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  1. I want to find a roleplay partner who likes dark fantasy and all that stuff, but also is very detailed and really gets into the plot. I'm thinking about reposting a thread called "The Corruption Begins," but this time labeled as "The Corruption Continues." You can read the original thread, but it died, and now I'm sad. So I'm making a Corruption part 2! This time the camp has already moved, and most of the group has been killed by the nightmares. The group has found the laboratories where the virus was being researched, and they search for an answer to the cure.

    Here's the Original.

    Here's part 2.
  2. I can do a dark fantasy and I'm detailed and I like dark fantasy's can I use a vampire?? So ill do this one
  3. Hey, Fishy!
    Y'know, this sounds more like a OnexOne request than a plot discussion, don't you think?
    I'd recommend getting it moved, unless the slot's been filled by Tosh ^^