Z-Day: Earth's Requiem

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  1. The recovery room remains dimly lit by red auxiliary lighting, just enough to see around the room. There is an odd, foul odor in the air that can just barely be picked up. All of the patients in the room have been dressed in hospital gowns, and the clothing they were wearing when they came in was laying on a bedstand at the foot of their beds, folded up neatly. However, any items they were carrying, other than a wallet and any items contained in it, would not be found among their clothing, apparently discarded.

    They had all been hooked up to an IV, and the short needles would still be stuck into their arms, though with nothing being pumped into them anymore. The empty IV bags still hung from the thin metal poles next to their beds. While many of the patients were still alive, and just now waking up, there were some who were still laying in bed as if still asleep. The room was eerily silent as well, save for a TV that was hanging from one of the upper corners of the room which had nothing but static for the sound and picture, a quiet white noise among the silence.
  2. Yunho opened his eyes looking around the room blearily. He brought his hand up to rub the tiredness away from his eyes. Once everything was cleared up he saw more people. Everyone was in a hospital gown and that's was when he looked down too. He stared at the light green paper thin object before looking at his arm. There, there was an IV that once pumped something into him. Nutrients maybe? Shrugging he pulled the short needle out of his arm and slid out of bed.
    He noticed no one else was awake so he quickly got dressed in his taekwondo outfit. He wondered why it was so dark and quiet. Usually in a hospital there was some sort of noise. He sat on his bed and thought about the past events. His face slowly changed from confusion to anger. 'Oh yeah my parents died from the virus' he though bitterly 'And I passed out'
    "Aish no reason for sitting around" He said out loud standing up and walking to the nearest patient. He wondered in any one else was alive so he press two fingers against their throat feeling for a pulse.
  3. Celeste's eyes slowly opened. She blinked a few times and looked around, confused. So confused that she didn't even notice Yunho feeling for her pulse until her eyes ran over him. She looked up at him, startled, then looked at the IV that was slightly annoying her. She pulled it out of her arm and weakly say up. She looked around again and her brain seemed to wake up now. Celeste knew why she was here now. She had caught that illness. She looked over at Yunho, her voice barely above a whisper. "Are you sick, too?"

    Celeste didn't wait for his answer. She looked past him at all the other people in their hospital beds. Her expression looked horrified. Were they all sick? She whispered to herself, "This is horrible..." Celeste looked back at Yunho.
  4. Yunho jumped back when she opened her eyes suddenly thinking that maybe the she was one of those that woke up after they died. Whe she began to speak he calmed down.

    "I came in here because I fell unconscious" Yunho said with a smile "I was seeing if anyone was alive considering the only thing on is that tv" he sighed before turning away "I suggest you change I feel like it isn't safe here anymore," he walked to other beds feeling for pulses, it seemed that they all had some pulse no matter how faint.
  5. Erick awoke slowly to the grey atmosphere of a recovery room, the sound of a broken Tv, and others walking around. He couldn't remeber a damn thing of what happened to him eacept for being briefed and deployed, anything else was now a mystery to him. Erick placed his right hand on his head as he sat up letting out a groan of fatigue.

    His vision come together after about three minutes so he noticed how his equipment was at the end of his bed. He could see everything was there but his gas mask and his M4, on top of that he was in a room with what looked like dead bodies. But people were up and alive, so where was he?​
  6. A soft red light was piercing through the slits in Kei's eyelids, blinding his pupils as he stirred. The voices were faint but the began to grow louder and louder and louder. Until he was able to see a group of people in the same ward as him. As Kei sat up he noticed a needle in his arm, looking up to observe what it was connected to he peered at the sight of an empty IV bag. Odd. Looking around again he noticed that all the other humans in here were patients. Where were the nurses? Something was odd. Aside from the other patients moving around and the crackling of the TV. It was far to quiet. Another thing that was amiss to his awakening was he could smell something strange, he didn't know what it was but it was a faint smell - whatever it was - it was not inviting. Arising from the bed, Kei closed the curtains to change himself into a pair of jeans that were held up by a black belt, a plain white t-shirt then a checkered buttoned t-shirt he left open over it. Once he'd finished he re-opened the curtains to look at the others around him. They didn't seem to be old people - most around his age give or take a few years. Unsure of why it was so quiet, Kei walked over to the window to take a look outside.
  7. Yunho jumped again when he saw another get up. He was to jittery for his own good at the moment and he wanted to get out of the hospital. He could smell something very unpleasant no matter how faint it was sighed. The curtains closed shielding prying eyes from the changing man's body and he whispered to himself in his mother tongue. He didn't dare look out of the window because he wanted to keep his life intact and deny that all of his loved ones died. When the man came out again he spoke up.
    "What are your names?" He asked still checking over all the other sleeping people.
  8. Celeste nodded. She weakly got out of bed and closed her curtain that was hanging around her bed. She quickly changed into the clothes she was previously wearing and opened her curtain. She slowly walked around the room, looking at all the people still unconscious. Or maybe, dead. Celeste looked scared, but she kept looking around at all the faces.

    Celeste looked at Yunho when he spoke up. She couldn't rise her voice above a whisper, no matter how hard she tried. "Celeste. Celeste Hale."
  9. Jay sat up in his bed and yawned as he opened his eyes. To think that he was at home in bed, but to his surprise there were around ten beds left and to the right of him. Jay heard some people talking, he turned to his left still with a slight blur in his eyes, due to the gloomy surroundings. He then looked to the right to find the people talking they were only five beds away "...excuse me why am I here... Why are you here?" he was puzzled to see so many people in one room in such a dark place. Jay, too ignorant of his surrounding didn’t notice the drips or the fragrance of the room. He was to focused on what had happened in the last two days. Nothing. Why couldn’t he remember the past two days? was he going mental? or was there a reason why. He couldn’t remember. Jay tried to think back, but could only remember the news that he watched a couple of days ago before he went to bed.
  10. As Kei looked outside, he would see the street below, at the side of the hospital. There were a few cars that had run off the road, some turned over and others just stopped in their tracks on the street. It was about midday, and moderately cloudy outside, but even though the sun was out, no one could be seen on the street below. Only the abandoned cars and trucks. It was just as quiet outside as it was inside.
  11. Jay watched kei look out the window of the hospital "what is it.. whats wrong?" he asked in a quiet tone. He noticed the drip and was trying to find a way of taking it out he gave it a tug and it hurt so he left it be. Jay continued to look around at the room seeing no posters no colours just plain walls and people laying in beds and a few people standing up.
  12. [​IMG]

    Voices... Strangers. Scarlett didn't recognize these voices. They were new to her.

    Then again it shouldn't have been odd for her to wake up to unfamiliar voices. After all with her new profession she never knew who she would wake up with. It could have been the 'client' from the night before, or it could have been a room full of people. It wasn't weird either for her to feel like every orifice had been pierced... But right now she didn't feel that pain. If anything the only thing that seemed to hurt was her head.

    And that pinching feeling by her arm. What was that?

    Reaching over with a shaky arm, Scarlett plucked the needle out of her arm. As she opened her eyes, she saw that IV bag was completely empty. Groaning, she tried to stand up, but ended up falling on her side to the floor.


    Graceful like a swan, she thought to herself.

    There were people around her. None of them she knew. And what's more it was absolutely quiet. One of them asked the group of people something. It took her several seconds to realize what they were asking.

    "Oh um... Scarlett, yeah that's my name."
  13. Erick stood to his feet and started putting his equipment back on first chance he had. He didn't know where he was or why he was here, but one things for sure is that he's very much alive. So questions didn't really matter in his case. He put on his utility vest and pads, then slid on his boots and gloves. For now he'd keep of the hood of his outfit until he found his weapons and mask. The fact that he lost his weapons was a mystery all it's own. What hospital disarms a soldier that can't fight back? This place looked normal, but what was with all the bodies and that rotten smell?

    As he was lost a bit in thought, he heard a thud in the room and looked in it's direction with a deadly stare. A woman, named Scarlet, just tumbled to the floor. She may have still been a little tranqulized from the IV. He walked over to her and held out his hand without any questions.

    "Welcome to the world of the living, Scarlet. What about the rest of you guys?"​
  14. As Kei gazed out the window he saw broken down cars that had been flipped over, tracks trailing off the road. Something was terribly wrong. A loud thud interrupted his thoughts as he looked over to see a girl fall onto the floor, shortly after stating her name was Scarlett. Choosing to ignore the question of the boy who was wandering around aimlessly. He looked over to the group briefly "The name's Kei." then peered at the drips for a moment.

    Walking over to where the IV was, he carefully tilted it onto it's side, being careful not to make to much noise as it hit the floor. When he looked at the screws underneath, the screws weren't overly tight. Gazing over at the plastic he wondered if with enough force he could break it. But at the risk of making a large amount of noise. Thinking carefully, Kei wandered what he could do. Only to remember that in the pocket of his jeans that had all sorts of mismatched tools that he took around with him as a mechanic, he never really knew when his skills would be need. He could probably use one of the tools in it to unscrew the IV into pieces of metal. All he really wanted was the body of the IV in order to use it as a sort of stick to defend himself. Knowing he wouldn't be great with a pole, but he'd at least be efficient enough as he had been forced to learn martial arts as a kid.
  15. Celeste didn't speak. She slowly went back to sit on her bed. She was wearing a necklace with a charm shaped like a bell on it. She clutched it tightly, as she kept her head down. Her nose wrinkled; it smelt horrible in there. Celeste looked back up and lpoked around at all the other faces, staying silent. She didn't know what to say and was sorta frightened by the condition of the hospital.
  16. Kei would notice upon inspecting the metal stands for the IV's, that the hooks on the top that the IV bags hang from were welded onto the pole, while the legs and small wheels on the bottom were fitted on with screws.
  17. Yunho cringed when Scarlet fell on the floor. He walked over and pulled her up onto her feet, giving her a kind smile before stepping back to introduce himself. "Well my name is Yunho, its nice to meet you all even under these unsavory conditions," he said with a bow before standing straight again. Yunho scratched his face not really knowing what he should do but walked to the door to exit the room. He stuck his head outside and looked around.
  18. Yunho would find that the double doors leading into the recovery room they were in would not open. They were apparently locked shut for some reason.
  19. She murmured a small thank you to those who helped her up. Scarlett just wanted to go home but for the life of her she couldn't really remember why the hell she was in a hospital in the first place. She remembered something about a sickness, but surely that wasn't the reason why she was in here was it...?

    Her face turned pale as she realized that the door to the outside world was locked. Why would they be locked in a room?

  20. The sounds of voices and movement filled her ears. Her lashes began to lift, and the room around her came in clear. Slowly she rolled her head to look over where the sound was coming from. To her surprise she was in a hospital. A I.V. still dug deep into her arm, Lorieli slowly pushed herself up right. Confused expressions graced all their faces, and began to take hold of hers. "W....W....w" Her voice trailed of as she tried to get a grip. She must of been out for a long time. Even her speech seemed unused, "Wh....Whe...Where....are....we?" Her words tumbled out into a jumbled mess. Deep down she hoped someone would understand. That maybe they could answer the questions, but something told her they couldn't. Some still wore their hospital gowns. "You all must of woken up here to...." She tried to look hopeful, but it was unusual to see something like this.