Yuri Roleplay Idea?

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  1. Well not really big some idea I thought of --half way-- while surfing around looking for pictures and such...ANYWAY! And slightly remembering this Japanese movie I watched months ago, forgot what it's called...but it's not based off it though.

    ps:. also I haven't seen any Yuri rps around here so I assume that there was never any and if there is some out there I would love to take a look at them since the whole Yuri thing not as big as Yaoi, I think >.>

    And if this goes pretty good I well probably make it available for others and make it a mix one, Yuri, Het, and Yaoi

    Ok my idea is:

    Away from civilization there’s a big rounded edge island called The Mist, they call it this because of its thick mist like fog that it creates when it appears making the land becoming dark, gloomy, uneasy feeling for hours, which is dangerous. The mist also give off a sweet scent like a floral or berry, and if you sniff it, they say that your begin to see things that are not there and it starts to make you a little, ummmm, straight jacket, though you can never be sure since it's just a rumor. There are mutated creatures that live there as well only appear when the mist does, but don’t worry they are blind though just because of this it makes them all the more dangerous.

    Of course this island is made for people too….the ones that are chosen to be here and you know survive this agonizing place. No one knows who is chosen or what is chosen them it’s go by random most say though others say that it go by what is called Karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good. Though there are many reasons why this place exists and only little people know about it.

    Questions answered by questions are the only thing you’re going to get if you keep asking.

    When you get there you most only listen to the first introduction that is announced if you talk over it with question you will lose variable information that may get you out of here alive. There should be a bag, your bag that you that came from your home no matter where or when you wore it could be one that you never wore in years, but it’s there, don’t be alarm there are some supplies in there that would at least something for survival:

    Inside your Bag (open)

    • 1 weapon
    • Some food supplies
    • One outfit that you were going to wear the next day
    • One soul bound charm from your childhood

    And one note that reads: Hello new comer, welcome to your judgment from Karma herself, you will be meeting others just like you later …or maybe sooner than expected, but don’t worry you don’t have to be happy about this. You know why? There’s a thing called the food chain you have to fight to become the top of this system. Ever watched those animal or battle shows about the circle of life? No? Well too bad you are going to be in something like that.

    Rules & Some Tips (open)

    1. Your Six Senses is your only friend
    2. Survive
    3. Don’t try to hide from everything being in the shadows through the whole fun isn’t worth it...one day someone is going to find you and it’s not going to be the other competitors
    4. No cheating and jumping off the edge you only going to find yourself face flat on the solid field
    5. Have fun

    So what do ya'll think? If you have any suggestions to add to the story that would cool or have any question that your confused about just asked.




    Gore [nothing bad just blood here and there]
    Soft to mid Swearing [of course o.o but not like a sailor I promise]
    probably some more
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  2. I am super interested in this in fact I came up with an concept like this a while back that is kind of foggy now though... ((see what I did there XD)) Anyways I think something fun to include would possibly adding in a high chance of people going crazy or that the fog makes illusions~
  3. Oh really I'm glad your interested

    LOL xD I see what you did there

    I cool ok I would gladly add to it since it sounds about right if you going to be in a place that xD your bound to see illusions
  4. Yay oh and there are people that do femslash I discovered they just are few and sadly forgotten TmT
  5. Awww well at least there was some here...QwQ
  6. Yeah when I saw your post I was like 'YES found someone else looking for the yuri!'
  7. Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one xD before I made this I was basically searching for Yuri in some sites that was on and couldn't find any and if I did they was either dead or the same girlie fluffy yuri high school that everyone assume that yuri is like that
    >.> which is not true there are some good ones just gotta look for them or just make your own.
  8. Agreed I mean seriously why is yuri so unpopular l n l it makes me sad
  9. Dx I don't know ... well I heard that is because are suppose to be delicate flowers since that's how most men picture women as...
    don't get me wrong some of that is true for some but I have some kickass girl in my time xD lol in both regular anime and irl.
    But I just think it's unfair...oh and it's the people that make rps like that too lol
  10. yeah I certainly maybe nice but I would hesitate to kick some ass and the same goes for most of my characters.
  11. Si same for me I'm usually quiet when I'm around people I don't know
    but when someone start things with me or my friends I would gladly punch some faces in as if I'm dude or just say a couple of smart remarks just to piss them off
    I had this one friend where she tried to kill her girlfriend because she did something wrong and next thing I know her girlfriend was in the hospital o.o
    ...I thought it was hot for some reason xD lol even though I said it wasn't lady like with a straight face [I'm so lying I was trying not to laugh about it] don't worry though she's fine.
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  12. that sentence blurred the lines of real and not
  13. XD wha? How?
  14. You said various things but then said you were kidding but only partly and it was like wait what?
  15. Oh sorry lol
    I meant I was lying about keeping a straight face when I told my friend that it was unladylike
  16. Oh that makes more sense
  17. Yeeeeaaa anyway hopefully others would like the idea too like you soon
    Cause I would really like to see how this goes
  18. agreed man people take forever to join in on these things -n-
  19. I know right -3- lol
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