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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Yuuki_Tatsunohi but you can call me Yuuki or even Y.T.!

    ~About me~
    • I'm am busy, so I can't be online all the time :'(​
    • Also I really do like to think over my posts first! I want to make sure what I reply with is quality material that also advances the plot​
    • With these two combined, I certainly can't give out multiple replies in one day. Speed of light is but a distant dream :'). HOWEVER, I will never forget you and you can certainly expect a post from me at least once a week. And there is certainly the possibility for multiple times a week (I will notify you in that case).​
    • I've decided to try 1x1 since often times group rps stress me out and die frequently.
    • I'd love to make friends so lets bounce ideas off of each other and make a magnificent story!

    1. NO ONE-LINERS PLEASE! A paragraph (five sentences at least) will suffice. You are more than welcome to write more though :) I personally write multi-para to novellas.
    2. Notify me if you need to drop the rp! Whether it's because you are bored with it, or have real life stuff coming up, please tell me. Don't leave me hanging!
    3. My main preference for pairings is heterosexual pairings. I am, however, willing to break out of familiar territory and roleplay same sex couples. Please note those pairings will be marked as such.
    4. I can play any gender. Although you may notice a lot of these plots have me playing the male character. I can play the female role if you demand I do.
    5. IC will be in threads while OOC planning and chat will be through PMs.
    6. Generally, I am aggressive when it comes to advancing the plot so you don't need to worry about coming up with the next plot driving post! I got that all taken cared of! If you would like to be the driver though, I'm more than happy to oblige.
      • Note there is the possibility there will be doubling. I can definitely do it myself, but I would love it if you are willing to double.
    7. Please PM me your interest and to show me that you have read the rules, please put somewhere in your PM "smol birb." Bonus points if entire pm is in the color of your choice!
    8. I am an adult therefore any sexual content will only be rped with someone who is also an adult. And even then it might become fade to black.
    9. When roleplaying fandoms, I only do CanonxCanon. Never OCxCanon.

    Now that's out of the way, let's get to the plots and pairings!
    Bold and Italicized= the role I would like to play
    =I really want to do this!!
    = taken!

    The Hunger Games (Peeta x Katniss)

    Miraculous Ladybug (LadyNoir, Marichat, Adrienette, Ladrien omg so many pairings names just for these two ._. )

    The Legend of Korra (Korra x Asami, Korra x Bolin)

    Greek Mythology (IDK if this is fandom but whatever)
    The story of Hades and Persephone

    Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan (Erwin x Levi)

    Dragon x Knight
    My character is a knight-to-be who has one task to complete before officially becoming a knight: He must slay a dragon. Unfortunately there is only one dragon left. After the initial meeting, the knight and the dragon make a deal where they pretend the knight slayed the dragon but in return the knight must not tell anyone he let her go, not only for his honor, but to protect the last dragon on Earth. How long can they keep up this secret?

    Unicorn x Dragon
    Inspired by this rp. In a land where humans can turn into fantastic creatures, there are two kingdoms: A Dragon Kingdom and a Unicorn Kingdom. The Dragon and Unicorn lands are at war with each other, with their royalties at the very center. When war strikes and the two young monarchs are stranded in the Badlands, can they overcome their conflicts and work together to get back home?

    Elf x Human
    Based off of this roleplay. An elf, framed and exiled from her homeland stumbles into the tavern of a human, finding not only work, but a place to sleep. The elf must keep her origins a secret because being an elf in human territory is like welcoming death. One day, her secret is discovered by her employer, but out of loyalty, he tells no one. Luck is not on their side. The elf's secret is then discovered by others and soon the human is being targeted too, for housing an "immortal monster." Soon they are on the run, on a journey back to the elf lands to hopefully clear the elf's name.

    Vampire Hunter x Vampire

    Basically, my character is on a path of revenge and wants to kill all/a certain vampire due a traumatic event in her past. However, a mission calls where she has to not only protect defenseless humans but work with a vampire to defeat a common enemy.

    Childhood friends (This will require doubling! MxF)
    There were once four people who were the very best of friends. Inseparable and always playing together. Until three of them moved away. Five years later, the three return back to their hometown and the one who was left behind organizes a reunion. As the four friends get reacquainted, they deal with past pains, old feelings and a secret the one left behind is keeping from them.

    Geek x Jock (MxF, MxM)

    Magical Roommates (MxF or FxF)
    Based off this roleplay. Congratulations! You have just found the apartment of your dreams! The building is clean, the area around is cozy, the apartment itself is spacious, and the best part: rent is free! This apartment was meant for you, in fact it was literally handed right you! Who cares if you have to share it with one other person anyways? The offer is good! In fact too good. Something fishy is happening and soon you and your roommate are swept into a magical land and were specifically chosen because you two are the only ones who can save it.

    Dragon Hunter X Dragon shifter (MxF)
    Similar to the Vampire hunter, except without the revenge aspect

    Human x Angel (There will be little to no romance in this)

    Teacher x Student

    The Magic Club (There will be little to no romance in this. Possibility of doubling)
    Witches and wizards exist but they must keep their magic hidden. Enter our two character who decide to create a club dedicated to magic and spend after school perfecting the art.

    Will update this regularly with more pairings and plots to come!

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  2. Vampire Hunter x Vampire

    I'm interested in this one.
  3. Please thoroughly reread the rules and try again
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