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  1. Yo~!
    I made this account around a week ago and decided I should perhaps post an introductory post.~

    Anyhow, I'm Yurt, A seventeen year old Kiwi (New Zealander) who despite having a million and one priorities he should fulfill first, instead finds the majority of his time Roleplaying, crafting character's along with plot and setting's in general. I am an avid gamer and anime lover, who admittedly gains the majority of his roleplay muse from such interests.

    I have been roughly roleplaying for around four years now, first starting in April 2010 and have enjoyed it all thus far. I am a Multi-Paragraph Roleplayer and the majority of my Roleplay interests focus around action, Adventure, fantasy and horror. I avoid smut, on the basis my girlfriend would skin me alive if I did participate in such roleplays.

    But anyhow, Nice to meet you all and I hope to find some amazing roleplays. :D
  2. Hello there Yurt. >:3 Welcome!
  3. Hullo. Im glad to see that we have someone under the age of 18 who is not obsessed with smut like MY GOD PEOPLE GET YOUR FAP MATERIAL SOMEWHERE ELSE >n<


    It's a pleasure to meet you, I hope you fine a home here in Iwaku 8D
  4. Eyoo, waddup Yurt. It's nice to see another person who's here for the awesome.

    @heliacalRebirth What is smut. ._. Is this some other form of romance?
  5. Heyy Yurt, welcome to the Iwaku. I'm new here as well. }:3
  6. @Stranger Smut is what I consider romance that has no backstory to it, and it's sole purpose is just for the super steamy secks. Good examples of this would be in the Mature Board. I don't have a problem with people writing smut, I just hope that those people who do also broaden their horizons into other categories where a storyline is more prominent *insert=stop ranting* :P
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  7. I have no problem with people writing smut or smut in general, I just don't understand when people suggest to smut without any Romance plot or Intro to it. My character's maybe perverts most/majority of the time, but they aren't so horny to have steamy secks with anyone off the street exactly.
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  8. Welcome! I'm new myself, but I figure XD let's start branching out there and getting to know other fellow members.

    Smut is not a must in rp (or shouldn't?) so yeah. I, myself, have only attempted once, and the session ended up with me and my fellow partner devolving into hysterical laughter over skype as we tried to type, because apparently we have the mental maturity of a four year old.

    Question (because I'm curious - you are obviously free not to answer!): does your above statement about smut also extend into playing a romantic interest in an rp? I always viewed rp more like co-writing a story with your fellow partner(s), so it never crossed my mind that an irl significant other might get upset over it, unless the character played is a 'self insert', which from what I've seen, is mostly generally frowned upon? (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone!)

    I've always enjoyed the development more than the actual consummation of the relationship anyhow; the fun's getting there, the road trip you put the characters through.
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  9. @Daffu I believe I made a poll about that exact question in the General Board. Let me see if it still exists, and if it does I'll link it :D

    EDIT: nope, it's long gone. But I had asked people if they thought having smutty or romantic role-plays while in a relationship was wrong.

    The majority said that it was not wrong, because it's not real. However, if they use it for sexual gratification or they are role-playing as themselves then it is wrong.

    The close second response was "As long as my significant other gives me permission, it's okay to have role-played romance"

    I actually think this post got taken down because people began to argue about it "^^ whoops
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  10. Well, Truthfully, I have no objection to it. I mean, She too is a roleplayer and I would have no real problem if she were to roleplay Romance or Smut with another as long as it remained IC, because things get a little sketchy when OOC smut starts occurring. As for the whole would I play out Romance? Well, I would perhaps give my character a love interest throughout the roleplay depending on the two character's interactions with one another, but most likely, it would be presented as a crush and wouldn't go any further. Simply because, at the end of the day, She is my girlfriend and I have to make her happy.~
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  11. @Yurt The Silent

    Your loyalty and consideration of my feelings makes me feel so happy. c:

    I love you. :heart:
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  12. Alo and Salutari!

    Very interesting Signature...
  13. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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