Yurihama Girls' Academy

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  1. Yurihama Girl's Academy
    Beginning of April
    .:Day of the Week:.
    Fair with a slight chance of rain later in the day...

    And so our story begins...
  2. Ellis Takeuchi
    Ah, spring. Beautiful. Lively. Wonderful. Except for the school part. Yeah, Ellis couldn't stand the school part. She loved being at school, but she hated school in general. Something about doing work didn't really appeal to her... Well, it probably didn't appeal to many people. Ellis adjusted her Fireglow uniform and skipped towards the dorms. The Fireglow dorms were locked in a constant struggle with the Windsong despite the fact they were on opposite sides of the campus.

    Sometimes, Ellis liked the competitive spirit, but other times, it honestly got on her nerves, especially when the yearly prank wars came around. Normally, Fireglow would win the prank wars, but she had heard rumors that Windsong wasn't going down that easily this year. With a sigh, Ellis pushed open the door to the dorms and invited herself in. It wasn't unusual for returning students to do so and as she walked to Dorm One, people greeted her with grins and the occasional hug. She returned them with kindness, but she was mostly anxious to see who her roommate would be. As long as it wasn't Mori Sakura like last year, she could endure it.

    She walked into her dorm room where all of her wonderful possessions already were and flopped onto her bed ungracefully. This year, she promised herself, this year would be the best one yet.
  3. Reign Yun
    Spring was always an uplifting season for Reign, it meant she could spend a lot of her time outside when she wasn't studying. She'd gotten her things settled earlier that day before deciding to go for a walk to waste some time. The campus was starting to swarm with students, most of whom she didn't recognize since almost all of her friends had graduated the previous year. Still, she greeted some who seemed to recognize her with a small smile and a nod before making her way back towards the dorms.

    Reign sighed as she reached Fireglow dorms and opened the door. There were girls moving in, mainly first years, boxes sat in the hallway and the dark haired girl avoided tipping them over. She wasn't sure if she'd get a roommate this year, but either way suited her. She enjoyed her privacy and, not to mention, the extra space it provided. Reign was in dorm four, and so far, still no signs she was going to be sharing a room. She pushed her door open and entered her room, closing the door to shut out the noise of the other girls. She sat down at her desk and glanced out the window. It was her final year, so she planned to make it one to remember.
  4. . ~ Natane Masahiro ~ .

    Natane stifled a yawn as she directed herself towards the dorms automatically. It was her third year here, and though the very prestigious academy still stood with a strong front, with a display of true elegance and discipline, the magic of it all had died after last year. It was quite a tragedy, if she thought about it, as she had remembered herself as a first year, with her jaw slackened in absolute shock and awe when she realized just how prestigious this school was. It was the first time all of her expectations had been blown out of the water, so to speak. So, perhaps she had been too excited, and explored around way longer than anyone really should, and had most of the corridors memorized. If she had to blame anyone for this tragedy, it would simply be herself.

    Walking quietly towards the Fireglow dorms, Natane couldn't help but to take note of the other students who all divided themselves between Wingsong and Fireglow. The history between the two dorms were those of epic lores only found in ancient tombs, Natane had jokingly told herself once, what with prank wars year-round - and whoever believed that they only happened during specific seasons or times were the lucky ones who didn't have to deal with the aftermath of every battle. Natane was never an active participant, though she knew she wanted to join in. She was simply one of the record keepers, and boy did she have some wicked stories kept in her journals.

    Lost in thought, Natane was unable to see the box that sat innocently against the wall until she nearly fell over it. With a hand to her chest, the blonde was quick to right herself and keep her balance, avoiding the box entirely. Turning her head up to find the owner of the box ... well, Natane was more surprised that someone hadn't marched right up to her and demanded money for the 'broken things' than the fact that she couldn't find said owner of the box. Looking around her, it didn't seem like anyway was going to claim ownership of the box ... or maybe they were already in their dorm, either the 1st or the 3rd - the ones directly beside her.

    Quickly, she turned the knob of the door open and stepped inside her own dorm. Natane was quick to set her own personal belongings on the floor and against the wall, in a way that wouldn't take up too much space and allowed her to walk about freely. In her bag, she quickly opened it up and grabbed a post it note and a pen. With a few strokes of her pen, she wrote out, 'Sorry, I hope nothing's broken. Dorm 2' Satisfied with the note, though she did wince as the words were ... a tab bit flippant. Shaking her head, she stepped out of her dorm as more and only leaned down and over to stick the circle shaped note on the box.

    Seriously, hopefully nothing was broken in there.
  5. ~Jewel Destiny Hawari~

    It was a rather peaceful Saturday in spring for Jewel as she spent most of her time the same way she always did, practicing her archery, even though it was an impractical skill and wouldn't be used for much of anything in this day and age she enjoyed it. It was her nook and where she was most comfortable, well here shooting an arrow at a target or laying in her room reading a book, that had been her mother's favorite hobby and Jewel had picked it up like a fish to water. She was normally never so quiet, but she just felt peaceful today and thought maybe it best to not be as noisy as she usually was. The wind was rustling up her already wild blue locks though and that was starting to bother her since she was dressed casually at the moment with her favorite sleeveless dress that came with detached sleeves that tie under her arm and a snow white headband decorated with a much lighter shade of blue flower, and the whole reason the wind bothered her is because it kept whipping her hair around her face and felt like it was tugging at her. Finally annoyed with this Jewel made her way back around the buildings of the prestigious academy to make her way to her dorm. As it was only her second year in the school she could still get lost on occasion except when she needed to go to her room.

    Her room was Fireglow Dorm room 6, she liked the number and the space, it was further away from the front rooms and she could have her peace to do what ever she liked. She had surprisingly avoided people on the way to her room and was deathly quiet as she walked into the dorms and back to the room she had gotten last year. Her things were already inside the room and especially all her Japanese nicknacks and things that she kept from her trips back to a place that her mother at least was from. She fairly ignored all the first years milling about and was quick to disappear into her own space and close the door. Once inside she kept her back to the door, pulled headphones over her ears, turned on her music and settled down with a book. She sat like this in case anyone decided to knock, she couldn't hear them over her music so it was a habit she had formed last year. She was fairly confident this would be how she would spend the rest of her day, mostly because she never cared for the prank wars and petty fights between Windsong and Fireglow...not until it came to any archery competitions at least, those got her going and she was usually ranked high, if not the winner of these particular activities.
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  6. Mattaline Lena Nelson ♥ Fireglow Dorm 3
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    Opening day was old news to Mattaline. When she was a freshman the school had amazed her, even scared her a little, but now it was... boring. She was utterly uninterested as she made her way to her dorm room, boxes in her hand. Who was the first one to open up an all-girls school anyways? She wondered with a huff. They must have had bad luck with boys and just needed an excuse to not be around them.

    Because Mattaline didn't like being told what to wear, she never wore her uniform when she didn't have to. Especially not on opening day. She felt like the first day of school is the most important day to express yourself, and you just couldn't do that when you wore the same thing as everyone else. So, instead she wore a floral crop top and white shorts. Her light brown hair was down, but she used a bandanna as a headband to keep it out of her face. This was something she had learned from one of her homosexual friends over the summer. Man am I gonna miss them...

    To say that Matty didn't conform well with many of the girls at this school was a major understatement. It wasn't even that she didn't know how to be lady-like and polite, because she did. Actually, she had grown up in this kind of environment, so she knew exactly how to act. She just preferred not to.

    At the moment Mattaline didn't have a roommate, but she didn't know that yet, so she was only decorating her side of the room. She figured that if someone didn't show up in a few days she'd redecorate. It's not like she wouldn't have plenty of free time anyways. The only cool thing to do around here is those prank wars anyways, Mattaline thought as she flopped down on the bed. But we always mop the floor with Windsong, so even that gets old.

    She sighed as she reached for her phone, wishing that more girls around here liked to go to parties.

    Ryan Taylor Rincon ∞ Windsong Dorm 2
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    "Move it or loose it!"

    Upon command, a group of girls parted just in time for Ryan to zip by them on her skateboard, a small box in her hand. She had been back and fourth all morning, and finally only had two things to get to her dorm room: The box, and the backpack she also wore. Unsurprisingly, Ryan stuck out among all the girls she passed. Many of them already wore their respective uniforms, even though they weren't required on weekends, and it was doubtful that any of them even owned a skateboard, let alone knew how to ride one. My sister will fit in here just fine, Ryan thought, rolling her eyes to herself. Bonnie, her twin sister, was also supposed to be attending this school, but she wouldn't be there until later in the day.

    When Ryan left for school this morning she had been wearing a nice floral dress and some flats, which her mother had approved of. But, on the way she changed into something more comfortable and more her- despite the weird glances she got for changing on the highway. Now she wore a Little Mermaid tank top with a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans to match.

    Once she reached the dorm building for those in Windsong, Ryan jumped off her skateboard and went inside. Home sweet home, she thought sarcastically to herself as she entered her dorm room. She had already learned that, as of right now, she didn't have a roommate. But, that could change very quickly during the beginning of the school year, so she decided not to unpack for a few days. That way she wouldn't take up the whole room and end up having a roommate. For now, she'd just need her chargers, her board, and her bedding.

    Humming to herself, the brunette set her smaller box on top of her larger ones, which were all piled up against the wall. She then pulled open her curtains- they were blue- and opened her window. A smile spread across her lips as she breathed in the fresh air. Maybe this school won't be so bad...

    Ryan is a sophomore, but this is her first year at the prestigious Yurihama Girl's Acadamy. She had heard rumors about conflict between the two houses, even prank wars, but she didn't believe them at all. Things like that only happen in cheesy high school movies, don't they?

  7. Wren petted the nose of a small bay pony that lived in the stables on campus. It nickered at her and shoved at her hand with its nose. She shoved it away again and smiled.

    "Calm down, Pokey," she said. "You won't get anything acting like that."

    The bell was going to ring soon, and Wren wasn't even moved into her dorm. The stable was probably the only thing she liked about this place. The rest of it she hated. Her mother shipped her off here in the hopes that she'd keep out of trouble, but so far it wasn't working. She had it in her head that she wouldn't even call her mother even once unless it was absolutely necessary...then, at the end of the year, she'd secretly enroll in college and that would be that.

    After all, she didn't want an arranged marriage, and that's what this was all about. Some disgusting slimeball of a kid that Wren's mother was convinced she was going to marry. Well, it wasn't happening. She finished grooming the pony and put some more hay in the haynet in front of it. She'd need to shower before opening ceremonies, but she didn't care. She felt comfortable in the sweatshirt and loose, baggy jeans she wore. Wren wasn't one to care much for appearance.

    She shut the door to the stable and made her way back to Windsong. She wondered who her roommate for the year would be...or if she would actually have one, actually.
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