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    --- | Arc 1 | ---

    New Dawn

    -- | Morning | --

    "Stay in here and don't unlock the door for anyone except for me."

    Another distinctive whistle tore through the sky outside, followed by a loud bang and rumble of the earth. Whatever event transpired outside seemed to affect everyone in the Daugherty. The flashing lights beyond the windows despite it being well past bedtime, the sounds of rushing footsteps just beyond the saferoom's door. All of it terrified Camilla as she found herself nearly choking on her own tears. The 6 foot tall man knelt down to Camilla's much smaller height and lifted her head up with a finger under her chin.

    "Don't cry, Camilla. I won't be gone for long."

    The man's attention turned to the slightly older boy to Camilla's side.

    "Protect your sister, okay? You're the man of the house now, Logan."

    Logan, who struggled to keep a calm and collected expression, hesitantly nodded in response to the older man's words.

    "What if you d-don't come back?" Logan quirked.

    "I will come back. Just wait for me."

    The older man rose to his feet as another loud explosion rocked the entire settlement.

    "I love you both."

    At once, the man's body converted into a fast-moving cloud of smoke that trailed up into the ceiling's vents, leaving the two children alone inside the safety of the Daugherty's saferoom. Despite having the safety of her usually confident and skilled older brother Logan, Camilla couldn't find the strength to hold back her tears of fear and worry. Just where were the other children? Who was attacking such a peaceful little abode? At this point, not even the abundant fluff of Kenshi's fur could quell her bellowing.

    "Camilla?" Her brother took hold of her shoulders.

    "Camilla!" He began to shake her.

    "CAMILLA!" shouted a different voice that awoke the girl from her nightmare. Sleepy eyes dilated and focused in on the only thing in her field of vision; A disgruntled face with reading glasses.


    "We're late, Camilla! Club registration is going to start in a few minutes!"

    Camilla slumped her back against the hard stone of the apartment block as if the words the girl spoke had gone through one ear and out the other. Maggie, who was a fellow classmate and the only true friend of Camilla, had gone through the trouble of searching for Camilla on this big day of theirs. Today was the day that student-governed clubs started receiving their first batch of members. The only issue was that their 'leader' was off sleeping in an alleyway a dozen blocks away from school grounds.

    "I told you that you could stay the night over at my house. It would have been so much better since I live closer to it than.. this!"

    Camilla muttered incomprehensible words with her face mashed against the stone wall. A few seconds of silence passed before the realization finally hit her. Camilla's eyes shot wide open and she jerked to life like she had been hit by a lightning bolt.

    "The club!!" She shouted out of panic. "Maggie, the club! What time is it!?"

    "It should be lunch time any moment now..!"

    Scentia's lunch time was just before the various clubs opened their doors to the other students. It was their opportunity to apply the finishing touches to their club rooms and make sure it accommodated the predicted number of newcomers.

    "Where's your uniform? You have to hurry up!"

    "I know, I know. Go without me, I'll catch up!"

    Maggie didn't hesitate. With a nod, the student marched off around the corner and back in the direction of the school. Camilla on the other hand was ill-prepared for the task ahead of her. A track jacket over a T-shirt and jeans. On top of that, everything was dirtied thanks to having slept in an alleyway. Luckily, she had her uniform hung on the top of a steel stairwell leading to the roof of the relative building. It was out of the sight of most individuals so it didn't worry her at all.

    At the roof of the building was an array of objects sorted by it's weight. Camilla used these random objects to test her abilities every day after she woke up. Today, she carried a block of cement to the very edge of the building and took a deep breath. As soon as the block was shoved off of the roof, she disappeared in a flash. A brief blur zipped it's way across the rooftop towards the building's water tower, leaving behind discarded clothes. A blast of water from the tank covered the blur before it zoomed by the waiting uniform, taking the clothes with it. By the time the blur ran it's way down the stairwell and back down to the alleyway, the cement block had finally landed on the ground. Camilla clicked her tongue in frustration having been nearly tied with the falling object.

    "Still having troubles turning." She admitted to herself. Every day she performed this test to measure how fast she had gotten since yesterday, and every single time she had trouble changing directions. Her body protested and her bones threatened to snap the moment she tried to curve her trajectory. Acknowledging her need for improvement, she used that same superspeed to race back towards Scentia's grounds.

    An exhausted Maggie nearly took out two or three students on her way to their designated club room. Lunch time was just about over and Maggie was the definition of a mess. Ruffled hair, lopsided glasses, and no time to rest. Eventually she came up to the room whose sign had 'Astrology Club' taped over it's original name. As she struggled to obtain the keys given to her by one of the teachers, her elbow easily bumped the door open to reveal a well-prepared Astrology Club and a readied Camilla.

    "C-Camilla?" Maggie stammered. "How did you..?"

    "Welcome to the Astrology Club!" Camilla shouted with a playful grin on her face.

    The club was nothing like the mess they had left it yesterday. The ceiling was painted a nice color representing outer space and it's stars. The walls were covered in fun facts, motivational phrases, schedules, and even a zodiac-sign calendar pinned on the correct date. The center of the room was merely a round-table for the members to discuss club activity. Today it would be used as their interviewing table. Off to the side was various equipment - all of which was notably pricey. Rather than inquire on how Camilla was able to do all of this, Maggie prepared for the onslaught of students they were expecting. Maggie slammed a stack of papers in front of Camilla.

    "These are all of our applications." She declared.

    Slowly, Camilla looked through each and every form they had gotten. "Aimi, adorable.. Frey, badass... Jackson-.. Hey, he looks kind of violent in this picture. Is that blood?"

    "He's probably a cook or something, and that's splattered ketchup." Maggie added.

    Camilla shrugged and continued.

    "Hmm.. Oh! Versai's pretty!"

    "They're always prettier in pictures than in person." Maggie added once more.

    "Hal.. He's pretty good looking, don't you think?" Camilla asked. Maggie hid the lower half of her face behind a book she suddenly decided to carry. "Mhm."

    Parting with a suspicious look, Camilla moved on.

    "Gerhard.. is twenty? Wait, he's a first year student.." Camilla was silent for a moment. "Mm, that's interesting."

    "And the last person... is twelve? He looks kind of sad." Upon further observation, the desolate look in Fran's picture reminded Camilla of Logan. "I bet he has a story to tell." Camilla sorted the applications together and took a deep breath. "I should fill out my own form while I wait.."

    "These applicants should be showing up any moment now."
    "Well then, here we go."

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  2. The morning was nothing new for the child who begrudgingly walked along the city's sidewalks. Once again, he held another prescription in his hand; a common article after his weekly visit with a psychiatrist hellbent on curing his supposed mental disorder. From a societal standpoint, Franz was diagnosed with a schizo-affective disorder; in particular, one that traumatized him into a state of depression through consistent hallucinations of grotesque figures. Ever since his birth, shadows lurked in and about all of his surroundings, yet given the poverty he had been born into, higher levels of treatment remained a pipe-dream left for his fantasies. At best, different or stronger forms of medication were administered on a regular basis with none proving effective at curing his affliction.

    "Leave me the fuck alone!"

    The sudden exclamation attracted the attention of nearby pedestrians and drivers, yet Franz remained entirely ignorant to their judging stares. By now, he was used to the attention that he garnered from the public. Their stares were ordinary--normal; nothing like the burning red eyes which had been following him ever since he stepped foot into the building of the psych clinic. Thankfully, this one was small. A minuscule black shadow in the shape of a petite child with crimson red eyes and long nails on both its hands and feet.

    Reaching to the ground, Franz retrieved a small stone that he quickly threw in the direction of the shadow. As expected, the granite object effortlessly passed through the body of the figure who began snickering in a low, raspy tone. It was obvious the shadow was making fun of the youth, but rather than rise to ridicule, Franz simply hid his head in the hood of jacket before continuing along the path to his school. Nothing ever changed--every so often shadows would appear before him in the
    distance--stalking him; observing him; taunting him; yet never approaching or bothering with contact. In his twelve years of existence, not one had ever posed a direct threat to his life; at least apart from the social stigma that forced his depression harder than any shadow or state of poverty could manage.


    With the shadow no longer following him, Franz arrived at Scentia just as the morning session was coming to a close. Sure, listening to a man in a white coat drone about his symptoms was bad, but avoiding class made the entire experience somewhat worth it in his eyes. Up to this point in time, Freshman year had been a nightmare. Not only was he several years too young for his grade, but Scentia had also publicly announced his position as a scholarship student in a private school meant for the children of the middle class. Both aspects were enough to warrant certain levels of bullying that were only further exemplified by the brains which got him the scholarship in the first place. Were he learning new material, the experience might have been warranted to some degree, but given his knowledge of every lesson so far, Franz was left to endure the droning lectures and the jeers stemming from his consistent top scores on quizzes and tests.

    A heavy sigh exhaled from Franz's mouth as he flicked his hood back in response to the bickering of a teacher who seemed overly concerned with upholding the "pride and glory" of Scentia's image. At this point in time, the academy's halls were heavily crowded with masses of students all rushing to the lunch room for their much anticipated break. On an ordinary day, Franz would slowly following in the footsteps of the hoarde; however, given it was the time for the Astrology club interviews, the youth found himself, instead, walking towards a distant wing of the academy. Truthfully, it wasn't by his choice that he was making this trip. Earlier, his doctor had been adamant about enforcing socialization as a means of alleviating the severity of his disorder and required for his next appointment was proof of his involvement in a sport or club. In his mind, none of Scentia's options seemed overly appealing--at least astrology had potential to be somewhat interesting when compared to the rest.

    Gently pushing open the door to the club room, Franz stepped inside with a small wave before walking over the occupied desk and whispering towards the girl behind it.

    "F-Franz A-Aldricht...here for astrology?"
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  3. Versai giggled, kicking up her legs, the laptop on her thighs lightly bouncing. "Brilliant! Dude, you're a genius," she laughed at the comment presented to her. Grinning widely, she stretched out her fingers, mentally readying up a reply.

    A quartet of strings and a melodic male voice interrupted her flow. "Phone, pls!" She grabbed for it, having to reach, reach for it on her desk where the tips of her heels now rested. "Damnit arms," she finally gave in, letting her feet down and leaning forward to close in the few inches. "What! What do you want from me," she demanded the still singing phone. Oh. The alarm. It was time to leave for school.

    She'd gotten ready a while back, her uniform spic and span, her backpack filled with the bare minimum, her shoes on and ready to go, go, go! Buuuut... Tapping off her alarm, she gently lobbed the phone back onto the desk, sure the casing would pad its fall. "Just a few more seconds!" said Versai, and on she went to type up her reply.

    "There, sent!" About to get up, she almost instantly got a reply back. "Well... I'll go for second period!" she decided, sitting right back down. ​

    + + +​

    "Phone, check, backpack chucked in car, check, having the least amount of stuff on me so I'm free as a bird? Priceless!" She looked around to make sure no-one had heard that. Aside from fellow cars- sizes, shapes, and paint jobs a'varied- it was just her. If there was a student, they were probably crouching down under a car. Taking a nap. Yup, that sounded legit. "Good, cuz that really didn't work!" she mused to herself, and then at the last minute, took a look at her feet. "You know... it's a pretty nice day..."

    Shoeless, Versai left the parkinglot for the school building. Who needed a map anyway, not this girl! Or so Versai was certain as she picked a direction and walked. "I think they said right, and then the third door from the west window. Which way's west?" Versai took a moment to pinch her lips together. "That way!" she pointed, and carried onward. She giggled, bouncing up suddenly, grabbing her phone out of her pocket.

    1...2...I should update my fave... but I don't have any updates yet! Oops. What number was I on? Stopped in place, she peaked her head in to the closest classroom. "Oh! Hey! Any chance you know where..." Versai paused a split second, before giving the girl who she'd spotted a grin, "I gotchu!"

    Coming forward, she reached out slowly, and tipped one side of the girl's glasses so that they sat on straight. Pleased, she nodded, and then for good measure, patted upwards the ends of the girl's hair. Absolutely proud of herself at this point, Versai beamed at the girl whose space she'd just blatantly invaded. And then remembered, "Oh, right! Hey, I'll get right out of your hair, can you just tell me how I can get to the room for the astrology club? I have a flyer here..." in the backpack that was in the car... "Not anymore!"
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  4. |It Lurks|
    Behind the corner of back alleyways, paving to the undesirable dirty backsides of apartments and inner city homes a faint blood orange glow pulsated through the sunless shade. A young man, struggling against a thick dark haze. The haze lurched and snaked around the young students body, embers circling and dancing through the bog. Fluttering up into his eyes, nose, and mouth. The openings in his face exhausting spurts of fire and smoke like an active furnace. The boys breathes and gasps, pleas for his conscious snatched up by the noxious mix of miasma and carbon. Soon his body fell limp, giving up to the asphyxiation of whatever force kept him close. There was quiet. The low sounds of resistance ceased. The boy stood there, conscious but also unconscious. He inhaled deeply, throwing his head back. Life filled his body again. The orange glow dimmed. Soaking into his eyes, nose, mouth. His pupils burned in the patterns of flame before extinguishing, discoloring his once green pupils to orange then back to green once more. He lifted his bookbag, straightened his jacket, dusted himself off. He inhaled again, his chest bloating up from the deep gulp of air. Then exhaled a cloud of black smoke. "Forgive me." The boy said to himself, his voice raspy and not of his own. "There's something out there. Some... things. Activity. Abnormal. Supernatural. Does not belong. It's here, nearby. The trace, indistinguishable. What is it? I will know." His voice smoothed out and regulated as he spoke, mimicing of what the boy sounded like. The boy straightened his brown hair, removing the grit of dirt and dust from off the pavement. Moving out into the sunlight, the openness of the sidewalk and road. He lifted his head to the air, embracing the suns warm light. "Comforting." The boy muttered. He followed the trace of the abnormal pressure he felt. It was strong. More than one trace. It guided his footsteps.

    |It approaches|
    The boy was lead to a schoolhouse. A larger scale institution. Surrounded by fellow students wearing similar uniforms as he. The boy looked to his garb, tugging at the shirt. "Convenient." He said plainly. He continued to follow his internal sonar, following the direction where the pressure was most prominent in his skull. He stalked the halls, growing closer to what he sought after. He looked towards the doorways, reading the names to himself in whisper. He finally ended up at the Astrology Club. The pressure felt its strongest here. He entered the room unsolicited, eyeing the interior and scanning the students. His gaze was quickly drawn by Camilla and Franz... Glaring at them gave him an out of body experience his usurped human form isn't accustomed to. He remained silent, and watched carefully.
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  5. The two girls didn't have to wait very long for their first newcomer to peek their head in. Oddly enough, the first person to arrive was the last applicant on the list; Franz Aldricht. Right off the bat, there was something strange about the boy other than the fact that he was much younger than the rest of the students at Scentia. There was an aura of paranoia about him. The way he walked as if eyes were watching him and waiting for him to make a mistake. All of which was assumed before the boy declared his presence in the club.

    "F-Franz A-Aldricht...here for astrology?"

    "Welcome to the club, Aldricht! Can I call you Franz? Take a seat."

    Despite the boy's skittish demeanor, Camilla tried her best not to be overbearing. However, the idea of being able to run her own club was much too exciting for her to simply act as if it's an every day occurrence. Just after briefly addressing Franz, a second member arrived - and in quite the fashion.

    "Oh! Hey! Any chance you know where..."

    Versai traded glances with Maggie.

    "I gotchu!"

    Maggie's expression could have been dubbed as brief terror as the new girl creeped towards her with unclear intentions.

    "U-uhm, welc-..come to-..!"

    Maggie couldn't help but ultimately brace for impact. Instead of being murdered or eaten by the strange girl, Versai adjusted the pair of lens on Maggie's face, bringing a surprised 'Huh?' out. On top of that, her hair had been neatly rearranged in a more presentable fashion. In the mists of panicked chaos, Maggie had forgotten about her own sake. She gave herself a light pat to confirm that her hair was indeed fixed instead of the other way around.

    "Oh, right! Hey, I'll get right out of your hair, can you just tell me how I can get to the room for the astrology club? I have a flyer here..."


    "Not anymore!"

    "Eheh, you're standing in it." Maggie replied, lightly flustered. "Thank you by the way, I was in such a rush to get here.."

    Curious eyes had been pinned to Versai long enough for the two to completely forget about the next newcomer, who ominously glared at both Camilla and Franz without announcing his arrival or intentions for being there. Camilla forced a smile towards him though she felt it wasn't going to be returned whatsoever.

    I'm starting to think this was a bad idea.

    "Welcome to the Astrology Club, everyone! I'm the club president, Camilla Ferrari." She made a brief 'presenting' hand motion towards Maggie.

    "And this is Maggie Lance, my friend."


    "-Advisor. Whatever. We're a newly formed club, so bare with us while we work out the obvious kinks. First up, I'll start by asking everyone here why they chose our club specifically. Let's start by order of who came first, so-.. Franz?"
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  6. "Thanks for the food mother."

    While his mom watched TV, Gerhard carried the dishes to the sink and took a glance at the wall clock.

    ("Eleven minutes...")

    He finished breakfast sooner than usual and briefly considered how to spend this free time. In the end, he spent about five minutes on drinking water and chatting with his mom, then left for school.

    Gerhard munched on a banana as he walked towards the astrology clubroom. It was a break from his comfortable routine of staying in the library and killing time there, but club registration was necessary for Gerhard.

    ("I guess I don't have to show up today, but I'm sure there will be less people if I do it now...")

    But surprisingly, there were more people than he expected. Most he didn't recognize, but there was one student who stood out in particular.


    Though he had never had a conversation with Franz, rumors and news about him were plentiful through the grapevine. A child prodigy. He's crazy and loaded with cash. He's bullied and actually a girl. He owns a tiger and he actually cheated on his tests. So on and so forth. Besides him being a child prodigy, Gerhard wasn't sure how truthful the other stories were, though he figured the bullying part wasn't so far-fetched.

    In comparison to Franz, Gerhard was invisible. He wasn't particularly talented in sports or studies. He didn't think he had an ugly face, but wasn't drop-dead handsome either. And as for his personality, he thought it to be normal and unoffensive. That might change sooner than he would like, if the material that he submitted to the astrology club was widely distributed. Prior to this and to the best of his knowledge, no students in the school knew how old Gerhard actually was. The topic never came up and he looked young despite his age. If that information was leaked, hearsay akin to Franz's would be a matter of course; Gerhard had no doubt it would be an unpleasant experience if that occurred. Despite knowing the risk, he still submitted an application to the astrology club because he had to.

    "Welcome to the Astrology Club, everyone! I'm the club president, Camilla Ferrari. And this is Maggie Lance, my friend."


    "-Advisor. Whatever. We're a newly formed club, so bare with us while we work out the obvious kinks. First up, I'll start by asking everyone here why they chose our club specifically. Let's start by order of who came first, so-.. Franz?"

    Gerhard had missed some of the earlier comments, but arrived in time to hear these statements. Since he didn't wish to interrupt, he merely raised a hand towards Camilla and Maggie in greeting while having a small smile on his face. He then dumped his now empty banana peel towards a nearby trash can, then looked at Franz, waiting to hear his response.
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  7. A wave of anxiousness fell upon Franz who out of the corner of his eye, began observing the newcomers who stepped into the room. By this point in time, eyes were beginning to fall solely on him--even more so given the fact that the girl named Camilla threw a spotlight and a half onto his presence. Heavy breaths escaped his lips as he attempted to calm his rising nerves, however, in the end, he decided it was best to quickly abscond the attention directed his way. Without further hesitation, Franz began to awkwardly speak; his tone of voice mild and his words garbled by his scattered state of mind.

    "I-I am here for...Franz Aldri...I-I uh mean...My name is Franz Aldricht...
    M-My reason...Uhh...Astrology seemed..new? Interesting?
    The real reason is..uhh...I...just wanted...wanted maybe a friend or two? Y-Yeah..."

    Over the course of his introduction, Franz's words became gradually more silent all while his face began rapidly reddening until he resembled a ripe tomato by the end of his speech. With nothing more the say, the boy gave a quick toward Camilla and Maggie before hurrying to the side of the room where he seated himself and buried his head into the hood of his jacket. Truthfully, the youth had hoped for a better first impression, and under his breath, he was busy cursing his timid nature that gave him an aura of fragile and useless.

    As his nerves began to slowly calm, Franz began peeking from the corner of his eye at the various students found in the room. One was a male who seemed entirely too old to be in high school; another was a girl who seemed to be nothing more than a spastic ditz; and finally, was the third who remained creepily staring in the direction of himself and Camilla. In his mind, he wished to tell the latter student off for his actions; however, without the courage to speak, he remained silent at his desk all while wondering if the rest of the potential members were going to be as eccentric as the current set.
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  8. Hal groaned as he smacked the top of his alarm clock, murmuring curses as he shuffled out from underneath the bed sheets, and placed his feet on the floor, taking a moment to yawn and rub the sleep from his eyes. Shuffling to the bathroom in his small flat, he made his way to the shower, and turned the heat up high.
    Soon enough he was fully awake, and got dressed quickly, chowing down on some cereal while quickly checking his phone. For him, it was a line to the life he lived before moving. Friends from St. Auburn's, and those that he lived near, he missed them, but at least he could keep in contact, even if through little more than texts and the occasional Skype call. Those that he still had, that was. Since he'd been moved across the country, he'd lost a fair few, and more as time went on, but at least there were still the ones he felt closest to.
    Everything ready, he pocketed his phone and headed off towards Scentia.
    A five minute walk got him to where he needed to be, and he quickly consulted his memory of the directions for the astrology club. Right from the parking, and then the third door from the west. A quick look at the morning sun confirmed the direction of west, and he headed inside the building, finding the classroom soon enough.
    Hal looked inside to check he was indeed at the astrology club room, and decided that the expensive equipment and starry ceiling were enough confirmation of that. He was just behind two other boys in entering the room, and couldn't help but catch a whiff of smoke coming from one of them. Hal supposed the boy must've had cigarette before getting here. Not an uncommon thing among students, but he wondered if he even knew how obvious it was.
    "Hi," he said with a welcoming grin, "I'm Hal, this is the astrology club, right?"
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  9. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG] |[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Aimi Minako[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]| Dorm --> [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Astrology Room[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]| [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]| [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A petite girl with a mess of auburn hair pumped a fist into the air as the “Victory” symbol flashed onto her computer’s screen.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]“Another win for Aiiiimiiii Minakoooooo! Wooooooohoo!”[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]The girl quickly glanced at the time on the screen. According to this, she’d overshot her playtime by about… 2 or 3 hours.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Shit. [/BCOLOR]Aimi stared at her laptop in silence for a moment before slamming it shut, throwing it onto her bed, and scrambling to put her shoes on. No, no, no, she was not going to miss that club! She’d spent all that time doing that weird personality quiz.. 10 minutes that could’ve gone to leveling up! And now she was going to miss it? Not on her watch!

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aimi slid out of the doorway of her dorm room and broke into a mad dash. As she sprinted down the sidewalk, she began a mental checklist;[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Phone? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]patted the pockets of her pleated skirt.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Check.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Backpack? Ah… no. Oh well. It’s not like anything important was happening today academically. Keys? Yep, check. All set and ready for the day, Miss Minako! [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She giggled to herself as she skidded to a stop in front of the school. Now, to find that club.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aimi didn’t really have a method to finding this room. It was more of a hit-or-miss process; planning wasn’t really one of her strong suits. Eventually, she found what she figured to be the club room; a gathering of 5 or 6 kids, each different than the next. Obviously, she wasn’t the first there, but she certainly wasn’t the last, either.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Lo[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]oks like some other kids are even more of a mess than I am! And it seems some of the kids who actually are here are messes too, but that’s alright! Just means we’ll have something in common.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Aimi nodded to herself, fluffed up her hair, and proceeded to enter the classroom.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As soon as Aimi set foot in the room, any sliver of confidence that she had immediately drained from her person. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Well, uh, I should probably check to see if this is the astrology roo--[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]"-Advisor. Whatever. We're a newly formed club, so bare with us while we work out the obvious kinks. First up, I'll start by asking everyone here why they chose our club specifically. Let's start by order of who came first, so-.. Franz?"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Oh, shit. I’m laaaaate, I’m late. I’ll just…[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She scanned the room nervously. So far, it seemed that the room was occupied by six other people.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]First, the girl who just spoke. Seemed to be the club’s leader. Then, a timid girl with glasses. It appeared as if she had been flustered by something recently, and that led Aimi’s gaze to the next girl, who seemed to have taken a liking to the timid girl. Next, the remaining three; three boys who all looked quite different. One looked to be about.. 12? 13? Another looked like he took the first boy’s extra years and added it onto his own appearance.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Puberty is cruel to some, so it seems.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] The last one was...creepy. He seemed to have set himself upon staring at the small boy and the leader girl. Weeeeeird. Aimi decided to stay far away from him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The “Franz” that the first girl had addressed seemed to be the little boy. His introduction matched his fragile, nervous outward appearance, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"I-I am here for...Franz Aldri...I-I uh mean...My name is Franz Aldricht… M-My reason...Uhh...Astrology seemed..new? Interesting? The real reason is..uhh...I...just wanted...wanted maybe a friend or two? Y-Yeah..."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Aimi smiled. Ah, someone more nervous than she was. She’d lucked out. His reason for joining was pretty similar to her own. Maybe she’d talk to Franz later, he seemed to be easy to talk to, for some reason.[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]Hey, wait a minute.. I know this kid. He’s the really smart child genius, isn’t he? Ahah, he’ll certainly need friends. Kids are cruel. They don’t like people who are better than them.. Though, an astrology club might not be the best place for him to find friends.. Then again, it might be.. We’re probably in a likewise situation, honestly. I mean, what cool kid joins an astrology club?[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Aimi’s smile grew as she chuckled to herself quietly. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Oh, well. Not everyone can be a cool kid, of course. That’s the high school hierarchy, I suppose![/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She pulled her beige cardigan further over her shoulders and ran a hand through her messy hair, fluffing it a bit more. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Well, if the rest of these kids are just as rare as Franz, we’re in for a cool lil’ club. Should be fun! [/BCOLOR]
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  10. |First Impressions|
    The boy watched as more students flooded into the club room. Each student was a colorful sort, each making for a peculiar introduction. None of the newcomers had warranted his concern as he was still fixated on the unnatural presence he felt from Camilla and Franz. Quietly observing and studying them. Not for their personalities, but what he feels is making them unique. Camilla guided the students through an introductory process. The students took their seats and were demanded that names were shared. The boy followed suit, wandering to the closest seat he could fine. He brushed passed a few of the students, his presence would've made anyone he came upon feel a strange warmth. Similar to a low heated oven. He sat down, and eyed Camilla.

    "First up, I'll start by asking everyone here why they chose our club specifically. Let's start by order of who came first, so-.. Franz?"

    "A name... I had not considered the name of the body I chose... Hmm..." The boy thought to himself. He opted to spectate the other students, starting with Franz.

    "I-I am here for...Franz Aldri...I-I uh mean...My name is Franz Aldricht...
    M-My reason...Uhh...Astrology seemed..new? Interesting?
    The real reason is..uhh...I...just wanted...wanted maybe a friend or two? Y-Yeah..."

    "A reason? What is mine? Something acceptable. Believable. Curiosity. Something... New? Yes. That can work... But my name. This is a problem." The boy ran through his thoughts to what a palpable name for the time was. He thought of the names he has heard thus far; Camilla, Franz, Maggie, Hal. There was no clear pattern in the names. They were all different. Didn't feel too modern. It made for piecing this puzzle together that much more challenging. "Perhaps I use my real name. My only way out."
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  11. That was concerning. Any more peer pressure on Franz and Camilla would have been charged with manslaughter. Franz's face lit up like a christmas tree as all eyes turned to him.

    "I-I am here for...Franz Aldri...I-I uh mean...My name is Franz Aldricht...
    M-My reason...Uhh...Astrology seemed..new? Interesting?
    The real reason is..uhh...I...just wanted...wanted maybe a friend or two? Y-Yeah..."

    As more people began to show during and after Franz's introduction, the spotlight on him focused even more so. Immediately the boy retreated towards the edge of the room in hopes to eliminate himself from the situation.

    "Well you're in luck, Franz. Everyone that comes through that door is considered a friend to me."

    Maybe that's a little too far.

    "Anyway, thank you for sharing." She wasn't even sure if he was listening at this point.

    In a mere minute, the room had become somewhat crowded with different faces, though almost all of them were expected to show. Maggie glanced down at Camilla, wondering if she were confident in managing these many people, or if she was starting to regret assuming the position of club president. Though her glasses, she scanned the room and the expressions of the students within. The only person to not seem interested was the one student who never applied.

    Setting down the book she often hid her face behind, Maggie took a spare form and pencil and made her way around the round-table to pass to the quiet student near the door. When she spoke, she kept her voice low enough to not be heard by everyone there.

    "Why don't you have a seat and fill out our form? It helps us keep organized." Assuming the empty form and pencil were taken, Maggie gave the student an honest smile for his cooperation, and was just about to return to her spot when..


    Hal stood between her and her spot beside Camilla. In a panic, Maggie switched her reading glasses to sunglasses mode, which effectively hid her frantically moving eyeballs.

    "I'm Hal, this is the astrology club, right?"

    "I-It says so on the sign outside. Did it fall off? I should probably go check it, huh? Yeah that sounds like a splendid idea-"

    "Maggie, we'll check it later. Come here."

    Maggie probably felt like dying right there and then for having embarrassed herself like that. She finally understood how Franz felt. In a hurry, Maggie shuffled her way back to Camilla's side as her manager. Anywhere would be better than standing next to Hal.

    "The next person is.." Camilla singled out the silent student with the eraser-end of a pencil. "..You. I don't know your name yet. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose our club."
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  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]An older woman with bags dragging her eyes down lifted a high schooler’s backpack to hand to her daughter. Grey hairs blending in her blonde bun and it was apparent that she was at her wit’s end. The mother already gave her kin a stern talk about attendance. It didn’t even matter if she was told not to do something, the words would fly right past her head. Often, her mother would ask if she was listening or if she would have to repeat herself over and over. Although, her daughter moved into her dorm room, she left her school supplies at home. She would have to catch the next train if she was going to make it to school in time.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Frey sat on top of the couch’s armrest with her uniform and her backpack weighing her down. She was absentmindedly listening to her mother nagging about avoiding the bad crowd and to actually attend clubs, instead of blowing them off after joining. Her mother snapped her fingers, prompting Frey to sit up and to pay attention, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Frey. Please, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]please,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] try to make good friends. I’m not talking about [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Joanna [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]or people like--”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her mother butchered her friend’s name, but Frey decided she would just let it slide for today, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Mother,”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She interrupted her before she could even go on, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“..It’s okay. I decided I would change for the better. Besides, as long as I lay low...I think I can get through this year without any complications.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Frey snatched her phone off the ground and slung her backpack on properly, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m leaving now. I’ll call you when I reach there.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She mentally made a list of all of the things her mother would tell her and delay her even further.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She scoffed and pulled her daughter up on her feet, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Aish,”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Her thick german accent seeped through the veil of a fake American accent, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“You are too tall to lay low!”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She muttered something in German and brought both of her hands to her temple, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Your great uncle Jerome...remember the cockatiel? You need to...[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]adapt[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] in your situation. Just like the little birdie.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] The cockatiel story. It was famous in the Soloviev family and it became a personal motto for the German immigrants in her family.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Adapting was horrible for poor girls that towered like giants among the crowds. The cockatiel in her great uncle’s story was wounded and missing a foot, but somehow it managed to make it on top of a stop sign. Jerome took the bird in and patiently waited for the bird to heal. Unfortunately, its wing was healed crooked. The bird was only able to fly a couple of inches off the ground before plummeting down with only one wing. Somehow, the bird decided that it was healed enough and attempted to fly. The cockatiel never foresaw a fifty pound door slamming open near its vicinity.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Frey pushed her blond hair behind her ear and glanced down at her feet, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]“Just like the bird,”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She promised,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] “I’m leaving, I love you.”[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Her mother leaned in and kissed her right cheek and then her left. She waited by the door and watched her daughter leave her home.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Without the guidance of other clubs and even the staff on hand, she would have never found the Astronomy club. She wished that they provided a map of some kind. Verbal directions weren’t her strong point as it often came with curious eyes and wonders as to how tall she might have been in middle school or something. Frey glanced down at the fallen Astronomy sign. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Not a popular club, huh? Here’s for adapting.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She kicked the sign to the side and across the hall.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It’s no easy feat for Frey to enter the Astronomy club room without disrupting something. As she opened the door, she managed to elbow a lamp off of its stand. However, she was quickly able to catch it before causing any real damage to school property. Standing straight, she swallowed down her doubts. Hoping no one noticed her initial entrance. She brushed away messy strands from her face and fanned her face with a hand. The uniforms were off-putting to Frey, she attended other schools that allowed creative dress codes. She tugged on her skirt and flickered out her phone. As people spoke, Frey began to document the conversation on her phone. With a quick glance behind, she leaned against the wall and placed a judging eye over all of her peers.[/BCOLOR]
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  13. It figured that on the first day of his assignment, Jackson was late. The teen let out a frustrated sigh as he jogged towards the school. He was still trying to come to terms with his objective, and as a result the somewhat simpler tasks were being a bit difficult since his head was a bit frazzled. The whole thing was simple enough...recover information, lay low, and try to not die. These objectives were quickly becoming Jackson's mantra, as the last mission he had been on had spiraled out of control faster than he could have expected. The Doctor's reaction when he came back alive had also been cause for some amount of alarm. If your own mission operators had been expecting you to die...well, that didn't exactly provide a vote of confidence.

    His apartment was nice enough, nothing fancy by normal people's standards but Jackson's childhood had been a pretty rough one. Living in a small apartment with his mom and his little sister Lana had been difficult enough, this new place was a luxury.

    Quickly glancing down at the phone Trinity had provided for him, Jackson made a mental note to call Lana later that night. His sister was surprised that he had been transferring against, especially after she herself had only just joined him at the institution and Jackson had had to to calm her down a bit. He promised to call her as much as possible, and since he wanted to make sure Magus was well informed of whatever the hell was going on, he figured a quick call to his little sister after a nightly debriefing shouldn't be too difficult to handle.

    What had Jackson concerned, besides the supernatural world he had been exposed to so far, was what made this Astrology club so important. They had to be connected somehow...after all, Magus' information seemed to be pretty reliable to track what he'd dealt with so far, and the technology level with the Tracker Jackson had utilized so far, as well as the capture device? Jackson had long ago decided to put his faith in whatever weird gear Trinity would throw together at him. That said, he didn't have much as it was. Trinity and Magus wanted this to be undercover, which so far meant that he had no fancy toys to work with.


    After about 10 minutes of searching around the stool with a confused look on his face, Jackson eventually discovered the tossed over sign in the middle of the hall. Frowning slightly, the thuggish teen knelt down and picked it up, before peeking his head inside. There was a group already talking...he hoped it was the right club.

    "Uh...hey there, this is the Astrology club right? Sorry for being so late, I couldn't find your sign." Giving a helpless shrug, Jackson held up the sign that Frey had knocked over. "It seemed to be knocked over or something, it was face down on the floor."
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  14. |Help|
    In the midst of his brainstorming, the boy hadn't been paying too much attention to the events around him. However his plan was finalized. He would use his real name, in hopes that it's passable enough to slip by with minimal attention. Truthfully, he hadn't thought this whole ordeal out. At the same time, he wasn't expecting to be taken into a specific social gathering like this as well. Not too much was taken into account, which is arguably his own fault. But something he wouldn't have been prepared for. Nonetheless.

    "Why don't you have a seat and fill out our form? It helps us keep organized."

    His thoughts were abruptly cut, and his attention forked from his own predicament. He looked up to the young woman, then quickly averted towards the pencil and paper she had handed him. He took the application and pencil in hand, eyeing the sheet with subtle cluelessness. He grunted in mild frustration trying to make sense of what the application was asking of him.

    "The next person is... You. I don't know your name yet. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose our club."

    Unfortunately for him, his climbing frustration had kindled his inner spark. The space where he held the sheet between his finger and thumb began to heat up considerably from two points. Causing the paper to slowly char and burn. A thin stream of smoke slowly rose from between his fingers, slithering up towards the ceiling. The same effect occurred with the wooden pencil. His tight grip cracking the burning wood, soon into two pieces.

    "Why I am here will not concern you. Not yet." He began.

    For Camilla and Franz, the world around her would've slowly becoming consumed in fire. The visions of the other students would become blurred outlines of their original shapes. His tight grip cracking the burning pencil, soon into two pieces. The pieces fell on the floor. The burning tips glowing with small embers, smoke trailing from the ends. He shut his eyes, exhaled. He rose from his seat. He released his grip on the sheet, the burning edge of the paper quickly spread and engulfed the whole paper in flames. Not a single trace of ash fell from the flames. He rose his hand, a large claymore slowly rose from a cyclone of dark shaded fire swirling on the ground. The blade what white hot at the at top half. The boy grasped the hilt and thrust the sword to Camilla, pointing the blade towards her then follows with the same gesture towards Franz. "You both, are an anomaly. You wield the power of the vindictive spirits... Yet lack the tether to what spirit grants you power. You both are an imbalance. An imperfection. You do not belong, and shan't. Not now. But soon. We'll all see each other again. Soon."

    The flames around the classroom slowly extinguished, the sword disappeared, and the dark haze and flames flew from the boys body. Returning Franz and Camilla to the physical world. His conscious his own now, the boy looked around and realized where he was. "H- Oh whoa... This isn't my club? Where did I- I'm sorry, this isn't the Art Club is it? I- I kinda dozed off I think? Please excuse me!" The student left the classroom mildly dazed and confused. The sheet and pencil was left on the seat he was once sitting in.
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  15. Although Camilla wasn't entirely attentive, even she picked up on just how uncomfortable and out of place the boy was. Out of all of the 'colorful' and distinctive personas that filled the classroom, the quiet one was the most difficult to read. The glares towards her were full of malice and judgement. It wasn't until she called him fourth that he began to speak.

    "Why I am here will not concern you. Not yet."

    "Excuse me?" Camilla retorted almost immediately.

    It was as if his demeanor laced the atmosphere with gasoline, and his words were the spark. Nothing good was going to come of this person, and he confirmed it with his coming actions. As Camilla's blood began to boil, the world around her underwent a sudden change. The colorful faces surrounding her had been reduced to a blur of it's original, with only the mysterious student and Franz remaining in perfect vision. The Astrology Club's walls and expensive equipment ignited in a flame that made breathing difficult. On top of that, it seemed as if the student was 'willing' the flames into existence. The form Maggie had offered was burned to a crisp - the pencil snapped in half.

    Merely seconds later, Camilla was staring down the molten steel of a claymore that seemingly materialized out of the surrounding ash. The heat radiating off of the weapon was more unbearable than having her face near an opened oven.

    "You both, are an anomaly. You wield the power of the vindictive spirits... Yet lack the tether to what spirit grants you power."

    What on earth is he talking about? Who is he?

    Furthermore, she traced the pointing gesture of the sword to the boy genius, Franz Aldricht. Was this person talking about her latent superspeed?

    "You both are an imbalance. An imperfection. You do not belong, and shan't. Not now. But soon."

    Imbalance? Imperfection?

    "We'll all see each other again. Soon."

    The supernatural changes began to revert along with the man's presence. The flames coating the walls of the room vanished. The blurry visions of the others restored. To the others, Camilla would have suddenly began to act frantically; darting her eyes around the room while working up a nervous sweat for no reason.

    Was it fake? She asked herself.

    The school's fire alarm wasn't triggered. None of the other students seemed to be conscious of what occurred.

    A dream..?

    If there was anything she took from that, it was that not only was her superspeed not a secret, but Franz was somehow in the same boat. Camilla stared back at Franz with a terrified expression on her face; through it she asked if Franz had just experienced the same thing as she did.

    "Camilla? Are you okay?"

    "Y-yeah, I'm fine, I just-.."

    "H- Oh whoa... This isn't my club? Where did I- I'm sorry, this isn't the Art Club is it? I- I kinda dozed off I think? Please excuse me!"

    That same student then bolted through the Astrology Club's door before Camilla could call out to him. Just what in the actual fuck happened?

    "I-.. guess he thought this was the art club, h-haha. So-.. who's next..? Gerhard?"
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  16. Gerhard took a glance at Franz with pity before looking at the ceiling.

    ("Poor kid. Still, I have to respect him for being able to say such an embarrassing thing. Must have took a lot of determination.")

    Gerhard blinked several times as he noticed the ceiling's handiwork. He hadn't seen it before, but it was painted to represent space. He smiled as he admired it for a bit, before the question of "what else did I miss?" came to mind.

    With that in mind, he did a quick survey of his surroundings. There was a table, and the walls looked busy with several things on them, and there was various expensive-looking equipment off to the side.

    "Hi, I'm Hal, this is the astrology club, right?"

    Gerhard jumped a bit as he turned around and saw that two other students had arrived after him. When? He didn't know; was he zoning out too much? One was a male with a handsome face and the other was a girl with disheveled reddish-brown hair. He caught himself staring at the latter for a second too long and was about to avert his gaze when his attention was caught by something else. Another new arrival appeared, almost knocking over a lamp but catching it in time. Gerhard grinned and looked away, but would soon have to look back once more as he heard...

    "Uh...hey there, this is the Astrology club right?"

    Another new arrival. He internally groaned. While the man didn't give off a bad impression, Gerhard couldn't help but frown for an instant. How many more people were coming if this was just the first day? One of the reasons he had chosen the astrology club was that he figured there wouldn't be many members. But at this rate, that hope would be for naught.

    ("Damn, should I change? But I've already submitted the app to the club. If I'm questioned about my age I could just say it was an error and...")

    Gerhard ruminated about his possible actions. But during his contemplation, one of the students abruptly excused himself.

    ("Strange. Obviously a nonsense excuse, so why did he leave? Perhaps because of one of these newcomers?")

    Before he could dwell on that train of thought, Camilla roused him from it.

    "Ah, yeah."

    He looked at Camilla with a puzzled look briefly before looking around the room. She seemed perturbed by something, but he didn't know what. He moved towards the center of the room, coughed into his fist, then started to speak.

    "Well, my name is Gerhard. I chose this club because I like stars."

    And that was it.

    ("Pretty lukewarm, but I'm not going to pour my heart out at a first meeting. And geez, this tension...")

    Although Gerhard was not going to expound on all of his reasons for joining the club, he was still planning on speaking more, but the pressure of having all eyes on him when it was his turn made him stress and cut things short. While his reaction wasn't as severe as Franz's, he still wasn't used to public speaking. He then chose to sit down in the seat where the fleeing student once sat.
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  17. At this point, Camilla craved anything that would take her mind off of recent events. She struggled to put aside the possibility of others like her, others like Logan. It was tough to maintain that consistent smile that she believed to ease the nervousness of others. Fortunately for her, she wasn't the only one who felt anxious.

    "Ah, yeah."

    "Well, my name is Gerhard. I chose this club because I like stars."

    "That's just about all the reasons you need to join us!" Maggie must have noticed Camilla's train of thought derail and took over as a result. It was then that the school bells rang throughout Scentia's owned property, signaling noon. At this point, club activities were finishing up and all that remained was gym. In theory, the physical activities would help take the event off of Camilla's mind for a while.

    -- | Afternoon | --

    "It seems we've run out of time, so let's meet up here same time tomorrow and we'll discuss projects, okay?" Clubs weren't granted much time on their first day, which is why the Astrology Club's main goal was get introductions out of the way. Camilla rose from her seat and faced Maggie.

    "Maggie, I'll meet you in the gym." Camilla stated as she began to gather her things and make her way for the door.

    "Sounds like a plan.." Maggie was barely able to reply before her friend was past the door and down the hallway. It was strange to see Camilla like that. The only point where she acted this distant was whenever Maggie brought up her family. It became a hidden rule to not talk about her family, so it made the manager wonder if Camilla's family was the reason for her acting out. With a sigh, she looked to the remaining members who hadn't ran off as soon as the bell rang.

    "I'm so sorry for all of the awkwardness today. I promise it won't be this bad tomorrow."




    Camilla stared down her own reflection in the mirror of the girl's bathroom. It was the cliche self-reflective moment that every conflicted person ought to attempt. Camilla hoped to find some clarity in her thoughts this way. Thinking back to that moment, she was sure that the fire was real. Her skin reacted to it as if it actually existed. The very heat caused her to sweat in the first place. And then there was the mysterious student, whom she dubbed a demon mentally. The way he spoke was as if he knew all about her and her abilities, even though she had never seen him before in her life.

    Franz Aldricht. Was he somehow involved? Did he know the hellish figure? Part of her wanted to question the shy boy on what he knew, but the rational side of her begged to leave him alone, and not to chase away a member of the club with her own insane thoughts. She'd never hear the end of it from Maggie.

    Camilla scoffed at the thought of Maggie blasting her out.

    With some of her tension relieved, Camilla made her way towards the girl's locker room in preparation of today's gym activities. Gym was both a good thing and a bad thing for her, and that's because of her superspeed. Over time, she would notice that the stress of her bones moving at impossible speeds lagged behind. Gravity always waited to apply it's pressure on her skeletal frame. It was the main reason why she decided to sit down for the entire duration of their club meeting - and it was why she didn't immediately back off from the demon when threatened. Any physical stress after superspeed always carried the risk of her bones snapping. It was a shitty trade for being so quick.

    Upon arriving at the locker room, the first person she would have recognized was Maggie, who was just about done with changing into her gym clothes. Facing opposite of each other meant not being able to engage in serious conversation.

    "That wasn't so bad." Maggie referred to the club event.

    "No.. It wasn't I guess."

    Maggie casted a glance to the side, noticing that Camilla's distant nature remained.

    "Did something crazy happen?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know what I mean."

    Camilla huffed.

    "It's a long story, Maggie. I doubt you'd want to hear it."

    "Are you kidding? I'm curious as to how you got to the school faster than I did. I was running!"

    "And I'm curious as to why you always seem to shutdown when that Hal boy's around."

    Maggie abstained from speaking.

    "Mhm, thought so."

    By now, the gym activities were already starting to begin in the spacious court room, with no action being too easy or too hard for the students to handle.
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  18. [​IMG] | Aimi Minako | Astronomy Club Gym | “Work...out?” | [​IMG]

    Aimi was right about assuming that she wasn’t the last person to come into the room. A few more students entered; a tough looking blonde girl, a slightly-better-than-average looking boy, and a nice guy who picked up the fallen club sign from outside. The frumpy girl sighed, and ruffled her hair once more. "Well you're in luck, Franz. Everyone that comes through that door is considered a friend to me." Aimi dragged a lazy glance over at the leader. That’s a little weird, buddy. She seemed to have noticed how strange it sounded too, as she looked a little awkward afterwards. "Anyway, thank you for sharing." The conversation proceeded onward to the next student, the creepy one. Aimi zoned out again. She always hated introductions. Yes, she knew they were important. Yes, they helped her out as well, because she probably wouldn’t know anyone without them. But they were still tedious. Blah, blah, my name is this, I like this hobby… To be honest, she didn’t particularly care. Maybe that’s why she didn’t have too many friends. Or any, for that matter...

    "..seems we've run out of time, so let's meet up here same time tomorrow and we'll discuss projects, okay?" Aimi jerked her head up. Had she really spaced out long enough to get everyone else’s introduction out of the way? Ah, well. She probably didn’t miss much anyways. Yawning sleepily, she ran a hand through her hair one last time. Now, where am I headed? Ah...Gym. Great. She closed her eyes tightly before stretching, cracking her fingers, and proceeding to exit the classroom. Should she talk to other students before leaving? Probably. Did she want to? No. And so, Aimi headed down to the courtyard.

    Arriving at her destination, she scanned the area for anything to do. Basketball, basketball, basketball, aaaaand….basketball. What fun. As the court began to fill up, Aimi nervously played with the loose string on her baggy cardigan. What am I supposed to do? Should I...sit…? Yes. That’s a solid idea. With a purpose now in mind, she made a beeline to the bleachers, slipping through people and groups until she reached the secluded area. Once she made it to her destination, the petite girl plopped down and immediately whipped out her phone. Socializing? Not today, Miss Minako!
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  19. The absolute darkness brought a sense of comfort for the youth who found himself laying on one of the nurse room beds. The blindfold over his eyes was nothing less than uncomfortable, but the small nuisance was worth the inkling of peace and comfort that he received. Nonetheless, shivers ran across his skin when his mind remembered the event which had just occurred. The fire...the brimstone...the ominous declaration of violence; sure, being stalked by shadows on a daily basis was one thing bad, but being thrust into an image akin to hell was an entirely new extent to the mental illness which cursed his brain--at least that's what he tried to convince himself of.

    Surely the experience was a continuation of his insanity, yet something about it proceeded to bug him otherwise. The fire...the heat...the presence emitted by the student...even the girl--all of it felt much too real to be a simple hallucination. Vaguely, he remembered the girl calling out to him in the middle of the experience. It had sounded real--like she had been there with him, but there was no way to confirm. By now, such a memory was entirely fuzzy, and given the way he had immediately stormed from the club room, Franz was entirely certain that all of the members had long forgotten him as potential recruit for the club.


    The word was spoken with a heavy sigh as Franz came to the realization that it was likely necessary for him to find a new club. As a result, a small twinge of regret passed alongside of the anxiety in his mind. The astrology club had had potential for someone like himself. In the short time he had been there, everyone had seemed indifferent to his existence. Whether or not he was destined to make a friend or two was entirely irrelevant when considering the fact that the club might have fulfilled his psychiatrists request without adding to the torment of his high school career.

    Once again, another sigh escaped the youth's lips as he rolled over onto his side. There was little point in being so negative. There was probably still potential in a simple lie such as "I thought I was gonna throw up" or "I had to go to the bathroom." For once if luck could join forces on his side, remaining in the astrology club was a probable possibility--but for now, it was time for a nap. The day so far had left him beyond fatigued. In his eyes, when nothing but anxiety and worry was busy plaguing your mind, there was nothing better than a nice long nap to pass the time.

    There would be plenty of time tomorrow to reconcile with the club...After all, it's not like it was going anywhere...
  20. Jackson held a basketball in his hands with a frown on his face. The thuggish teen had already changed into his gym outfit, and was faced with somewhat of an odd predicament. His...fusion left him with trouble controlling his strength. He had been practicing since he got his assignment with Trinity, but he still had trouble controlling it. He enjoyed PE, and it was somewhat sadly his only strong subject...the problem became one of how much Jackson could play before he would lose control. People could get hurt, and his cover could be blown...both things would suck.

    That said, he wasn't sure how strung up the teachers were in this place, so sitting on the sidelines with how fit he looked was probably begging for trouble. So he decided to just dribble by himself in the corner. The rhythmic thumping of the ball bouncing along the ground synced along with Jackson's thoughts. The Club seemed innocent enough, a bunch of people coming together with common interests...or maybe ulterior motives like him, Jackson couldn't quite be sure at this point. He had felt something weird when he entered the room...Jackson could have just pushed it off as a random chill down his spine, but he'd been through too much supernatural crap to put it off that easily. That said he still had to act undercover, and he seemed to have put off a good enough reputation so far, it helped that the school didn't know about his record.

    Quietly contemplating, Jackson continued to dribble the ball up and down the sides of the court, sure to stay out of the way of any games or duels that were going on. Sure he'd stay undercover, but that didn't' mean he couldn't have some fun playing some basketball by himself did it?
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