Zarek Is A Fun Town I Believe...

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  1. [​IMG] Do you like playing cards? I certainly do it's really fun. My name is Alojz Barna. Age 14. I live in the city of Zarek with my brother Daniel, and sister Carlin. We're all magicians. People tend to always have something fun about them. Here, in Zarek it's taken to a new level. Soldiers, Wizards, Anthropomorphics, etc. All kinds of people live in Zarek. Gangs also exist here, My brother says I should stay away from them. I wonder why? But, the last one I confronted is dead. They wanted to play a game of cards, but had nothing to trade so I took their lives. You see money is tight in Zarek, so people result to trading. People from the more prominent cities come down to "maintain" the city. But, really their buying our land and selling it. So people in Zarek fight, play games, and kill for needed items. That's how sis explained it anyway. To make it worse there is a virus that sweeps by everyday with a gust of wind. The virus turns citizens into flesh-eating creatures. The effect wears off after a day, and is not contagious. But the dead cannot be revived. But, Zarek is fun, so many people to play with! Ahem. I'm sorry I get a little excited when I think about this town. My sister told me to ask new people their names. So what is yours?

    {You meet Alojz regardless he will somehow bump into you and start a conversation}
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  2. [​IMG] My name is Daniel Barna. Leader of the Magician Orginization. Age 17. I live here in Zarek with my detached brother and alcoholic sister. Being leader of such a high orginization makes gangs and police fear me. But, those creatures are terrifying. They eat you alive without remorse-- creatures? What am I saying their people, sorta. Where are my manners, and you are?

    {You meet Daniel if you enter the story through surviving in the library and approaching him when he visits}
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  3. [​IMG] Name's Carlin Barna nice to meet cha'. Im 24 -she gives a weird giggle-. Have you seen one of my brothers? About Eh high? No? Shame. Hey would you mind buying me a drink -levitating her glass-. By the way, I didn't catch your name.

    {You meet Carlin if you enter the story through the Inn and approach her}
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  4. [​IMG]
    A young girl exits her train with a bag of luggage and a large brown book in her arms. She approached Daniel.

    "My name? Oh you haven't heard of me? What a shame, it's no fun being a witch if no one knows who I am!" She gives a dramatic sigh "Oh well, My name is Adira, Adira Washinton." She gives a slight giggle and her eyes twinkle with mystery. "I'm a 16 year old witch living on my own now, my parents thought it would be good for me to get away from home, you see I seem to get myself into trouble.. But i can't help it! Magic is just to fun to follow rules all the time." She looks down at the large spell book in her hands and back up at Daniel "You should really let me show you sometime"
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  5. "Adira huh? Nice to meet you maybe I will see your magic sometime. But, Right now I must catch the train to the Magician Hall. You may come, but I warn you I'm not doing much but studying magic with my brother when he gets here." From all the way down the corridor A Queen of Spades flew and stopped in front of Daniel. On it read "Queen's mirror". It enlarged, and suddenly Alojz walked out of the card. "Hello Brother... Who is this..." He said with no emotion and a weak point. "This is Adira Washington. She may be accompanying us." Alojz bowed "I am Alojz Barna pleased to meet you... Say do you like playing cards..." Alojz started carrying on with a conversation to himself "Oh... I'm sorry..." He turned to Daniel "Shall we get going brother?" Daniel nodded "Coming Adira?" Daniel held his hand out.
  6. Adira smiled to both boys. "Pleasure to meet you both! I'd love to come! If i won't be a bother of course." With a quick snap of her fingers her luggage disappeared from sight. She took his hand and placed her own pale white hand in his. "A magician huh? You must tell me more!" She said with another twinkle in her eyes. Turning to Alojz "Now what was that you said about cards?" She asked curiously. People here seemed much friendlier than that of which she was used to. Adira had 19 brothers and sisters and her little town just east of this one was full of wizards and withcss. Adira's family needed more space and so the 8 oldest, Adira included where sent off to explore their own lives.
  7. Alojz face lit up "Do you know how to play poker!? I love poker! I'm really good too. You don't have to bet this time though..." They stepped onto the train. Daniel forgettin he was holding Adira's hand. "Got a new girlfriend I see?" A stranger said. Daniel blushed. "And yo--" Daniel turned around. The leader of one of the top 10 gangs was sitting there. "Azuma Tenra. What buisness do you have at the tower? Trying to fr--" Daniel was cut off. "Oh, you mean the falling building over there?" Azuma pointed. Gang members started flowing on the train. The normal passengers were being thrown off. "I've been hired by somebody that doesn't particularly like you to, KILL you and your siblings. Now I'm a reasonable guy, we can make a trade, the girl--" Alojz interrupted "You won't take my friend!" Daniel put his hand on Alojz shoulder "Get ready Alojz. They say you can trade in this town to survive and get needed items rather than pay. But, that's boring why don't we just trade lives winner takes all!" The brothers had crazed looks in their eyes. Daniel pulled out a knuckle knife. Alojz pulled out two magnums. Azuma took a step back. He smiled nervously. "Fine all of us against you!" Azuma's gang charged.
  8. Meanwhile at the bar where Carlin is...

    "What were you gonna do to my brothers!?" She was holding a man in her hand. Her other illuminated with a flame pointed at his head. "They will die..." The man passed out. "Useless... Better head to the train." As she walks out of the bar you can see all the men singed on the ground "I'll pay you when I get back Jeremy." The bartender nodded, terrified of what his regular customer had done. Carlin took off, with bullet speed.
  9. Adira was a bit confused and looked from one boy to the next. She put her hand out and halted the gangs charging men with her magic "Wait I'm a bit confused" Adira started, her hand still raised the prevent the boys from fighting. "So HE," She pointed to Azuma "Was hired to kill you, why?" She asked with a tilt to her head letting her purple hair fall to her right shoulder. "Oh never mind!" She said flicking her hand back in frustration and sending the gang members flying back into the trains wall. "Oh.. I'm so sorry I totally forgot!" She said wincing slightly. "Ice will help with that." She took a seat on one of the benches and smiled at Daniel, giving him a quick wink. She may act like a ditz, it didn't always mean she was one.
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  10. [​IMG]

    *giggles* "why hello there! I'm Aliah. Please don't mistake me for weak silly. The last person to do that well do you see this stain on my fan?" Aliah giggles again as she walks off the train and looks around. Coming from a rich family after murdering their servant she was sent here. "Oh how did I get here? Well my family is very rich but I was convicted of murder. I admitted and they sent me here. People underestimate me" *giggles* So what exactly do you do?" Aliah hides her fan under her skirt and keeps the other one and fans herself. "Wanna see a secret? okay!" Aliah then swirls in a circle and blades stick out of the fan. *giggles*
  11. Carlin appeared at the station. She was rubbing her head. "You two have had a lively morning... Who are these two." Daniel was exhausted he shooed her away. "I am sorry Carlin, for brother's behavior... But, these men attacked us and Adira pushed them away like Whoosh!" Alojz made a wave action. "And then this is Ms. Aliah... She murdered her servant..." Carlin rubbed his head "You said that way too calmly Alojz..." Alojz had what appeared to be an emotionless face "Oh... I'm sorry sis. I'll be going now..." "Wait, why don't you show your friend Adira to her Inn." Alojz stared blankly. "Im not a kid sis, stop baby talking me..." Daniel laughed "Come on I'll show you two to our Inn." Alojz interjected pulling his sister's arm. "Were coming too..."
  12. "Hey can I come with you guys? I'm sorta new here and with what just happened not sure I'm gonna be okay without some safe place to rest" Aliah said as she got up and stood with them all both her arms in her sleeves fans ready to be pulled out if anything or anyone came up she just had a strange feeling.

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  13. Adira giggled a little at Alojz. "Mmmhhmm" She stepped off the train and followed after Carlin and David. "So Aliah you're new here too huh?" She smiled slightly, avoiding the fans. She clutched to the book and asked Alojz "So about this game of poker.. I haven't played in years.. you wouldn't mind refreshing my memory would you?" She asked sweetly as she followed after the odd family. "Oh I almost forgot.." She snapped her fingers as her luggage appeared yet again by her side and she held onto her spell book.
  14. Aliah stumbles a bit surprised by the appearing luggage, of course she'd known about magic, she could read the magicka from Adria's aura right away but that was crazy, she hadn't seen witches use magic to make it easier on themselves. It was forbidden back home but then again so was killing people. " Yeah I'm new here! Don't worry about the fans silly they won't hurt you...badly" Aliah giggled again and then put the fans back to their closed form "I have to actually want to hurt you for them to hurt you it's my own little magic trick, I had a witch enchant my blades to react to my aura as I strengthen my aura the blades come out of the fans other then that nothing will happen!" Aliah closed her eyes and felt something coming multiple aura's it was a strange feeling this place was extremely corrupt these aura's where blackened with corruption. Maybe it was just the way the town is Aliah thought. "Just so you guys know there are multiple people approaching us from this way" Aliah nods her head in the direction they are walking "If they try to hurt us I can show you why you don't underestimate me" Aliah says as she continues to giggle.
  15. [I dont care what you do as long as you dont god mode. Hate tht]

    Daniel got into his mature stature again. "Ahem. Sure just follow us..." everybody walked passed Daniel following the adorable Alojz. Carlin put her hand on his shoulder. "You suck with women..." Daniel followed behind. "Shut up..." Carlin whispered to Daniel. "We're being watched..." "I know..." By the time they reached the Inn Alojz finished explaining poker "So the hands are Pair, Two Pair, Flush, Straight, and Royal Straight Flush... Oh, we're here..." The inn was huge. It had a garden, 12 rooms, and was really clean. "Come in to my humble abode!" Carlin grabbed a beer out of the fridge. "Our sister owns the joint forgot to mention that" Daniel went straight to his room. Alojz set up a poker game and begged the girls to play.
  16. Adira nodded. "Hmm I see, pretty cool if you asked me. Oh I'm sorry! Don't mind my luggage it kinda does it's own thing now and again." As they approached the inn Adira gawked. "Humble abode? It's huge!" She gave a twirl and her flowery dress flew up around her knees in a perfect circle. "Thank you for allowing me to even enter" She said and watched her open the fridge. Adira watched Daniel out of the corner of her eyes. "What happens if I lose Alojz?" She gave the boy a smirk and threw her hands up into the air. "Oh fine but go easy on me?" She asked. "Do you mind if I stay the night here? I'll pay you of course. Just so I can figure out keeping arrangements in this new city." She asked Carlin.
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  17. "Pay? Oh right--" Alojz stopped her. "Members are excepted in the Inn, by playing a special card game with me...Magika Poker... The rules: Just be first to get the three highest hands. All of those who beat me get to stay. If I come last everyone gets to stay. Your aloud to cheat, but if your caught your out... Simple..." Daniel came out. "He's starting?" Carlin nodded thinking about the money going down the drain. "Daniel will supervise using eyesight magic that allows him to see even the fastest or slightest physical movement, Though he cannot see any magic while the spell is cast." Daniel stood near the table. His eyes glowing yellow. "Are you ready?"
  18. Aliah sits down and smooths down her gown. "so this is what it's like here interesting" Aliah looks around keeping her posture acting disgusted not by the place but by the aura's she could sense they where corrupt and she would hate it here " I would also like to stay, trust me I can pay you I have plenty of money to tie me over"


    "Hey there!" A high pitched voice says "I'm Melody, Melody Green, What did I do to end up here? well hehe that's a secret" Melody starts to fly down the road playing a tune on her flute that simply pleases your ears, Melody flies around and comes back, she only comes up to your ankle. "Don't step on me!" Melody screams as she takes her flute and jabs you in the ankle and flies off, her ignorance made you an enemy even though you did nothing wrong.
    [I want an evil character muahaha and what else but ironically a fairy a "sweet" thing]
  19. "I'll be on the street tonight.." Adira frowned slightly as she sat down at the table, knowing quite well she would be losing this game. "Okay Aloojz.. I suppose you deal?" She asked slightly as her glance switched between him and David and Carlin. "Oh boy.. you know for 14 you're extremely cunning.." She said giving him a tilted head look. Her poker face on. She wouldn't win but she could certainly try right?
  20. Daniel and Carlin looked at Alojz. He was tense. Carlin read his mind. (Let them win. Let them win. Let them win.) She was shocked. "Begin!" Alojz dealt the cards at lightning speed, 5 per person. Alojz had a straight. He killed his pride and turned it into a pair of twos, Threes, and one 6. (Two pair not good enough. Don't try Al, Dont try.) Once again he used magic and turned the cards into a pair of twos, one 3, one 7, and a 4. (Yes, the lowest hand there is...) He put his hand down. "Pair of Twos. Do you have a hand or would you like to pull another card?"