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  1. Oh and here is the story or whatever you want to call it:

    The spirits that inhabit this world are called Clout. They become one with a baby the second they are born and bestow powers/abilities to them. Clouts are the results of the first Clout Spirit splitting itself after creating this world. Some say it was a god even though there has to be something stronger to have created it. Generations have passed and most people in the world have a clout spirit except 0.01% of them. Some even have two clout spirits and there are so many different kinds of powers like all the different people in this world.

    The time has come for a revolution to occur. One baby boy has been bestowed the one clout spirit that had been hidden and unaccepting to anyone until now. This clout gives the person the power to copy and reflect everything by twice the power it was before. The future seers have revealed to the world that this baby needs to be protected because of this. But one person has a different idea and has begun to develope a plot to steal the baby away. In the city of Livis the baby boy is kept in a mansion with many powerful men and women who have devoted themselves to keeping the baby from evil.

    Jarese is the one who wants to capture the baby and train him to be evil and of course take over the world like all villians, but his power of creation makes it hard for anyone to defy him. He lives as the ruler of the Southpole Kingdom, which is completely different than Earth's southpole, the land is plentiful and allows this kingdom to be one of the strongest in Zellanis.

    Evlon is the ruler of the Northpole Kingdom, which is similar to the Southpole except for that all the people are of the middle class or higher. No one is poor and Evlon rules the way the people like the most in any Kingdom. Evlon has the powers to control minds and earth. The baby boy is unnamed and lives in the northpole with the mom, dad and big brother. The future seers say that when the boy is old enough he will be able to name himself.

    (OOC: So now is the time to join in, you can either be a part of the protectors or be part of the capturers. You are allowed any general power, like flying, that isn't reflecting powers like that of the special newborn and only two general powers at the most. I will be the brother, Kly, and will be the main protector of the baby. And don't Godmode bacause there is no way to overpower the creator of the thread lol. You may create a character sheet if you like but you aren't required to.)
  2. The way my charry is, he's probally gonna be a protector.
  3. Thanks, so did you look at my other RPs? I'm pretty sure I invited you right?
  4. I would like to join as a protector. :)
  5. Go ahead haha
  6. I wanna capture the baby with amale character *evil laugh* I'm gonna make a male character named Grey. On ummm Jarese's side?