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    Welcome to Broomshield Academy, an all-girls school dedicated to the education of young witches in the magical arts. Well, this is probably your first time in Arcadia, right? Let me explain a little how this world works. Arcadia runs parallel to Earth, and is filled with magical energy. It's roughly 20 years behind Earth in technology, but at least 40 years ahead in social policies. This is mainly because magic physically cannot be used with malevolent intention - should someone attempt to use a spell to hurt, maim or kill someone, it will simply fail to cast. Since offensive magic is nearly non-existent but defensive is plentiful, every society has learned to discuss its problems instead. If a resolution cannot be met, a magical competition is conducted between the parties. All parties involved agree on the rules, then carry out the contest. Each bets something the other wants, and the winner takes both bets. This method is used for resolution of nearly every problem that can't be agreed with words, and as such, magicians are in high demand both as military competitors and mercenary competitors (for civilian use). In the instance of a combat based Game, offensive spells become possible, but deal no lasting damage - all damage dealt is removed at the end of the contest.

    This is where Broomshield comes in. There are many establishments like it, but Broomshield is renowned as Bripan's second most prestigious facility. Ah, on that note, for some reason, every country here is a mix of two Earth countries. Bripan is Britain-Japan, for example, and Amerdia, the largest first world country, is the USA + India. I'm pretty sure there's some kind of God Master in this world (GM, for short), who is using it as an excuse to use her home country and her weeb-ness at the same time.

    As one could expect from a magical academy, its primary educational focus is on various magical arts, sorted neatly into 3 major schools: Creation, Destruction and Transformation. Though it is not always the case, which school of magic one is best at tends to be reflective of one's personality. For example, someone particularly artistic would likely be best at creative spellcasting. Every student takes the Core classes of each school, and may take specialised lessons in one branch. Each branch has 3 specialisms - Inanimate Matter, Living Matter and Energy. Most spells include a combination of multiple specialisms and often multiple schools, though.

    Besides magic, Broomshield also teaches spoken English and Japanese (the two languages of Bripan), as well as Mathematics, the 3 traditional sciences and Historical Witchcraft, amongst a plethora of other subjects.

    Broomshield is a boarding school with 3 terms of 14 weeks each, seperated by 3 week holidays at Christmas and Spring break, and a 9 week holiday over Summer. Many other short holidays and events span every term and make up the remaining weeks. The academy teaches students between ages 15 and 18, split into three years - 1st, 2nd and 3rd years (a-duh!). Students are sorted into 5 mixed age Houses, each with roughly 150 students, and each House is seperated into Floors. Each floor has 5 individual bedrooms and a small living room. Houses are stored neatly in convenient pocket dimensions, and one moves between floors using the Floor Door. When one opens the door, they say the floor number they want and the door automatically opens to that floor. Floor 1 is a communal space for anyone in the house to use, while each other Floor requires permission from someone residing there to enter.
  3. Sounds like a neat premise, count me in.
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  6. Anything more on this? It does sound a lot of fun.
  7. Yes, I'm currently procrastinating making the OOC by doing a bunch of homework I should have done 2 weeks ago, but I'm almost done so the thread will be made sometime today.
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