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  1. Hi, my name is Yuna. :)

    I want literate and fun people.

    Oh, and if you feel like dropping, please let me know.

    I do double and want heterosexual pairings. Gracias.

    PM me when interested!

    Fandoms (open)

    [] = Character list that I would like you to play for pairing wise.
    () = Wanted pairing
    ♥ = Craving

    ♥ Avengers [Steve Rogers, Loki, Tony Stark]
    ♥ Harry Potter [Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape]
    ♥ Marauders [Sirius, Severus]
    Lord of the Rings [Haldir, Legolas]
    Pirates of the Caribbean [Norrington]
    Batman [Bruce Wayne]
    ♥ X-Men [Wolverine]
    Alice in Wonderland (Queen of Hearts x Mad Hatter)
    Twisted Disney

    Gotham [Gordon]
    Once Upon A Time [Hook]
    [​IMG] Vampire Diaries [Klaus]

    Final Fantasy 7 [Sephiroth, Zak]
    Kingdom Hearts [Xemnas, Demyx, Riku]

    ♥ Rurouni Kenshi [Saito]
    ♥ K [Red King (Mikato)]
    Inuyasha [Sesshomaru]
    Wolf's Rain [Darcia, Tsume]
    Death Note [Mello]
    Air Gear [Spitfire, Ikki]
    ♥ Fruits Basket [Haru, Akito]
    ♥ Fruits Basket: Next Generation
    Ouran High School Host Club [Tamaki]

    Boys Over Flowers [Jun Pyo]

    Pairings (open)

    Note: I am willing to play either role. Male or female. If it is underlined, I prefer to play that role.

    ♥ King of Thieves x Arabian Princess
    ♥ Music Producer x Musician
    ♥ President x Advisor
    [​IMG] Boyfriend x Girlfriend's Sister
    ♥ Kidnapper x Victim
    Teacher x Student
    Boss x Employee
    Ice Queen x Fire King
    Fire Queen x Ice King
    Dragon Rider x Dragon Hunter
    Female Crime Boss x Bodyguard
    Female Crime Boss x Gang Member
    Mob Boss x Jazz Singer
    Mob Boss x Officer
    Gypsy x Pirate
    Governer's Daughter x Pirate
    Hacker x Agent
    Space Pirate x Scientist
    Country Boy x City Girl
    Bad Boy x Good Girl
    Superhero x Villain
    Villain x Partner
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  2. I'm on. I wouldn't mind rping: Superhero x Villain, Gypsy x Pirate

    If you want do an rp revolving around musicians, I'd really like that.
  3. Updated list!
  4. List updated.
  5. hey, are you still looking for a partner?
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