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Anime, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Action/Adventure, and Dark. Sometimes I like to do Edgy things, but it has to be played out right to work for me.


"The world of Zanex. An interesting place to say the least, the faces are always new, regardless of where you may live. Even in a place like the Republic of Rogess where I live, mostly new cats though, lots of cats over here. Government's not all bad, beats the dictatorship of some places, and I don't particularly mind curfew, but the lacking police force certainly makes sleeping at night a lot harder and that curfew rather pointless, but then of course you already knew all this didn't you?"
Victor said to a cat as he sat on the window sill of his apartment.

The cat in question belonged to a little girl, she was the daughter of one of his clients. Lucky for him the little girl hit the cat with a broom not too long ago and the mother bandaged its leg up to cheer the girl up, but that just made it easier to identify. He had found it just a day or two ago while his clients went to go visit some family, it just sat on his desk waiting to go home. He brought a black cat up to his face, holding it by the nape of its neck. He looked at the bandage and then back at the cat, who was now trying to scratch his arm, but failed to do any damage with his coat on. He finally put it down and pulled out a cigar, lighter, and then started smoking, blowing the fumes out the window.

"How long is this trip of their's anyway?" He asked no one in particular as he puffed out a stream of smoke. "This cat is making itself at home here and I'm tired of the smell of its litterbox."

As he complained, looking at the moon above, the cat adventured around the apartment. It jumped into boxes and then out of them. It found its way into his drawers and closet, messing up quite a few of his possessions with its claws. It then found its way to another window and hopped out, scampering down the street. Victor continued to blow puffs before noticing the cat when it reached about the halfway mark on the street. His eyes widened as he shot out the window onto the balcony and continued to drop down until he made it to the street.

"Hey kitty, kitty, kitty!" Victor called as he ran after it. The cat paused once to look for Victor before disappearing again. "That scoundrel!"

Victor continued to chase after it, constantly being duped by the cat. Sometimes it would vanish behind crates and end up on the upper level of a building, others it would taunt Victor by letting him catch up to him and either running away or juking the man and going under him. It had gotten pretty annoying, but as the night dragged on Victor got tired and needed some light, he hadn't even realized how long he had stayed out. It was about time for a sun bath. The cat stared at the tired man when suddenly a teleportal stone appeared right in there, in the abandoned factory where the cat had suddenly stopped when Victor did. The cat turned and hopped through it. Victor tilted his head and lifted his middle finger to the stone. It vanished shortly after.

"Are you fucking kidding me, I almost die, then that bullshit happens? Why excuse me sir, but fuck you, no! Come back here!" Victor shot up and pointed to the ground for a minute before shaking his head and going home. "Fucking cat... fucking kid... stupid ass job."

Victor complained and stomped all the way home and flicked the lights on as he walked through the door. He trudged to his desk, slumped into his chair, and stuck a cigarette into his mouth. He didn't light it, but he kept it there as he kicked his shoes up onto his desk and leaned back. He closed his eyes and smiled.

"At least it's out of my hair-" Victor was interrupted by a small weight on his chest. He didn't dare open his eyes, he knew this feeling. "Ah, fuck you."

"Meow." The cat responded.
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