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  1. I like having action in roleplays it brings plenty of choices to the scene on how things can go but i do like to have sexual things in as well to spice up the roleplay, i do enjoy sex and action but never at the same time or sex right after with corpes around the place and blood all over ourselves.

    Action wise i enjoy just about anything dont have any particular dislikes but the era i love the most has to be mideivl as their was a ton of sword action and the like, Now sex wise i dont really know my bodys turn on spots as ive only had sex once but my turn ons that involves sex are: doggy style, creampie, risky creampie, impregnation, and pregnancy sex my turn offs are fisting, anal, and sex with gore and last but not least things im not a fan of but will do if the girl wants it is hardcore bondage (will still do binding and light whip hits normally but hate the thought of causing harm to a woman and will accept being tied down and taken but not so much the heavy stuff)

    Here are some pairings I'm looking for:

    Dragon x dragon
    dragon x human/other race
    dragon x knight/rouge/Mercenary
    knight x thief
    knight x commoner
    knight x princess (prince, roles can be switched)
    Rogue x princess (prince, roles can be switched)
    Prince x princess
    Mercenary x knight
    archer x warrior

    werewolf x human/other race
    werewolf x werewolf
    werewolf x vampire (and can be switched around)
    Vampire x human/other race
    Vampire x vampire

    Sci fi:
    Mecha Roleplay (please no OP mechs off the bat, it's a big turn off for my imagination)
    Robotic sort of stuff (wide variety of things that fit under that)

    Slice of life:
    Father x daughter (can be incestuous, don't know why but I like the thought)
    Brother x sister (same as above, can be incestuous)
    Rich guy x maid/servant
    Rich guy x poor girl (or switched around)
    Rich guy x blackmarket bought girl
    Homeless guy x single home owner woman
    Collage student/teacher x collage student/ teacher (would be cool to have something like a harem if we could get multiple girls in on something like this and each fight to be his girl friend)

    Final Fantasy 8 (I'll be playing Squall since he's my favorite out of all ff characters also if you want to interdementionaly import another ff character in and make our own world and outcomes I'm totally willing)
    Post-apocalyptic era/fallout Fandom (wouldn't mind doing some post war type stuff like in the fallout universe)

    Blacksmithx rogue
    Blacksmith x traveling merchant
    Blacksmith x mercenary
    Blacksmith x knight

    Note: my blacksmith is female and is out to prove that females aren't only ment for household duties and is also adept at using a sword but has never seen combat Also with her I'm willing do go with a male counterpart and I can do sex and romance with her as well

    Note: at this moment I'm really wanting to play Vivian Rain my blacksmith so I'd love if someone would pick this up, and on a side note I can also play and make any female characters that I could play as so if your looking for a a MxF plot pm me and I can make a character to play with your male :bsmile:

    Message me if you like something you see

    ****Currently craving playing a female role in anything, so if you have any ideas that would be needing a female characters just message me and ask if I'd be up for it****​


    full name: Zane Tocona
    gender: male
    age: 24
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Vampire lords Son
    marital status: single
    height: 5' 11"
    build: Slim
    hair: silver
    eyes: red
    distinguishing marks:
    Vampire teeth

    Easy going yet when in a pinch he will fight and he cares for humans and will do his best to protect them, he is shy to admit his feelings to a girl he likes but outgoing otherwise
    strengths: Super human speed and strength
    weaknesses: silver
    likes: fighting
    dislikes: drinking human blood
    fears: being unable to love a human
    goals: to find the one he belongs with and becoming vampire lord
    secrets: being a vampire lord he is unaffected by sunlight but can't use his full power, he has the ability to phase out of sight that nothing can trace him but is only able to do this at night as the sun weakens his powers during the day

    family: Orthos Tocona - Father - current vampire lord
    Yana Tocona - Mother - Pristess
    full name: Thane Wolfsburg
    gender: male
    age: 28
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Village Leader
    marital status: Single

    height: 6' 2"
    build: muscular
    hair: Brown and short
    eyes: blue
    distinguishing marks: N/A

    personality: Rough and tough and e seems to be mean but is more like caring about his people he has a soft side for women

    strengths: Super human strength
    weaknesses: silver
    likes: sexy women and fighting
    dislikes: evil
    fears: losing his village
    goals: to make his village thrive
    secrets: werewolf as like the rest of the village but are able to control themselves and shift into different forms of werewolves or wolves that suit the situation

    family: Liara - step mother - Thane's Advisor

    history: When he was young his parents were killed by werewolf hunters and was taken in by the village leader and his wife and was raised up to be the next village leader as Liara was only able to have one daughter who married a leader of another werewolf village leader to keep peace between the packs and died after giving birth to their first kid, Thane had grown up to be the strongest of all the males as he was the alpha male his senses honed to where nothing can get by him but one day the village leader was killed with poison and he took over
    full name: Renzi Crain
    gender: male
    age: 23
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Rogue
    marital status: single

    height: 5' 10"
    build: Half way between Muscular and slim
    hair: Long Red hair down to his shoulder blades
    eyes: Brown
    distinguishing marks: 5 scars on his back

    personality: he treats everyone how they treat him but always tries to be kind when he can

    strengths: quick learner
    weaknesses: is to kind
    likes: none
    dislikes: disrespectful people
    fears: to die with out fighting back
    goals: to become the strongest and best swordsman around
    secrets: Great observer he knows what their next action will be by their reactions, he was raised and trained by the best swordsman of the last generation of ninjas

    family: none

    history: he was abandoned by his parents at the age of 3 but was lucky found by a ninja carrying out an assassination he was brought back and raised by the master by the age of 15 he was as good if not better then all his teachers and became a full fledged ninja and was assigned missions to be carried out with a higher ranking till he was 18 for 2 more years he grew even more stronger them one fateful day shown he wasn't strong enough and everyone he knew was dead and he was the only one left alive from that day he swore to be the best in the world
    full name: Yamos Frey
    gender: male
    age: 26
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Mage
    marital status: single

    height: 6' 1'
    build: Slim
    hair: shoulder length black hair
    eyes: Green
    distinguishing marks: none

    personality: helpful and nice but is weary of everyone, he never stats conversations with people he doesn't know and uses magic to study them

    strengths: Great mage
    weaknesses: thinks everyone is out to get him
    likes: leaning new magic
    dislikes: teaching others magic
    fears: losing his magic
    goals: to learn every type of magic
    secrets: his staff is made of wood but allows him to harness the lands energy to make harder spells faster cast cause of the gemstone in the top

    Name: Leon Jarkin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Sexual orientation: Streight (virgin)
    Occupation: Guard
    Marital status: Single

    height: 5, 11
    build: slim and muscular
    distinguishing marks: Scars on shoulders and back

    strengths: Strong and will do anything to protect
    weaknesses: His deep love for a girl
    likes: swords, sword fighting, and his job as a guard
    dislikes: being taken advantage of and busy cities
    fears: that he will die before ever confessing his love
    goals: to become the royal guard quartermaster as his father is
    secrets: he trains every chance he gets when he isnt on guard duty
    Name: Harry lavender
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Pilot, Moderate Mechanic
    Marital status: Single

    height: 5, 8
    build: slim
    distinguishing marks: Scars on his hands and arms

    strengths: Piloting Expert
    weaknesses: To prove hes the best and working alone
    likes: Fast Mecha's, Swords, and Fighting
    dislikes: Being made fun of his Piloting skills and Custom built Mecha
    fears: Being killed in battle before he find a girl to love
    goals: Get on the Special Task force
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    full name: Freed Toronto
    gender: male
    age: 43
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: captain and strategist
    marital status: Single

    height: 6' 2"
    build: muscular
    hair: blue and short
    eyes: black
    distinguishing marks: cybernetic leg

    personality: Rough and tough, he tries to be a badass and also very harsh, he tries to hide the fact that he's not combat capable

    strengths: intelligence and 20 years worth of front line battling
    weaknesses: still adjusting to his cybernetic leg
    likes: Mecha's, fighting, and commanding
    dislikes: alians
    fears: losing his men in battle and all he can do is watch
    goals: to make his team the best out there
    secrets: has his own custom mecha when he's not allowed to have one being disabled

    history: he was among the first to discover the alians, him and his team lead the research team to sacred lands and tore them up looking for artifacts and was attacked, he was the only one who survived and came back with the key part that makes Mecha's as they are and with that he was the first pilot of a war ready mecha, sure there were already Mecha's but they were mainly for construction as they lacked the power to use weapons for a long period of time, with this core piece they started creating more and soon had an army of Mecha's and pilots, Freed was the commanding officer in charge as he was promoted from private to Sargent and lead the forces into battle but the alians had much higher technology and overpowered the human forces and were forced to retreat, the scientists then named them Salvians, from that day Freed would never forget how they had failed but the mecha in current day and age came far from Gen 1 versions but also they had found weak points in the alians mechs and their firepower is on a much higher grade, in the most recent battle he was in advancing onto on of the planets under the Salvians control they were ambushed he lost all of his men and his leg from that battle and from that day on the promoted him to captain and in control of his own battle ship but he hardly had a crew as most were already on other ships and the crew he had were all rookies who volunteered, he wanted trained pilots and mechanics and to get then he had to wait til they graduated from the academy

    Note: this is a side character to a Mecha Roleplay play
    Name: Zanmar Knight
    Alias: Zero Blade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Commander
    Marital status: Single

    height: 5, 10
    build: Slim and Muscular
    distinguishing marks: His signature Sword the Haragta
    strengths: strong ancient hidden powers and Knowledge of ancient sword techniques
    weaknesses: Wants revenge on the General who took his parents captive
    likes: Swords, Magic, Special Abilities
    dislikes: The kings son's adviser
    fears: Being unable to marry the girl he loves
    goals: To rid the island of evil

    History: He is the son of the Headmaster Guard Hathaway and Laura, as soon as he was old enough to hold a stick he was trained by his father at sword fighting but by the age of 10 one of the generals from the kings castle came and attacked their home and took his parents and but he was able to get away, for 2 years he stayed in hiding training his sword skills his father taught him he then came to the castle under an alias Zero Blade and was recruited to be trained under the very men who betrayed his parents, another 3 years past and he became the youngest commander in history he continued to train under his father which he refused to disclose that he was his son becoming stronger and stronger till one day the king grew weak

    Note: I have a whole lore behind this character, if your interested in finding out what it is pm me and I'll be happy to tell you :)
    full name: (you name him in the roleplay)
    gender: male
    age: No one knows
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Dragon
    marital status: Single
    height: Human form: 6' 1" Dragon form: 26' 8"
    build: muscular and slim
    hair: Crimson and Black
    eyes: Orange
    distinguishing marks:

    personality: Weary and couscous of everything and everyone

    strengths: Dragon strength while in human form
    weaknesses: lost his memory of dragon abilities and how to use them and his hate for demons
    likes: being free
    dislikes: captivity
    fears: never remembering about himself
    goals: to relearn everything he forgot and returning his lost memory
    secrets: last of the dragoon tribe called Ferro, they held magical abilities which was lost when the tribe was overwhelmed by demons and is the last human shifting dragon alive

    family: None

    history: He lost his memory in the fight defending his dragoon tribe the ferro he was cursed by a demon to sleep eternally but was broken by a (what ever race your character is) which he shown his gratitude towards and followed and protected that person on his own quest to find out who he was, the world had changed so much in over 500 years a world where dragons were a rare sight and the dragons that were seen were of the kingdoms own dragon knights

    full name: Vivian Rain
    gender: female
    age: 27
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: blacksmith and swordsman
    marital status: Single

    height: 5' 5"
    build: slender
    hair: red
    eyes: blue
    distinguishing marks: none

    personality: a bit short tempered and inpatient, she hates men who think woman can't do anything but house work and can get really defensive

    strengths: being a blacksmith's daughter she knows how to make any Weapon and at the highest quality possible
    weaknesses: Short tempered and easily annoyed and angered
    likes: making weapons and testing them
    dislikes: cocky men who disrespect women
    fears: being in an abusive relationship and expected to be a house wife
    goals: to be the best woman blacksmith and swords woman
    secrets: made her own top quality sword and goes out at night and trains

    family: father-Artemis Rain

    history: When she was young her mother passed away while pregnant with her brother who didn't make it either, her father was never the same after that he mostly stayed in his workshop completing orders which for her to spend any time with him she would have to help out, she spent most of her life in the workshop with her father and trays all she knew until one day she met a traveler who told her all the sights he's seen on his travels which made her want to go out on her own adventure, when she was 21 she made her first top quality sword which she kept and trained with it every night, come age 27 she was ready to take off on her adventure
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  3. I would be interested in dragon x human/other race if your still on the look out ^_^ pm me if your keen.
  4. I'm open to do RoguexPrincess
  5. Im open to a Dragon type role play or a Father x Daughter one!
  6. Can we do Vampire x Human?
  7. Sure sounds great
  8. Shall I pm you?
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