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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Since the birth of humanity, the existence of an afterlife has been a topic of debate for scholars and philosophers across the ages. None have come to a definite answer for the soul, yet some vehemently defend the existence of the supernatural. Of course, there is often merit in the words of the minority, and perhaps, they were nothing less than right. Hollows have roamed the Earth since the dawn of time; vehement spirits feeding upon the lifeforce of the living in an attempt to soothe their tormented existence. Yet no darkness is without light. With the emergence of the hollows came the birth of the Zodiacs whose realm was formed as a guardian existence for the human race. Existing as a limbo reality parallel to Earth, the realm of the Zodiacs was a collection of souls taken from the untimely death of existences whose life’s potential remained unfulfilled. As a whole, the realm of the Zodiacs was a society of souls built for the purpose of enacting stability upon the human race. There was a limitation, however. Zodiacs were nothing more than spirits, unable to directly influence any aspect of the living. This shortcoming led to the genesis of Hosts which were bonds formed from humans and Zodiacs for the purpose of achieving a higher goal. They were gifted extraordinary abilities at the small price of fulfilling their Zodiac’s will. They became harbingers of change that not only protected their race from the dangers of life passed, but also influenced the development of their history across the course of their lifetime.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As there is no darkness without light, there is no light without darkness. Although the realm of the Zodiacs was formed for the greater good of the human race, not all spirits shared similar agreement with the ideals born from their society. Corruption began to form in the hearts of Zodiacs, and as a result, a hollowfication of their existence began to occur. More and more, they began to resemble the tormented souls which plagued the earth; however, unlike their primitive counterparts, hollowed Zodiacs retained intelligence in addition to their desire of acquiring a host. Corruption sought further corruption in the human race; ultimately, leading to an era of villains which threatened the balance of the two realms. Although most remained unsuccessful, it was a particular man known as Strauss who sparked a wave of change like none could have imagined.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Strauss was a master of manipulation who utilized his gifted power for the destruction of the Zodiac realm. Over the course of many years, the man worked behind the scenes; corrupting influential Zodiacs whose emotions were easily swayed to darkness. Strauss’ work was the small push needed to tip the balance of the realm; effectively plummeting the once peaceful society into a one of war and turmoil. Fights broke out across the realm and eventually began to influence that of the humans. Although the efforts of the hosts and other organizations managed to minimize lasting effects and public knowledge of the event, the state of the Zodiac realm was slowly reaching a point beyond repair. It was because of this fact that a small group of Zodiacs, led by a man known as Fushinsetsu, abandoned their society and seemingly vanished into the unknown. In the aftermath of the event which became known as the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Revelations, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]it was Fushinsetsu and his group of dissenters that reaped the blame of Strauss’ actions. As it stands, Strauss faded to the darkness, giddly observing, as the Zodiac realm devolved into a corrupted mess of orderless hollows.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Situation As It Stands[/BCOLOR]
    After Strauss' disappearance, the realm of Zodiacs was left in a war-torn state that blurred the lines between their world and ours. Breaches formed all over the globe, and hollows began to pour out of them to prey on living souls. Hosts and their Zodiacs became the immediate blame for the attacks, and were further considered to be a threat against humanity and were to be killed on sight. Today, hosts hide in secret, fearing the oppression of various governments and organizations dedicated to eliminating threats; hollow and host alike.

    What To Expect

    At it's core, Zodiac: Dawn of the Tarocchi is a supernatural roleplay set in the not-too-distant future, where dark fantasy and slice of life fuse to create an intense and heart-tugging experience. The bonds between characters and Zodiacs will be tested, and the results vary depending on your decisions. The Zodiacs themselves are developed to personally fit the character you create. This also means that a Zodiac won't be available right away. Keep in mind that death is a possibility during combat. Wrong moves can quickly turn into your character being killed off. Fortunately in Zodiac, death is not always the end.
    • Posting Requirements
    As a player in Zodiac, you are required to post at least once every three days. Failure to do so will result in your character being frozen and eventually killed. The posts themselves are to have a minimum of two paragraphs per post. While it's not required that you become a word-guru, your post has to be adequate and understandable. Character actions need to be clear and readable for fellow players and GMs.
    • Zodiacs
    It's extremely important for you as a player to acknowledge that Zodiacs are controlled by GMs exclusively, meaning that no non-GM character can start with a Zodiac. The purpose for such a system is that the Zodiacs can not only be finely crafted to suit your character, but it will require more effort from your character (The host) to forge a bond with the Zodiac. (GM controlled) Once a character obtains a Zodiac, it's highly recommended that he/she interacts with said Zodiac. Experiments with your character's new found abilities will ultimately form as self-training. Needless to say that a host shouldn't be able to control their abilities well enough for combat right away.

    As a player, never feel afraid to utilize your character's abilities. Remember to be mature and sensible about what's fair and what isn't.

    • Time moves, even if the roleplay doesn't
    Time continuously flows, regardless of the amount of posts present. Roleplay days are measured in three segments: Morning, Afternoon, Evening. The amount of time passed in real life is scaled down into the daily roleplay segments. Below is a chart of the amount of real-time days within each segment.

    Morning | Afternoon | Evening

    2 | 3 | 2

    *Two real-time days = Morning

    *Three real-time days = Afternoon

    *Two real-time days = Evening

    Character Guidelines

    Zodiac: Dawn Of the Tarocchi doesn't require extremely detailed characters in order to be accepted, therefore we encourage open-minded, unique, and creative characters. On the other hand, there are several types of characters that hinder your chances of being accepted. Below is a general rule book regarding things to look out for in order to make your character and the sheet fresh and easy to work with.
    • No spotlight characters
    What do we mean by spotlight characters? Spotlight characters are people specifically designed to force attention onto themselves, or rush the plot along in an inconvenient manner. An example of such character is someone that somehow makes their presence known in even the most intense or important event. Every character will have their spotlight moment eventually, however, forcing it will only end in your character being 'removed' from the roleplay.

    • Characters need their own subplot
    Eventually in any roleplay, there will be moments when the plot is moving slowly or your character is not directly involved. It's good practice to keep them busy with a personal plot or goal. Characters who are overcoming difficulties are put in a good light, and their chances of receiving a Zodiac is greater. Additionally, if the character is already a host, their Zodiac may step in and assist them with their goal or troubles, thus reinforcing bonds and speeding up development.

    • Create your character with the end in mind
    Death is always common; no character will be exempt from it. It's clear that a simple mistake or miscalculation would result in character injury or worse. In the assumption that your character is dead due to poor actions within the roleplay, do not take it personally. Death highlights caution in the event of combat. If you are in a situation where it's not logically possible to be saved, you will die.

    • Character history and personality
    As previously mentioned, Zodiacs are formed based on the human characters they will be bounded to. Hot-tempered and brutish characters are more likely to receive similarly like-minded Zodiacs, or even complete opposites. To make this process easier, your character's backstory and personality should be fleshed out and polished.

    Roleplay Guidelines and OOC

    There is no oversized rule list for Zodiac, as it's expected for players to remain mature and patient for the duration of the roleplay. You will often have to look at various situations from multiple viewpoints, including that of the GM's. Any player purposely causing a disruption in peace will be removed without warning.

    It's recommended that you view Zodiac as an anime show. There will be points where certain characters are not involved in the plot, vise-versa. I'll bring it up again that you, in any circumstance, should NEVER force your character into the spotlight. If you haven't found a way to involve yourself in the current plot, accept it. Keep in mind that your character as a whole is not forgotten. While you may believe that you and your character are beginning to fade into irrelevancy, a Zodiac or plot involving you could be far into development!

    Our OOC is stationed in Discord, and all out-of-character chat is handled there. It's also the best way to immediately contact one or all of the GMs regarding any issue, so feel free to pop in and ask - even if you haven't completed your character sheet! The link is located at the top of this post.

    Character Sheets

    You are allowed to form your character sheet as you'd like, as long as you include the basics such as:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Personality
    • History
    • Appearance (Picture included)
    And not necessarily in that order.
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  2. "I'm living life in the fast lane."


    GM Character
    Work in Progress

    Camilla 'Bang' Ferrari

    Current age: 16

    Personality: Hyperactive, Prankster, Occasionally depressing

    History Born as a Host, home is nothing but an unachievable dream for the tragic Camilla. Since her early childhood, the young girl has been on the run from multiple threats, including government officials hunting after her innate abilities. There hasn't been a place the girl could stay at for more than a month. For years, Camilla lived constantly moving from one place to another, utilizing her ability as a host for survival. Fortunately, running was her specialty.

    Camilla is tied to [name pending], giving her the ability to accelerate her mind and body, slowing down the world around her and effectively granting her super speed. When she taps into her powers, time slows to a halt in her perspective. This allowed her to feed herself off of shoplifted items and avoid various threats, like those that hunt Hosts. Her nickname comes from locals who would often recall hearing a loud 'Bang', which was due to Camilla breaking the sound barrier on her daily snatch-and-grab routine. As she has a fragile frame, there is a limit to how far she can push herself. At the end of every dash, a large amount of gravitational forces catch up with her body and render her immobile and pained for a while.

    Camilla's one and only goal is to somehow find and reunite with her family amongst all of the chaos.
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  3. Name: Ramona Martinez

    Age: 32

    Personality: As the mother of three children, Ramona is generally no nonsense and strives to make their lives better in any way. She’s a hard worker that strives to better herself in the eyes of her peers, so she can be respected for who she is. She believes that, as long as a person works hard for it, they can achieve anything in life, even if things seem hard. That attitude has helped her climb to the ranks of a respectful computer engineer. She loathes it when people discriminate her and act prejudice when it comes to her ethnicity. She does feel guilty whenever she leaves her children for work, often sending them off to daycare for that time. But balancing work and family is hard in and of itself anyway. She cares deeply for her family and would do anything to secure their future, even if it meant being harsh and dishing out a tongue lashing to the ones she loves.

    History: Ramona was born in Mexico, to a hard working family. Though a little on the poor side, they all were hard workers and their philosophies were ingrained in Ramona at a very young age. The family eventually made enough money to move to America and, at the age of 14, the family boarded a plane and moved to the US.

    Life there was a little rougher than back home in Mexico and being constantly teased didn’t help matters during her high school years. Still, she kept a determined outlook and was the first in her family to attend college. She worked two jobs during that time, as a waitress and an assistant librarian. Unfortunately she was unable to complete it, but the classes she took and her determination helped her get a job as a secretary.

    It was during that time that she met her future husband, Robert Martinez. The two didn’t really hit it off at the start and often butted heads. Over time, though, they came to see past their differences and eventually fell in love with each other. She got married to him at the age of 25.

    Things were looking up as she rose to the rankings of computer engineer and had her first child at the age of 26. Two more children followed afterwards, though the caretaking of her kids didn’t stop her from her work. Rather, she became even more determined to rise above her peers and prove that she wasn’t a woman for the kitchen. As of now, she is successful dealing with the inner politics of work and taking care of her children.

    Appearance (Picture included): [​IMG]Ramona is a homely looking woman, with dark olive colored skin and black hair that reaches to her shoulders. She typically wears a frown and has a large nose and pudgy face that makes her stand out, sort of. Her brown eyes are also tired looking for the most part. Her usual attire is professional work clothes for weekdays, a red pullover, black pants, and black slip ons for weekend attire.
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  4. "Monsters don't exist until we acknowledge them, right?"
    Name: Alysia Demos
    Age: 22

    Appearance: With a height of 5'10 and a weight of 170 lbs, Alysia is a strong, healthy looking woman, her wavy black hair stopping right at her shoulder blades. She's normally found with a neutral expression, reddish-brown eyes observing her surroundings as she's dressed in her usual pair of jeans and a tight fitting shirt, with some short half-jacket to accent.

    The most noticeable thing about her are her many tattoos, all consisting of an aquatic theme. On her back is a large jellyfish (centered more on her left side than her right), seagull silhouettes flock her (left) collarbone, a whale makes its presence known on her left side, near her ribs, and an octopus hangs out on her left thigh.

    Personality: Alysia is, above all things, intense. She tries not to be superficial or fickle with her emotions, but also controls them to a point where they wouldn't get in her way. She hates the idea of having to rely on others, but yet she doesn't want to be independent to a point where she would be alone. No, she's an extremely loyal person who often has to adapt and observe her environment before acting, which results in most people perceiving her as a disinterested, mysterious individual. While she may keep a lot of things to herself, she's very determined, sometimes becoming competitive with friends or vengeful with enemies, as she can't seem to "forgive and forget". It's exactly because of this that she has no qualms over attending to her own agenda before strangers', using her charming looks and charisma to persuade and get information out of others.

    History: Alysia was born the only child of a couple much too young to be raising a family. It was exactly because of her being an accidental child that her father left, going off to do whatever it is high school seniors do. Of course, this caused her mother to become a stressed woman who couldn't afford to go to college and instead work most of her days as a waitress. When her daughter became old enough for school, it was always clear that grades were the most important thing in the world to her mother.

    Sadly, school was never Alysia's strong point, as she was far too interested in more obscure things like motorcycles and the like. When her mother found out, she switched tactics, moving on from "keep your grades up" to "make sure you look nice". It was overbearing, with all the forbidden foods she so desperately wanted to try, and all the Netflix shows her friends were telling her about. The only good thing that came out of this during high school, when all of a sudden, boys were beginning to gravitate towards her.

    Grabbing a job as a waitress with her mom, Alysia managed to save up enough money to buy her own motorcycle after a few years. When she finally graduated high school, she took off, abandoning her overbearing mother and following her dream of travelling all across the country, going from one town and working part time jobs, only to move on a few months later. For four years, the raven-haired girl's been travelling, and not once has she missed going home.
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  5. Name: Hotaru Nakamura

    Age: 36
    {caption}"Let's go steal some flowers."{/caption}
    Hotaru Nakamura is at five foot and six inches and weighs in at the normal range. She has an average build and a stronger set of arms than legs. She has long, poorly cut black hair, with her bangs being no exception. Hotaru cuts her own hair, leading to split ends and uneven bangs. After constantly dyeing her hair in her teenage years, Hotaru partly damaged her hair’s natural color. Hotaru is constantly out in the sun during pollen seasons, after a few years exposed to the sun, she is a bit tanner than she was before.

    Hotaru always had the mental set of a mischievous sprite in her. When she was younger, she was always pulling scary pranks on her late grandfather, granted that they never worked, she always had fun dressing up as something creepy.When she was still in school, she would plan outlandish pranks to pull on her classmates. Hotaru kept a small book with all of her pranks outlined so she could be able to execute them. One could argue that her favorite pastime was to scare little children.{/td}
    No matter what type of person Hotaru encounters, they learn to, at least, tolerate her. She is the type of person who wants to interact with everyone. She blossoms around people and emotionally depends on them. It’s because of her sociable trait that people learned to accept her and her strange fascination. Hotaru’s intense social skills allows for any team’s morale to be up during any predicament. She is very empathetic towards people and she tries to get both sides of the argument.

    Hotaru sees the bright side in every little thing. No matter if she was in deep debt, she would keep on looking forward to the future. Although she can get a bit creepy with her optimism. There has been instances where she accidentally misread a situation and completely offended people with high hopes. She’s awful with her emotions. After a couple of years of staying silent and using a board to communicate, Hotaru is terrible with talking about her feelings. If she’s angry or upset with something, she refuses to talk about it or she can’t put it into her own words. She can get very moody and doesn’t necessarily know how to control her anger.

    Hotaru was born into a breaking family in Kyoto. Shattered from her initial birth, her parents finally gave up on their marriage when she turned three. Her parents fought with some legal issues, before settling that they would have to share Hotaru. After two years of court battles and Hotaru staying over at her grandfather’s house, the court settled with splitting up the year by two. The fall and the spring was spent with her father and the summer and winter was spent with her mother.

    Hotaru is not, contrary to popular belief, biologically mute. She is able to speak loud and clear, or at least she used to. Her stubbornness got the better of her and she chose to stay mute for a few years. Her grandfather thought of it as her mentally preparing herself to take on challenging things. She thought of it as teenage rebellion against her parents. Even though she was mute, Hotaru never slows down the conversation. She was always in time with whoever she is talking with. With her fast-paced writing, Hotaru writes out her response on a sketchbook or on a slate.

    Once she turned eight, Hotaru was left in the care of her grandfather. Hotaru disliked leaving her parents and for the first few years living with her grandpa, she tried to inconvenience him as much as she could. It wasn’t until she realized that her mischief didn’t affect him, she dropped her act. Their relationship was a bit damaged, but she still respected and cared about him. As it grew to be more and more inconvenient for her parents, Hotaru’s grandpa took custody of her.

    As she was growing up, her love for horror movies grew. She grew out her hair and would stand in front of her grandfather’s bed at night with her hair flipped over her face, clearly impersonating as a monster from a movie. Hotaru’s grandfather had a will of steel, he wouldn’t even flinch to her antics. When she was younger, Hotaru would pretend that she was dead and use her subpar makeup skills to dress up as a corpse and try to scare him.

    Hotaru’s school life was difficult for her at first. Everyday after primary school, she would come home crying. No one knew the exact reason why she cried as she came home. Her perspective on life changed as she grew older. She was much more eccentric and happy. Hotaru became a social butterfly and attracted people with her touchy nature. She was mute, but her actions were more than enough. Once Hotaru entered her teenage years, she began to frequently visit odd shops in town and bring home dolls and books about ghostly apparitions. Before anyone knew it, she became a regular and the local “weirdo” at her school.

    After moving to the U.S. with her grandfather, she joined her classmates into a world through their dreams. She met her Zodiac, Marabel, by a personal invite to her flowery home. The two had a small misunderstanding regarding the underwater grass, but was able to clear it up after a quick heal from Marabel’s part. Hotaru and Marabel hit it off with their quirky and childish behavior mixing well. After many interactions with other Zodiac users and such, she returned to Japan after two years.

    After gathering enough money and receiving her grandfather’s money, Hotaru left Japan and came back to America with hopes of living peacefully with her Zodiac. After some persistence, Marabel convinced Hotaru to work and eventually own a flower shop. She kept her promise with Marabel and decided to become a nurse to help cure people. After years of studying and staying in school, she completed all of the required courses. Hotaru works at the flower shop all year and as a emergency nurse practitioner during the fall and winter. If there is a dire emergency, she is one of the first nurses the hospital calls. She lives with Marabel and her plants.

    With the power of controlling blood, Hotaru is able to heal or hurt people. She concentrates on the liquid and shapes it into something she is able to use. Marabel prefers to stay away from fights and act as the morale support for Hotaru. When Hotaru works as a nurse, she prefers to use the powers she was granted upon to heal her patients; however, with her empathetic nature, she usually breaks down afterwards at home. If her medical team can’t save a patient, she becomes incredibly guilty and thinks about it for days, sometimes taking days off to think about it.
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  6. Name: Frey Soloviev

    Age: 26
    {caption}"Go ahead and fire away, since honesty is hard for me to find these days."{/caption}
    Frey is unusually tall, standing at two inches short of being six feet tall. She has an average length of blonde hair and she has light brown eyes. Frey usually wears androgynous clothes or suits with loose ties. She has a small scar on her left eyebrow and on her right leg. She has no birthmarks, but she has a few moles on her right arm.

    Frey was raised to be cold and distant from others, modeling after her mother’s actions towards her father. Consequently, she was rude and obnoxious towards her classmates when she entered school. She wasn’t keen on keeping dire emotions close to her. It wasn’t long until her bold and rash words caused others to be slightly intimidated and create a bullying atmosphere in a safe space. Frey is quick to judge and uses her impulsive mind to become domineering when she feels slightly threatened.She has a tendency of getting hurt from little things. Frey is oversensitive, which fuels her short-tempered nature.{/td}
    However, she recognizes that this weakness would hinder her survivability in new and foreign situations, so she does her best to mask it with how tough she acts. Frey has an ego that she believes is worth the fight that she puts up for it. She is usually serious and can’t handle jokes very well. Frey doesn’t know when to laugh or how to take it light-heartedly. She is capable of laughing; however, she needs the joke to be spelled out to her and by then, it’s not too funny. Frey takes her “job” seriously and won’t stand for it to be insulted. Others have a hard time to get her to reason with logic, she likes to butt heads and fight about the decision rather than going along with something she disagrees with. She needs to gain some type of respect for the person to go along with whatever they want her to do or say.

    Frey Soloviev was born in America and stayed for the first year of her life in California. After Frey became a U.S. citizen, her parents wanted to go back to Germany. Despite this, they waited for thirteen years for Frey to become accommodated to the language. Frey’s parents, Natalie and Miles, were often distant and did not enjoy each other’s company very much; however, they learned to tolerate each other. Frey’s obsession with drawing on walls started as a childhood deprivation. Natalie, suffering from a mental disorder, did not tolerate the drawings and the unkempt home. She took away all of the crayons and pencils and organized them neatly in the attic.

    As Frey attended school, she took out her frustrations from home on her classmates. She hoarded the crayons and pencils that may have escaped from her classmate’s desks. Frey acted impulsive and brutish towards the boys in her class and targeted people that wouldn’t conform into her ideals at the time. Although some of her classmates either idolized her for standing up, or hated her for domineering them.

    Her best friend at the time lived in the more shady parts of town. He would always invite Frey over and they would deface abandoned houses. After a few on and off visits, her friend brought spray cans for her to use. From then on, Frey used the spray cans to deface the property. She doesn’t know when she started, but Frey began draw on the sides of houses that weren’t abandoned. Frey’s father returned to Germany for a few years, he didn’t necessarily support the fact that his daughter would sneak away to go paint on buildings, but he didn’t do anything to stop it. Her mother never came to know about her actions, but she would notice that Frey was coming home with dirtier clothing.

    Frey considers herself as an artist. As she grew into her teenage years, she began to paint on the walls. Using paint cans and such, Frey takes on jobs for people that want to put their symbol, sign, or even drawings on walls. She creates both legal and illegal murals, depending on who and how much she is given. She lives alone, becoming dependent on her on and off graffiti service and a part time job at a cafe. She socializes if it is needed, other than that, Frey tries to keep her life secluded.
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  7. "If people are governed by fear, then I'll be their king."



    Logan 'Black Murder' Ferrari

    Logan takes after his father in appearance, all the way down to the style of clothing. His asymmetrical colored hair ends just above his shoulders, hiding away his unnaturally piercing yellow glare. In terms of bodily proportions , he stands a mere 5'7 with a slim build.

    Like his sister Camilla, Logan was born with an extraordinary ability. Since his childhood, Logan has been able to freely manipulate any species of bird, as well as shape-shift his own body into a group of any winged creature. This includes being able to communicate and transfer information to and from birds, giving him nearly unmatched scouting potential. On the other hand, because Logan grew up heavily relying on his supernatural talent, his physical form has little to no muscle development and can easily be classified as a weak-bodied individual.

    His Zodiac. whom he nicknamed 'Feratu', is a purely black, red-eyed creature that can easily defy the laws of gravity. Feratu has no true form; one moment the Zodiac is floating around in a cloud of black mist, and the next it's manifesting itself in solid objects. Feratu has been Logan's one and only companion after he was separated from his sister at an early age, though the relationship between the two is strange.

    As a Zodiac, Feratu is essentially Logan's 'bad angel'. Rather than push Logan towards a better mindset, the Zodiac encourages Logan to feed on his own anger and turn it into raw power. Frustrated by his own physical limitations, Logan wishes to rid himself of Feratu and search for more power. Feratu sees his Host's intentions as trivial and amusing.

    "If it's a monster you see.."

    The initial separation from his sister was only the beginning for Logan. After nearly being captured at childhood and tossed into the unforgiving world, Logan sought special help for his 'unique' ability. He found a 'kindhearted' man who promised to help Logan and kept him hidden from the eyes of local and national security. For years, the man allowed Logan to be himself in his underground facility. Secretly, the man ran countless tests and fed Logan the false idea that he would gain enough power to reunite with his family and roam the world free of fear.

    At the dawn of puberty, the scientist tried to forcefully remove Feratu from Logan's body, which nearly killed Logan and forced him to kill the only one who openly accepted him, or so he thought. This feeling of betrayal was only fueled by Feratu; saying that no ordinary human could accept him for what he was. The bad thing was that Feratu was painfully correct. After having left the scientist in his own pool of blood, Logan was faced with nothing but cold eyes and an alienating aura from those around him. There was even a turning point where he accused Feratu of using him only for his otherworldly benefit, and aspired to rid himself of the toxic soul within him. Years of roaming the American soil rolled by. Anyone who attempted to get close to Logan was only met with hundreds of flesh-eating crows, thus giving him the nickname 'Black Murder' by anti-host organizations. Even now, he travels from town to town, in search of a way to detach himself from Feratu and find a greater power.
    "..Then it's a monster you'll get."
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    Name: Damian Lucas

    Age: 42

    Appearance: Damian is a 6'2, 182lb middle aged man. Crows feet, bags, and laugh lines wrinkle his aging and stressed face. His hair is a sleek black with mild graying found throughout his moppy hair, and dotting his scruffy 5 o' clock shadow. His face is hard to read, and keeps to a neutral scowl that some can mistake to be a condescending glare. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, and traces of what appears to be a burn wound can be seen from outside of the edges of the eyepatch. Damian normally wears darker shaded longcoats and jackets, with button-up shirts, jeans or dress pants, and oxford shoes. His body is fit and shape is well intact due to his constantly active routine, but in his age he has blew past his prime.

    Personality: Damian comes off as stern, unenthused, and serious to those with a first impression. He hardly grins, breaks his monotone voice pattern, or laughs. He opts to keep to himself in most situations and will only provide insight or response when asked to. Or when the situation calls for it. He can be quick to become impatient, but will often time keep it bottled and let the aggravation pass before choosing to act. Preferring to not start a scene or incessantly lash out. However, his silence and solitary behavior normally masks his true feelings. But he's never shy around those he cares for. Becoming protective and careful.

    History: ...

    Lance - A formless spawn of darkness taking the shape of a man. Lance was Damian's former Zodiac before he succumbed to his own psyche and was sealed away by the Jailer, "Warden". With Lance's power, Damian was capable of manipulating shadows. Able to travel through them, become a shadow himself, shape shadows to meet the needs of utility. Passively, Damian was able to see in the dark perfectly.

    Warden - Took the mantle of Zodiac for Damian in Lance's steed at the wish of Lance himself. Before Lance began slipping away, he sought out Warden to help Damian retain his self security in being a Host. Being one of the only Zodiac's Lance could look to for such a favor, Warden chose to take up the offer. Seeing a beneficial relationship having a Host who could be his eyes and ears on the physical plane. Upon the agreement, Warden made certain to clarify with Damian his terms under which he will continue to be his Zodiac. To hunt and execute Hollows and problematic Hosts, carrying on what is Wardens duty in Limbo on Earth. With Warden's abilities, Damian is able to haunt the wicked and guilty. Scarring their souls with their own vile.
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  9. Can't wait for this to get going!
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  10. @IAmEnzo

    Question, do we need to wait for the GMs to post that the day had changed or can we just go on ahead and post with the time change in mind?
  11. @chaosheart13
    You can post with the time change in mind. Regardless of how often the GMs post, time is still moving. I recommend that you should compensate for the amount of time passed. So at the time of this post, we should be at the mid-point in the afternoon.
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  12. @IAmEnzo

    Alright, thank you for letting me know!
  13. @chaosheart13

    Could you revise your post so that the ambulance isn't called and Camilla isn't moved? Please don't move a character that isn't yours. That power is exclusive to GMs purely for the sake of plot and the roleplay itself. On top of that, Camilla is Ramona's ticket into the plot, so getting rid of her is a bad idea.
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  14. @IAmEnzo

    Ah, sorry about that. I was going by what normal people would do if they,, you know, see an unconscious burned girl in the bathtub. I'll edit it right away!
  15. @chaosheart13

    Yeah that's understandable. The issue was that in your original post, you stated that the ambulance showed up in record time and took Camilla away, which is not only strange considering the current situation at the gas station and the city's medics treating the masses there, but also by implying that Camilla was easily taken into the hospital's custody.

    But yes, calling them isn't an issue. :P
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