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    "Akira, I hope you have fun today~" Akane smiles.

    "Y-... you're mocking me, aren't you..." Akira's head lay low upon the comment.

    "Don't be down, Akira, I'm sure you'll have a good set of members. Just remember that clubs are made to bring others with common interest together and to get along."

    Akira simply pouts and looks away in response.

    They now stood at opposing, sliding doors.

    "See you after Club, Akira~. I hope yours can get approved by today~."

    "S- same here... I guess..." Akira continues his pouting and looks away.

    And thus, it was time to get yeezy with the Hero Club.

    Or rather, awkward.

    When the time finally came, Akane was greeted by a single lad. Not two, not three, but one. This meant that the club had a total of two people.

    A club with two people was not a club. Well, neither was one with three or four, but at least you could go more ways with that.

    It was a duo. It wasn't a 'girl can eat paper and ink and pencil and legitimately taste it but that's the only thing she can eat and the dude has to keep writing stories' kind of duo.

    It was an unapproved club duo.

    Well, she rose and greeted. "Good morning, Mister, welcome to the Hero Club. Can I please have your information?"

    With that, an application form was handed to him.


    The Occult Club is where the magic happens. Akira wishes that was literal, though.

    The club was decorated so nicely. The curtains were shut, the table was decorated with a nice, koi carp design and there was a soothing lava lamp in the centre of said table.

    "Wahaha~ ladies and gentlemen, or was it simply ladies? Well, anyways, you have now formed a pact with my realm. My name... I go by many, some which are forbidden to be said to mortal men and women, but in this realm, I am Akizuki Akira! As such... prepare for the first activity..."

    Akira readies a set

    With the assembly ready to roll, Akira began to shuffle a deck of tarot cards. However, during this process, her deck was scattered across the room. "Ah- auh.... a little... help here..."

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  2. Well.


    So this was how it was going to be. Okay.

    Hayato Ueda didn't exactly know what he was expecting when he had signed up for some "Hero Club," but as he looked around the relatively empty room, pursing his lips, he figured he'd at least... expect something. Hmm, then again, it was whatever. After all, perhaps he was just early. That was a possibility, though... for no one to be around on the very first meeting? This was supposed to be more lively, and yet... Here he was, standing with who he assumed to be the club president.

    Alright, fine. May as well do what the girl asked of him in the meantime, then. With a silent nod, Hayato would take the application form that was offered to him, filling in the information. Name, Hayato Ueda. Age, year, all that stuff. No problem, right?

    Filling out the form, Hayato would take a small moment to look up at the girl, examining her features with seemingly bored, almost expressionless brown eyes. Hmm... She looked awful young for this sort of stuff. Was she really...?

    "So... You're really the president of this Hero Club?" He would ask out of the blue, not even beginning with any semblance of tact like a "Pardon me" or anything like that.

    Way to break the ice.

  3. Darner yawned and rubbed her eyes. Getting use to this new culture was exhausting. Everyone did things differently with politeness and manners. This was way different from the slums which she grew up in. In fact she had gotten in a lot of trouble because of her informal way of speaking already. Even now she wanted to just introduce her self by her first name but remembered that she had to use her family name first. When the president dropped her cards Darner smiled. Clumsy people were always so funny. She covered her mouth as she giggled and then bend down to help her pick up the cards.

    These cards were weird. They had pictures and symbols on them. Did they have a secret meaning? You would not see something like this in the slums, that was for sure. At best you would get cards with just numbers and black or red shapes used for gambling. She remembered the last time she tried one of these gambling games. She won on her first time and was considered a cheater. Then she was chased out. Still she did not let that stop her from helping the president from cleaning her mess.

    This was school, not the slums after all.

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  4. A simple ghost dressed in a maestro outfit drifted towards the looming building before her, completely ignored by the throngs of people headed to the same destination. It'd been a while since she'd been to a school... Three years in fact. Ghosts don't really need to attend school, seeing as to how they're dead and all. The spirit lifted up her right hand, which was covered by a puppet resembling a music symbol. Held within the puppet's miniature hands was a small sheet of paper with a name, the school name, and a map pointing out the location of said school on it.

    'It says she should be here,' the ghost thought to herself. 'Ha. I'm not surprised someone supposedly as powerful as her would hide out in a place like this. Nobody would expect it, right? Or at least, that's how it always plays out in those silly TV shows...' The ghost rested her arm and continued floating towards the school. Rather than even make an effort to go through the door like everyone else, the girl elevated herself until she was equal to the second floor, then permeated the wall.

    She lifted her hand once more, but shifted the paper to reveal a picture that was hidden behind it. A smile crept upon her face. 'A little disappointing looking, but I don't suppose it matters. Looks can be deceiving after all. Now where are you, Akizuki Akira?' Her hand back at her side, the spirit made her way through the number of crowds littering the school halls in search of her target.

    Her search continued for a number of hours, and she grew worried that she'd been tricked by those who'd given her the information. Luckily, a number of the students were starting to clear the halls. Some were going into other rooms, while others were leaving the school entirely. 'Club time, hm? Well, it'll be easier to find her now, if she belongs to a club. A girl like her, she probably wouldn't be able to resist running her own.' The spirit searched for a bulletin board, figuring that the clubs would have flyers up advertising themselves. Sure enough, she was right. In fact, she couldn't help but laugh at her discovery. 'Running an occult club, huh? That seems oddly fitting. Maybe I wasn't tricked after all...'

    The female made her way to the room the flyer said the club was to be held in and passed right through the door. She figured she may as well introduce herself, sure that a girl as spiritually powerful as Akira would be able to see her with ease. "Trauciel Hilbred is here!" she proclaimed. She was surprised to find that the room was full of stereotypical things that a lot of people commonly mistake as really being supernatural. For one thing, there was a lava lamp on the table, and tarot cards scattered all over the floor. Two girls, the Akizuki girl and someone else she knew not the name of, were hurriedly cleaning them up. Trau couldn't tell whether or not the second girl could see her, but if the club's presentation said anything, it said that it probably wasn't as spectacular as Trau was expecting.

    "Eh, you are the powerful Akizuki Akira, aren't you? One fabled to transcend the world of mortals or something like that?"

  5. "YUUUUP! It is I, Akizuki Akane~, leader of the Hero C-..."

    Akane looks around with reduced motivation.

    "Club. Duo. Pair. Club. Yup, it's a club. Welcome to the Hero Club, Ueda-san. My name is Akizuki Akane, but you can call me Akane. With two of us..."

  6. "Wh- why hello there..." Akira's attention was shifted to the maestro-like entity. She gazed upon her maestro-ness like it was so... maestro-y... "My name is Akizuki Akira... your description is close to accurate, but... transcend... trascend..."

    Akira's face turns red.

    "AaaaAAAaaah nothing!" She shrieks as she tosses a few cards in the air on a whim. "Trauciel Hilbred, is that correct? I... like your name."

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  7. Oi vey.

    Alright, how would one go about this kind of situation?

    "Just the two of us... I guess not a lot of people wanted to be part of the good guys, huh?" Hayato said in a somewhat blunt tone, pocketing his hands. Though he meant no such thing, the manner in which he spoke was almost able to come off as rude if one were to think that way. Just someone who wasn't like him.

    Admittedly, Hayato wasn't even really sure what he wanted to say or do in this situation. Granted, he never did in normal situations, as he always just went with the flow, but... He wasn't really sure where this flow was going. Hmm.

    "In any case, Akizuki-san," the young man spoke, seeming to not register the allowing of calling the girl by her first name, "You... wanted to say something?"

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