Zayn/Elvira/Niall? Who will win?

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  1. Elvira clumped through the front door and dumped her bag on the table. She glanced in the mirror, and tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

    A smile spread across her lips, as she thought about the fact that this was the last day before summer started! She was now off on her summer holidays, and she couldn't wait.

    Maybe this summer, her best friend would come to visit..... She sighed. Zayn Malik had been her best friend since they were four, and they were close as siblings, but Zayn was in a popular boy band, and they had been on tour for the past six months, so she hadn't seen him. Elvira missed her "Zayn-Bear."
  2. Zayn had a huge smile on his face, it was the end of the tour and he got to go home soon with the guys, Zayn couldn't wait to go home and see his best friend, okay maybe more like a huge crush, Zayn had always liked her but he knew she saw him as a brother and nothing more

    Zayn had all his clothes pack ready to go, he got into the car with the guys, they was staying at a hotel, but Zayn wanted to go see his best friend first, but he hadn't told her he was coming to see her and it was going to be a suprise, Zayn has missed his best friend not seeing her for six months but knew he would be able to spend some more time with her as it was now her summer holiday

    Zayn got out the car "See you later boys" He said and then smiled walking up to the front door of the house he knew oh so well, and got to the door and leaned against the door frame and had a Rose twirling in his fingers and pressed the door bell, and looked down at the ground, waiting for his friend to answer
  3. Elvira was in the middle of putting on a pair of clean jeans when the doorbell rang, and she fell over with the surprise. She swore under her breath and pulled the jeans on firmly.

    That done, she strode downstairs, and opened the door, ready to yell at whoever it was for ringing the bell so loudly. Her words vanished though, when she saw who it actually was.

    "Ohmigod! Zayn!" She squealed and threw her arms around his neck, ecstatic. "I can't believe you are here!"
  4. Zayn waited for a bit for the door to open, Zayn looked up when the door opened and saw the look on his friends face and was then pulled into a hug, he chuckled into her ear and wrapped his arms around her waist "Well hello to you as well Elvira" Zayn said softly and smiled, smelling in her scent from her hair

    "I'm on a break for a bit before i go away again and i wanted to come see you" Zayn whispered into her ear and pulled back from her and held out the rose for her to take and smiled "I knew you loved them and i thought i would get you one" Zayn said and grinned brushing a cheek down her face "Been too long since i saw that face" Zayn said and pulled a funny face at her
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  5. Elvira looked at the rose and smiled, a blush forming on her cheeks. She did love roses, but she didn't think that Zayn would have remembered that small detail. She giggled at the funny face, and replied, "I missed you so much, Zayn. I don't like you being away for so long."

    She gestured into the house. "Want to come in?" The moment she said it, it sounded silly. Zayn had been coming in and out of her house since they were toddlers, and it was just as much his house now as it was hers, and the same went for his house which was just down the road.
  6. Zayn smiled and pulled her into a hug again "I miss you as well, i know i broke some promises at times, i was just busy and i really didn't mean to forget to text you are call you" Zayn said and sighed "Maybe i could ask for you to come next time i go, which is in like 2 weeks maybe" zayn said softly and pulled back and nodded "Yeah i would love to come in, i mean it is like my own house" Zayn said with a laugh and walked in

    Zayn smiled when he walked in and looked around the house that was so familiar to him "I don't think i will stay long, i've got jet leg and i am tired" Zayn said softly and sat on the sofa rubbing his ankles a little where the jet leg was "So tell me, how boring was it without me here" Zayn said and smiled a huge grin
  7. Elvira's eyes lit up at the suggestion. "Come with you? That would be awesome! I'm not in high school next year, so I could still come with you guys." She was a year younger than Zayn - eighteen - and she had just finished her senior year of high school. "I am taking a gap year which means more time for you and I to spend together." She tapped his nose playfully and laughed.

    "It was as boring as watching paint dry." She solemnly said as she retrieved two cans of Coke from the fridge. "I missed you so much that I go over every Saturday evening to babysit your sisters." Zayn's younger sisters - Doniya and Safaa - were so cute; like female versions of Zayn in every way.
  8. Zayn nodded "Yeah come with me and the guys" Zayn said and smiled "See, you have time to spend with me and the guys, you will love them" Zayn said and clapped his hands together and then flicked her nose back "Yep more time, with the me, now that is amaZayn" Zayn said and laughed and looking at Elvira in the eyes and smiled at how much he missed them

    Zayn laughed "Watching paint dry, wow, how bored was you" Zayn said and rested his head on his hands and then took the coke and opened it sipping some of it and felt the cold run down his body "Awww i am going to see Doniya and Safaa tonight, mum is making dinner for the family and the guys" zayn said and then his face brightened up "Hey, did you want to come?, i guess it is sort of like a welcome home party, oh and mum decided to put the dress code as suit's and dresses, weird right for just a meal" Zayn said and laughed
  9. Elvira laughed at the pun on his name, and she opened her own drink. "I'd love to come - it sounds great. I actually have a dress upstairs that I have been dying to wear, but have had no occasion to."

    Her eyes glinted mischievously. "So, what is this I hear about you and a certain Perrie Edwards?" All the news she had heard in the past few months was about Zayn's supposed relationship with Perrie, one of the girls from Little Mix. The oddest thing was that she had felt sort of jealous when she heard about them.
  10. Zayn smiled and took some more of his coke "That's good then, mine later tonight then" Zayn said and brought his knees up resting his head on his hands again and then his eyes opened wide "N-nothing, just some fun, i guess" Zayn said and coughed, trying to cover up that he said fun and how they had done some things together and mentally face plamed

    Zayn didn't looked away from Elvira's eyes and then sighed and didn't want to look at her, he didn't even know why he done anything with perrie, he doesn't even like her just wanted fun, he was really in love with his best friend and wanted her, but he was a guy and guy's only think with down below most of the time
  11. Elvira reached over and touched his hand. "Zayn, I'm just teasing you. I know there's nothing going on between you. I know that for two reasons - one is that if I believed everything I heard, you would have broken up with her and got back with her more times than my mum cooks dinner for me, and two; because I know you, and you don't really fancy her. I can tell."

    She smiled, and sat back as she changed the subject. "Where are the guys anyway?"
  12. Zayn looked at Elvira and smiled a big smile and looked at her hands on his "I'll admit it, yes we did go out but she broke up with me, all in the news recently is a lie about us going out, but i will also admit yes i was seen going into her house at night and then saw with her the next morning coming out of her flat, not saying we didn't do anything, because we did" Zayn said saying the truth, he wasn't going to hide anything from his best friend, they told each other everything

    Zayn looked at Elvira "The guys went to a hotel, not enough room in my house for them all" Zayn said softly and was hoping he wasn't going to be told off for being such a guy
  13. Elvira rolled her eyes. "You are such a guy, you know that?" She laughed as she teased him, and then looked up at the clock. "What time's dinner?" She wanted to have enough time to get herself ready - with her dress, her make-up, her hair.... all that took time.

    She had actually bought the dress because she was thinking of Zayn. She couldn't wait to wear the dress and see his face when he saw her wearing it.
  14. Zayn laughed and shrugged "Yeah i know a bad habit and i need to stop it, oh and guess what, i've cut down on smoking and got a new tattoo, that makes 7 now" Zayn said and laughed a little and then thought for a bit "I don't actaully know, mum never told me, i'm guessing about 7is maybe" Zayn said and looked at the clock "Someone might have to start getting ready soon" Zayn said with a smile

    Zayn loved how the conversation just flowed with them two and had no awkward moments at all, Zayn had to buy a new suit for tonight as his mum made him, he didn't really like suits, but the amount of times he had to wear them he was getting used to them
  15. "Oh - what tattoo did you get?" Elvira asked curiously. She had been with Zayn when he got his first three, and she really wished she had been there to get the others.

    She rolled her eyes at the getting ready remark, but shrugged. "Well, it takes time for girls to get ready - and guys as well! You take just as much time as I do!"
  16. Zayn smiled "It's a feather and it means new beginning's" Zayn said softly and turned around where you could see a feather and he smiled, all his tattoo's had meanings or was of names in arabic like the on on his chest, Zayn then thought for a bit "Have you only ever seen the 3 that you went with me?" Zayn asked curious not remebering showing her the other 2 and now the new one

    Zayn smiled a little "It takes them ages to get ready" Zayn said and then crossed his arms "Hey, i don't take as long as you, well i'm sorry i like to make sure i look good and my hair is right, but come on the mirror loves me, hello Vain Zayn" Zayn said and laughed a little
  17. "I actually got a tattoo while you were away." She said, shy all of a sudden. "Want to see it?" She hadn't been able to spend Zayn's birthday with him this year, so she had celebrated it her own way - by getting his name tattooed on her shoulder with a heart surrounding it.

    Elvira wasn't sure how he would react to the tattoo - in a good way, or a bad way.
  18. Zayn turned back around and smiled a little "You did, that is awesome, what did you get?, is it big or small like mine" Zayn said and nodded "Yeah, i so want to see it" Zayn said excited, like a little boy, he wondered what tattoo she would of got actually, he didn't even know she ever wanted a tattoo "When did you get it, is it old or new?" Zayn said keep asking questions

    Zayn realised this and and shut up "Ooops, sorry, i'll give you time to answer" Zayn said and bit one side of his lip
  19. Elvira smiled and pulled down the sleeve of her t-shirt, revealing the tattoo on her shoulder. It was a medium-sized tattoo, because she didn't want her whole shoulder covered in it.

    "I got it on the date of your birthday. As my special way of celebrating it." She smiled shyly and asked, "Do you like it?"
  20. Zayn smiled as she pulled down her sleeve but when he saw it he was shocked she had actually got his name tattooed on her shoulder, Zayn felt tears come to his eyes and roll down his cheeks, he smiled a big smile and pulled Elvira into a hug and kissed her cheek

    "Thankyou Elvira, that is just wow" Zayn said his words just coming back to him from the shock and pulled back from the hug and looked at it again, tracing his fingers over his name and smiled more "That means a lot, i can't believe it" Zayn said more tears falling from his eyes
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