy fly over to him and was facing one hell of a death glare. "What is going on!" "heh, why should an outsider know? Our boss is looking for what he wants." The victum's taunt fell on deaf ears as he was thrown by the guy who punched him. 'Easy, there Master Percy. No need to go on a rampage yet. Calm down.' 'Fine. And please don't call me master, it makes me feel old.' He responded back. As that mental banter went on, Percy was well on his way and close to the epicenter.
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