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  1. Must be 18 or older...

    Hello everybody I am looking for two different girls for two different role plays.
    I'm looking for a sweet innocent religious type of character for the one role play.
    ( so in this role play I will be playing a boyish character
    who is kind of rebellious and a punk kid. so its like a forbidden love story if you will.)

    And for the second one I am looking for a tomboy kind of character.
    ( i will be the sweet innocent character in this role play. And may be the boyish character can be a some sort of fictional kind of creature. Demon, vampire, werewolf or what ever you want. Or I can be the creature monster like thing if that's what you want. It we just do human x human whatever you want.)

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  3. Ok hun thank you alot I'll make the thread and I'll find my character and put all the information up and I will give you a link to it. ╰(*´︶`*)╯
  4. okie ^-^ i'll be waiting
  5. By the way she will be part of the choir at the church so I hope you're okay with playing religious characters?
  6. i've never played a religious character before, but i can try
  7. I know you can do it hun(*゚▽゚)ノ
  8. Your 18 right just need to make sure XD
  9. Hello! Looks like a wonderful moment for me to step in~

    All interest checks for roleplays that are intended to have explicit sex in it need to be posted in the appropriate liberteen forums, to avoid mixing teenagers and adults. That way, everyone knows they will be writing with the correct age group. Would you like me to move this thread for you?
  10. Well I didn't mean there's going to be a lot of sex but there's going to be some in it...want more plot then sex XD
    and isn't that where just sex RP's are done?
  11. Nope! Any plot that is planned with sex scenes should be posted in the liberteen forums. If you are looking for more plot than sex, just say so in your interest check. Most people, you will find, are. That is what the forums are there for, to allow people to safely write those scenes, and plan for writing those scenes, without having to worry about breaking the law by accidentally being approached by the wrong age group. A good general rule of thumb is, if you are planning to post the thread in the liberteen forum, the interest check should go there as well.
  12. I never had a problem with this until now. Then what is the point of putting the sexual them in the interest if you can't do anything like that here? XD
  13. There's a difference between fade to black (which stops at the point that sexually intimate contact happens, and allowed between adults and teens), and writing fully explicit sex scenes. Both have a sexual theme. One should go in the liberteen forum, one doesn't have to.

    That, and the tags are the same everywhere. :D But a good rule of thumb is, if it is a roleplay that would need to get put into the liberteen section, your interest check should go there as well.
  14. So is that where I will just put my role play request or I will just have to have my role playing be there in general?

    And how do I delete a thread
  15. Both of them~ If you are going to have a roleplay that has lots of sex, even if there is more plot than sex, it needs to be posted in the liberteen forum. I'd also recommend asking the mods (or me) to move any other stories with plans for repeated sex scenes to the right area, so that someone else doesn't catch it and report you.

    As for getting a thread deleted, I can archive this for you, if you want. Or you can click the "Request a Thread Moderation" in the "Helpful Links" section at the bottom of the page.
  16. It was probably only going to have one sex scene in it like all my RP's do. And maybe alot of boob touching lol but thats about it. and no thank you I'll just rewrite the post. and I just want to delete it.
  17. Are you still looking for a partner?
  18. Yes I am which CH you want to be?
  19. I feel that I can play innocent and tomboy well. Do you prefer playing one over the other?
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