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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Since the birth of humanity, the existence of an afterlife has been a topic of debate for scholars and philosophers across the ages. None have come to a definite answer for the soul, yet some vehemently defend the existence of the supernatural. Of course, there is often merit in the words of the minority, and perhaps, they were nothing less than right. Hollows have roamed the Earth since the dawn of time; vehement spirits feeding upon the lifeforce of the living in an attempt to soothe their tormented existence. Yet no darkness is without light. With the emergence of the hollows came the birth of the Zodiacs whose realm was formed as a guardian existence for the human race. Existing as a limbo reality parallel to Earth, the realm of the Zodiacs was a collection of souls taken from the untimely death of existences whose life’s potential remained unfulfilled. As a whole, the realm of the Zodiacs was a society of souls built for the purpose of enacting stability upon the human race. There was a limitation, however. Zodiacs were nothing more than spirits, unable to directly influence any aspect of the living. This shortcoming led to the genesis of Hosts which were bonds formed from humans and Zodiacs for the purpose of achieving a higher goal. They were gifted extraordinary abilities at the small price of fulfilling their Zodiac’s will. They became harbingers of change that not only protected their race from the dangers of life passed, but also influenced the development of their history across the course of their lifetime.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As there is no darkness without light, there is no light without darkness. Although the realm of the Zodiacs was formed for the greater good of the human race, not all spirits shared similar agreement with the ideals born from their society. Corruption began to form in the hearts of Zodiacs, and as a result, a hollowfication of their existence began to occur. More and more, they began to resemble the tormented souls which plagued the earth; however, unlike their primitive counterparts, hollowed Zodiacs retained intelligence in addition to their desire of acquiring a host. Corruption sought further corruption in the human race; ultimately, leading to an era of villains which threatened the balance of the two realms. Although most remained unsuccessful, it was a particular man known as Strauss who sparked a wave of change like none could have imagined.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Strauss was a master of manipulation who utilized his gifted power for the destruction of the Zodiac realm. Over the course of many years, the man worked behind the scenes; corrupting influential Zodiacs whose emotions were easily swayed to darkness. Strauss’ work was the small push needed to tip the balance of the realm; effectively plummeting the once peaceful society into a one of war and turmoil. Fights broke out across the realm and eventually began to influence that of the humans. Although the efforts of the hosts and other organizations managed to minimize lasting effects and public knowledge of the event, the state of the Zodiac realm was slowly reaching a point beyond repair. It was because of this fact that a small group of Zodiacs, led by a man known as Fushinsetsu, abandoned their society and seemingly vanished into the unknown. In the aftermath of the event which became known as the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Revelations, [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]it was Fushinsetsu and his group of dissenters that reaped the blame of Strauss’ actions. As it stands, Strauss faded to the darkness, giddly observing, as the Zodiac realm devolved into a corrupted mess of orderless hollows.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Situation As It Stands[/BCOLOR]
    After Strauss' disappearance, the realm of Zodiacs was left in a war-torn state that blurred the lines between their world and ours. Breaches formed all over the globe, and hollows began to pour out of them to prey on living souls. Hosts and their Zodiacs became the immediate blame for the attacks, and were further considered to be a threat against humanity and were to be killed on sight. Today, hosts hide in secret, fearing the oppression of various governments and organizations dedicated to eliminating threats; hollow and host alike.

    What To Expect

    At it's core, Zodiac: Dawn of the Tarocchi is a supernatural roleplay set in the not-too-distant future, where dark fantasy and slice of life fuse to create an intense and heart-tugging experience. The bonds between characters and Zodiacs will be tested, and the results vary depending on your decisions. The Zodiacs themselves are developed to personally fit the character you create. This also means that a Zodiac won't be available right away. Keep in mind that death is a possibility during combat. Wrong moves can quickly turn into your character being killed off. Fortunately in Zodiac, death is not always the end.
    • Posting Requirements
    As a player in Zodiac, you are required to post at least once every three days. Failure to do so will result in your character being frozen and eventually killed. The posts themselves are to have a minimum of two paragraphs per post. While it's not required that you become a word-guru, your post has to be adequate and understandable. Character actions need to be clear and readable for fellow players and GMs.
    • Zodiacs
    It's extremely important for you as a player to acknowledge that Zodiacs are controlled by GMs exclusively, meaning that no non-GM character can start with a Zodiac. The purpose for such a system is that the Zodiacs can not only be finely crafted to suit your character, but it will require more effort from your character (The host) to forge a bond with the Zodiac. (GM controlled) Once a character obtains a Zodiac, it's highly recommended that he/she interacts with said Zodiac. Experiments with your character's new found abilities will ultimately form as self-training. Needless to say that a host shouldn't be able to control their abilities well enough for combat right away.

    As a player, never feel afraid to utilize your character's abilities. Remember to be mature and sensible about what's fair and what isn't.

    • Time moves, even if the roleplay doesn't
    Time continuously flows, regardless of the amount of posts present. Roleplay days are measured in three segments: Morning, Afternoon, Evening. The amount of time passed in real life is scaled down into the daily roleplay segments. Below is a chart of the amount of real-time days within each segment.

    Morning | Afternoon | Evening

    2 | 3 | 2

    *Two real-time days = Morning

    *Three real-time days = Afternoon

    *Two real-time days = Evening

    Character Guidelines

    Zodiac: Dawn Of the Tarocchi doesn't require extremely detailed characters in order to be accepted, therefore we encourage open-minded, unique, and creative characters. On the other hand, there are several types of characters that hinder your chances of being accepted. Below is a general rule book regarding things to look out for in order to make your character and the sheet fresh and easy to work with.
    • No spotlight characters
    What do we mean by spotlight characters? Spotlight characters are people specifically designed to force attention onto themselves, or rush the plot along in an inconvenient manner. An example of such character is someone that somehow makes their presence known in even the most intense or important event. Every character will have their spotlight moment eventually, however, forcing it will only end in your character being 'removed' from the roleplay.

    • Characters need their own subplot
    Eventually in any roleplay, there will be moments when the plot is moving slowly or your character is not directly involved. It's good practice to keep them busy with a personal plot or goal. Characters who are overcoming difficulties are put in a good light, and their chances of receiving a Zodiac is greater. Additionally, if the character is already a host, their Zodiac may step in and assist them with their goal or troubles, thus reinforcing bonds and speeding up development.

    • Create your character with the end in mind
    Death is always common; no character will be exempt from it. It's clear that a simple mistake or miscalculation would result in character injury or worse. In the assumption that your character is dead due to poor actions within the roleplay, do not take it personally. Death highlights caution in the event of combat. If you are in a situation where it's not logically possible to be saved, you will die.

    Roleplay Guidelines and OOC

    There is no oversized rule list for Zodiac, as it's expected for players to remain mature and patient for the duration of the roleplay. You will often have to look at various situations from multiple viewpoints, including that of the GM's. Any player purposely causing a disruption in peace will be removed without warning.

    It's recommended that you view Zodiac as an anime show. There will be points where certain characters are not involved in the plot, vise-versa. I'll bring it up again that you, in any circumstance, should NEVER force your character into the spotlight. If you haven't found a way to involve yourself in the current plot, accept it. Keep in mind that your character as a whole is not forgotten. While you may believe that you and your character are beginning to fade into irrelevancy, a Zodiac or plot involving you could be far into development!

    Our OOC is stationed in Discord, and all out-of-character chat is handled there. It's also the best way to immediately contact one or all of the GMs regarding any issue, so feel free to pop in and ask - even if you haven't completed your character sheet! The link is located at the top of this post.
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  2. Feel free to contact me as well for any questions you might have about this rp or its sister rp.
  3. Sign-ups are up!
  4. Roleplay will be potentially beginning in the upcoming week.
    If you've been on edge about joining, you should do so soon!
  5. Remember, any questions can be asked in our discord OOC.
    Pm's to any of the GM's are also an option.
  6. Roleplay begins Monday the 16th.
    If you are on edge about joining, please get your character sheets in this weekend.
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